How to Upgrade Your Living Room

From family movie nights to warming up by the fireplace, your living room has had its fair share of use over the years. Upgrading your living room does not have to be an expensive remodeling project. It is actually quite simple to turn your space from drab to fab in a couple of hours. It is time to take your living room to the next level with our five easy steps for homeowners. Sit back and take notes, because your living room is about to make a statement. 


How to Upgrade Your Living Room:

1. It is all about you. You spend so much time running around doing everything for everyone else that you have forgotten about what makes you happy. Try and add an element to your living room that makes you happy! From a rustic bar cart to a reading nook, take advantage of one of your empty corners and focus on yourself for a change. What are some activities that interest you? Whatever it may be, try adding it to an empty corner of your living room. 

2. Cozy on up. Nothing says homey like some warm blankets and a soft rug. You want to invest in soft, quality blankets and rugs for your home. This will welcome guests and your family may even use your living room more and more. 

3. Tis the season. Seasonal decor is a great way to change up your living room’s design. With fall approaching us, you can decorate with things you find around your yard. Try spray painting some branches and placing them inside of a vase for a rustic look. 

4. On display. Let your treasured artwork be out for everyone to see! You can incorporate a gallery wall above your sofa for a statement piece. 

5. You are getting warmer. Warmer colors tend to make a home feel more inviting. Try picking out paint colors or fabrics that lean more towards a warmer color scheme. With some lit candles and warm-toned walls, you may never leave your living room. 


From gorgeous hardwood floors to custom rugs, we have everything you need to transform your living room into a cozy retreat. Come see us at (location) to view our showroom and talk with our expert staff. We look forward to serving you.

Decorating with Area Rugs

Rugs can transform a cold, stiff room into a comfortable, cozy getaway with the touch of your toes. If you are looking to transform your room, look no further because we have four easy tips on how to decorate with an area rug! 


How to Decorate with an Area Rug

Tip No. One: Begin the design process with your area rug. 

Choosing your area rug first can help with a load of design questions like wall colors and color scheme. But some and even most of you, will not have the luxury of choosing an area rug first. If you find yourself picking out a rug last, just try to pull colors from your room and look for it in your rug. You can have the same color in different values and hues, but try to stay in the same ballpark when choosing a color. 


Tip No. Two: Follow the 6 to 2 rule. 

A rug can be placed as little as 6 inches away from your wall, but no more than two feet. This will help your room feel just right; therefore, you will want to take measurements of the room. Once you understand the measurements, you can decide on different rug shapes and styles. You want to make sure that the rug is not too big or too small for your room.


Tip No. Three: Doorways and front entrances are different. 

If you plan to place a rug in front of your door, you want to make sure that is the exact size of the door or just a few inches less. For your front entrance or foyer, you can place the rug underneath wherever the main light fixture is placed. 


Tip No. Four: Know how to place furniture. 

Furniture on rugs can go one of three ways:

  1. All furniture legs are on the area rug.
  2. All furniture legs are off the area rug.
  3. The front legs of your furniture are on the area rug. 


DIY Fall Decor Ideas

As fall approaches, you most likely are digging out old decorations to hang around your home. From 10-year old leaf wreaths to a glass pumpkin that served its time, it is time for you to update your fall decor. You can create custom fall decor from things found right in your very own backyard. Imagine having unique pieces to display each fall because you know how to create them yourself and here is how: 


  1. Let Dried-Out Flowers Go To Good Use. If you love having fresh flowers in your home, you may currently have some flowers that are ready to be replaced. Before you throw them away, put them to good use by using them as fall decor. 
    • How to dry flowers: An easy way to dry your flowers is to hang them upside down in a gathered bunch. Simply tie together the bottom of the flowers with a rubber band then hang them upside avoiding direct sunlight or air conditioning. 
  1. Search for Ideas in Your Backyard. From branches to pinecones, your backyard may be a hotbed of great fall decor ideas. Make it a family activity by inviting everyone outside for a fun scavenger hunt. You can make a list of great finds and see who can find the most items. 
    • Ideas for backyard finds include pinecones, bright leaves, rustic branches, acorns, sunflowers, and straw.
  1. Update Your Old, Outdated Pumpkins. If you current plastic pumpkins look worn, try adding life to them by spray painting them. You could even spray paint them with chalkboard paint and write fun fall messages. 
  2. Make a Unique Wooden Sign. Nothing says “welcome” like a custom, DIY sign made by you and your loved ones. Gather everyone into the living room for a fun night filled with laughs and making decor pieces. Everyone can paint a wooden plank then you can stack the planks outside for a warm, welcoming look. 
  3. Think about Meals. Food items like butternut squash and acorn squash can help bring your centerpiece to life. Try decorating with fall food that you can find at your local grocery store. 


We hope that you found these ideas helpful and that you and your loved ones have a safe and happy fall season. 

Creating Your Own Cozy Reading Nook

Are you in desperate need of an oasis from your hectic life? There’s no better way to relax than to retreat to a comfortable space and get lost in your favorite novel. If your reader or just someone who enjoys their personal time than you’ll no doubt benefit from a private and cozy reading nook. Below are three simple tips for creating your own cozy nook.


Pick the perfect spot

Selecting the right spot to set up your reading nook is key to creating a spot that you can retreat to when you’re in need of some “me” time. Reading nooks tend to take up very little space. It can be crafted in the corner of any room. Whether you choose the living room or your bedroom it should be an area where you’ll have some privacy and there is a low level of noise.  Since your nook is supposed to be a retreat it should be in an area of the house that’s away from the kids.

Comfortable Seating Arrangement

After you’ve selected the perfect spot it’s time to focus on creating a comfortable seating arrangement. Some reading nooks have padded window seating that provides ample space to sit back and relax.  However, if window seating is not an option than investing in a formal chair. Make sure you invest in a chair that is padded and is generally comfortable to sit in because you’ll likely be spending a couple of hours sitting in it. Add in a few plush pillows and a comfy throw for extra comfort.



Of course, you’ll need added accessories to make the area functional. Be sure to include a simple table beside your chair. You can use the table to store your reading glasses, reading material, even a snack.

Lighting is important when creating a cozy reading nook. Why not invest in a freestanding reading lamp that is adjustable and doesn’t take up much space? 

Finally, if space allows you can’t forget to add in a small bookshelf. Yes, a bookshelf near your reading nook makes all you reading material easily accessible. 

Pro-Decorating Ideas

Professional Interior Designers have tips and tricks up their sleeve when they go to design a home. But if you are on a budget, you may never have the chance to work with an interior designer. You do not have to hire a professional designer to make your home look amazing. We have all the design and decorating ideas that the pro’s do not want you to know! 


A Pro-Decorating Guide

Tip 1: Focus on The Strengths. 

Every home has some defining characteristics that make it special. Whether you have a giant picture window in your living room or a chandelier in your dining room, you want to focus on the strengths. Draw attention to your home’s strengths by framing your furniture and decor around them. 

Tip 2: A Door of New Possibilities.

Most homeowners work so hard on their interior decor that they forget about their front door. The front door is the first thing anyone will notice about your home. Not to mention the front door is inside of your home; therefore, you want to make sure it sets the tone for the house. Whatever you decide for your front door, make sure it ties in well with the rest of your home. If you are doing a bold, colorful front door, we recommend having the front entrance in more subtle, neutral colors. 

Tip 3: Stay Neutral.

Speaking of neutral colors, they are the best choice when choosing a paint color. It is easier to decorate with colors when you decide to use neutral wall colors. Plus, you can change out seasonal decor without having to worry about it matching with the walls. 

Tip 4: Hello Sunshine. 

The more natural lighting you have, the better your home will look. Draw your curtains back as frequently as possible to let the natural light flood your home.

Tip 5: Invite Conversation. 

Frame your furniture around conversation, especially in the living room. You can either follow the “H” or the “U” rule when setting up your furniture. Just set the couches and chairs inside one of those letters and it will help invite more conversation. 

Tip 6: Mirror, Mirror on The Wall. 

Mirrors are a great piece of decor in any room! That is why we encourage adding a mirror to every room in your house. You may be thinking “every room!?” Yes, every room. Mirrors are magical because they can open up your space by reflecting that natural light we talked about earlier. Add a mirror for the perfect finish to your decor. 


Thanks for reading, let us know what you think the comment section!

A Cozy Bed

Imagine falling into a soft cloud at the end of your long work day. Now imagine that the cloud was actually your bed this whole time. Creating a soft place to rest your head is easier than you may think. With the colder months approaching us, a warm and cozy bed sounds more and more appealing to the average folk. Transform your bed this season with our six tips for creating a cozy bed:


Tip One: Soft to The Touch

A perfect bed begins with soft sheets. The higher the thread count, the softer your sheets will be. That being said, the higher your thread count, the higher the price tag. Do your research and you will be able to find good, quality sheets for an affordable price! 

Tip Two: We Can Top That

If you are looking for a little extra support, you may want to think about buying a mattress topper. Depending on your needs, you can find mattress toppers that will add more firmness or more softness. 

Tip Three: Heat Zone

An easy way to add warmth and comfort to your bed is to buy a heated blanket. Heated blankets are perfect for when nights get extra chilly. 

Tip Four: No More Bed-Head

Treat your head like royalty with silk pillowcases. They help prevent bed-head and they are soft to the touch! 

Tip Five: Diffused

If you are having difficulties sleeping, you may want to try using an essential oil diffuser while you sleep. You can diffuse oils like lavender or roman chamomile for a good night’s rest. Also, you can buy pillowcases that allow you to add some drops of essential oil to them. This way you are breathing them in all night long. 

Tip Six: Meant to Comfort. 

Finish off your cozy bed with the perfect down-comforter. This will add an unreal amount of comfort and coziness to your bed, we promise.

Bath Towels

Surprisingly, there is a lot to know about bath towels. They hold a lot of purpose in a household. Not only are they decorative, but they are used daily for showers and drying your hands. You may be one of the many homeowners that just buys the cheapest towel they see. But if you are interested in learning more, we have all you will need to know about towels. 


Everything You Need to Know About Bath Towels

  1. Weight

You may have noticed that some towels weigh more or less than other towels. That is because all towels have a fabric weight. Their weight is measured in grams per meter. You can have a low-density fabric towel or a high-density towel. Typically, homeowners choose high-density towels for their bathrooms, because they feel heavier and more luxurious. 

  1. Material.

Towels are typically made from cotton. The type of cotton it is made from will determine its “feel” and “look.” In fact, there are extremely expensive cotton options and fairly inexpensive cotton options that you can purchase. 

  1. Decorative

Homeowners tend to love towels for their decorative aspect. You can buy towels to decorate and style your bathrooms. When you are sick of the design, you can simply buy new towels and start over with the design process. 

  1. Cleaning

Before you use your brand new towels, it is a good idea to give them a wash. You want to wash your towels because manufacturers tend to have the towels coated in fabric softener. This gives them that fluffy, soft look we love while they are sitting on the store’s shelves. Unfortunately, the fabric softener can affect how the towels absorb; therefore, you want to wash away the excess fabric softener before you begin using them. 

Washing: Make sure to separate your light and dark towels. For your first wash, you can add one cup of vinegar into your clothes cycle. If you choose an expensive cotton, you may want to opt-in for a mild-detergent. 

Drying: We all love fluffy, soft towels; therefore, when it comes to drying, we may overdo it. Try using a lower heat and gentle tumble when drying your towels. 


We hope you enjoyed these tips for buying and caring for your bath towels. Let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

Budget-Friendly Design Tips

Redesigning your home does not need to be as expensive as you may think. We have six budget-friendly tips for redesigning your home this year. 


Budget-Friendly Design Tips

Tip No. One: Make it a DIY Project.

You can save a lot of money during a redesign by doing the work on your own. Hiring a contractor for every job can get pricey quick. If you think that you may be able to master the task, try and do it yourself! The library is a great resource if you are looking for a self-help book to begin a DIY project. 

Tip No. Two: Invite Friends + Family. 

No one is more willing to help than those who love you most (it is at least worth asking, right?). Ask your friends and family to come over for a day to help you tackle some big home improvement projects and promise a pizza dinner for their hard work. 

Tip No. Three: Look Local.

The price tags on some of the high-end furniture stores’ items can be outrageous and downright unaffordable. If you are looking to save money, check your local thrift stores and consignment shops. You may even find hidden treasures at yard and estate sales right in your own community.

Tip No. Four: Stick to Stock Items. 

Skip the custom designs and purchase stock items. This can save you a ton of money in the long-run! 

Tip No. Five: Search for Sales. 

Sales and discounts are everywhere nowadays, you just need to find them. Take some time each day to read through your email blast and see if any discount would apply to your needs. Extra savings can help with your budget and it is a good idea to keep an eye out on sales whenever possible. 

Tip No. Six: Do Not Start from Scratch. 

One of our most valuable budget-friendly tips for you is to not start from scratch. We encourage you to reuse some items that you already own. You can take a boring picture frame and repurpose it into a modern masterpiece. 



We would love to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think in the comment section. 

Bedroom Organization

Your bedroom is an escape from every stressful thing life has to offer. That is why your bedroom should be an organized haven to relieve you from everything. If you are looking for bedroom organization ideas, you came to the right place! We have made a list of five simple ideas you can start using in your bedroom to make it the most efficient, organized room in your home (no joke). If our bedroom is our “escape,” should not we be “escaping” the mess? 


Bedroom Organization

  1. Get it gone

Your bedroom’s main problem is most likely your closet. Take an hour and go through your entire closet. Sort through your clothes and decide if you want to keep, donate or throw away certain clothing items. Once you have finished sorting, organize your clothing appropriately by following idea number 2! 

  1. Groupings.

For a better organization system, you can group your clothing by color or type. Depending on your preference, you may choose to find your clothes by their color or by what they are. A better-organized closet can help assure you put things away properly. 

  1. Down where it is better

Is the space underneath your bed being used for anything? If you answered no, why not? Underneath your bed is the perfect place to store your out-of-season clothing! Do not let this space go to waste. Buy some inexpensive flat tubs to store items underneath your bed frame and you will never regret having that extra storage. 

  1. To the window, to the wall

Think about all the storage possibilities that are available when you look at your bare walls. Your walls hold so much storage potential! You can incorporate wall hooks, hanging cabinets, and clothing bars on your walls for storing items. The best part is that you can buy stylish versions of these organizational pieces and they can double as wall decor. 

    • Try to find a couple antique door knobs and use them as coat hooks.
    • Add wall shelves to hold your decor and other essential items.
  1. Like in poker, we fold

Most homeowners hang their sweaters, but we do not encourage doing this. You should always fold your sweaters. Folding will ensure that they will not get misshaped or snagged from a hanger. Plus, you can store your folded sweaters underneath your bed by using idea number 3! 


We hope you enjoyed these five easy ideas for organizing your bedroom.

Bathroom Organization 101

Are you struggling to find space in your bathroom? Organization can help relieve some of that stress you may be feeling from a clutter-filled bathroom. We want to help you with our simple guide to bathroom organization. 


Bathroom Organization 101

  1. Take everything out of your drawers

For starters, you will want to remove every item from your bathroom drawers. You can place the items on top of your counters because we will get to those last. Sort through all of your bathroom belongings and determine their quality. If you own two of the same and they have been opened, throw out one of the items. You do not need three, half-used hair spray bottles taking up space in your bathroom. After you have cleared out the drawers, it is a good idea to purchase drawer organizers. They will help divide your drawer appropriately and give you a place to keep your toothpaste. 

  1. Do not forget your cabinets

You will want to do the same process on your cabinets and if you have space, consider buying an organizer that hangs on the back of your cabinet door. 

  1. Invest in new storage

Is the space above your toilet being used? If not, you may want to invest in an over-the-toilet organizer to take advantage of that unused space. If you are looking for more storage, try incorporating an over-the-door organizer in your bathroom closet. 

  1. Clean out your shower supplies.

Showers can be filled with unused, almost empty bottles of soap or shampoo. Clear out your shower to help avoid clutter. You may want to consider installing a liquid dispenser on your shower wall for your soap and shampoo. This will help eliminate the need for bulky bottles that take up space. 

  1. Clear off your counter space

Now you can focus on your counter space. Your counters do not need to be completely cleared off for your space to look organized. Sometimes, it is best to leave items that you use every day out on the counter in an organized container like your toothbrush, floss, and q-tips, but that is up to each homeowner’s preferences.


We hope that you enjoyed this simple guide and we would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!