Ideas for Decorating a Vaulted Room

Decorating a vaulted room can be an exciting undertaking. A few key things to consider when decorating spaces with vaulted ceilings are artwork, curtains and lighting. Here are a few tips for each category.

First, hanging artwork is a great way to decorate a room with vaulted ceilings. There are a few tricks for hanging artwork in a room with an arched ceiling. First, it is important to mimic the ceiling line to complement it. Also, keep wall art around eye level. Finally, vertical rather than horizontal artwork works better with a vaulted ceiling.

Next, curtains are excellent for rooms with vaulted ceilings. There are many options for how to hang them from covering the whole wall or framing windows. There are also many choices when selecting curtains like color, fabric style, and length. Fabric styles vary and have various benefits. For example, polyester is affordable, sturdy and long lasting. Cotton curtains are another option; they drape well, and go well with a modern décor. You can choose sheer cotton for an airy feel or a tightly woven cotton for more privacy. Silk curtains also drape well, and are heavier than cotton. Silk curtains can be damaged by too much sun exposure, so it is important to protect them; they also require dry cleaning, which is something to consider. Linen curtains are also dry clean only, and drape nicely. Natural light easily seeps through the fabric, as it is sheer. Velvet curtains are always a classic choice. They look elegant, and insulate well. Velvet is a heavy fabric, and is a good option for drafty rooms. Finally, lace is another option. Because of the sheer nature of the fabric, lace curtains provide an airy light feel to a room.

Finally, lighting a room with vaulted ceilings is another key feature to make the space look its best. There are several options to choose from, and it is recommended that one layers the lighting by choosing several options. For starters, pendant lights work well. They are often suspended by chains or rods. There are a wide variety of sizes and shapes from which to choose. Another option is track lighting; track lighting is often used with a sloped ceiling. This option allows for greater control over the direction of the light source. The lights situated on the track can be manipulated to face multiple directions at one time. Recessed lighting is also a good choice. Recessed lighting is an excellent choice for adding ambiance to an environment. It can be used to spotlight artwork, or a specific area of the room. Finally, wall lighting is also effective. Wall sconces are an excellent choice in a room with a vaulted ceiling as they can direct light in multiple directions highlighting the height and depth of a room with a vaulted ceiling.

These are a few ideas to help you decorate a room with vaulted ceilings. Please contact us if you have any questions!

An Inviting Dining Table

wWarner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-065 - CopyWhen you’re planning the look of your dining area, there are a lot of elements that make the space inviting. Here are a few tips to make your dining area catch people’s attention.

The perfect chandelier: More even than the table itself, the right chandelier makes a dining space stand out. You want something that reflects the style of the space. You also want to make sure that it is the right size for your dining area and your table. It should also hang at the right height – not so low that it shines in your diners’ eyes, but not as high as most ceiling-mounted fixtures. Generally a chandelier should hang 32-40 inches above the table. It should be just large enough to light the table’s surface without lighting the diners.

The right dining chairs: If you want your guests to linger after dinner for an enjoyable conversation over dessert and coffee, pay careful attention to your dining chairs. Make sure they will be comfortable for at least an hour or two. Look for nice padding on the seat and maybe the back, and make sure the backs lean so that people aren’t forced too upright. Be sure to sit in any potential dining chairs for more than a few minutes before you make your choice.

Accessories that add interest: When you are not actually dining, look for a table centerpiece that helps link the table to the chandelier. These tall flowers do the trick in this photo. But when you have guests for dinner, put this arrangement on your island and keep any centerpieces low enough to converse across the table.

Colorful table linens and white plates: This rule is not written in stone, but many chefs swear that food looks better on white plates. Color in your table linens adds interest and personality to your table.

Daring Lighting Makes a Room

wWarner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-009The dining area often provides the best opportunity to showcase daring lighting. If you are tired of the classic chandelier look, today’s light fixtures offer you plenty of interesting and contemporary alternatives. This light is a good example.

In the past few years, shades have grown in popularity. They help keep light evenly distributed and provide the opportunity to add a fabric element among all the metal. But this shade is far from standard.

First, the proportions are unusual. Only about six inches tall, the wide circle feels almost sculptural. This is helped by the dramatic rectangular design elements in the light itself. There’s an echo of some mid-century modern fixtures but with a styling that stays true to today.

Notice the second lamp just like the first one in the game room. Having two of the exact same lamps with almost a mirror look adds to the daring feel of this lighting choice. This particular light has a dramatic impact when viewed from a distance.

Lighting is a good way to bring style into a room. When you choose just the right light for each space, your choice can add a strong element of design. In this case the light is clearly the focal point for this dining area.

Fulton Home models provide a great venue for viewing some of the best of today’s lighting choices. Visit our new models at Warner Groves in Morrison Ranch to see this and other interesting and unusual lighting options.

Inviting Space for Family to Gather

inviting-space-for-family-to-gatherwWhen you’re choosing your next home, be sure to look at more than room size, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the amount of storage. Take the time to think about how you and your family will really use the home.

Do some members of your family work from home or have demanding school requirements? Then be sure that you have planned for space that allows them to work or study quietly with minimal distractions. Do you and your spouse enjoy having a cup of coffee together in the morning to discuss the day’s plans or maybe a quiet conversation in the evening to relax before getting ready for bed? You may want to take the time to scope out where you can comfortably have that rendezvous.

And if your family values its together times around meals, this kitchen and dining area may be ideal for you. With island seating for quick short-order-cook breakfasts and a roomy table near the kitchen for full-scale family-style dining, this space is suited to whatever meal patterns your family finds comfortable.

Does everyone gather, working together to get dinner ready? There’s plenty of room and counter space for lots of helpers. Maybe some of the younger ones are up for after-school snacks. That island is the perfect place to munch while sharing highlights of the day with other family members.

There’s plenty of space, plenty of light and plenty of seating for everyday eating and larger holiday events. How about staging a buffet on that lovely island? Take a closer look at this kitchen, designed with socializing in mind, at Fulton Home’s Cooley Station community.

Balance Formal Casual Traditional Contemporary

balance-of-casual-and-formal-traditional-and-contemporarywIs this dining room formal or casual? Traditional or contemporary? Actually, it has elements of all four. Let’s take a look at how it’s put together and why it works so well.

Formal: The basic chandelier has classic lines, even crystal pendants, to maintain a formal traditional theme. The table also shows its formal roots with the dark-wood finish, turned legs and detailed edging around the top.

Casual: the choice of placemats and napkins in bright colors and patterns rather than the more classic white tablecloth approach says casual. Also, choosing a simple fabric for the dining chairs’ upholstery maintains a more casual feel.

Traditional: The dining table and chairs as well as the chandelier’s basic lines are classic and traditional but…

Contemporary: Choosing the circular frame around the chandelier takes it out of the last century and bumps it firmly into this one. The stoneware is also modern in line and glaze.

Overall, this dining room combines many design approaches into one cohesive whole. It works for several reasons. The proportions fit well together and there is a nice mix of dark and light. It takes courage to blend these different approaches to décor together, but when it works – as it does in this case – it is a pleasure to see.

Bring Color into your Dining Room

web-bring-color-into-your-dining-room-blogMany people are hesitant to choose color for large furniture pieces for fear that they will tire of it or that it will go out of style. But you can bring temporary  color into your dining room with very little effort or expense. Let’s take a look at some of your options.

Slipcovers: The two chairs in this photo are upholstered in a fun coral, rust and gray pattern, but you can get the same result with slipcovers. Choose chairs in a simple style and you can have slipcovers made in a variety of fabrics and colors. By only covering the chairs at each end of the table, you get a nice pop of color without as much expense or trouble.

Table Linens: The placemats and napkins on this dining table match the colors on the two chairs, connecting everything together. This enables you to carry your colors across the table, once again with the flexibility to change your color scheme to match the season or your mood.

Centerpiece: Whether you use flowers, candles or other choices, your centerpiece can pull in all of your colors and integrate your color scheme. If you plan a buffet as part of your dinner plans, be sure to bring the colors into that area also.

Any dining room can be enhanced by adding temporary bursts of color. Be sure to look for opportunities to include color when planning your entertainment events.

Create a Sophisticated Dining Room

From the Atherton Model at Penninsula in the Oasis at Queen Creek community

From the Atherton Model at Penninsula in the Oasis at Queen Creek community

Grey has become a popular tone in decorating, and it is the strongest color influence in this dining room.  Yet this space feels warm and inviting. It’s the warm tones that balance the grey and make this dining room a place to linger. Let’s take a look at the elements that make this room so special.

Generous sizes: Start with a large table made with a thick top in a wood finish that combines grey with warmer hues. Add high-backed chairs with cushions and padded backs in a taupe/cream that uses both cool and warm tones. Finish with oversized art and substantial candlesticks on the table. All of these pieces give the room a weight and drama that combine to make the décor work.

Dark and light tones: Although most of this room uses neutrals, there is a nice distribution of light and dark tones to provide contrast and add interest. The curtains are the darkest permanent element in the room, but their pattern echoes the lightest tone. That light feeling is picked up in the chair upholstery and the candles. It’s too easy for a room filled with neutrals to end up boring, but these contrasts keep that from happening here.

A single pop of color: The blue napkins add a simple pop of color, drawing the eye to the table and adding just the right spark to the tablescape. Because the rest of the room is done in neutrals, you could easily switch out that blue for any bold color. How about yellow, red or coral? Or you could choose to go with black for extra drama. No matter your choice, this sophisticated dining room is ready for any dinner party.

Think Outside the Box with Lighting

DSC_0020 (1)With the generous amount of wall space and raised ceilings available at the Fulton Homes Legacy community, it pays to think outside the box with your lighting plans. This photo shows several ways lighting adds appeal to a generously-sized space.

DSC_0019This shot, taken from the entryway of the Basha model at Legacy, shows a number of lighting choices. The sconces in the foreground are part of the foyer lighting plan, combined with the dramatic ceiling light shown in the photo to the right. By sticking with the same bronze finish and curved elements, the sconces echo the feel of this large-scale ceiling fixture to create a lighting plan that takes full advantage of the turret-style space.

It would have been easy to use spots on the ceiling of the hall extending from the foyer, but instead three dramatic bowl lights carry the foyer’s focus into the home. In a smaller space these fixtures might grace a dining room, but here the scale is large enough to use them as hall lights.

Legacy Models 115So what type of scale is needed to do justice to the generous dining area provided in this home? Take a look. This photo on the left showcases the powerful impact of a chandelier that fills the space perfectly. The size is impressive, but the graceful lines and use of negative space keeps this light from dominating. Two sconces provide additional light and interest.

Combined, the lighting of this home is designed to pull you into the home from the time you first enter it. Lighting is a powerful tool when decorating your home, as this model demonstrates. Use your lighting choices to welcome people into your home.


Lovely Lighting

Legacy Models 044With the steady increase in higher ceilings and open floor plans, lighting designers have finally started to think bigger with residential chandeliers, with dramatic results.

Take a look at this breathtaking example from the Fulton model home at Legacy. The chandelier inside has some traditional elements such as the candle-shaped lights and display of crystals. But add the surrounding bronze hoops and you suddenly have a daring transitional light that captures the eye and sets the tone for the entire room.

It takes a certain amount of design daring to flash this type of lighting fixture in your home. You can’t take it easy with the rest of the décor. Your other choices will have to live up to this. And you could never get away with it without the space to set it off properly. A high ceiling, plenty of space to showcase its drama, and other architectural details to complement it provide the proper setting.

259 (1)Take a look at its position in the room to the right. It takes two of these chandeliers to make this space work. Adding a second one just contributes to the impact. And the ceiling provides just the right frame for this exciting choice.

The normally-recommended height for hanging a chandelier wouldn’t work here. Too low and these pieces would take over the table, compromising the entire feel of the room. Instead they are positioned half-way from ceiling to table, allowing guests to take in the entire picture when walking into the room.

Is this chandelier the light of your dreams? Visit our models at Legacy and see for yourself. Enjoy this and other lights that are designed to capture your interest and imagination.


Setting up a Holiday Tablescape

Legacy Models 068How would you decorate this dining space for the holidays? Here are a few suggestions.

Choose one or two colors, a neutral, and one metallic hue: In this room, silver seems like a natural choice thanks to the chandeliers and grey tones. Silver can link everything together. For the same reason, white or ivory would complement the space. From there you could do the traditional red and green colors, or jump into something more daring like purple or even hot pink and lime green. This room can handle the brighter colors, so take advantage of that to add drama to your tablescape.

Don’t stop at the table: In this room, the trees by the wall would benefit from some mini-lights and small ornaments. Think about adding some special touches to the chandeliers. (For more ideas on that, see our last blog.) The buffet could be a source for additional decorations that complement whatever you choose to do to the table. You could even change out the throw pillows on the two sofas for some that suit your holiday look. Once again the grey palette opens up a world of possibilities.

Keep your centerpiece low or set between chairs: You want to make sure everyone at the table can see everyone else, so plan a centerpiece that allows that. This long rectangular table gives you the opportunity to create a landscape of flowers, greens, ornaments, candles and other accessories. By using the buffet to hold serving dishes you have more room for decorations on the table itself.

Consider the chairs: These contemporary chairs with neutral grey upholstery provide the perfect space for a final holiday touch. It’s easy to tie some wide ribbon around the chair backs with a nice bow at the back of each one. Costco offers great prices on wire-edged holiday ribbon in two and three-inch widths. Choose one that works well for your holiday plan, and you will have plenty to use throughout your home.

Your final touch? Add the food – tables always look better with something to eat nearby!