Redecorating After The Kids Go To College

Your kid’s going off to college and tearful goodbyes aside, you cannot help but agree that there are quite a few benefits that come of bidding him/her off to his new home (albeit, a temporary one). No more socks to fish out, no more dirty laundry, no more unwanted sibling fights and an extra room to boot! A dilemma most parents face when their child goes off to college concerns the redecoration of his/her room.

Here are some pointers that might help.
  • Don’t dive in with the redecoration as soon as your child steps out of the house’s threshold, though it might be a cheerful outlet to the sadness your child’s absence brings in. There is a certain buffer period you need to wait for, before you decide to repaint the walls and remove those posters. Wait until your child comes back for his or her first vacation. This will give you both a comfortable and familiar feeling during their first visit back home.
  • Your trash might be their treasure, so don’t throw away things randomly. Better yet, give them a chance to clear off or store away things they think they want to keep, before you begin your cleaning spree. All the same, don’t wait forever and not begin redecoration just because the old room offers a modicum of comfort.
  • Simple changes around the room can lend a different feel and can be used for a different purpose, without making your child feel he’s walked into a completely different space. Not to removing all of the familiar space, will eliminate the feeling that your child has no place to dock when he/she comes home.
  • Lastly, keep your child informed with whatever you plan to do…it was originally their room after all!

We hope this tips will help you with an easier transition from their room to your new room!

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