Arrangement Ideas for Your Living Room

The way you arrange your living room is vital. We say this statement boldly because wherever you put your furniture will affect the way people have conversations in your space. To help you decide on your favorite arrangement, we have created a list of the top eight furniture setups for your living room. We hope you enjoy! 


Arrangement Ideas for Your Living Room:

Idea #1: Face-to-Face

An intriguing setup that most homeowners take the initiative on following is the “face-to-face” arrangement. This arrangement invites conversation and allows guests to feel welcomed and wanted. Not only do guests appreciate this setup, but your family will also love it. It works perfectly for game night or holidays where everyone needs to be seen and heard. 

Idea #2: Room Divider

Your living room furniture is not only for sitting, but you can actually use it as a room divider in an open floor plan. If you have a large couch or long table, you can position it so that it divides the room into two sections without the need for walls. 

Idea #3: Focal Point

A common arrangement for living rooms is having a focal point. Whether your focal point is the window, fireplace or television, your seating is framed around it. 

Idea #4: Four Chairs

Couches are not the only seating option for living rooms. A lot of homeowners thrive by just using four fabric chairs in their living room. To conquer this arrangement, you will place the chairs in a square all facing one another but equal difference away from each other. 

Idea #5: Rug Placement

Rugs are a blessing because they can pull together an entire room. Just place your rug in the center of the room and work from there with your furniture. Let your rug be the center of attention and your furniture work around it. 

Idea #6: Diagonal.

Another common arrangement is the “diagonal” setup. For this setup, you have your sofa and then diagonally across from it you have a chair. This is a more open look and it can be a great solution for homeowners with extra furniture. 

Idea #7: Symmetry

If you need everything to match, the symmetric arrangement will definitely be your favorite. With the symmetric setup, you will mentally split the room in half. Everything that is placed on one side of the room needs to be copied exactly to the other side of the room. 

Idea #8: L-Shape

L-shape couches are a popular choice for large families, but you do not need the couch to create the design. For this arrangement, you pull together two sofas in an “L-shape.” It is a great solution if you need your couches near one another.

New Year Resolution Decluttering Your Life

It is officially the new year and with the new year comes a lot of change. To start things off on a good note, your resolution may be to declutter your home. After the holidays, your home may be especially messy and overwhelming. To help you fight back against the clutter, we have created five tips for assisting you in your new year resolution. Let us take a look! 


New Year Resolution: Decluttering Your Life

Tip #1: Knock, Knock.

One of the most underused, but brilliant storage areas is behind your door. Over-the-door storage containers can be a life-saver when you are in a pinch for extra space. Plus, it leaves extra room on the floor and does not get in the way of your other items. 

Tip #2: Measure Up

A rookie mistake for first-time organizers is buying the container before measuring the space. If you plan to use containers, be sure to measure the area before you buy. This can save you a lot of room and money in the future. 

Tip #3: Inexpensive Finds

Organizing your home does not need to be expensive. For great inexpensive finds, be sure to check your local variety store. They typically have organizational items available at a reasonable price. 

Tip #4: Little Containers for Your Little Ones

Many homeowners struggle with organizing their child’s playroom. To help you get things in order, we recommend buying several different bins for their toys. This will help them find and put away their toys easier than having one large toy bin. To keep things organized and efficient, we recommend labeling the box with what is inside or placing a fun picture on the outside to represent the items. 

Tip #5: January’s Spring Cleaning. 

Cleaning out your closets is not only in the spring! Take advantage of the new year by going through your closets. Plus, with all of your new gifts, it may be a good idea to get rid of some old stuff to make room for the new items. 


What resolution have you made for the New Year? We would love to hear from you in the comment section! 

Colors that Pair Well with Brown

From your wood furniture to your home’s walls, brown can be a popular color choice in many homes. The rich, deep color can pair well with most color palettes, but still, homeowners become hesitant to incorporate it into their design. Apart from wood finishes, brown holds the capability to add a lot to a room. With its warm hues, brown provides comfort and coziness to your space. You may be asking: what pairs well with the color brown? Well, we are here to help answer that question for you! Our hope is that you embrace the color brown into your home’s design and take on all of its design potentials. 


Colors that Pair Well with The Color Brown

  • White. 

Classically, white is one of the traditional colors to pair with brown. White will always work in a room that has a lot of brown because it offsets the color’s deepness. On the off side, using white does not challenge your creativity. On the plus side, you know white will perfectly finish a room with dark brown tones in it. It pairs well with the harsh contrast provided by the color brown. 

  • Light Blue

Light blue a gorgeous color that can be paired with brown. Its subtly brings the room to the next level. With the gentle appearance of color against the brown, we are ultimately obsessed with this color combination. 

  • Warm Tones

To maximize your home’s comfort and coziness, be sure to pair your browns with warm tones.

    • Warm tones include Beige, Tan, Oranges, Reds, Yellows, Maroons, and Other Shades of Brown. 
  • Pastels

If you love color, pairing pastels with brown is the choice for you! Brown works well with all of the pastel colors by embracing their light hues against brown’s deeper hue. 

  • Plum

Brown and plum are two of the richest and beautiful colors that you can incorporate together in a space. Without being overbearing, the deep colors play off of one another’s boldness and create a stunning color combination. For a setting that is fit for royalty, be sure to use brown and plum. 

  • Bright Green

What better example of a great color pairing other than a tree? Trees are the primary example of a stellar color combination. If you are looking for an earthy vibe, definitely pair together your browns and greens. 


Looking for more style inspiration? Be sure to check out our blog pages for more design tips and tricks! 

Ways to Restyle Your Home with Items You Already Own

Decorating, furnishing, designing, and styling a home can get expensive, quick. From the floors to the walls, your home needs it all. With homeowners worried about the expenses of decorating, we have created six ways to help you. With these tips, homeowners can transform their home with items that they already own. We hope you enjoy! 


Ways to Restyle Your Home with Items You Already Own

  1. Embody Artistry

A lot of people hold the capability to be an artist and do not even realize it. Whether you are gifted at photography, painting, building, or creating, your home can be personalized with your work. From pictures you posted online to doodles you drew, you have the capability to create something wonderful. Begin decorating your home with your personalized work and build from there. 

  1. Reimagine

Do not let the “intended purpose” of a piece of furniture hold you back from using it differently in your space. Furniture can be used in all different ways rather than its specific purpose. You can use a wooden stool as a end table or a dresser as a bedside table; the possibilities are endless. Just remember, before you get rid of your old furniture, try and reimagine it. 

  1. The Layout. 

If you are getting bored of your current layout, you can reconfigure your room to make it feel fresh. Play around with your furniture and try placing it in different areas throughout the room. 

  1. Nature’s Inspiration. 

When you are running out of decor ideas, pull items from your backyard. Try using plants and flowers throughout your space to add some visual appeal. Plus, this idea is timeless and free! 

  1. Lovely Lights.

Holiday lights are not just seasonal anymore. You can use the string lighting to add a beautiful ambience to your space without spending money. Try hanging the lights in your bedroom or living room to create a relaxing oasis. 

  1. Pull from Other Spaces. 

To help mix things up, you can take decor pieces from your other rooms and mix and match them in different areas. This will help if you are getting bored with your current decor and do not want to spend more money. 


For more tips and tricks, be sure to visit our blog page. We post content to help inspire your design dreams.

Clean Your Windows Like A Professional

Have you looked out your window only to realize that the surface was marred with streaks and smears? Or maybe, there is dusting gathering at the bottom of the window sill? Dirty windows can take away from the overall aesthetic of your home. It can be a challenge to get your windows clean and clear. We’re going to show you a few tricks to get your window looking spiffy.


Pull Out the Vacuum

Before you begin cleaning the window it’s time to tackle the window sill. Yes, pull out the vacuum. Use the detachable upholstery tool to vacuum the sill and remove dust, spider webs, and grime. If you have window treatments like blinds and shades you should clean the dust off them as well with the vacuum. Drapes and curtains need some attention too.


Get to Cleaning

If you have large windows, then you’ll want to thoroughly clean them with a squeegee. You’ll need to tackle this job with a bucket of hot water and just a few drops of dish soap. The dish soap breaks the dirt down and makes it easy to wipe off with the squeegee.


Windows With Panes

Cleaning windows with panes can literally be a pain to clean. You can use an eyeglass cloth that is used to clean lenses to attack the window. You can find an eyeglass cloth at almost any store with a pharmacy. Spray a bit of water on the cloth and wipe away the smudges and dirty spots to achieve that crystal clear look.


High Windows

Sky high windows are a beauty but cleaning them can be extremely frustrating. When cleaning windows that are out of your reach you’ll need a telescoping microfiber dust. You can spritz water onto the duster portion of the tool and proceed to wipe away any foggy buildup.


Attacking the Streaks

To avoid streaks on the window, clean and dry the inside portion in a horizontal motion and the exterior vertically. This will help you to find the streaks more easily.


Don’t Forget the Screen

Window screens attract dust and dirt. Avoid washing them. Instead, wipe them clean with a dry microfiber cloth which works to pull off the contaminants from the screen. 

Happy Holidays!

During this festive time of the year, the family and staff at Fulton Homes would like to wish every one of our friends and customers a safe, warm and happy holiday season!  


Ways to Spruce Up Your Patio

If you love spending time outdoors, you may find yourself using your patio frequently. Patios are fantastic places to gather with family, friends, and company. With their frequent use, you may be interested in sprucing it up for next spring. To help you redesign your patio, we have created seven tips to assist you. 


7 Ways to Spruce up Your Patio

  1. Go Green. Flowers and plants can bring your patio to life. The greenery can be worked into your patio’s design by placing plants at the entrance and flowers on the table.  
    • Homeowners find it easier to use containers on their patios since there is no grass available. Plus, container plants come in handy for the winter months, because you can bring them indoors. 
  1. Luxurious Lighting. The lighting for your outdoor patio area can play an important role. On warm nights, it can add romance and relaxation. Try incorporating string lighting above your patio to create a warm, cozy look. 
  1. Homey. Let your home’s interior inspire your patio’s design by incorporating staple decor pieces. Your patio’s decor does not need to be limited just because you are outside. You can add mirrors, vases, and a table setting to spruce up the design. Just be sure to bring these items indoors when the weather drops. 
  2. Soft Touch. You can create a cozy environment by adding pillows and blankets to your outdoor space. Be sure to collect the blankets and store them indoors for bad weather. Also, you can purchase outdoor, water-proof pillows and bring them inside during the winter months. 
  3. Privacy Please. There are several ways to add privacy to your backyard. You could add drapery to your patio or place an outdoor privacy screen. These are simple ways to make your backyard a little more intimate. 
  4. Personalized. Add personalized items to make your patio unique. You can add holiday decorations and dress up the area for the season.
  5. Serene Sounds. The outdoors can have beautiful sounds by itself, but if you are looking to add some of your own music, be sure to bring out an outdoor speaker. The speakers are great for when guests come over and they can play in the background. 


Let us know your ideas for your patio — post pictures if you have them!


Holiday Gingerbread Man Smoothie

The holidays are right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than making a classic Gingerbread Man flavored smoothie? Christmas is not Christmas without gingerbread, and this delicious smoothie will put you in a festive mood while providing many nutritional benefits.


  • Cloves – Cloves are high in manganese for bone production and help to control blood sugar while providing anti-inflammatory properties. Cloves also contain eugenol which helps to prevent environmental toxins from external pollutants.
  • Cinnamon – Cinnamon has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Cinnamon also helps control blood sugar and is a mood enhancer!
  • Nutmeg – Nutmeg provides calcium, iron, and manganese and has been known to help as a mild sedative, painkiller, and aids in a good night’s sleep.   
  • Cardamom – Cardamom is a diuretic and detoxifier.
  • Almond Butter – Almond butter contains more healthy fatty acids, protein, and nutrients than the old standby peanut butter. Almond butter also contains as much protein as meat, lots of fiber and omega 3 oil.
  • Banana – Bananas contain potassium, soluble fiber and probiotics.
  • Greek Yogurt – Greek yogurt provides probiotics and contains potassium and soluble fiber.

Ingredients for Gingerbread Man Smoothie

  • 1 cup Greek yogurt
  • 2 tablespoon almond butter
  • 1 teaspoon maple syrup
  • ¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • ¼ teaspoon ground ginger
  • ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • ¼ teaspoon ground cardamom
  • ½ peeled frozen banana
  • 1 cup ice cubes

Put the greek yogurt, almond butter and maple syrup to the blender and give it a couple of spins to mix and blend. Now, add all the spices to the blender and give it another spin or two. Lastly, add the peeled frozen banana and ice cubes to the blender.  Complete by mixing until desired smoothness is reached. If you would like more liquid, simply add a couple more ice cubes and mix.

Depending on your personal preferences, the Gingerbread Man smoothie can be consumed cold or warm. Top off the smoothie with a candy cane and a gingerbread cookie. Enjoy!


Make Your Fridge More Manageable

From Chinese takeout to grandma’s special dish, our refrigerators see a lot of food over the year. The organization in our refrigerators can make or break our family’s health. It is extremely important to be able to see all of your expired products and constantly clean out your fridge. Poor organization can lead to a poor visualization which causes us to not know when things need put in the trash. To help maximize your family’s refrigerator, we have five simple hacks for making your fridge more manageable. 


Ways to Make Your Fridge More Manageable

  1. Get Adjusted. Your refrigerator’s shelves are able to adjust to your personal preferences. Take advantage of the ability to recreate your shelving and have it work in a way that is beneficial to you. Your everyday lifestyle should affect the way your fridge is set up. This will make things more convenient and easier for you. If you find yourself wanting to place the milk on the top shelf, reconfigure the shelves towards your liking. 
  2. Labeled. Always label everything with a date in your fridge. This is one of the most beneficial life hacks we can give you. From your eggs to last night’s pasta dinner, you want to mark it with the date in permanent marker. This will help make everyone in the household on the same page and reduce unwanted confusion. 
    • Be sure to mark eggs with their expiration dates. This will save you and your family from consuming expired dairy. 
    • If you do not want to ruin your containers, you can place clear tape on the container then write the date in permanent marker. 
  1. Separated. Everything in your refrigerator should be grouped by what it is. This will help make finding food a little easier for everyone. If you find yourself running out of drawers, you can purchase baskets + bins for extra storage. 
    • Pro-Tip: NEVER put dairy in your refrigerator doors. Since the doors are frequently open, they fluctuate in temperature too often. This can create a health hazard; therefore, be sure to place your dairy and meat products inside of the fridge. 
  1. Lined. Line your shelves with placemats or shelf liners to avoid spillage stains. The mats make it easier to wipe down and clean up unwanted messes. 
  1. Fresh. Mask unwanted scents and odors with coffee grinds or baking soda. Simply place the grinds or baking soda into an open dish and let it sit inside of your fridge. They will help collect the smelly food scents and reduce the stink when you open your fridge. 


What ways keep your fridge manageable and under control? We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below.


A Red Living Room?

Red is a bold color that when used appropriately can inject loads of warmth and make a living room feel well put together. If you’re interested in using such a powerful hue in this space than know that the design options are numerous. There are many different shades of red that can best complement your living room’s design. Here are a few design ideas you might want to try.



Using Hints of Red

Red doesn’t have to be the dominant color in the living room to make an impact on the design of the space. In fact, small doses of red used throughout the space are guaranteed to catch the eye. For instance, a lacquered red coffee table, paired with red patterned pillows on the sofa and dark red vases on the sides tables is a seamless design.


Statement Sofa

If you’re looking to really make a statement than liven things up by opting for a bold red sofa. Whether it’s orange-red, burgundy-red or just plain red such a sofa featuring this hue will definitely add a pop to your living room. Add pillows with bold prints to further enhance the look. Accent with gold accessories for a luxurious look.


Bold Red Rug

Tie the entire living room around a bold red rug with a chic pattern.  Arrange the sofas around the rug so that your space feels much more intimate. You can tie in other hues like yellow and orange to really bring the design together. For example, you might opt for orange drapes and couch pillows with specks of golden yellow.


You can also keep the rest of the room neutral so that the area rug becomes the focal point. Then add small doses of red all around the room for cohesiveness.



A pattern goes a long way when you’re using red. A red and cream geometric pattern when paired with solid red creates a look of harmony. Using brick red in geometric patterns will create a sense of warmth and togetherness in a big living room.



Mixing red in different patterns and prints also work since you’re sticking with a hue that’s in the same color family.


If you have put a little more statement into a room, be sure to post pictures here!