Fun in The Sun

Outdoor entertainment is an important aspect that you can add to your home if you plan on hosting guests. It is also great because entertaining guest outside does not acquire you to clean up the inside of your home frantically. To help you maximize your home’s outdoor potential, here are five great outdoor entertainment ideas to add to your home:


Pool parties create a fun, refreshing atmosphere that is fun for all ages. You will want to think of water-related games that can draw guests into the pool. Plus, pools are great investments to add to your home and add to your property value. They also make vacationing as easy as walking right into your own backyard.


Adding an outdoor bar or kitchen to your patio or garage will make your house the hotspot of the summer. Consider adding an outdoor pizza oven or an outdoor kitchen for ultimate entertaining goals. You will find that outdoor bars are great for socializing and make your space an energetic, fun environment your friends will not forget.


Games can be fun for all ages. You can add a basketball hoop to your driveway for hours of fun or even set up a volleyball net. Find games that entertain you and cater to your company you are having. Perhaps, you like bocce ball or cornhole. These are great inexpensive investments that will have you and your guest entertained and coming back for more fun.B


If you are looking for a fun activity, have people over for a cookout. Grilling and barbequing are timeless pleasures that everyone enjoys. Just make sure you have seating for your guest. Consider getting some patio furniture or setting up a table before your guests arrive. Also, do not forget to purchase condiments, plates, and beverages prior to hosting.

Hosting outside is a great way to enjoy a beautiful day with friends. Whether you host a pool party or a barbeque, you can enjoy the warm weather with people you love.

How to Properly Clean Your Walls

Most homeowners know the essential cleaning areas. They clean their floors, counters, and windows, but did you know that you should wash your walls? Walls can easily attract unwanted dirt, debris, and fingerprints. Your furniture can even leave unattractive scuffs and marks on your walls, but there is no need to fret because we have the ultimate cleaning solution for you. Let’s take a look!


  • Canvas Drop Cloths/Old Sheets
  • Old Sponges
  • Lamb’s Wool Duster
  • White Rags
  • Dye-Free Sponge
  • Two buckets


Move the room’s furniture into the center of the room. Place canvas drop cloths or any old bedding sheets on the floor. Before we begin, place an old sponge over any nails in the room. The sponge will remind you where your nails are and help ensure safety while cleaning the wall. Put on your rubber gloves and fill your two buckets. Fill one with cleaning solution and the other with hot water.

DIY Cleaning Solution Mixture:

Depending on your stain, the cleaning solution can vary. For mild to regular wall stains, mix together one gallon of warm water with two tablespoons of natural dish detergent. For heavy wall stains, mix together one gallon of water, one cup of non-sudsy ammonia, one cup of white vinegar, and one cup of borax.

Step One:

Remove all dust from the walls with a lamb’s wool duster. Clean off your duster outside to assure all dust leaves the room.

Step Two:

Begin washing the walls by dipping your sponge into your cleaning solution. To avoid dripping, work from the bottom of the wall to the top of the wall. Gently clean small sections of the walls with the sponge. After each section, rinse the wall with the hot water from your other bucket.

Step Three:

Take your white rags and tap them against the wall to remove any remaining moisture.

Note: Do not take breaks while working on one wall, because it may cause wash marks. Only take breaks in between working on walls.

These tips apply to standard painted walls and help homeowners clean without using harsh chemicals. Test one area of your wall before beginning treatment.

Guide for Planning The Ultimate Graduation Bash

Congratulations! You or someone you love is graduating. This is a monumental step in your life. To help make sure you have the celebration of the century, we have created a quick and easy guide for planning the ultimate graduation bash. Let’s take a look!

Location, Location, Location

Typically, graduation festivities are held at the graduate’s household, but if you are deciding to do something a little different, be sure to book in advance. Places like restaurants, party venues, and parks can serve as an excellent graduation party location, but they tend to fill up quickly. You will want to begin looking at places as soon as possible.

Let Them Eat Cake

While you are entertaining your guests, be sure to have some type of food for them to enjoy. From catering to a home-cooked meal, you will want to serve a crowd-pleasing meal for all to enjoy. You may even want to add some sort of bar area for the adults. The bar and food will help to encourage people to stay longer at the event which in essence, is more fun for all!

Memories to Last a Lifetime

Since you will most likely want to remember your graduate’s party, you should be sure to take video footage and photos of the event. This is a time of celebration, and you will not want to forget everyone’s smiling faces and laughter.

Easy Entertainment

Besides eating and catching up with the new graduate, your guests will need some activities to keep them entertained and busy. Below, you will find four affordable and fun activities for your guests:

  • Graduate-Themed Games
  • Coloring for Kids
  • Board Games/Indoor Games
  • Outdoor Games (Giant Jenga, Corn Hole, Etc.)


Decor can be an essential part of the overall theme. You can easily decorate the area with pictures of the recent graduate. Everyone would love to see a timeline of their education, and it can be a fun activity while people wait for food.

Get Your Groove On

Lastly, be sure to play music in the background. Music can help fill in for awkward pauses plus it always adds life to a party. Just be sure to select a playlist that is appropriate for all ages.

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks! Congratulations again and good luck on your future endeavors.

Tips and Tricks for Entertaining on The Patio

We love springtime in Arizona because of the long days filled with the warm sun and best of all, cookouts with your family and friends. In fact, springtime is the perfect season for gathering outside and cooking food on the grill since summers can get really, really hot. If you plan on hosting guests at your home, you will want to make sure that your patio is entertainment-ready.

If entertaining in style is important to you, it is essential to take the time to design and accessorize your outdoor space. Here are some of our favorite must-haves for your patio:


The most important item you will need for the perfect outdoor space is a grill! Whether you prefer a charcoal or gas grill, here are some things you want to take into consideration before you purchase a grill:

  • The size of the grill should be proportionate to the space that you have.
  • Determine whether you desire a standard or advanced grill with all the bells and whistles.
  • Decide who will be using it most in your family and what their preferences are when it comes to cooking.
  • Make sure you buy a grill that can serve your entire party-size in a good amount of time.

A Place for All

The most significant thing for entertaining outdoors is a comfortable dining set. The perfect dining set will allow your guests to enjoy their meals while taking in the natural beauty that surrounds them. Will you mostly be hosting larger events or intimate gatherings? If so, then you should opt for a dining set that sits four to six people. However, if you will be hosting larger gatherings, you may want to purchase something that can accommodate more people. Perhaps, extra seating outdoors that can be pulled up at a larger table.

Coziness is Key

Go the extra mile to make your guests feel comfortable by adding cushions to the seat. In fact, cushioned seating will encourage your guests to linger around the dining table longer. If you plan on hosting larger guests, you should even consider adding extra seating and tables around the yard to encourage guests to stay longer.

Bugs, Bugs, Go Away

Keep bug repellant nearby or an essential oil burning to help keep the bugs away from your party. It is hard for people to enjoy their meal when bugs are flying all around them.

Light up The Night

Sufficient outdoor lighting is essential, especially since it can get dark outside, fast. You want your guests to be able to see and interact at night. Be sure to test out the lighting scheme prior to the event to ensure everything is working properly. You can even include string lights above your patio for extra style.

What are your personal tips and tricks for entertaining on the patio? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.

Tips for Cleaning Your Kid’s Toys

Your kid’s toys and playsets need to be cleaned consistently to avoid potentially spreading germs and other illnesses. A lot of cleaners contain chemicals that can be just as harmful to children’s health as germs. You can avoid using harsh chemicals on your child’s toys by making an all-natural cleaner. Below, we listed ingredients for our favorite all-natural cleaner. Let’s take a look!

All-Natural Cleaner Supply List:

  • Glass Spray Bottle
  • Distilled White Vinegar
  • Water
  • Lemon Essential Oil

How to Make an All-Natural Cleaner:

Combine one cup of white vinegar with one cup of hot water into a glass spray bottle. Add in six refreshing drops of the lemon scented essential oil. This combination is safe and effective in cleaning your children’s toys. Plus, it can also be used on your child’s playground or indoor playset.

How to Clean an Outdoor Playground:

  • Step One. Using a broom, clear off any dirt or debris that is currently on the playground.
  • Step Two. Take your garden hose and spray off any remaining dirt that may be stuck. Note: You may want to use a high-powered spray nozzle for this step.
  • Step Three. Spray your all-natural cleaner on the playground and wipe it off with a soft and fluffy rag.
  • Step Four. Repeat these steps at least once a month.

Dirty and Clean Toy Boxes:

Experts recommend that you have two toys bins, one for clean toys and one for dirty toys. Anytime a toy becomes dirty, and you do not have the time to clean it right away, place it inside of the dirty toy bin. Note: the dirty toy bin should be out of reach from your children. You should try to clean your children’s toys at least once a week.

Green Cleaning:

The United States Environmental Protection Agency encourages the use of green cleaning and disinfectants for your child’s overall health and well-being. Remember always to encourage your children to wash their hands often in order to prevent the spread of germs.

A healthy life starts with awareness and action. If you feel like you need to clean one of their toys, it is better to be safe than sorry. Try to clean toys that they frequently stick in their mouths or ones that have been used by other children.

Fun Summer Activities for Your Kids | Part Three

Studies have shown that children today are spending more and more time indoors than ever. Since children need direction and influence, having fun activities to participate in outdoors is crucial for children growth and development. From scavenger hunts to catching frogs, there are thousands of ways for your kids to play in the sun. Here are some of our favorite fun family activities you can put together so your kids can get a little more time outside this summer:


Pack up some food and head up to the park for a picnic. The whole experience should be part of the adventure. Write a grocery list together with your kids, and let them explore the grocery store with you to find the items they need. Next, prepare the food at home together and pack it in a basket. When you head to the park to eat it, that is the reward. It teaches your children a good work ethic. You put in time before to have the end reward. This task is simple but effective, and your children will love it.

Amusement Parks

Your kids will be in heaven when you take them to an amusement park. With so much to offer and a full day of activities, this is a great summer activity. Plus, amusement parks have very diverse entertainment selections and options available for kids of all ages. Exploring and using the map can help with their sense of direction. Amusement parks can have you entertained for hours on end. Just remember to bring sunscreen and plan ahead for eating and travel.


Do your children love animals? Let them see their favorite creatures in real life at the zoo! Not to mention, the zoo is a learning opportunity. Discovering animal species and their habitats is always fun. Your kids will be in awe of how large some animals are and love the silly creatures as well. The zoo is an opportunity to learn what animals your children each like, and give you a safe and fun family activity.

Summer is time for fun. Make sure your children get enough time outside this summer by utilizing some of our favorite ideas and remember that you are never “too old” to have fun.

What are your favorite summer activities? We would love for you to share your thoughts with other readers below in the comment section.

Fun Summer Activities for Your Kids | Part Two

Summertime is right around the corner, and your children are probably looking forward to enjoying the outdoors. You want your children to remember all the great activities that they participated in during their childhood because this is a crucial part of their lives where activities can help them develop. Today, we are going to look at three summer activities you can do with your child to help get them outside and enjoying the Arizona warmth:


Do not forget to bring sunscreen! The simplicity of the beach will allow their imagination to become more powerful. Your children love the beach and the opportunity to explore a new atmosphere. You do not need to bring much to enjoy the beauty this landscape has to offer. Bring some beach towels, frisbees, buckets, shovels and maybe some beachballs. Come up with some fun games or ideas for the day. If you plan on staying long, do not forget to pack snacks to eat throughout the day.

Farmer’s Market

The farmer’s market is a perfect place to help children adapt socially. They are not too crowded but go through simple skillsets of interacting in groups. Allow your kids to help with some shopping. Plus, this is an opportunity the children can be taught to say “please” and “thank you.” With the farmer’s market, you will be able to get out of the house and enjoy the sun.


Creativity is powerful and can help the mind grow. Let your child explore their artsy side with crafts. Some outdoor crafts can be as simple as chalk drawings in the driveway. This can let your child enjoy the weather of the summer and still be crafty. Painting rocks, building a kite, and helping in the garden can all be different ways to explore creativity in your child’s life. You can even allow your kids to build their own boats and take them to water to see if they float for two summer activities combined!

Spending time outdoors this summer with your kids is essential. While children take a mental break from school, it is never time to stop developing. Remember to expand your children’s adventurous side and creativity levels by adding outdoor family fun into the plans. Make sure to check out the last part of the series to get some more fun ideas!

Fun Summer Activities for Your Kids | Part One

Every season comes with fun, entertaining activities for friends and family to enjoy. Since summer gives us longer days and more time to enjoy outside, it is always fun to find new activities and games for the kids. At Fulton Homes, we understand that childhood is a significant time in a kid’s life to explore different sports and hobbies and find their interests. To help you make the most of summer, here are the top summer activities your children should try:


Getting your children active in different sports can help develop teamwork skills. Children working towards a common goal will help with problem-solving as well. Your child can also discover that practicing a particular sport can help develop skills in life. Whether baseball, soccer, or swimming, your child will experience growth through training and practice. This can also help your child discover what they like and do not like. Plus, sports can also be a great physical activity to keep children from living sedentary lifestyles.

Water Games

Kids love water games, and in Arizona, the summers can be hot! From sprinklers to water balloon fights, water games are a blast that the whole family can enjoy. Plus, water games will help your child experience the outdoor environment more. You can invest in a slip-n-slide or go to a nearby water park. These types of activities are fun, bonding time and let your child explore many different water activities like water slides and diving boards to stay cool during the hot Arizona days.


Today, children spend much of their time indoors and have little motivation to go outside the home. Taking your children to a park has many benefits. They usually are free admission and can allow your children to explore. Plus, exploring can help with mental development. This time will help with developing a relationship with your children as you hike, explore, and create an adventure together.

Summertime is a crucial time for children to enjoy while away from school. Finding diverse activities can help your child not only socially develop but physically and mentally as well. Make sure to have fun and let your child be creative. For more ideas and adventures, make sure to check out the rest of our Summer Activities series.

Creative Upcycling Inspirations and Ideas

We love getting new things and while it can be hard getting rid of our old stuff as well, perhaps with some clever tricks, you can repurpose your old stuff and create new innovative ways to incorporate them into your home. Upcycling is a great way to reuse old material and create a higher quality purpose for it. So, stop throwing away old containers and wired hangers and start converting the old to create something unique and useful. Here are our top five creative ways to upcycle your waste and repurpose it for something beautiful:


Have an old favorite sweater with a hole in it or one that you have and do not fit anymore? Maybe you love the pattern on it, or perhaps you like the way it feels. You do not have to get rid of it though, just upcycle it into a different article of clothing. You can easily make some cozy slipper socks for your home. Take the sock size you would like to replicate, and cut out the shape twice and sow it together to create a sock! You can go a step further and take an old pair of slippers or water shoes and remove the rubber bottoms from them and attach them to your socks. You now have a comfortable pair of slippers you can wear around the house.


Have old mason jars in your home? These can serve hundreds of purposes, but we think they work great for storing foods. You can create hanging mason jars in your cabinets or pantry. Place the lid against the bottom of a shelf or cabinet. Drill a screw into the lid to hold it in place. You can now twist your mason jar to allow it to hang. Fill these with pasta noodles, spices, seeds, or anything you would like. These are great for creating more space while making a more organized pantry.


Ever blow out a tire and have a worn tire removed from a rim? Some shops will charge you to dispose of the tire. Instead, ask for the old tire back. You can repurpose the old tire into a planter for flower bushes or small trees. You can make a creative pattern and cut it into onside of the tire. After, turn the tire inside out, and you are ready to go. You can paint it to add some color as well. Just fill it with the dirt and seeds then enjoy!

Upcycling hacks are brilliant ways to repurpose your old goods. If you have never considered upcycling before, these are perfect beginner projects. You can deep dive into more upcycling ideas and be even more creative. For more repurposing tricks and hacks, make sure to subscribe!

How to Have a Successful Move

Moving is one of the most significant stress factors in life. We become “nester” and find comfort staying in our old ways of lives; however, change is vital for growth, and sometimes that demands moving homes. Do not let this task feel like an encumbering burden because with a little time-management and a game plan, your move will go smoothly. Plus, you can eliminate your stress by stick to these five simple guidelines for moving:

Make a Game Plan

The first step is to make a game plan. Determine how many days you have until your move. Perhaps a month or maybe a week? Using this time, write out the rooms you will need to pack. You can set goals to accomplish each day to break up the workload. Additionally, you need to price and schedule a moving truck or movers. Write out a game plan for moving day including a timeline of the day to help ensure everything goes smoothly.

Time to Pack

Do not pack any of your necessities at first. You do not want to go for a month without toilet paper or toothpaste. You may want to go to a local grocery store for some free boxes if you do not have them. If not, many moving truck companies can sell boxes to you as well. Once you begin to pack, remember to set aside important documents and hand deliver these items to your new home yourself.

Be Sure to Label

Labeling is important. Not only should you label the contents of the box, but you should label what box goes in what room. You should also label if boxes are heavy, medium, or light for packing purposes as well as have stickers that say if things are fragile. Labels will help your loading an unloading process as well as your unpacking experience.

Hire a Babysitter

Moving day will demand a lot of attention and so do your kids. Plus, you do not want to jeopardize your children’s safety on moving day. With so much going through your mind on moving day, do not forget to hire a babysitter or dog sitter. You have a lot to worry about during the day and having your children monitored by someone else can help alleviate some stress.

Settling in

Welcome to the neighborhood! You may want some of your time dedicated to networking and meeting the community. Even if stress levels are high this day, be smart. You are new to the neighborhood, and your emotions can make a first impression. Be sure to wave to new neighbors and smile!

If you chose Fulton Homes, we are incredibly excited about your new adventure. You will find that our homes are built to last by standing the test of time. Welcome and thank you for choosing Fulton Homes.

You’re Proud to Own. We’re Proud to Build.” – Fulton Homes