Tips for Decorating a Teen’s Bedroom

Do you remember your childhood bedroom? Perhaps the design scheme consisted of pop star posters taped all over the walls and lots of funky colors. No matter how crazy your room looked, the best part about it was that it was your sanctuary. No doubt, as a parent, you want your teen to have that same feeling. How can you create a bedroom that your child will love? Well, no need to wonder because we have you covered with the following tips and tricks:

Select a Color Scheme

Of course, the first step in designing any space is deciding what color scheme you want. For personalization, use your teen’s favorite color. For instance, if red is their favorite color, be sure to use this hue in your design. You can also use a neutral color with bold palettes to help balance out the design.

Pick Furniture

No room is complete without the proper furnishing; however, the most important piece of furniture in your teen’s room is nothing other than their bed. You can add some interest in the room by selecting a lovely headboard and well-designed bedding. Be sure to incorporate other furniture in the room, such as a desk and chair so that they can have a place to complete their homework. Avoid crowding out the room with lots of furniture because as we all know, teenagers do not need any additional help creating clutter.


Accessories or little things to complement the room is crucial for creating a room that your teen will love. Selecting the appropriate accessories will depend on your child’s personal likes. For example, if your teenage daughter is an ‘upcoming beauty guru,” you may want to incorporate an oversized mirror with lighting around it. Beanbag seats and Christmas tree lights are also some trendy accents you can use to add spice to a teen’s bedroom.


Many people tend to overlook lighting, but this aspect is essential to the entire design of the room. In addition to overhead lighting, you may want to include task lighting in your teen’s room so that they can perhaps browse a magazine or read a book at bedtime.


Self-expression is everything to teenagers; therefore, you will want to allow them to express their own unique interests and desire through their room’s design. Let their creativity go wild and help them to gather their ideas into a gorgeous concept.

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Picking the Perfect Headboard

A headboard can say a lot about a bedroom. It will make a bold statement and becomes the focal point of most bedrooms. Different styles of headboards can turn your boring, mundane bedroom into a tranquil oasis. But if you do not know where to begin, it can be a challenging process to decide. If you need guidance on how to select the perfect headboard for your space, be sure to keep on reading!

Floor to Ceiling

Try a floor to ceiling headboard as a luxurious addition to your room. This do-it-yourself hack can help exaggerate the height of your wall while adding a stylish decor to your room. Decorative wallpaper or painted-on stencils can also help complete this desirable look.

Tufted Fabric

Tufted fabric is an elegant look that adds class to your bedroom. You will want to pick a material that expresses you and incorporates style within the space. Nothing ties together a sophisticated room quite like a tufted headboard. You may have seen this style incorporated in hotels or spas. This is a great way to enrich your space and add flair to your room.

Bamboo Forest

If you are looking for a more natural appeal, bamboo is the way to go. Adding natural colors and hues can have your room feeling organic and energetic. Try incorporating woods, corks, and plants to your bedroom to transform a dull room and bring nature back indoors.

Smart Style Storage

Make your headboard out of functional storage compartments and shelves to free up space in your room and help hide clutter. This clever hack would not take up any floor space and can also be used to display vases, art, and plants.


Are you looking for a creative way to use your unused, already read books? You can utilize your favorite reads by incorporating them into your bedroom design. This unique take on headboards can help add a creative twist to your space and let your dreams flow.


Sometimes your room is not set up to have a headboard, but you can use a window. Do not shy away from the idea. Use curtains and shelving to complement your window and make it the focal point of the room. Embrace the window and use the view to make your headboard a living glass wall!

Headboards can complete your bedroom design. You can use your headboard for style or functionality. Let it express your needs and add your personal flair to the room.

Home Staging | Tips for Taking Care of the Inside

Home staging is an incredibly useful tactic that interior designers use all of the time. Whether they are staging a model home, a newly remodeled home or helping sellers set up their home for the marketplace, staging your house can add value and increase appeal. For tips and tricks on staging your home, be sure to keep on reading!

Eliminate Clutter

You know those bins or boxes of packed items sitting in your living space; the ones that have to go but you have not had a chance to address. Before you begin designing your home, you want to start with a clean slate. That means any unwanted clothing taking up space in the closet, old furniture, and equipment that you no longer use. It is crucial to create a moveable environment for guests to be able to navigate the house without bumping into everything. Make sure you do not skip out on cleaning out the pantry, closet spaces, and the basement. Though often unseen, these areas can lead to hidden clutter.

Reorganize the Furniture

IIf upgrading to more stylish pieces is not in the budget, opt for organizing your existing furniture so that it complements the space. The right arrangement can make a room appear bigger. Play around with your furniture until you find the right angles. You may be surprised by what a new furniture layout can do for your room’s appearance.


There is nothing that can make a home look super polished than a well-thought lighting scheme. Play up the natural lighting in a space by using sheer curtains or light drapes that allow the sun to stream into the room. Implement trendy lighting fixtures to brighten up corners and add extra light wherever you see fit.

Area of Interest

Whether it is the kitchen, living room, or the hallway, find an area in the home where you can create a focal point or an area of interest. A focal point will immediately grab the attention of guests. Plus, creating a focal point does not have to be expensive. A beautiful piece of artwork or using a patterned border around the walls can make a huge difference.

Thorough Cleaning

Before you invite guests, you should conduct a thorough cleaning of the interior. Polish the floors, organize the garage and basement and clean all of your surfaces. The purpose of home staging is to make your home look like a model home, something that is right from a home decor magazine.

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Southwestern Exterior Styling

Traveling throughout the United States, many homes are influenced by diverse cultures and environments which are incorporated into their styling. If you have ever traveled to the southwest, you probably noticed a very distinct change in the housing styles. This Southwestern home styling is very common in New Mexico, Arizona, and southern California. While not every home follows this styling, it has many advantages that help combat the American desert heat. This beautiful look is easy to capture with incorporating just a few simple elements:


Where side vinyl and stone may be common practice elsewhere in the United States, stucco rules king in the southwest. Stucco is a plastering material used on the outside of homes. It is applied wet and dries into a decorative, durable coating. This exterior insulator can withstand extreme heats and does not crack. The look is considered southwestern and adds an artsy appeal to the home. Stucco can reduce noises from outside and has an extremely long lifespan.


When you visit the southwest, the first thing you will notice is the dramatic landscape and environmental changes. Instead of flourishing, green lawns, pride is found in the true rich nature of the desert. Incorporating rocks, stones, cacti, and desert shrubbery is a must. Southwestern homes also facilitate elements of dry creek rock beds, pergolas, and stucco privacy walls. While grass is considered a luxurious lawn amenity, you will see the pride in the brilliance of pebbled and clay landscaping. Concrete driveways and pools are also common in this Southwestern look.

Clay Roof Tiles

Traditionally, this Spanish and Mediterranean design was functional; it is also very beautiful. Soon it became more common in Southwestern homes. Clay roof tiles are renowned for their longevity and resistance to rot. They handle very well against extreme weathers, such as heat, monsoons, and frost. Requiring little maintenance makes this roofing system ideal for Southwestern homes.

Southwestern Style homes are very beautiful and cultural inspired. This style flourishes with aesthetic appeal and overall beauty. Enjoy the lifestyle these homes have to offer with their unique styling.

Arizona Summer Heat Warning

Arizona has many of the sunniest cities in the United States. Yuma, Phoenix, Tucson, even Flagstaff all rank in the sunniest places to live. While blue skies and sunshine may sound like paradise, the heat can be extremely dangerous during the summer months. When in the Valley, temperatures can reach around 100-110 degrees or hotter during June, July, and August. Some locals may scoff at these numbers and act like they are no concern; however, this serious of heat should not be taken lightly. To help our community stay safe, we created this helpful guide for surviving the summer heat:


Dehydration can lead to a severe health risk. Remember to stay hydrated throughout the whole day. Early symptoms can consist of merely being thirsty, dizzy, nauseated, muscle cramps, or a headache. While it is easy to ignore, the desert heat can be relentless. There is no magic number to say how much water you will need. Continue to drink water throughout your day. Also, pay attention to lethargic behaviors, rapid pulse, or panting in animals. This heat can take a toll on not only you but your pets as well.


While we are not directly on the equator, the UV and sun exposure are very harsh. Find a sunblock with an SPF or Sun Protection Factor of at least 15. Each skin type is different, and SPF 30 is the most common. Find which sunblock or sunscreen works best for you and your skin. Just remember that sunblock will not last all day so you will want to reapply sunscreen if you go swimming or after the recommended time.

Stay Inside

Unless the day demands outdoor activities, stay inside. This is the perfect opportunity to appreciate your beautiful home. Enjoy your pristine air conditioning and beautiful indoor oasis. Find indoor summer activities for you and the family until the sun goes down when it is okay to hang out outdoors.

The summer heat can get brutal but do not let that deter you from enjoying Arizona. There is still much to do during the summer. If you do plan on going out or hiking, be smart! Make sure you have enough water for you and your pets as well! For more insight on Fulton Homes and the wonders of Arizona, make sure to subscribe.

What Is the Difference Between an Armchair and Accent Chair?

Both armchairs and accent chairs play a significant role in the design of your living room; however, many people struggle with determining between the two. While an accent chair can serve as an armchair, they both have distinct differences. Armchairs are always made with arms, and depending on the manufacturer, an accent chair can be produced with or without them. If you are curious about learning more, we dug deeper into the key differences between these two commonly used chairs.

Armchair vs. Accent Chair

Simply put, an armchair is simply a chair with arms. Armchairs can be purchased with a traditional living room set so it can match the loveseat and sofa. It can also be purchased separately, and contrast that harmony while complementing the existing furniture. On the other hand, accent chairs are more than just functional pieces of furniture. The purpose of an accent chair is to add a focal point in your living space by drawing out a particular hue in the room or contrast in a bland space. Therefore, an accent chair does not have to create an exact match in the living room. When shopping for an accent chair, you can select from different colors, patterns, and styles. If a decorative chair has arms, it can function as an accent chair or armchair. On the contrary, pieces without any arms are accent furniture.

How to Choose an Armchair?

When shopping for an armchair in a traditional, formal living room, you can opt for a piece that exactly matches your sofa and loveseat. You can also consider coordinating with a pattern that is being used within the space such as the accent pillows on the couch or the curtains. With a rainbow of colors available to you, you will want to give careful thought to what color chair you are interested in purchasing. If possible, obtain a sample fabric just to see how it will look in the room.

How to Choose an Accent Chair?

Accent chairs can be used to add extra seating to the living room, dining room table, and in other areas of the house. Depending on where you place the accent chair, be sure to choose the right size, shape, and height for the space. You want to be an accent to the room while blending seamlessly into the overall design.

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Tips for Curating Your Home with Quality Items

You have been obsessing over creating a stylish home just like the ones you see in the magazines and on television shows. While designing a space is all about your personal style, it can be essential to focus on key elements that add quality over quantity to your home design. So before you head to your nearest store, here are some tips for curating your home with quality items:

Do Not Make This Mistake

Often, when we are setting out to design our homes with the goal of buying as many pieces as possible with a relatively small budget. So you score items from popular chain stores to furnish your home for less. While some of the furniture may be solidly built, you cannot expect most of these pieces to last a long time. If you are determined to curate your home with quality items, it is essential to take a more thoughtful approach. Start by getting rid of the mindset that you have to furnish every room in your home quickly. With this approach, you will likely be motivated to purchase a bunch of low-quality, inexpensive furniture just so your home can look “complete.” Instead, you want to make sure that the furniture you select is appropriate and that it lasts for many years to come.

Quality Over Quantity

The key to creating a stylish home is having an eclectic mix of furniture and accessories that complement the overall design of your home. This is done by taking your time and investing in pieces as you go along. Look at consignment shops, yard sales, and boutiques for unique items. It may be tempting to purchase a lot of inexpensive furniture that may even be attractive, but be sure to focus on quality over quantity.

Analyze Things You Buy

Will this piece be useful in the next few years, or can you repurpose it into something useful? Or can this furniture serve more than one purpose? For instance, a vintage dresser could later be reused as a television console in the living room. Be sure to ask yourself these questions before you make a purchase.

Save and Wait Because It Is an Investment

You should also invest in things made of quality materials. You will find that a lot of furniture purchased from chain stores is made up of MDF. MDF is an engineered wood that is easily susceptible to cracks and will fall apart fairly quickly. Try to purchase pieces that are made from genuine wood. It is okay to wait and save up for pieces. We understand that buying home decor is a process and an investment. Go slow, save, and buy what you can when you can.

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Adding Gorgeous Pottery to Your Home Decor

We love the look of pottery with its natural, organic look, not to mention the varying shapes, sizes, and available colors. Handmade pottery can have thousands of different colors and glazes from neutrals to bold colors with matte or glossy finishes and textures. We are positive that you will love any and all pottery you introduce into the home. So for tips and tricks on how to include these incredible, handmade works of art into your design style, be sure to keep on reading!

The Good Ole Standby Vase

Vases are a great decor piece to use in your home decor. You can use them on their own or group them according to height and size. Also, they look beautiful when you mix with other mediums like glass vases. Do not forget to finish them off by adding a fresh flower or palm frond from the garden!


Choose pottery lighting in table lamps, wall sconce lights, and hanging pendant lights. Now that you are aware and looking, you will notice so many table lamps with beautiful pottery bases in all varying sizes, colors, textures, and finishes. You will even see beautiful wall sconces made from pottery in very modern design styles, but let’s not overlook the free-forming, hanging pendant pottery lights that come in different sizes, colors, textures, and finishes. These varying light fixtures can range from low to high-end design styles with prices to match your needs.


Tableware might be an area you never imaged as being a part of your home decor, but it most definitely is and always has been. You can purchase coffee mugs, cups, dinner plates, salad plates, cereal bowls, dessert plates, and serving pieces all made of pottery. Again, you will be able to choose from various sizes, colors, styles, textures, and finishes. Regarding the price, they will range from low to expensive. Find tableware that meets your budget while matching your design.

We hope you love pottery as much as we do, and now you can start including it in your home decor!

Simple Decorating Tips to Transform a Room

Now that you have purchased a home from Fulton Homes, we have several tips listed below for decorating your new home! The process for decorating your home can be overwhelming, and we are going to share a few tips to give your home that new look without breaking the bank. The key is to think outside of the box without spending a massive amount of money. Here is how:

Decorate One Wall Inexpensively

An inexpensive way to decorate one entire wall is to purchase frames that are white and insert black and white photographs inside of them. This design tip is timeless and will look like a professional crafted your gallery wall. If you are looking for a little more color or personalization, you can swap out photos that you took of flowers or other outdoor inspiration. It can be perfect for embracing summertime in your home decor.

Hanging a Shelf

If you have a narrow room, hang a long shelf or mantel to display a collection or various accessories and decor pieces. It helps utilize the wall space while adding a pop to color to your design.

Hanging a Mirror

Mirrors will instantly change the look of a room by making it look larger. This trick will reflect natural and artificial light, including patterns and color, and brings the outdoors into the room.

Add a Rug to the Room

This step will add an instant change to your room. All you need to do is add an area rug to the living space. If you want a clean feeling rug, add a natural fiber area rug to the space. For a more dramatic exotic feel, add an animal rug like a zebra, cow or lion print.

Add Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows

Pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to change the entire look of a room. By adding pillows to your sofa and accent chairs, you can create a cozy and chic environment. Believe us; this easy and quick fix will change the look of any sofa, chair, or bed alike.

Paint a Closet

This is an easy fix if you have leftover paint that you would like to use. Paint the interior of a closet, so you have a pleasant surprise when you open the door!

Paint an Accent Wall

Paint an accent wall in bold strips horizontally, diagonally or vertically for a designer’s dream. This is an easy update that will add WOW to any room!

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Scented Design

What actually creates your home’s design? Is it colors and patterns? Is it the design theme you choose? Maybe, it is how the atmosphere makes you feel? Your design is more than just a room’s visual aesthetics. Factors like textures, sounds, and scents can all play a vital role in how others construe your space. Incorporating different aromas to your space can rejuvenate your atmosphere. Here are several great aromas to use in your home to help enhance your atmosphere:

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are extremely popular for their added benefits such as anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, and antiviral components. Adding an essential oil diffuser is a great way to capture incense while taking advantage of different benefits of diverse essential oils. Try adding oils to help calm or relax and the atmosphere like lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, or jasmine. You can also use other oils like wild orange, peppermint, and bergamot to help add a more positive, upbeat energy to a room.


Another great scented remedy to have in your home are candles. Candles are great for adding a warm, inviting energy to a room. With hundreds of aromas available, you can have your room scented however you want. Candles can also be a great addition to add to a fireplace during the warmer months. You can get the visual and aromatic benefits of the fire and candles without adding too much warmth to your space.


Incenses can usually be burnt for religious, meditation, or cultural purposes. However, they can also add a great scent to your home and have an aesthetic appeal. Burning incense is a great air freshener and odor eliminator but also can have benefits for helping you concentrate and stimulate your creativity. Try adding these to your home office or areas in your home where you spend time being creative and being focused the most.

Never try to mask odors. Try to keep odors eliminated and create your own scents for your atmosphere. More than just visual aesthetics play a role in a room’s overall feel. What are some of your favorite scents? Comment below and let us know.