Energy Star Participation

ENERGY STAR recently sent us a letter of thanks for our continued partnership with them. By building ENERGY STAR qualified homes, we are doing our part to help protect the environment while offering consumers new homes that are more comfortable and save money on utility bills.

Fulton Homes has built a total of 287 ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes in 2009. This is equivalent to:

  • Eliminating the emissions from 140.63 vehicles
  • Saving 850,668 lbs of coal
  • Planting 232.47 acres of trees
  • Saving homeowners $128,289 on their utility bills

Based on the number of qualified homes we built last year, we have been informed that we qualify for the ENERGY STAR for Homes Leadership in Housing Award We are very proud to receive this award!

How many ENERGY STAR appliances do you have in your home?