How to Keep Houseplants Healthy

While greenery is a great way to spice up your decor, most homeowners shy away from living plants because it can be a challenge to manage them. According to the experts, keeping houseplants happy may not be as difficult as it seems; you just need to be attentive to their basic needs. If you are thinking of purchasing houseplants, here are some great tips for taking care of them.

Know Your Specific Plant 

While all plants need water, sunlight, and food to survive, not all plants are the same. They all require different amounts of these essentials. In fact, some plants thrive more from indirect sunlight whereas other plants need dry soil and a lot of sunlight to stay healthy. Be sure to select a houseplant that can survive and thrive off the amount of sunlight you can provide it.

Prevent Pests 

When you notice that pests have infiltrated your plants, it is important to take care of the problem immediately, or it can potentially spread to other plants. The key to preventing pest problems is to take steps to stop them from entering your home in the first place. Before buying plants, check them for insects and even diseases. Every time you water your plants you should check them for insects, and take a look at their general health.

Consistent Flow of Water 

Providing a consistent flow of water is necessary for the survival of your houseplants. What many people do not know is that periods of drought and flood will put stress on the roots of the plant. A lot of plants need their roots to be consistently moist. On the other hand, there are some plants whose roots prefer to be dried out a bit between watering cycles. Read up on the new plants that you bring into your home so you can formulate an appropriate watering schedule.  

Keep Them Clean 

It is also essential to keep your plants clean. Grime and dirt do not just look bad on plants, but it can harm the health of your plants. Dust will eventually clog the pores of a plant making it difficult for the plant to breathe. You can use insecticidal soap to keep the leaves clean.  

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