Adding Crystal Accents to Your Home

Looking for something to add to your interior’s design that will catch the eye while adding a finer touch to your space? Consider incorporating crystal decor into your home. It’s naturally reflective appearance helps to provide light and depth during the daytime and adds glisten and shine in the evenings. While crystal pieces are more on the delicate side, with careful placement away from pets and children, they can add a definite pizazz to your home.


Modern crystal chandeliers have come a long way from the one you saw hanging above your grandmother’s dining room table. They can range from large and elaborate to long, slim and minimalist. There’s a style to accommodate every taste.  For special occasions, you can place crystal candle holders in the center of the table for a dazzling touch.  While serving dessert, a cake stand with hanging crystal strands makes a beautiful statement.


For non-food related crystal ideas, add a decorate vase or bowl to the center of your table.  Assorted colored crystals in a wall art piece can serve as a focal point in your living room as can carefully placed obelisks of differing sizes. To add a little decoration for a celebration, hang some crystal garland to wow your guests. For side tables, glass boxes and a lamp with crystal accents add elegance to the room. If a large chandelier is not appropriate to your space, try wall sconces with crystal strands for your lighting.


Finally, give your furniture and doors a vintage look by changing out their knobs for crystal ones.  This look can work just as easily on bathroom drawers as it can for kitchen cabinets and closet door handles. Use clear crystal or colors depending on the impression you would like to make.


No matter where you choose to add crystal accents in your home, they are sure to get noticed.  Without overdoing it, adding a little crystal to each room will give it that little extra sparkle you are looking for. Experiment with the look of crystal in your home and we promise you won’t be disappointed!