Brighten Your Home with the Right Lighting

Design Center 038Lighting provides a powerful design statement in a home. Do you like traditional styles, or would you rather have contemporary lighting? Do you want lighting to be front-and-center or subtle?

After you choose your cabinets and countertops, your flooring and doors, make sure you take the time to select lighting that blends well with the design image you’re creating for your home.

Start with the dining room chandelier. This gives the strongest message of any light in your house. Hanging over your dining table, it becomes the focal point for the space and will serve as a beacon for all of your family meals. That selection will help you throughout the house.

Design Center 054Next, consider accent lighting. Notice the selection of pendant lights to the right in the photo below. The Fulton Design Center has a generous selection of pendants, ranging from graceful interpretations of the chandeliers to whimsical colorful modern pendants in a range of colors and shapes.

Remember to take a look at your options in additional lighting such as sconces and recessed lighting. A generous number of spots in your kitchen can make meal preparation easier and more pleasant.

With your lighting selections throughout your home, remember to consider task lighting and ambient lighting as well as standard fixtures. Parties, work and other events are easier to create and decorate for when you build flexibility into the light choices in your home.

Finally, take a minute to look at your exterior lighting. Will you want an extra outdoor spotlight where you plan to put your grill? Would you like a motion-activated light on the path to your front door?

Take the time to make the right decisions now so that you can eliminate the frustrations of not having lights where you need and want them later. And you will find yourself appreciating your efforts every time you flip a switch!

Choosing your Fulton Home gas fireplace

Gas Fireplace  Design Center 040As the temperatures hover around freezing at night, this time of the year begs for a fireplace. With the Fulton Homes gas fireplace option, you receive the charm and warmth of a fireplace without the headaches of buying wood, cleaning out ashes, and managing the burning process. You also have the advantage of having a fire even on smokeless days in the Phoenix area when the weather begs for one.

A fireplace provides a natural focal point to a living or family room. People are automatically drawn to a hearth, just as fireplaces in years past provided the center of a home for families to gather together for warmth in the days before central heating.

Today’s fireplaces can bow to tradition or make a more modern statement, keeping in tune with your personal style. Let’s take a look at what makes this fireplace special.

Stonework: Using stone or tile to outline your fireplace and define your mantel makes your fireplace uniquely yours. The choice of the tile design for the mantel can be paired with the same look in your kitchen backsplash to help link your kitchen with your great room space. Notice how the stone shines in the light – the fireplace’s flames will be mirrored on that inviting hearth.

Shelving: Adding the matching shelves on either side of the fireplace itself enlarges the influence of this focal point in your home while allowing you to showcase some treasured accessories. The mantel also provides enough depth to provide the opportunity to display select items that fit your fireplace’s profile.

Lighting: Candle sconces to either side of the mounted television and lights shining down on the shelves provide a nice ambient brightness without overwhelming the space. Once again, the sconces can be selected to match your kitchen and dining light fixtures, helping to integrate the style in every part of your home.

Whether warming your home in winter or adding charm to your family room in the summer, a gas fireplace is a simple way to help create a welcoming feel to your home for family and friends.

Choosing the front door for your Fulton Home

Door DisplayDesign Center 046We all know the saying, “It’s the first impression that counts,” and Fulton Homes is giving you the opportunity to create a terrific first impression for visitors to your home. With an amazing variety of styles, wood tones or even color, the Fulton Design Center can create the entry look you dream about.

Do you want a traditional door with the strong detailing that comes through as a powerful entrance with an established presence? Take a look at the door to the right in the photo above. With its deeply-grooved panels and oak grain, this door looks as though it’s been around for generations. The old-fashioned brass door handle also conveys this feeling.

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more rustic. Take a look at the door in the center of the photo. The sturdy wrought-iron door handle with its squared-off style fits a more hand-hewn rustic mood.

Then take a look at the lighter-hued door between the other two. With its bead board styling and curved top, this door suits a more casual country feeling. The soft wheat color fits the style, creating an inviting feeling before people even step inside the house.

Your front door introduces visitors to your home. Fulton Homes understands the importance of that first impression, and your selection options for your home’s entry door demonstrate that. When you take the time to find just the right look for your style, your front door will say “Welcome” to every friend and family member.

Choosing the Kitchen Faucet for your Fulton Home

Fuacets Design Center 022We use faucets every day but don’t really think about them. However, when you walk into the Fulton Design Center to select your kitchen faucet, it pays to consider what you want in terms of both function and style.

Take a look at the faucet selected for the kitchen above. It’s a simple style that would work well in a traditional and a more eclectic kitchen design. The polished nickel finish works beautifully with the stainless appliances while showing fewer water spots than chrome.

Notice the high profile of this faucet. This provides room underneath to easily fill large pots and pitchers. The handle is ergonomically sound. The lever style makes it easy to control with one hand. It also has a pull down sprayer that’s incorporated into the faucet itself rather than set separately. Many of today’s faucets are designed this way.

Some faucets offer water patterns that range from a standard flow to a strong spray designed for rinsing fruits, vegetables or dishes. Many cooks find that they really appreciate the spray option. While you’re selecting your kitchen faucet, you may want to add one or more built-in soap dispensers. It’s tidy and convenient to have easy built-in access to both hand and dish soap without having to pull a container out from under the sink.

Finally, if you’re creating a kitchen with an old-fashioned country look, be sure to take a peek at the pump-style kitchen faucet. It has all the functionality of the modern faucet, while showing a style and finish that makes it feel like it came from your great-grandparents’ time.

You’ll enjoy checking out all of the choices available to you for your kitchen faucet in your new Fulton Home.

Exploring the Fulton Design Center: Kitchen Counters

Design Center 018In our last Fulton Design Center blog, we recommended starting your kitchen design plan by choosing your cabinets. The next decision is countertops. Do you want granite? The look and feel of real stone is dramatic, and it seems that everyone’s dream kitchen includes granite countertops.

Fulton offers a wealth of granite choices, along with the option to pick out your slab, which helps to ensure that you are happy with your selection. Certainly granite adds to a kitchen. Take a look at the strong personality of the granite in this kitchen. It picks up the warm tones from the cabinets but also adds some cooler colors to connect the cabinets with the stainless appliances. This countertop choice truly pulls the kitchen together.Granite Design Center 015

Large slabs of the most popular granite options allow you to really see and appreciate impact of each stone. And with today’s sealed granite, it no longer requires the repeated treatment that was common not so many years ago.

Although you may be captured by this countertop option, take the time to look at some of the other choices. Quartz and other countertop materials may suit your taste more than granite. It pays to at least consider other countertops.

One final tip when making your selection: remember to create contrast in your kitchen. If your cabinets are dark, a lighter countertop can build a well-defined distinction between various aspects of your kitchen. Decide if you want your counters to add a strong personality or subtly blend into the background.

Will your kitchen be an adventure or a refuge? Your countertop choice helps contribute to the mood and feel of your final kitchen design.

Exploring the Fulton Design Center: Kitchen Start-up

Bertazonni KitchenReady to plan your kitchen? The Fulton Design Center offers such a variety of styles and options that it may be challenging to narrow down your choices. These suggestions may help you with the process.

Choose your overall style: Do you love the richness of the traditional Tuscan look? Features such as the carved columns on the island above can help recreate that mood. If you lean toward a simpler option, take a look at the Shaker-style cabinets and start from there. However, do not feel obliged to be entirely consistent with your style choices. Take a look at the lighting in this kitchen. The contemporary pendants have a strong impact and help sharpen the more traditional look of this space.

Choose your cabinets: As you can see from the photo above, cabinetry makes the biggest design statement in this room. Your choice of cabinets affects every other decision you make, so make your cabinet choice the foundation of your kitchen’s design.Cabinet Display Design Center 034

The Fulton Design Center has a rich selection of styles and finishes, with sample doors that you can take throughout the Center to coordinate your total space.

Consider cabinet style and tone: You have two important choices with your cabinets. The first – style – provides the framework for the entire kitchen design. The second choice – cabinet tone – affects every other option you select.

A dark cabinet choice may lead to a lighter countertop and flooring selection. Painted cabinets can create a farmhouse feeling and a bright kitchen space. Light cabinets have a younger, more contemporary style, particularly when paired with a dark countertop and exciting backsplash.

So when you make that first decision – your cabinets –you’re well on your way to creating the perfect kitchen for you and your family.

Design Center Magic

DC SignAre you a fan of HGTV? Do you pause to leaf through home magazines whenever you see them? Are you fascinated by the Pinterest boards that focus on home design or great kitchens? If any or  all of these describe you, then the Fulton Design Center is your version of a trip to Disneyland.

When you select your new Fulton Home, the focus is on square footage, the number of bedrooms, closet size and in general how well the home will function for you and your family. Those are all very important issues. If you think of your home choice as the entrée of a lovely meal, your design center experience is the dessert!

Before your appointment, be sure to visit the Fulton Design Center during one of the browse nights. With designers there to help direct you to the various options available, this provides a no-pressure introduction to the Center. Also check out the online option information on Fulton’s website for a preview of coming attractions.

Visiting the Fulton Design Center for the first time can almost overwhelm you with the variety of choices for every room in your new home. But with the help of your designer, you will soon start envisioning the home you want. Like the Design Center’s motto: “dream and create,” you can create just the right look for your home and have your design dreams come true.

From countertops to carpeting, appliances to area rugs, the Fulton Design Center provides the grown-up version of Disney’s world, where all of your wishes can come true. Enjoy the ride.

Fulton Homes Design Online – Area Rugs

Qing in roomArea rugs create an island of interest in an open-concept home, bring in color, warmth and softness, absorb sound, and give a finished look to a room’s décor.

How about a visit to Fulton Homes Design Online to take a look at the rich variety of area rugs available for your new Fulton home? Whether you’re looking for an abstract floral sasha alonewith an Asian flair such as this hand-knotted example from Feizy Rug’s Qing collection, or a more traditional classic Oriental style such as the choice shown to the right from the Sasha collection, you will find your favorites displayed through Fulton Homes Design – either online or at the Design Center.

Feizy Rug® was selected by Fulton Homes as the supplier of choice for area rugs thanks to their over 40 years in the rug business, and their focus on quality and value. Feizy is committed to uniting its heritage of distinction with worldwide resources, revealing inspired methods that mirror ancient visions. Feizy Rug owners can be sure they will receive consistently excellent quality and cutting–edge design.contour collection

If you plan on hardwood or tile floors, area rugs add personality and charm while connecting each living area’s furniture into one integrated whole. And the selection of options is varied in color and style. Want a more contemporary look? Consider the Contour collection – a variegated soft stripe that can connect furniture colors.

Channels in roomOr if you’re looking for a more neutral look, the Channels Collection - in aqua, beige or ivory – uses texture to stay interesting while maintaining color consistency.

If you dream of the lush look of hardwood or tile floors combined with just the right area rugs, take a few minutes to visit Fulton Homes Design Online and travel through your choice of styles, colors and sizes offered to you as a new Fulton Home owner.

A special thanks to Feizy’s website for these great photos.

Fulton Homes Design Online – Stone Flooring

stone flooring genericAre you drawn to the natural look and feel of stone? Cool under your feet on the hottest of summer days, stone such as this travertine flooring enhances any style home.

Fulton Homes Design Online shows examples of stone for your home’s flooring. Check out a quick overview of your choices below.dark granite

Granite is one of the hardest and densest of all natural stone. Next to the diamond it is the hardest of the natural stones. Color and pattern vary, adding to the stone’s interest and beauty.

marbleMarble is crystallized limestone that comes in many different color variations and usually displays a veining pattern that adds to its uniqueness. It is a timeless addition to any home, bearing the signs and marks of history from thousands of years. Marble is more porous than granite, making it more susceptible to staining which makes it more suitable for foyers, bathrooms, fireplaces, studies or libraries rather than kitchens or other rooms liable to food or drink spills.limestone

Limestone has a subtle look and has what is often offered in a “honed” or matte finish. It will require preventative maintenance over time, as it is very porous.

travertineUnique looking due to the “fill process”. In its original form, Travertine has thousands of holes running through it. These holes are filled and then the stone is polished or honed. When polished, the stone takes on a high sheen with the filled areas remaining dull creating a beautiful floor. When honed, the travertine will take on a more natural matte finish look. Like Limestone, this stone will require preventative maintenance over time, due to its porosity. The polished look will require more maintenance than the honed and spills such as juice will etch (dull the finish) the floor. This etching can be repaired with professional maintenance.

slateSlate: This rustic-looking stone has become increasing popular over the years. It comes in various colors and shades ranging from quite light to very dark and, depending on the type, can offer many hues including red and green. This stone has the most variation from one piece to another. It can also be used in outdoor installations.

tumbled stoneTumbled Stone: has an antique look. It comes in many sizes and is often used in borders or decorative strips.

If you want flooring that combines rustic and rich, how about featuring stone in one or more rooms? For more extensive information, visit Fulton Homes Design Online.

Making your Home Yours – DIY

18165356_SOne of the advantages of buying a new Fulton Home comes from personalizing it to your taste and preferences through the Fulton Homes Design Center.

Once you move in, tackling a simple Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project can help you make your new home feel even more like it’s yours. To explore some DIY projects for all skill levels, you might want to search Pinterest under DIY home ideas.

You might want to assemble, paint or stain, or even decoupage pictures onto a chest like the one to the left. Or create an interesting series of hooks for coats and purses just inside the garage using branches, old doorknobs, or even plastic animals. These and more ideas are available with Pinterest.

Some pins give detailed information, such as the ones that help you choose the right type of tool for every situation, or provide a how-to for painting furniture without having to sand first.

Other pins may have no real information, just a picture with an idea. But with some planning and research you may find detailed instructions for just what you’re looking for to tackle a home project.

Most people think of painting walls when it comes to DIY. Pinterest can help there too. Maybe you want to paint horizontal stripes on one wall – just search “paint horizontal stripes,” and you will find pin after pin with directions, images and ideas for approaching the project.

Do you want wide stripes? Maybe you’d like a subtle option – then take a look at how lovely stripes in the same color, but contrasted by layering a matte and glossy finish.

Even a simple project can help you love your new home even more. After you’re unpacked and settled, take a few minutes to browse through Pinterest to look for projects that catch your fancy and fit within your skill set. And have fun in your lovely new home, built just for you.