The Value of Built-in Cabinets

Models 082People recognize the value of built-in cabinets in a kitchen, but there are so many other places in your home where built-in cabinetry can make your life easier and your home more beautiful too. Consider these possibilities.

Dining or breakfast room: What better place to store serving pieces and entertainment items than right where you need them. Rather than taking up space in your kitchen, let another room in your home be of help. And a well-designed choice of cabinets including features such as glass-fronted doors and special lighting can make a bare wall into a design feature while providing extra storage. Take a look at how the space above has been transformed by adding the right type of built-in.

DSC_0049 (1)Laundry room: A well-designed laundry room can provide more than clean clothes. Use laundry built-in cabinets to hold cleaning supplies, craft tools, table linens or holiday decorations. The bins shown in the photo to the right could serve as a family “lost and found” with every family member assigned their own place to put anything left around the house.

DSC_0185 (1)Hallway: If you have halls that are wide enough or that have a natural niche, consider adding built-in cabinets. You will have extra storage, something we all can use, and create a space with personality rather than an empty area.

With built-in cabinets, you can customize their size and design to capitalize on all of the space and make maximum use of it. Take a walk through your home. You may be surprised at all the places that could benefit from built-ins.


Design Center: Pot filler

4 Pot Filler Design Center 016Would you appreciate never having to haul a heavy pot of water between your sink and range again? If you enjoy pastas, soups and stews, you may find that a pot filler reduces back strain, prep time and makes meal preparation that much easier.

Even your largest pasta pot will fit under this faucet. Its hinged design means that you can push it out of the way when you don’t need it and grab it easily when you do. Whether you use it to fill large pots or just add water to your saute pan to slow down the cooking, this pot filler will save steps.

By adding metallic tiles to the backsplash, this pot filler is well integrated into the kitchen’s design. The structure allows you to pour water as needed for any pot or pan on your stove.

Are you not sure how much you would use this? Try an experiment. Put a post-it note above your stove and jot a check for every time you fill a pot, pan or kettle with water from the sink before you bring it to your range. You may be surprised at how often you could save yourself the steps if you could access water right at your stove. Now, multiply that by 52 – and don’t forget to factor in holidays, parties and family gatherings which will only add to the sink-to-stove trips. And don’t forget that all those trips include hauling heavy pots filled with water around!

Well, is it worth it for you? A pot filler may be one of your smartest kitchen features!

Cook Outdoors with Barbeque Options

Outdoor barbeque from the Fulton Homes Cascade model.

Outdoor barbeque from the Fulton Homes Cascade model.

Your outdoor entertaining options can be greatly expanded by installing a backyard kitchen with built-in grill. There’s no juggling of platters and raw versus cooked food when you have this kind of counter space.

Add a few outdoor bar chairs and you can cook and feed quite a few people right from the grill. Having the counters made from the same stone as the patio helps keep everything connected from a design standpoint.

Courtyard DSC_0301 w barbeque and fountainsThis backyard – from the Fulton Homes Cascade model – also brings in a triple fountain, creating a three-sided integrated space that is ready for a table and chairs or outdoor sofa and loveseat combo. The earth tones of the tile and coordinating stone allow you to choose from a variety of cushion colors and patterns.

A finished space such as this one makes finishing touches easier. The raised beds are ready for bedding plants – or maybe a collection of herbs could combine with tomatoes and peppers to create your own kitchen garden.

From a simple family dinner to a more elaborate entertainment for a larger group of friends, this outdoor space provides the impetus for bringing your yard into the party. With a relatively low-maintenance choice such as this one, you’ll have plenty of time to plan the perfect outdoor brunch or dinner. Just have fun and make the space your own.

Set Resolutions for your Home in the New Year

10254941_SWhen you consider resolutions for the New Year, how about making some for your home?

Most people have things that they want to fix, change or add to their homes, so you could make 2014 the year that some of those dreams turn into reality. Here are a few examples.

Small maintenance tasks: A dripping faucet, weeds in the yard or even light bulbs that are burned out are easy to ignore but can be a constant irritant. Plan a day to fix those little frustrations that always seem to be postponed. Getting those done will make your home more relaxing.

Safety checks: Have you replaced the batteries in your smoke alarms? Do you have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen? How about a complete first-aid kit? Are some rugs or cords tripping hazards? It won’t take long to make sure your home is as safe as you can make it. You can find tips for keeping your home hazard free on the Internet.

Organization: Don’t feel obliged to get the entire house whipped into shape. Instead focus on a few areas that are particularly challenging. Maybe you empty and sort-out your junk drawer, or get your gardening tools organized in the garage. It could be time to dispose of all of those old cleansers and unsatisfactory cleaning products under the sink that you never use. Every place you make more functional will add to your pleasure in your home.

Special touches: Have you wanted to add scented candles to your guest bathroom? Maybe one wall is begging for some art. Pick out one or two areas that feel unfinished in your home and resolve to add those items that will make it look and feel the way you want.

If you include your home in your resolutions for 2014, your home will see improvement and you will find yourself happier living there.

Pinterest Power

14817814_SHow well do you know Pinterest? It’s an online application that allows you to sort and store information and images from all over the Internet.

Well, whether you’ve vaguely heard of it or you’re an active pinner with followers in the hundreds, you may want to start following the Fulton Homes Pinterest site.

First, it has multiple photos of various Fulton Home models and neighborhoods, which can help you remember various homes after you’ve visited.

Next, the number of overall suggestions to decorate your home, entertain, engage in crafts, cook, get organized and more keeps growing weekly. The focus is providing pins for current and future Fulton Homeowners.

Don’t stop there – take a look at the Pinterest people Fulton follows and discover an amazing selection of ideas, images, and thoughts focused on the needs of people and families.

If you haven’t yet, you might want to consider creating your own Pinterest boards. It’s an easy way to keep track of the kind of information that you used to tear out of magazines and file, never to look at again.

Instead of cluttering your home, you can store literally thousands of good ideas on Pinterest, taking advantage of other people’s discoveries and sharing yours.

If you haven’t explored the possibilities of Pinterest, simply type the word in your search engine and you’ll find yourself jumping into a fascinating world. And while you’re doing that, how about visiting, and seeing what the Fulton Homes Pinterest site has to offer

Fulton Homes Design Online – Doors

Montano Iron DoorWhen friends and family visit, their first impression of your home happens before they enter, with the front door. To start getting some ideas for the perfect front door for your home, check out Fulton Homes Design Online. Are you drawn to this dramatic option? It’s the Montague Iron Door, which brings light into your entryway without compromising security.

2 Panel Plank Door ThermaTruOr perhaps you would prefer a wooden door such as the one on the right: the ThermaTru 2 Panel Plank Door? While you may want to make some preliminary choices online, the Fulton Homes Design Center has full-size samples of exterior doors to enable you to make the right final selection.

Now walk into your home, because you have some choices to make with interior doors also. Do you have a den or office that would benefit from French doors? Fulton has them for you. French doors let in light while still providing some sound reduction. They also add character to a home.

glass pantry doorHow about an inviting door for your kitchen pantry? Add a touch of old-fashioned charm with this glass pantry door.

You’ll also get to choose from a variety of interior door styles for the other rooms. Take a few minutes to visit Fulton Homes Design Online to see what’s available.Pedestal Handset - oil rubbed bronze

Like your lighting choices, you also can select from a choice of metal finishes for your door hardware – including Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Wrought Iron and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Any front door gains dimension with a handset such as the one to the right, the Pedestal Handset in oil-rubbed bronze, by Design Elements from Yale.

Exterior and interior doors and hardware contribute significantly to the character and personality of your home. Enjoy making just the right choices to keep your home focused on the look and style you want.

Transforming your Garage

5214697_SDoes your garage look something like this? A recent U.S. poll showed that less than 60 percent of respondents use their garage to park their car.

If you tend to use your garage as the largest walk-in-closet in your home, the Fulton Homes garage options can change all that.

Let’s take a look at some of the choices available to you.

garage floor coatingGarage Floor Coating: This epoxy painted flooring keeps your garage floor looking fresh, and its durability can withstand years of parking your car on it. The easy-clean surface turns your garage into a functional and attractive space. Please note, however, that the motorcycle does not come with…

Rubbermaid Garage Storage: Professional organizers say one key to making a space attractive and organized is to keep everything off the floor. Rubbermaid’s flexible unique FastTrack® rail-mounted system does that, and can be customized using modular storage units to meet the needs of your household

tip-get-it-off-the-floor-largeRubbermaid Garage Cabinets: If you dream of having a workshop in your garage, or even some enclosed storage, take a look at the Garage Cabinet options that Fulton Homes offers. From a single cabinet to a wall full, Fulton Homes and Rubbermaid can meet your needs.

For more insights into how to make your garage more than a hiding place for clutter, visit the Fulton Homes Online Design Center. Who knows; you could end up proud enough to leave thegarage door open for the neighbors to see!

Fall Home Maintenance

For those of us who live in the Sonoran desert, our fall maintenance requirements are much simpler than for people in colder areas. However, it still pays to tackle several areas now that temperatures are starting to drop. Here are a few suggestions:

Check your home’s exterior. We had quite a bit of rain and wind in this summer’s monsoon. It’s smart to pop up on the roof and make sure everything is still in place. This is particularly important with an older home. While you’re up there, make sure your gutters are clean and operational. Finally, take a walk all around your home to look for signs of termites or other home challenges.

Test your heat. We will eventually get to an evening cold enough that we’ll be ready to turn the heat on again. It pays to check your heat before then to make sure it’s working well. Also, if you haven’t changed your filter recently, do so. The summer’s air conditioning demands really take their toll on filters and you will have better energy efficiency if you stay on top of them.

Trim your landscaping. In the heat of summer, it’s risky to trim bushes and trees because of the risk of sunburn on previously-protected foliage. Now that it’s cooling off you can start trimming back those plants that have gotten carried away this summer. For some plants such as citrus and roses, wait until December or January for serious trimming.

Paint your home’s exterior. The best temperatures for exterior paint are between 50 and 85 degrees. Because of our significant temperature variations between day and night, there is a small window when painting is ideal. The next month should be a great time for getting your house looking its best with a new coat of paint.

Now that the weather is nicer, outdoor maintenance feels like less of a chore, so take advantage and make sure your home looks and performs at its best.

Choosing Faucets

Many people think all faucets are a lot alike. But once you really review your options you may be surprised at the differences. Here are a couple of things to consider when you’re making kitchen and bath faucet selections.

To begin, think about functionality. Do you want a kitchen faucet with a pull-out sprayer to rinse out your sink or fill large pots? You may also want enough height to fill tall containers. What about extras such as a built-in soap dispenser?

It’s a good idea to take the time to feel the handles to see if they fit well in your hands as you turn them on and off. Would you rather have a one-handled faucet that moves to set the temperature or two handles?

Have you decided on your finish? If you are selecting stainless appliances, you’ll want to choose a finish that works well with them. Also, think about matching the style of your faucet to your kitchen. With a modern kitchen look for one with clean lines, while a traditional or country-style kitchen allows you to choose a more old-fashioned style.

In the bath, take the time to learn how the shower head and faucet and options work to make sure you choose something that you will be comfortable using every day. Once again, coordinate your faucet with your chosen bath design and towel racks. A bath is a great place to experiment. How about trying a different finish to step up the style?

Yes, all faucets give you hot and cold water when you turn them on, but it’s worthwhile to consider both function and fashion when you make your final choices.


Does Your Front Door Make a Great First Impression?

When people visit your home, they start to get a feeling for the place before they even walk inside. The outdoor landscaping in the front yard, the look of the outside of your home, and the entranceway as they walk up to your front door all color their first impressions. Don’t forget, your front door makes a statement about what they’re going to find inside.

Have you thought about the impression you want your front door to make? The photo above shows two door styles available in the Fulton Homes Design Center. The door on the left is strong and formal. The panels give it a Mediterranean look. On the right, the door is more casual with an Arts and Crafts flavor. The glass panes add a welcoming touch to the outside and natural lighting inside. Both are beautiful, bold and still send very different messages about the home inside.

The photo on the right shows other Fulton door options. The first door makes a bold statement. The style, as well as the bronze door handle and ornaments, creates an old world look. The next door is more conservative, but the simple design is still striking.

Whichever style you choose, you will want what people see when they walk into your home to connect with that door. An important part of your home’s style is consistency. As you make a selection, you may want to consider how you plan to decorate your foyer to help link the outside and inside of your home.

Every one of these front doors says something about the house and the people who live in it. Have you thought about the message your front door sends? It’s about style, but it’s also about the impression you want your home to present to the world.