Let’s Clean the Kitchen in Under 20 Minutes

We know everyone is busy with work, kids and finding the time just to straighten up, much less clean. Many of us do not have the luxury of a housekeeper, so we tend to prioritize our tasks, and generally, housecleaning is not on the top of that list. After a little thought and consideration, we have developed a process for cleaning the most important room in the house, the kitchen, in under 20 minutes!

Start by looking around the kitchen and picking up things like the newspaper, shoes, etc. and place them where they belong. Clean off your countertops and get out your cleaning supplies. | 3 minutes

Dust with microfiber cloths and dust from the top down, so that the dust falls to the floor and is not left on top of cabinets, etc. | 2 minutes

Check the fridge and throw out any and all items that are old and expired. Take your cleaning cloth with cleanser and wipe the fridge and freezer inside and out starting at the top and go down to the bottom. | 3 minutes

Dirty dishes. . .did you know that you burn less energy by running the dishwasher when it is full than by hand washing a sink full of dishes here and there? So load up that dishwasher and give it a spin! | 1 minute

Now you have dusted, cleaned the dishes and fridge, take your cleaning cloth and cleanser and clean the countertops, stovetop, and microwave. | 3 minutes

Start vacuuming the floor and baseboards. Do you have a small rug, give it a shake outside. If you have a cordless vacuum, this saves precious minutes by not dealing with tangled cords! | 3 minutes

Now put everything back in its place while putting up away all of your cleaning tools! | 2 minutes

Sit down and take a breather as you gaze over you sparkling clean kitchen! | 2 minutes

We hope you enjoy our tips and would love to hear your ideas on cleaning!

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