Remembering Memorial Day

memorial day photoWith everything happening in the Presidential election, it’s easy to have any topic turn political. But Memorial Day is not about politics. It’s about taking a moment to remember those people who gave their lives in battle.

What can you do with your family to take a look at Memorial Day without letting politics or dogma enter into it? Here are a few suggestions.

Find the words: Every parent may find him or herself answering questions about the meaning of Memorial Day. Even if it’s just a day off in your family, your children may still want to understand why it’s important. Instead of being surprised by these questions, prepare for them. Think about what Memorial Day means for you. Maybe you have ancestors or relatives who have served in the military or fallen in battle. You can explain the value of the entire country taking a day to acknowledge their sacrifice.

Visit a cemetery: Many groups such as boy and girl scouts visit cemeteries to put flags on graves for Memorial Day. Veteran groups may have recognition events. You can join them or just visit and watch the process. This provides a good entry to discuss the day with your children.

Find a moment to remember: Even if you don’t have children, you may want to stop in the middle of the barbecues and other events to say thank you to those who gave their lives. On this day it’s not about politics, it’s about appreciating those who stood up for what they believed in.

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