Kitchen Organization 101

A kitchen holds a lot of importance in a household. A kitchen is so much more than just a place where you cook. Think about the memories you have made in the kitchen. Whether you were baking cookies with grandma or preparing your first meal in a new home, a kitchen can hold a lot of significance. Let us treat our kitchens with the respect they deserve by taking care of them. A clean, organized kitchen can allow you to make the memories you want with your friends, children, spouse, etc. So let us organize our kitchens to get the maximum use out of them: 


  1. Take it all out. Remove everything from your cabinets and drawers. There may be some items in there that you did not even know you still owned. Separate the items into different piles: keep, donate, and trash. Chipped, broken items can go into the trash and unused, good condition items can be donated. 
  2. Sort items. Make your kitchen more logical and convenient by sorting items based on what they are. For example: group your glassware together and put them in one area of the kitchen. 
  3. Make it convenient. Think about the layout of your kitchen and place items by where they can be easily used. For example, place baking items near the oven for easy access! Store items that are not frequently used up higher and items that are used daily within reach. 
  4. Label items. If you like to make homemade dressings, jams, or sauces, make sure you label the container with the date and what product is inside it. This can avoid future confusion for you and your family. 
  5. Place lids on top of their container. This will be a lifesaver when you are trying to store your leftovers. Whenever you wash a container and lid, make sure to put them back together for easy use in the future.  
  6. Divide the drawers. Drawer dividers can be extremely helpful for cooks because they save us from having to dig through drawers. You can divide your silverware, utensils, etc. It will help you find items fast and remove clutter. 


Time to get cooking and make some amazing memories! What are some of your favorite memories you made in the kitchen? Feel free to comment in the section below: 

Hostess with the Mostess

You have been invited over one of your coworker’s houses for a summer get-together. You know that you need to bring a gift for the hostess, but you are stumped on what to get them. You are racking your brain trying to avoid the typical gifts like flowers or wine. There is no need to frantically wonder anymore because we have the perfect list of gifts for your summer hostess. They will become the hostess with the “mostess” from your amazing gift. 


Hostess Gift Ideas: 

Idea No. One: Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

What says “summer party” more than an ice cream sandwich? This gift is unique and will be well-loved by guests and the hostess. The best part is that you can find these for an inexpensive price at a home goods store.  

Idea No. Two: Fresh Tea. 

You have probably noticed tea stores located in the mall or shopping plazas. Buy and brew some fresh tea for the hostess’ party. Everyone will be able to sip and enjoy your delicious gift which is an added bonus. 

Idea No. Three: Coasters. 

A hostess can never own too many coasters because people need a place to sit their drinks during the party. If you live near a big city, buy city-themed coasters. Homeowners typically love the city that they live in and will enjoy the themed coasters. 

Idea No. Four: A Good Book. 

People can really appreciate the gift of a good book. If you are a book lover yourself, buy them one of your favorite books to read. If you do not read many books, visit a local bookstore and ask for advice from one of the workers. Ask them what people are reading this summer and look up some reviews online about the book that the worker suggests. Plus, if you are trying to build a relationship with the hostess, it will give you a topic to discuss in the future. 

Idea No. Five: Scented Candle. 

Summer scented candles have officially been released and yes, they smell amazing. Gift the hostess with a nice smelling candle. 

Idea No. Six: Infused Olive Oil. 

If you are located near an olive oil shop, buy your hostess a good bottle of olive oil. Odds are that they never treat themselves to a nice brand of olive oil and your gift could brighten up a cook out. 


We hope you enjoyed these tips and the summer party! 

Clean Your Garden Tools

If you are like us, the beginning of spring marks the enjoyable start of planting and gardening. Gardening can help relieve any stress brought on by intense spring cleaning, but we must not neglect cleaning our gardening tools. Begin your season off right with fresh, sparkling tools by following these easy tips: 


  • Muddy Tools: Remove all dirt and mud from your gardening tools by hosing them off with a high-powered garden hose. If excess dirt remains, you can use a putty knife to scrape off extra dirt. 
  • Rusty Tools: Tools seem to get rust over the years, but we can fight back against rust by scrubbing them with steel wool. 
  • Sticky Tools: Place a small amount of mayonnaise on a white cloth to remove sap and goo from your tools.
  • Exposed Tools: Sometimes, plants get sick with fungal or bacterial diseases. It is important that you do not transfer this disease to any other plant. Clean your tools with a bleach-free disinfectant wipe to ensure sanitation.  


Soaking Bucket: After you have removed any dirt, rust or goo from your tools, place them in a bucket with hot water and dish soap. Let the tools sit for about ten minutes before removing them from the soaking bucket. Take out the tools then rinse them off with warm water. You will need to dry your tools with an old rag to prevent future rust. 


Cleaning Bin: Instead of waiting to clean your tools, you can create a quick cleaning bin by combining a medium size bag of sand with one cup of vegetable oil. After you use your tools, place them in the sand bucket and let them sit overnight. The sand bucket will help any mud or dirt come loose from your tools and make any future cleaning easier on you.


Now you never have to neglect any of your gardening tools again with these easy tips. Do you have any tool cleaning tricks up your sleeve? We would love to hear about how you keep your garden tools and supplies clean in the comment section below.

Adding a Distinct Charm to Your Living Space

Adding character to your home doesn’t require a complete overhaul. From small changes to larger statement pieces, you can add charm without breaking the bank.  You may already love your space but feel like something more is needed or lacking to make it perfect. Here are a few ideas to get you started with finding that missing puzzle piece to your decor. 


When you walk through your home, do you have a lot of open wall space? This can make your living space seem like a blank slate waiting to be claimed.  Using a large wall decoration will not only fill that empty space but keep it from becoming cluttered with smaller items intended to fill every square inch of free room. By using a larger piece you will be able to solve the problem of lack of decoration while adding some charm at the same time. When it comes to what to place there, think of things like a tapestry, large wall clock, canvas painting or even a metal wall sculpture. 


Do you have a home office or living room that looks a little bland? Try adding a couple of tall bookcases where you can display all the good reads you’ve picked up throughout the years.  Use a rich stain to really give it a classic look.  Whether plain in craftsmanship or built with intricate designs and patterns, it will be an attractive addition to your home. If there is room on top of them, consider a couple of small sculptures you can place on top of each. 


An easy way to add charm to your home is through an update of hardware and other fixtures. If your doorknobs are plain in appearance, try crystal knobs or a french door lever handle style. Look at your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Are the faucets looking a bit dull with use? An update in color (from brass to brushed nickel or bronze, for example) can change the room’s look.  Look at the handles you are using on your kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well. If they are a bit dated, opt for a more modern design. Finally, updating your light fixtures with distinctive glass shapes and pendants can instantly add character to the room. Play around with bulbs, glass colors and different areas of the home you could add a little light.


A few simple changes can make a big difference.

Kids Bathroom Decoration Tips

If you’ve got kids, then you’re an expert at getting them to do things by turning them into a fun activity. Sometimes even that doesn’t work, but you’ve got to keep trying, right? For instance, their nighttime wash up routine can feel like it takes forever and quickly become draining when you’ve had a long day of running errands, working or being their all-day entertainment. Decorating their bathroom in a fun, easily accessible way to excite them and give them a chance to learn to take care of themselves.


Know that however you decorate this room, messes are going to happen. Children are in a constant state of learning and self-control isn’t necessarily their strong suit. Water will be splashed onto the floor, toothpaste will drip onto the counter and wayward toys will make their way into the sink and bathtub while you aren’t looking. Starting this process with a flexible attitude will prevent unnecessary stress and frustration, so think like they would when you are envisioning the space.


For the bathtub area, choose a fun, playful shower curtain and non-slip shower floor mat. Add suction cup containers to the shower walls to store water toys to play with as well as their body wash essentials. Loofahs and washcloths with fun animal shapes add a little flair. Don’t forget the bubble bath solution! Be sure to have an absorbent bathroom rug right outside the tub to catch those playful splashes and add a stool or cushion nearby to kneel or sit on so you can relax while they play. Have their favorite towel ready on a rack mounted shorter on the wall for easy access.


Make room for a hamper you can keep in the bathroom so the children learn to help you out with the laundry instead of throwing clothes on the floor. The sink area should have only the essentials as other items can be distracting and lead to delays. That figurine or picture frame on the counter will end up as a toy in no time! Extra items like these should be put on shelves that cannot be easily reached by little hands. Pictures can be installed on the wall. Add a carpet to this area as well in a fun color. If children are still unable to reach the sink area, add a sturdy stool and sink extender attachment so they can reach the water. Make hand towels available on your counter so kids do not have to reach too far for the wall mount and possibly slip from their stool.


Finally, if you need to give them a little incentive, create a wall chart that you can install low on the wall and check off each bedtime routine item so they can have a sense of accomplishment and learn to stick to a routine. If they do it well after so many times, you can give them a reward for being a “big kid”. 


Talk with your kids about what they want to see in their bathroom design and have a fun family trip to the store to make their vision come to life!

Laundry Room Organization

Laundry rooms are often forgotten when it comes to organizing your home. Homeowners typically focus on the main areas of their house like the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. But, what if we told you that simple updates in your laundry room can change the way you feel about doing laundry. Doing laundry is a dreaded process, let us be honest. It is not fun to take time out of your busy schedule to sort, wash, dry, iron, hang and put away all your clothing. We want to help you put the pep back into your laundry-doing step with these simple laundry room organization ideas: 


Tip #1: Designate a Folding Area. 

Folding can be such a chore if you are constantly looking for a place to fold. Designate a specific counter space for folding all your clean clothes to reduce wasted time. 

Tip #2: Add a Hanging Rod. 

By your ironing board, install a hanging rod to place your recently ironed clothing. This will help deter wrinkles from reforming and incorporates useful storage opportunities. 

Tip #3: Incorporate Slat Wall Storage. 

Utilize the wall space available in your laundry room by using a slat wall to incorporate more storage. Slat walls are typically found in garages, but this organizer can be brought indoors for some stellar updates. Try painting the slat wall your favorite color to add design and function to your space. You can even add some stenciled artwork to make it more pleasing to the eyes. 

Tip #4: Get a Hanger Organizer. 

The time we spend detangling hangers . . . Invest in a hanger organizer and your life will be forever changed. This system is perfect for busy homeowners!

Tip #5: Encourage The Family to Sort. 

Sorting can be done quickly if everyone participates in the job. Encourage members of your family to place the whites, blacks, and colors each in their particular basket in the laundry room. This will help save time with washing everyone’s clothing later. 

Tip #6: Jar your Detergent. 

Detergent can be a bit of an eyesore in laundry rooms. Place your detergent and fabric softener in cute jars. Try using a glass drink decanter for liquid detergent and you will never go back to boring bottles. Plus, if you want to save money and the environment, you can make your own detergent and you will not have to waste detergent bottles anymore. 


We hope you enjoyed these laundry room organization hacks!

Growing Roses

Roses have captured the hearts of many over the years because of their beauty and fragrance. The best time to plant roses is in the early spring or fall and you will notice them in full bloom during the early to midsummer months. You can easily put these colorful, breathtaking flowers in your yard by following these simple steps:


Supply List: 

  • Garden Gloves
  • Large Ceramic Container (18 inches deep) 
  • Broken Clay Pot Pieces
  • Potting Mix 
  • Bagged Manure
  • Slow-release Fertilizer
  • A Patio Rose (Examples: Regensburg or Ingrid Bergman) 
  • Bedding Plants (Example: Bacopa) 



Preparation: Place the pot wherever you want it to sit on your patio or in your garden because once we fill it, it will be difficult to lift. 

Step One: Gently place your broken clay pot pieces at the base of the ceramic container then sprinkle a layer of your potting mix combined with well-rotted manure. Your mixture should be 1:10 (manure: soil). 

Step Two: Take your potted rose and put it inside of your ceramic container to check the depth. You want the base of the stems to be underneath the soil. Take your rose out of its pot and place it inside of the ceramic container. Add or remove soil wherever needed. 

Step Three: Now we are going to take our bedding plant and remove it from its original container. Gently place the plant inside of the ceramic container and add your soil/manure mixture around the plant’s base. You will want to make sure that you leave approximately two inches between the soil and the ceramic container’s rim for watering purposes. 

After Planting: Make sure to water your plant and keep it moist during the growing season. During springtime, take the out the top layer of soil and add in some fresh soil and granular rose fertilizer. During the early summer months, you may choose to add the liquid feed to your roses. During the winter months, place your ceramic pot on top of “feet.” The feet will help allow the plant to drain properly. 


Roses can brighten anyone’s day and they can be a great gift to give to show your appreciation for someone. From teachers to mothers, gifting your potted roses can be a thoughtful gesture. We hope you enjoyed these steps and your new roses.

Easy Ways to Organize Your Bathroom

When you think of the bathroom, its organization is probably not the first thing that comes mind. Your bathroom’s organization can be easily overlooked and deemed unnecessary. We clean our bathrooms but do we necessarily organize our bathrooms? Today, let us focus on how to organize your bathroom for a daily functional use.


Easy ways to organize your bathroom:

    • Add a storage cabinet. Take advantage of the available space above your toilet. The excess space allows you to add a storage cabinet for optimal organization. Make sure your storage cabinet is stylish as well as functional. Each cabinet drawer and shelf should serve a purpose to avoid clutter and storing miscellaneous items. 
    • Rearrange your medicine cabinet/drawer. Go through your medicines and throw away any old/expired medications. Move the important ones to the front and the ones you use less frequently to the back of the medicine cabinet. 
    • Organize your linen closet. Your linen closet can become messy over the months. There may even be some old towels that you never use and push to the back of the closet. Go through your linen closet and keep only towels you use. If you store actual linens in your closet, keep only two linens per bed. This will assure that you always have one set in use and one set clean.
    • Go through beauty products. From shampoo to hairspray, beauty products can be sorted through and organized. If your products are old and avoiding use, throw them away to save space and keep the bathroom organized. 
    • Clean up the shower shelves. Try to keep a minimal amount of bath products in your shower for a clean look. If you have multiple members in your household, consider buying caddies for each person and storing them in the linen closet. This will remove the cluttered look from your shower and everyone will have their own items. 
    • Decorate with stylish organization. Mason jars are where style meets function. Use some mason jars or old glass jars to help you organize your bathroom’s countertop. You can store items like floss, q-tips, cotton swabs, and bath salts in the jars. Plus, you can even make one of the jars your soap dispenser by adding a pump to the top. 


Staying organized can often be a challenge. How do you personally keep your home organized? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

French Country

If you’re set on creating a kitchen that embraces the warmth and a classic rustic feel then you’ll likely gain inspiration from the French country designed kitchen. Yes, this style has strong notes of elegance while embracing the countryside lifestyle.


What are some characteristics of a French country kitchen? Most French country-inspired kitchens are big enough to feature an eating area where your family and friends can gather for an informal meal. Take this into consideration when making decorating decisions.


You’ll notice that mustard yellows and warm reds are a characteristic of a real French country style kitchen. Often, a French country design cleverly combines elegant high-quality materials and more relaxed materials. Here are some tips for recreating the French country style design in your own kitchen.


 The countertops and cabinets in a French country kitchen should be derived from all natural materials. Usually, the countertops and cabinets are built using genuine woods which include: oak, cherry and maple wood varieties. Raised panel cabinets are popular in French country kitchens.  The countertops feature dark, glossy or matte finishes with light colored cabinetry.


Furnishing is especially important in achieving this design. You should make sure that the furniture has that weathered and lived in feel. For a more modern chic look, you can mix wood finishes and top off the look with metallic details.  If you select upholstered furniture to be sure to use French fabrics. Toile fabrics are popular in this style kitchen because they often showcase gardens, animals, sanctuaries and other elements of French elegance.


Fauteuil chairs, farmhouse tables, and large plank style flooring are some characteristics of a French country design kitchen. When selecting artwork and accessories be sure to steer towards items that feature botanical and pastoral scenes. In addition, simple frames with gold tones are common.  Kitchen utensils should be antique or embrace farm culture. Therefore, you’ll want to select woodcraft.


Keep in mind when designing that a true French provincial style kitchen is known for its ornate details, soft color palette, and elegant accessories.



Traditional Style

If you’re in the process of designing the living area than you might want to consider the traditional living room style. You’ ll find that a traditional living room can serve important basic functions. Yes, it serves a formal seating area where you can entertain guests as well as casual family space.


A traditional living room will blend hints of elegance with a style that embraces comfortability. Living room of this style will have an Old World or European feel that features a few antique pieces, simple artwork, and graceful lines.


Here are some basics to keep in mind when designing a traditional living room.



When creating a traditional style living room many people tend to either be super neutral or too bold in their decoration. However, the key is finding a good balance.  A neutral color is often the dominant hue in this design. You’ll see such neutral colors such as; beige, cream, black and hunter green. Neutral colors should be used on the walls. However, bold colors are also encouraged as accent colors to emphasize areas of interest. If you decide to go neutral with your furnishing pieces such as the sofa and ottoman than you should go bold with your decorative accessories.



Details are important in the traditional living room because this style is defined by it. Decorative moldings, arches, and antique finishes are characteristics that contribute to the overall look. Therefore, you’ll want to consider seemingly small things such as; the design of the area rug, the small pillows you’ll use on the couch and even the television stand.



As you begin to search for furniture be sure to start off with the essentials. Be sure to start off with a coffee table and comfortable couch. Once you have purchased the staple items than you’ll be able to select accent furniture and additional accessories for the living room.


Remember, you’ll want your living room area to be highly functional for day to day living as well as comfortable for your family and friends.  When selecting furniture, you should make sure that there are adequate seating options and sufficient storage. Consider furniture pieces that can serve more than one purpose.


There are no specific rules that you must follow when creating a traditional style living room. Remember to simply have fun and be creative.