Inspiring Design Hacks to Transform Your Patio for Autumn

When it comes to home investments, you may not think of exterior modifications right away, and maybe, it is time to change your way of thinking. Autumn is the season to enjoy the outdoor weather and experience the beauty of change. Hosting outdoor festivities and gatherings is a great way to encapsulate this change through your home. Tailoring your patio for the seasons and adapting to different criteria can be a daunting task at first but the reward is well worth the time invested. As some of the Arizona trees begin to alter their leaves with a crimsons and golds spectacles and the nights grow longer, change is inevitable. We put together three simple fall patio changes worth your investments. Let’s take a look!

Fabulous Firepit

A great social modification to your patio is adding a firepit. Yes, even in Arizona. Plus, there are so many budget-friendly options as well as some very classy, elaborate setups for homeowners to select their favorite. Decide which investment best suits your house, design, and budget. Also, consider the number of people you plan on hosting. If you plan on entertaining large groups, you will want to add more seating to accommodate everyone. Lastly, make sure the firepit is well kept, and no trees are overhead that could catch fire.

Feature Fall Decor

Exterior decor can make a powerful statement outside your home. Adding hay barrels and pumpkins is an easy way to adapt your home for the fall season. Fall is harvest season and adding creative reflections of that around your outdoors can boost your home’s exterior value and fall pride. Try incorporating scarecrows and even decorating for Halloween to add flair. Plus, with Thanksgiving around the corner, it is also an excellent opportunity to add other festive pieces to your design.

Functional Furniture

Make sure you get the proper patio furniture. This is your chance to add your taste and design style outside. The exterior design option can be branched from bar seating to chairs or even stools. Designing your patio with the right seating and furniture is crucial for adapting your patio to become an outdoor hangout. Try buy autumn theme cushions or even a fun fall colored umbrella to help amplify your seasonal pride. Make sure you have different gathering spots and tailor your patio to accommodate the events you may host. You may also want to get a grill or set up an outdoor kitchen to make cooking and serving easier outdoors.

Investing in your patio this season is a great way to improve your home. It shows you care about your home and take pride in even the exterior.

Must-Have DIY Exterior Doormat

Doormats can be the first thing people see when entering your home. Stores tend to sell generic doormats, but would not it be fun if you could make your own? Plus, personalizing a doormat is even easier than it seems with these simple steps:

Plain Coco Coir Doormat
Painter’s Tape
Adhesive Stencil Paper
X-Acto Knife
Cutting Mat
Foam Paintbrush
Exterior Paint

Step One. Download a template from online. The template will serve as your “greeting” on the doormat. You can choose words or an image. Print out the template and lay it where you would like it to sit on the doormat.

Step Two. Take your adhesive stencil paper and place it over top of your template. You want the sticky-side of the stencil paper to be facing downwards.

Note: You can find adhesive stencil paper at any local craft store.

Step Three. Using painter’s tape, fasten the adhesive paper on top of the printed template.

Step Four. Take an X-Acto knife and cut around each letter.

Note: You may want to place a cutting mat underneath your printed template to avoid damage to your table.

Step Five. After you have cut around the letters, peel the adhesive backing off of the stencil paper. You will then place the sticky part on top of the doormat where you think it looks best.

Step Six. Secure the adhesive paper by pressing it down into place.

Step Seven. Take your stencil from before and line it up with your recently pressed down adhesive part.

Step Eight. Grab your foam paintbrush, and in a light bouncing motion, you will begin to paint over the adhesive.

Note: For the best results, move in up and down directions for neat lines.

Step Nine. Allow the doormat to dry for 24 hours.

Step Ten. Place the doormat in front of a door, and voila, you have your own custom doormat.

Custom doormats are the perfect gift for newly-weds or new homeowners. The next time you are looking for the perfect gift, try making a personalized doormat! You may be pleasantly surprised with the results. Thanks for reading!

Decorating with Antiques: Mixing Old and New

Perhaps one of the biggest interior design myths is that you should not mix old pieces with new ones; however, there is no reason that your grandma’s “old” plates have to be confined to the attic. The easiest way to create a monotonous room is by sticking to pieces that reflect a single style period. In fact, the most stylish rooms are designed with different design elements that are both old and new. While you are shopping for edgy, modern items, you will want to consider how you can pair the new pieces with antique accessories.

If you live in a standard space that lacks unique architectural elements, adding vintage items in the midst of contemporary pieces will add character to your home. Antiques are great decorative pieces because they usually tell a story and the fact that they have stood the test of time is just amazing. It is essential to utilize a neutral color scheme to pull off this effortless look. Neutral colors will not distract from the design, instead contribute a beautiful canvas space for the pieces. Now, decorating with antiques does require some skill. While you do not want your home to be a recreation of a museum, it is also dull for your room to look like an exact replica of the furniture store’s showroom. To master the balance, here are some tips for mixing old items with the new pieces in your design:


Many antique collectors like to purchase vintage items and convert them into something more useful or display them in a way they were not created to use. For instance, a vintage dress can be cleaned and used as a hallway table, old Victorian chairs can be reupholstered entirely with a funky patterned design to look completely different, and a treasure trunk can be used as a coffee table.

Grouping Similar Items

If you have a few vintage items you want to showcase in a room, you can try grouping the “like” items in one area. You can give your antique dishware a home in the dining room armoire or build a shelf to hold your antique collections. This way, they are displayed in the same area and create a feature piece rather than a sporadic design.

Mixing Elements

The best way to make antique items stand out in a room is by combining them with contemporary pieces. Modern furniture enhanced with vintage accessories is a great way to start. A modern coffee table with an antique lamp makes for an eclectic design and beautiful balance. If you feel a little unsure, mix in old decor pieces slowly. You can build up the room over time to help your space remain balanced.

While mixing old with new sounds like a challenge, we hope our top three tips make you confident to tackle this project. For more expert advice, please visit us at Fulton Homes. Thanks for reading!

Inspiring Ways to Add Bold Color Outdoors

So you have finally ventured outside your comfort zone and added color to your home’s neutral palette. Now it is time to focus on your home’s exterior. Injecting vibrant hues into the landscape is not as difficult as it may sound. Whether it is through furniture, plant pots or tiles, color can come from a variety of sources. Check out these six simple ways to make an impact with colors outside:

Colorful Patio Furniture

The sitting area is one of the focal points in the landscape. This is an ideal place to add color. Opt for a table or set of chairs that feature a bold color. If you are on a budget, you can consider swapping out the seat cushions for ones that have a refreshing hue. Adding a pattern or bold colored pillows is another inexpensive way to create interest without breaking the bank.

Accent Wall in an Eye-Catching Color

Accent walls are not just reserved for indoors. Consider painting a garden fence or exterior wall a lively color that is bound to capture one’s attention. All you need is a can of paint and a few spare hours to create the look. A color wheel can help you decide what hue you should choose. Opt for a color that will complement the patio furniture and plants that you have chosen.

Decorative Tiles

Make an impact with decorative tiles. You will find that tiles are produced in many different patterns, colors, and designs. You can make a mural with tiles on the exterior surfaces outside, or you can always opt for a unique tile flooring solution for the patio; however, you will want to make sure that you choose a tile that is appropriate for an outdoor environment.

Bold Decor

Use colorful and bold decor that adds interest to the landscape. Unique mosaic art, pottery, and colorful stepping stones are just a few bold decor ideas. Invest in garden art that can stand up to all kinds of weather conditions.

Outdoor Rug

Adding an outdoor area rug to the patio or deck is an opportunity to enhance the dining or seating area. In addition, opt for a rug with an interesting design and pleasing shades to add style and meaning.

Colorful Flower Pots

Love your garden? Well, you will love it more if you incorporate beautiful, colorful flower pots. Can you imagine just how beautiful your plants will look in bright, beautiful containers? It will create the perfect statement piece outdoors.

How do you add interest and creativity to your outdoor area? We would love to hear below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

Purchasing The Perfect Dining Room Chairs

From casual breakfast nooks to elegant formal dining spaces, dining rooms come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Everyone knows that one of the most essential elements of a dining room is the dining chairs. From traditional dining sets to mix-matched dining chairs, the design possibilities are endless. But before you invest in dining chairs, it is important to consider these essential factors:

  • Is it the right height for your dining table?
  • Is the fabric durable and easy to clean?
  • Is it comfortable enough for the type of entertaining you like to do?

Digging deeper, we created a guide for choosing the best dining chairs for your dining space. Let’s take a look!


While it has become trendy to pair a contemporary with traditional chairs and vice versa, focus on finding pieces that share a common design element. For example, if you have opted for a square-shaped dining table, you will want to make sure the chairs feature the same shape. Or if the table has an intricate design on the legs, you should consider purchasing chairs with a similar look on the legs to create design consistency.


The standard size of a dining chair is approximately 18 inches in height while the average dining table sits at 30 inches. As a general rule of thumb, you will want at least 12 inches between the top of the seat and the bottom of the table. Also, the chairs should match the scale of the table. So if you have a grand dining table, you will likely want to invest in bigger chairs.

Avoid purchasing chairs that are less than 17 inches narrow. Why? Really, cramped seating will not provide an adequate amount of support for your guests and will likely be uncomfortable. To create the ultimate comfortable experience, look into chairs that are 20-24 inches deep.


Deciding whether to invest in an upholstered chair or select something with a natural, easy to clean surface can be difficult. With upholstered chairs, you can expect someone to spill something on it sooner or later; therefore, the question regards to maintenance and upkeep. If you want that upholstered feel but low maintenance, consider leather chairs. Fabric chairs tend to be more challenging to clean than leather seating.

For more professional decorating advice, visit us weekly at Fulton Homes. Thanks for reading!

Must-Know Professional Refrigerator Organization Hacks

Keeping an organized refrigerator can be a little tricky at times, especially when you have a diverse eating style and bring takeout boxes home. A clean fridge can say a lot though and help you easily find food when you are hungry. Also, it will help prevent old food from going unnoticed and starting to smell. Maintaining a clean refrigerator becomes easier after you set yourself up for success. Here are a couple of professional organization tricks you can use on your refrigerator or freezer today to begin making it more organized. Let’s take a look!

Print Labels

Labeling your drawers and shelves before loading them is vital to make sure everything is easy to locate. Make sure you choose the proper drawer sizes for what you will be putting in them. Do not designate a small drawer or shelf with food categories that will quickly outgrow the space after your next grocery store visit. You want to be cognitive of your refrigerator’s size and the items being used.

Eliminate Prepackaging

Putting prepackaged sodas or yogurts is a quick way to take up access space. Try eliminating all group pre-packing when loading your refrigerator. This is a great way to make grabbing your food and monitoring how much is left quick and easy. Plus, you can stack bottles and cans on their sides to save space.

Make a Kid-Zone

If you are not the only person going in and out of your refrigerator, you may want to designate a shelf for the kids. Put snacks and their favorite cravings in an easily accessible spot. This is an excellent way to make sure the rest of your refrigerator does not become a total mess after someone else visits it.


Meal prepping can be a great habit to start. You may want to invest in all uniformed Tupperware. This can easily give your many meals a more aesthetic look in the refrigerator. You can go a step further and label shelves by days in your fridge. Organized storage bins that can be easily stacked and are transparent are great to keep your space neat and well maintained. You may also want to install a drink dispenser and pour your favorite beverages into them.

A clean refrigerator will take maintenance. Try to dedicate a little time each week or thirty minutes at the end of each month to keep your refrigerator in check. Check expiration dates and fruit and vegetables often. Always keep up on your fridge to maintain a clean and inviting area every time you open it.

The Essentials: Laundry Room Edition

Whether you are moving into a new place or starting the organization process from scratch, it is a good idea to organize your laundry room. In order to begin the organization process, you will need to make a list of everything you should have inside your laundry room. To help you get started, we made a general list of essential items. Let’s take a look. 

What You Should Have in Your Laundry Room:

1. The Basics. 

Your laundry room should have basic items like detergent, fabric softener, stain removers, bleach, dryer sheets, and other necessary things for loads of laundry. 

2. The Supplies. 

  • Extra Baskets and Bins. For optimal laundry room organization, you will need baskets for sorting and bins for storing. You may find it helpful to have a few extra baskets and containers on hand for busy days. 
  • Ironing Board + Iron. Every laundry room should contain an iron and iron board to help spruce up clothing. Whether it is a travel-sized ironing board or a full-size, be sure to incorporate one somewhere in your room to help tidy up your look. 
  • Sewing Kit. Accidents happen, and sometimes, they happen to our clothes. Be prepared with a fully stocked sewing kit to replace any missing buttons and fix any small tears. 
  • Trash Bin. You may find it helpful to store a trash bin inside your laundry room. It will make throwing away lint from the dryer easier as well as any packaging from the laundry supplies. 
  • Cleaning Supplies. If you are not storing your cleaning supplies anywhere else in the house, your laundry room can be a great area to do so. Using the laundry room can be a great, safe place to store chemicals and other cleaning aids. Just be sure to place toxic items high, away from small children and pets. 

3. If You Have Extra Room. . . 

If you are left with some extra space and money, we have listed a few additional items that you may find helpful: 

  • Clothing Bar 
  • Folding Area/Countertop
  • Mesh Bags for Delicates
  • Steamer  

What could you not live without in your laundry room? We would love to know in the comment section! 

Last-Minute Halloween Decorations

Decorating for Halloween can be a fun and creative way to spruce up your house for fall. You can probably already find Halloween decor in almost every store imaginable. But sometimes during your search for cute decor, you end up not finding what you wanted. If you are struggling to decorate your home, we have five last-minute Halloween decorations that you can make yourself. So put on your DIY pants and let us get started:

1. Ghost Lanterns.

For this project, you will want to save your finished milk jugs. Once you have accumulated three to four milk jugs, you can begin this craft with your kids. Give everyone a milk jug and a permanent marker. Instruct the kids to draw a ghost’s face on the container. After everyone is done, take ghost milk jugs outside and place holiday lights inside of them. The “ghost lanterns” can light up your porch for Halloween night. 

2. Chalkboard Pumpkin.

All you will need for this project is a spray can of chalkboard paint and a pumpkin. Afterward, you will want to write a “spooky” message on the pumpkins with chalk. You can place your chalkboard pumpkins outside on your front porch for a Halloween greeting.

3. Candy Corn Decorated Bottles.

You will want to save your empty glass bottles for this Halloween hack. Once you have your containers cleaned and dried, spray paint them in the colors white, orange, and yellow. This is a simple project for homeowners who love candy corn! Once you finish your candy corn themed bottles, you can use them as decor on your coffee table or dining room. It is simple but adds a little bit of festivity to your home’s decor. 

4. Mummy Door.

Gather white streamers and wrap them around your front door. Secure them to the door by using clear tape. Make sure you have the streamers overlapping for a mummy effect. After the door is covered, you can make eyes by cutting out large circles from white construction paper and smaller circles from black construction paper. Place them on the door and secure them with clear tape. 

5. Haunted House.

Finish your front porch off with this timeless decor idea. You will need a couple yards of cheesecloth, black tea bags, a staple gun, scissors, and poplar strips. First, you will cut cheesecloth into different heights then soak them in black tea overnight. The next morning, you will want to take them out of the black tea water and lay them out to dry. Once they are dry, you can take your staple gun and begin stapling them to the poplar strips. Lastly, you will staple the completed poplar strip to your porch’s overhang. Voila, you have a haunted house for Halloween night. 

We hope you enjoyed these last-minute Halloween decorations! Let us know your favorite last-minute decor idea below in the comment section. 

Is The Bedroom The New Living Room?

Do you find yourself spending more time in your bedroom than the living room? There is no wonder why; after all, the bedroom is our resting place and the ultimate space for comfort, safety, and solitude. Gone are the days where the bedroom was just a space to rest your head at the end of a long day. Which leads us to this question: Is the bedroom becoming the new living room?

Here are three good reasons why we are beginning to believe that the answer to that question is a “yes:”

1. Limited Space

Many people, especially city dwellers do not have an allocated living room due to the limited square footage. In fact, rental property prices have increased so much that many individuals have homes where the bedroom and living room function as both, such as in studio apartments. With clever furniture arrangements, this can easily be pulled together. Multipurpose furniture can also offer the same value as a living room, giving homeowners flexibility when it comes to space. 

2. Comfort and Casualness

These days home decor trends embrace comfort and casualness more than sophistication. People are investing in furniture that is breathable and casual like laid-back loungers as opposed to high-backed Victorian style furniture. Creating livable spaces is crucial and this same concept is often applied to the bedroom where we tend to eat, sleep, lounge and even work.  

Yes, most bedrooms have been designed to be an open sanctuary where even a guest can enter and relax. Just think, our bedrooms have almost everything we need to be comfortable. 

3. Soft Inviting Materials

From the plush pillows lining the headboard to the soft rugs on the floor, when designed correctly, our bedroom should embody coziness. Such inviting materials incite feelings of contentment, comfort and is guaranteed to make your guests feel welcomed into the bedroom.  

4. Multifunctional Furniture

It is common to see some living room-style furnishing in a bedroom. For instance, it is common to see a small sofa in the bedroom or a designated sitting area. Furnishing your room with pieces like a comfy couch and television set is bound to further create the ultimate living space. 

What are your thoughts? Are bedrooms becoming the new living room? We would love to hear what you have to think below in the comment section. Thanks for reading! 

What to Keep an Eye Out for in an Antique Store

Antique stores can have many hidden treasures available to homeowners, but with so much to look through, we can begin to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes, the biggest challenge is to know what to keep an eye out for while you are shopping. Designing your home and having a general plan on what to buy is key when shopping. To help you, we have listed four items that interior designers search for in an antique shop. Let’s take a look! 
What to Keep an Eye Out for at an Antique Store: 
1. Persian Rugs
Persian rugs are a great find in an antique shop. These high-quality rugs have beautiful woven patterns and designs that add character to any room. Make sure to keep an eye out for these hidden treasures when you are in an antique shop because these stores are the perfect spot to get a superior rug at a great buy.

2. Antique Mirrors
Antique mirrors are another item you should be on the hunt for in the antique shop. These framed mirrors look great in all styles of rooms. Antique mirrors and mirror frames can have a charm to them you do not get in mirrors today. 

3. Quality Furniture
Look for furniture with high craftsmanship skills. Some antique furniture was built to last for years and years. Take advantage and find a piece that will be a great addition to your home. Look for solid wood pieces like coffee tables, and quality-made dressers. You will be surprised how long this furniture can last in your house.

4. Multipurpose Furniture
Keep an eye out for multipurpose furniture and furniture you know will serve a use in your home. There are so many unique items in an antique shop for you to add to your home’s decor. Make sure what you are looking for pieces that will serve a purpose in your home. Finding multiple-purpose items with extra storage on dual-purpose seating can be a hidden treasure in and of itself.
Next time you go into an antique shop consider an item to look for before starting your journey. This does not have to feel like a daunting task. Antique shops are fun and a great way to add character and charm to your home’s decor. For more tips and tricks, visit us at Fulton Homes