Guest Room Doubles as Personal Retreat

guest room Marquesas

From the Marquesas model at Ironwood Crossing

It’s nice to have a guest room in your home. If you have family and friends back east, it’s great to have a place to invite them so that they can escape the cold winter weather. Or if old friends or family have ended up scattered, it’s easier to encourage visits when you have a special place for them to stay in your home.

But even the busiest guest room has its down times, and that extra bedroom is always prime real estate in your home. So what can you do with the space between visitors? Well, this may be the perfect opportunity to create a special retreat just for you.

Even the most wonderful of families can get overwhelming at times, and this room could be your escape to relaxation. Whether you use it to read, watch your shows on television, take a nap or just sit and think, what a treat to have a room that’s just for you. Here are a couple of suggestions to make it special.

Have a comfy place to sit. This room turned a trundle bed into a day bed with the right kind of frame and pillows. Without eliminating a sleeping space, suddenly a bed is also a sofa, just waiting for you to settle in with a good book and a snack.

Decorate it to your personal taste. Add artwork, colors and accessories that mean something to you. Maybe you have a quilt your grandmother made, hang it on the wall where you can see and enjoy it. Or some mementos from school or special events could find a place in this room. These memories can be shared with guests, making your choices extra special.

Make room for a hobby. Do you like to sew, build models, or paint? Whatever you enjoy doing with your leisure time can be part of your personal space. These things can make your guest room an everyday treat for you rather than a room that stands empty between visitors.

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