Preparing for Your Design Center Appointment

Selecting the products that will turn your house into a home can be a daunting process, a process that requires your time, creativity and commitment.  There are so many decisions to be made from flooring to countertops to other interior finish options and we’re sure that you have many questions.

We want to help prepare you for your appointment by providing you with the expectations, tips and guidelines that will enable you to make your selection process run smoother and be more enjoyable! Today’s post is about expectations for the process.


To begin with, you should expect to have a great appointment! This is one of the fun parts about buying a new home. It’s your opportunity to select the products that you like with the advice and guidance of a trained professional. What else could be better?

Just like every homebuyer is different, so is every homebuyer’s design appointment. Knowing what to expect before walking into your appointment will help you prepare.

Foe example, Fulton Homes Design Center is a 13,000 square foot facility right off of Warner Road east of the 1-10 in Tempe. At the center you’ll see thousands of choices of options such as Appliances, Cabinets, Flooring, Countertops, Structural Wiring, Window Coverings, Doors, Lighting, Electrical fixtures, ceiling fans, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, outdoor kitchens, garage systems, closet systems, and even fireplaces with plasma TV’s.

We realize that with this many option selections, in all of our homes; the Design Center process can be overwhelming. That’s why we have created the first on-line design center in Arizona. Our buyers can preview and even save options in their own home, well before their actual design center appointment.

When you initially purchase a Fulton Home, you are set up with a “MyFultonHome ” account, and with this account you can access almost all of the options that are available for your particular plan, in your community. With other builders, the sales associate will usually give you a 10 page listing of all of the options that are available, in some sort of code. Some may or may not have prices, so when you finally get to the Design Center you have to make many decisions in a relatively short period of time without much preparation. With Fulton Homes Online Design, you can view pictures, warranty information, descriptions, and prices for this vast array of customized touches for your new home.  Not only can you see what the price is for each option before you purchase, but the site will display how much that option is going to cost per month.  You can also compare options ensuring that your final selection is right for you. These options can be saved and prepared in advance of you appointment and the Design Consultant can review your saved items with you at the appointment. Upon completion of your appointment, your selections will be finalized.

At Fulton Homes, we believe your Design Center experience should provide you with adequate time to become confident and familiar with your choices. However it is vital to the construction process that selections be finalized at your meeting.  For this reason, it is in our mutual best interest that you utilize the significant preparation tools that we offer.

Your appointment may last just a few hours or may require two meetings. The time allotted is solely dependent on your available options and your personal decision process. Once again, preparation is the key. If you have questions prior to your Design Center appointment, please contact your Sales Associate.

Since you will be spending several hours making some permanent design selections, we ask to make child care arrangements and not bring children to the Design Center.

At your Fulton Homes Design Center appointment, you’ll meet with your Design Consultant.  He or she will briefly guide you through the process and review any items that you have saved on your Fulton Homes Design Online program. He or she will be your main contact throughout the appointment, although you will interface with subject matter experts in Cabinets, Appliances, and Structured wiring. These three areas can be so detailed and sometimes confusing, that Fulton Homes wanted to have experts in each of these areas available for all of our homebuyers.

Also, remember to bring your checkbook. A deposit will be required when you finalize your selections.

We hope this information helps you understand more about the Design Center process and how Fulton Homes handles this process. Stay tuned for more information about the Design Center Process.

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  1. I’m interested in attending the design center open house tonight. Do I need an appointment?

  2. Lynne- Yes, you do need to make an appointment so that they know you’re coming. Hopefully, you can still make it. You can always give us a call at (480) 753-6789 to get more information. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions. Have a great evening.

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