Slate Wall adds Texture and Personality

Would you like to add some architectural touches to your home without moving in a traditional direction? How about adding a stone feature wall? In an entryway or surrounding a fireplace, stone adds a natural element to your home while still providing flexibility in d├ęcor.

This grey slate wall provides a good example of using texture rather than color to provide interest. Even though all of these slate tiles are the same color, light reflects off the angles of each element to make it seem as though numerous shades of grey animate the wall.

This wall would work just as well in a mountain vacation home as in an urban environment. Imagine this grey as a background for a bright red sofa or silver accessories. There is almost no limit to the decorating options with this wall.

The second photo here is another grey wall, but the pattern is more uniform and several shades of grey help the tile layout pop. There are even a few stones in warmer grey tones, adding variety to the wall. This wall also has texture to spare, but more is going on. Either of these is neutral enough to be flexible.

Slate is by no means limited to grey. The stone family includes reds, gold, brown, black and even some blues. Collections of slate allow you to choose the look that will work best for your taste and style.

One delightful feature of slate is how its colors glow when wet. This makes it a good choice for water features such as fountains and waterfalls.

If you think slate may be a good choice for your home, come see the rich variety of choices offered by this versatile stone. Whether on a wall or a floor, inside or out, slate adds personality and drama.

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