Color Palette – Yellow

Yellow is a light and airy hue that can take on many different personalities of it’s on. Depending on the shade it can bring the warmth of the sun into a home or the spirit of renewal that occurs in when Spring’s first flowers bloom. According to Feng Shui principles, yellow inspires creativity and promotes communication.  As one of the most vivid colors on the color wheel, using this hue in your home’s decor may seem a bit scary. It doesn’t have to be, the solution is to find the right shade of yellow that works best for your space.


There are many different shades of yellow with undertone variations that can completely make a room unique. Here are some of the different variations:



Lemon-yellow is super bright and cheery.  Such a shade works best in the kitchen because it instantly makes the space more inviting. When working with an intense shade of yellow you can balance the scheme by introducing a dark color such as black. Black and yellow is a stylish color combination.


Orange Yellow

If you desire something more unique an orange-yellow is a bit unordinary. This hue has honey orange undertones that are similar to a melon.


Medium Yellow

Looking to incorporate a yellow that doesn’t make the room feel too warm? Then you may want to go with a medium yellow which provides the perfect balance. To further add some coolness to your space you can use a complementary color like green or brown.


Sunny Yellow

Sun-kissed yellow has some orange undertones and it mimics natural sunlight. Using this variation in a room will make it appear larger and adds tons of lighting.



Love dandelion flowers? This shade of yellow is very bright and best suited for the bedroom especially for a kid’s room. Use vibrant accent colors to make the space even more exciting.


Buttery Yellow

Yes, buttery yellow like the shade in the picture above is a muted hue. This shade will add such a warm glow to the room that will make your space feel serene and cozy that you’ll never want to the leave your room. 

Color Palette – Burgundy

There’s no better way to usher in fall than with a burgundy color scheme. If you look in any home decor magazine, you’ll find that burgundy is a super trendy color in the interior design world. Yes, it’s a nontraditional neutral that can be paired with numerous hues. If you’re interested adding some color to a room but you don’t want to overdo then burgundy is the perfect hue. We’re going to show you how you can stylishly use this color in your home’s decor.


Burgundy or Merlot? Call this hue whatever you want but the latest burgundy is a brown based color with splashes of purple. Touches of new and older variations of burgundy are bound to add spice to a room. Here are some fun ways you can use burgundy:


Gold and Burgundy

There’s nothing that says royalty more than the pairing of these palettes. This color scheme is great for luxury spaces. Using both of them together makes a big statement.  When combining gold and burgundy hues be sure to let burgundy be the dominant color in the room while the gold serves as an accent. Can you imagine a burgundy sofa with gold side tables to highlight the look?


Burgundy and Forest Green

Burgundy and forest green is a popular look that has a classic upscale appeal. Green and burgundy sit close to each other on the color wheel which means that they are complementary colors. To make this color combination work you can include a variety of another warm color in the design scheme. In a formal living area, you may want to opt for burgundy seating since it hides stains well. Use forest green in your accessories and textiles.


Burgundy Area Rug

For a bold look, how about designing the entire room around a burgundy carpet or area rug that features an intricate design. You can choose neutral furnishing around the rug and then add accents of aqua, coral, and taupe.


Burgundy and Animal Prints

Make a burgundy room stand out with hints of animal prints. Giraffe, leopard and cheetah animal prints work best with this hue. Whether it’s an area rug or chair this pairing is simply stunning. 

Color Palette – Brown

In interior design, brown gets a bad rap for being bland and lackluster. As a neutral brown makes for the perfect backdrop to any type of design. You can pair this hue with a variety of patterns and colors.  Depending on how you pair brown you can easily create an interior that is dramatic. What are some ways you can use brown in your home’s decor?


Brown and White

Brown and white is a traditional mix. The sharp contrast of stark white and brown can enhance architectural details. In a room with a white wall treatment, chocolate brown will instantly add drama to your space. It also warms up a room and makes it feel much more inviting.


Brown and Blue

Blue is a fun color to add to your home’s decor. However, using such a rich color can be a bit complex. When you pair an intense color like blue, it becomes easier to blend with the rest of your interior. These two colors are a match made in heaven since they are both cool tones. How can you use this color scheme? Consider taking your chocolate stained wooden chairs and upholstering the seats with a rich blue.


Pastels and Brown

Who doesn’t love the dainty look of pastels? Traditionally, we may not use pink, teal and purple in our home decor. When you pair brown and pastels you ground the light hues associated with pastel colors. In addition, using brown with pale pastels adds a touch of sophistication and it doesn’t appear juvenile.


Brown and Yellow

Tan, taupes and other brown tones are beautiful when paired with yellow. This warm palette easily fuses together. Bright yellow accents will make a statement against brown pieces.  Brown tones and yellow is associated with a more traditional style.


Brown and Purple

Whether it’s plum, violet or shades of purple when paired tones of purple the drama heightens.  Such rich hues aren’t timid and together creates an air of sophistication.  For brown furniture or cabinets look to less saturated tones of purple.


Brown on Brown

Of course, we love the brown-on-brown look.  To pull this look off without the design becoming bland be sure to take a monochromatic approach. 

Fun Ways to Use Pumpkins

From pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin pie, nothing says “fall” quite like a pumpkin. Whether you are decorating your home or preparing for a party, we have seven fun ways to use pumpkins this fall. 


Fun Ways to Use Pumpkins

  1. Beverage Cooler. Hollow out the inside of your pumpkin and fill it with ice for this epic idea! You can have your beverages chilled to the bone by placing them inside an ice-filled pumpkin. Champagne anyone? 
  2. Sweet Dreams. If you are passing out candy this Halloween, why not fill your pumpkin with candy? Make sure to place a cloth inside of the hollowed pumpkin to assure no goo gets on anyone’s candy.
  3. Flower Holder. Turn your pumpkins into a decorative fall vase by hollowing out the inside and place your fall flowers inside of it! This is the perfect option for decorating your outdoor seating areas with fun decor. 
  4. Pretty in Pastels. We have all seen the traditional pumpkins, but what if you “prettied up” your pumpkins by using pastel paint? Try painting 
  5. Stacks on Stacks. Instead of placing your pumpkins side by side, you can stack them for an intricate look. This idea works best if you use three pumpkins in different sizes. Make sure to cut off the stems for the bottom two. 
  6. Chalkboard Paint. Spray paint your pumpkins with chalkboard paint and write fun messages like “I’m here for the boos” or “trick or treat yourself.” This pumpkin idea can be perfect for your porch decorations! 
  7. Melted Crayons. Paint the base of your pumpkin a solid color like white or black. Next, take a hot glue gun and glue the crayons around the top of your pumpkin. After the crayons are secure, take a hair dryer and begin to melt the crayons. The melted crayon wax will create a cool design and you can use these pumpkins as decorations indoors or outdoors. 


We hope you enjoyed these seven fun ideas for using pumpkins. Be sure to visit our website for more information and updates! We hope you and your loved ones have a fun and happy season!

How to Hang Artwork

Hanging artwork can be very time consuming, frustrating and expensive if you damage the sheetrock. Just like everything else, there is a right and wrong way to hang artwork. We will share a few tips below that reveal how to hang the picture properly.  Follow these tips to help hang almost any frame and make your wall the perfect focal point in the room!

  • Placement – I know you find yourself standing there staring at a blank wall and are unsure of where to hang your artwork. If you have only one or two pieces to hang, stand back and visually place in your mind where you want the art to hang.  Often people hang art too high, hang art at eye level! Physically take the art and place on the wall in your desired spot. With a pencil, draw a centered short line on the wall at the top of the frame. If your frame has a wire on the back of the art, simply measure from the top of the wire in the center to the top of the frame. Go back to your line on the wall and measure down from the top line to the distance of the centered wire hanger and mark. Erase the original top line, so you don’t get confused about the proper placement mark. If you have multiple pieces of art, start out by placing the pieces on the floor for a symmetrical or asymmetrical look, whichever fits your taste. As you stand back at look at the items on the floor you can visualize how they will look once hung. You can also move and mix until you get the desired look!
  • Techniques for Strength – If possible, drive the nail into a wall stud for the most strength. Invest in an inexpensive stud finder.   Although in most cases, where you want to hang the art, a stud will not be present. Generally, studs are every 16 inches on center and are 1 ½ inches thick. For small and medium art, a 1 ½ or 2-inch nail in the sheetrock will suffice and hold securely. Always drive the nail into the wall at a 45-degree angle. This technique ensures a stable and secure hold. For large pieces of art, purchase hollow-wall anchors with screws.  Anchor sets will match the weight of the artwork. Use a small drill and choose a drill size to match the size of the anchor. Once you drill the hole, tap the anchor into the sheetrock and simply screw the screw into the anchor.
  • Straightness – If your artwork is not hanging level and straight, simply purchase some small plastic bumpers that attach to the back of the frame with self-stick tape. What a simple fix!


Have fun turning your home into your personal art gallery!

Fall Decor Ideas for The Busy Homeowner

Whether you are hustling your kids to their next soccer game or working overtime at a full-time job, you can say that you are a busy person. Most times, it is a miracle that you get done what you do during the day. You have other parents impressed and jealous. While it may look like you have it all together, you realized that you have not had time to decorate yet. Unfortunately, decorating is yet another thing to add to your giant to-do list. But do not worry because we have created a decorating guide for the busy homeowner. Even you, supermom, can accomplish these decorating ideas in under an hour. 


Fall Decor Ideas for The Busy Homeowner:

  1. Faux Leaves. Bring the beauty of the season indoors by decorating with faux leaves. You can line the fake leaves across your fireplace’s mantle, staircase, or even your bookshelves. They are an easy solution for homeowners that do not have the time to go all-out on decorating! 
  2. Happy Fall Banner. Banners are a fun and easy way to decorate. Plus, you can personalize them for any occasion. You can buy a pre-assembled, blank banner at your local craft store then take a permanent marker and write a fun fall message like “thankful” or “boo.” Banners can look great over your fireplace or even on your front door. 
  3. PaintedPumpkins. Decorating with pumpkins is one of the easiest solutions for busy homeowners. If you have time, buy spray paint and paint your pumpkins different colors. Recently, homeowners have been incorporating white pumpkins throughout their home’s decor. It provides a clean, classic look that you may be interested in trying this year. 
  4. Fall-Scented Candles. Decorating is not the only way to incorporate fall. Fall-scented candles can help guests and family members embrace the season. 
  5. Acorns and Squash. The next time you are grocery shopping, look for fall finds that you can incorporate into your decor. Items like squash and acorns can make great centerpieces for your dining room table. 
  6. Sunflowers in a Mason Jar. If you love fresh flowers, sunflowers are the perfect choice to add a touch of fall. Not only are they beautiful, but they have a yellow hue that we just adore. Try adding some fresh sunflowers throughout your home for a festive look. 
  7. Dollar Aisle Finds. Halloween is only one day; therefore, you should spend most of your time on decorating the home for fall. Fall decor can last you until Thanksgiving which helps you get your money’s worth. For last-minute Halloween decor, check your local dollar aisle. You can find cute little items for an amazing price! 


We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks! Happy fall!

How to Upgrade Your Living Room

From family movie nights to warming up by the fireplace, your living room has had its fair share of use over the years. Upgrading your living room does not have to be an expensive remodeling project. It is actually quite simple to turn your space from drab to fab in a couple of hours. It is time to take your living room to the next level with our five easy steps for homeowners. Sit back and take notes, because your living room is about to make a statement. 


How to Upgrade Your Living Room:

1. It is all about you. You spend so much time running around doing everything for everyone else that you have forgotten about what makes you happy. Try and add an element to your living room that makes you happy! From a rustic bar cart to a reading nook, take advantage of one of your empty corners and focus on yourself for a change. What are some activities that interest you? Whatever it may be, try adding it to an empty corner of your living room. 

2. Cozy on up. Nothing says homey like some warm blankets and a soft rug. You want to invest in soft, quality blankets and rugs for your home. This will welcome guests and your family may even use your living room more and more. 

3. Tis the season. Seasonal decor is a great way to change up your living room’s design. With fall approaching us, you can decorate with things you find around your yard. Try spray painting some branches and placing them inside of a vase for a rustic look. 

4. On display. Let your treasured artwork be out for everyone to see! You can incorporate a gallery wall above your sofa for a statement piece. 

5. You are getting warmer. Warmer colors tend to make a home feel more inviting. Try picking out paint colors or fabrics that lean more towards a warmer color scheme. With some lit candles and warm-toned walls, you may never leave your living room. 


From gorgeous hardwood floors to custom rugs, we have everything you need to transform your living room into a cozy retreat. Come see us at (location) to view our showroom and talk with our expert staff. We look forward to serving you.

Decorating with Area Rugs

Rugs can transform a cold, stiff room into a comfortable, cozy getaway with the touch of your toes. If you are looking to transform your room, look no further because we have four easy tips on how to decorate with an area rug! 


How to Decorate with an Area Rug

Tip No. One: Begin the design process with your area rug. 

Choosing your area rug first can help with a load of design questions like wall colors and color scheme. But some and even most of you, will not have the luxury of choosing an area rug first. If you find yourself picking out a rug last, just try to pull colors from your room and look for it in your rug. You can have the same color in different values and hues, but try to stay in the same ballpark when choosing a color. 


Tip No. Two: Follow the 6 to 2 rule. 

A rug can be placed as little as 6 inches away from your wall, but no more than two feet. This will help your room feel just right; therefore, you will want to take measurements of the room. Once you understand the measurements, you can decide on different rug shapes and styles. You want to make sure that the rug is not too big or too small for your room.


Tip No. Three: Doorways and front entrances are different. 

If you plan to place a rug in front of your door, you want to make sure that is the exact size of the door or just a few inches less. For your front entrance or foyer, you can place the rug underneath wherever the main light fixture is placed. 


Tip No. Four: Know how to place furniture. 

Furniture on rugs can go one of three ways:

  1. All furniture legs are on the area rug.
  2. All furniture legs are off the area rug.
  3. The front legs of your furniture are on the area rug. 


DIY Fall Decor Ideas

As fall approaches, you most likely are digging out old decorations to hang around your home. From 10-year old leaf wreaths to a glass pumpkin that served its time, it is time for you to update your fall decor. You can create custom fall decor from things found right in your very own backyard. Imagine having unique pieces to display each fall because you know how to create them yourself and here is how: 


  1. Let Dried-Out Flowers Go To Good Use. If you love having fresh flowers in your home, you may currently have some flowers that are ready to be replaced. Before you throw them away, put them to good use by using them as fall decor. 
    • How to dry flowers: An easy way to dry your flowers is to hang them upside down in a gathered bunch. Simply tie together the bottom of the flowers with a rubber band then hang them upside avoiding direct sunlight or air conditioning. 
  1. Search for Ideas in Your Backyard. From branches to pinecones, your backyard may be a hotbed of great fall decor ideas. Make it a family activity by inviting everyone outside for a fun scavenger hunt. You can make a list of great finds and see who can find the most items. 
    • Ideas for backyard finds include pinecones, bright leaves, rustic branches, acorns, sunflowers, and straw.
  1. Update Your Old, Outdated Pumpkins. If you current plastic pumpkins look worn, try adding life to them by spray painting them. You could even spray paint them with chalkboard paint and write fun fall messages. 
  2. Make a Unique Wooden Sign. Nothing says “welcome” like a custom, DIY sign made by you and your loved ones. Gather everyone into the living room for a fun night filled with laughs and making decor pieces. Everyone can paint a wooden plank then you can stack the planks outside for a warm, welcoming look. 
  3. Think about Meals. Food items like butternut squash and acorn squash can help bring your centerpiece to life. Try decorating with fall food that you can find at your local grocery store. 


We hope that you found these ideas helpful and that you and your loved ones have a safe and happy fall season. 

Creating Your Own Cozy Reading Nook

Are you in desperate need of an oasis from your hectic life? There’s no better way to relax than to retreat to a comfortable space and get lost in your favorite novel. If your reader or just someone who enjoys their personal time than you’ll no doubt benefit from a private and cozy reading nook. Below are three simple tips for creating your own cozy nook.


Pick the perfect spot

Selecting the right spot to set up your reading nook is key to creating a spot that you can retreat to when you’re in need of some “me” time. Reading nooks tend to take up very little space. It can be crafted in the corner of any room. Whether you choose the living room or your bedroom it should be an area where you’ll have some privacy and there is a low level of noise.  Since your nook is supposed to be a retreat it should be in an area of the house that’s away from the kids.

Comfortable Seating Arrangement

After you’ve selected the perfect spot it’s time to focus on creating a comfortable seating arrangement. Some reading nooks have padded window seating that provides ample space to sit back and relax.  However, if window seating is not an option than investing in a formal chair. Make sure you invest in a chair that is padded and is generally comfortable to sit in because you’ll likely be spending a couple of hours sitting in it. Add in a few plush pillows and a comfy throw for extra comfort.



Of course, you’ll need added accessories to make the area functional. Be sure to include a simple table beside your chair. You can use the table to store your reading glasses, reading material, even a snack.

Lighting is important when creating a cozy reading nook. Why not invest in a freestanding reading lamp that is adjustable and doesn’t take up much space? 

Finally, if space allows you can’t forget to add in a small bookshelf. Yes, a bookshelf near your reading nook makes all you reading material easily accessible.