How to Create a Stylish DIY Tabletop Fire Pit

There is nothing more romantic than relaxing by the fire on a breezy Arizona night. Just the idea of socializing by a warm fire sounds peaceful and alluring to all busy homeowners. The outdoors is the perfect setting for get-togethers and deep conversations. Make a statement at your next social gathering with a Do-It-Yourself Tabletop Fire Pit. You will find that tabletop fire pits are stunning! They bring warmth and beauty to your outdoor space, plus they are easy to create!


  • Ceramic Planter/Pot
  • Lava Rocks
  • Gel Fuel Cans (This can be bought at any home improvement store or online retailers).
  • Lighter or Matches

How to make a Tabletop Fire Pit:

Preparation: Gather all the supplies from the list above and find a place outside to work on this project.

Step One: Once you have found a spot to work, place your lava rocks inside your ceramic planter. The ceramic planter you choose is completely based on your personal style. Since you will be filling the planter, look to purchase a larger ceramic pot for this project. The lava rocks should fill 3/4 of your ceramic planter.

Step Two: Now place your closed gel fuel cans onto of the lava rocks you just put in your planter.

Step Three: After you have positioned the gel fuel cans, you can continue to fill your planter to the top with your lava rocks. Make sure to place them surrounding your fuel cans and not on top of them.

Step Four: Leave the lids on until you want to lit your fire pit. Keep in mind the fire will only last approximately one and a half to two hours; therefore, wait to burn your fuel cans until your guests arrive.

Pro-Tip: Gel Fuel Cans are great for outdoor fires because the wind will help produce a greater flame. 

This tabletop fire pit is perfect for outdoor gatherings! Amaze your guests with this stunning, hand-crafted fire pit. The best part is that you made it all on your own. Just please make sure that the flame is entirely out before going back inside for the night.

Genius Cleaning Hacks for Pet Owners

Owning a pet can be one of the most exciting adventures in life. While pets bring us a lot of joy, we want to make sure that we keep them happy and healthy. To ensure your home is pet-friendly, we have created six cleaning tricks that every pet owner should know. Let us take a look!

The Dishwasher Trick

Just like people, your pet’s items need to be cleaned regularly. There can be a lot of germs and unwanted build-up on their toys and food dish. To help make sure they are happy and healthy, you will want to wash their items regularly. An easy and efficient way to do so is by using your dishwasher! Just place their plastic and rubber toys inside of the dishwasher with one tablespoon of baking soda. Let the dishwasher run a cycle and voila, they have clean toys in no time! Just let the toys dry off then you can place them back in their proper home.

The Squeegee Trick

Pets are amazing, but their hair…Not so much. To eliminate their hair from your rugs, you can run a squeegee over top of them. This works best for non-fluffy rugs, and you want to be aware that being too harsh could damage the fibers.

**We recommend always consulting the manufacturer’s website before attempting.

The Litter Pan Trick

Is your cat litter getting everywhere? Try placing a baking pan outside of the litter box. Line the pan with contact paper and remove the leftover litter frequently.

The Room Deodorizer Trick

Chemicals are not good for your pets; therefore, we recommend creating your own natural deodorizer. In a spray bottle, you will want to add 1/2 cup of warm water, two tablespoons of baking soda and 1/2 cup of vinegar. Afterward, you can add a pet-friendly essential oil like peppermint to help create a refreshing scent. Spray the mixture and let it sit for a couple of hours then vacuum as needed.

**Peppermint essential oil is safe in small doses. Please consult your veterinary before using any essential oils near your pets.

The Dog Bed Trick

Just like our beds, dog beds need to be washed. For a quick clean, place your dog bed cover in the washing machine for a cycle.

The Brushing Trick

If the weather permits, always brush your pet’s hair outside. This will help ensure no dog hair gets traced into the home and helps avoid future cleaning.

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks. Check back weekly for more blogs and updates.

Operation Organization in Ten Minutes

When we think of undergoing an organization project in our home, we think of it as a daunting, long task that will take up a lot of our day.? While organizing areas in our house, the mere thought of beginning these tasks can influence us to procrastinate.? However, what if you could organize areas in your home in only ten minutes?? We all have ten minutes in our day to spare.? While this may seem too good to be true, you would be amazed at how much you are able to accomplish in your home in just ten minutes.? Now, you will need to stay focused and keep moving, but with our Ten Minute checklist, you can quickly get your rooms reorganized.? Here is our Ten Minute Checklist to help you reorganize areas in your own home:

Break Larger Projects into Smaller Tasks

Some tasks can be very overwhelming at first.? Maybe you want to organize your bathroom, clean a closet, or declutter your garage.? These larger tasks can take time.? Try to look at areas then break them into smaller projects.? For example, maybe you have been procrastinating organizing your bathroom for some time.? You have clutter drawers, unfolded towels, and toiletries that have no designated homes.? Instead of tackling everything at once and deep cleaning the room, try to find a more obtainable task.? Tell yourself you are going to organize one drawer every day.? Using this simple tactic is a great way to start making some serious headway on big projects.? ??


When you find the task that you are going to accomplish, start by decluttering.? A cluttered drawer or closet can visually be overwhelming.? Pull everything out of the space you are working on cleaning.? By spreading the mess, you can quickly identify what goes where.? Since clutter is one of the main visual intimidations that prevent us from starting a task, you can begin by decluttering the area that you are more likely to accomplish.


Once everything is pulled out, decide what trash is and what will stay.? By eliminating items and belongings that were once cluttering the area, you will be able to put the area back together into a more organized look.? Decide if any things are no longer of value to you.? Maybe they are still valuable and worth donating to others.? Some items may just blatantly be in the wrong spot in your home.??


Lastly, with your time remaining, put everything back into your drawer.? Using bins or baskets is an easy way to organize belongings.? Return everything to the original spot in a more focused and organized manner.? You will be surprised what some focus and ten minutes can accomplish!

Do you have areas in your home that demand attention?? Try this organization checklist to help get you started.? You will be amazed at what you are able to get done in ten minutes.? For more great tips, visit us at Fulton Homes.

Helpful Tips for Making Fresh Flowers Last Longer

We just love fresh cut flowers as most people do. They bring a smile to our face and make one think of nature and all it has to offer. Whether you have received flowers from your significant other or you just purchased a bouquet from the market, we have some tips below that will help to keep them around longer to enjoy! 

Always Trim Stems

As soon as you receive, trim the bottom of the stems about ½ inch with sharp scissors and cut at an angle. Make sure that any blooms or leaves are not underwater, cut these off. This will keep the water cleaner and your flowers will last longer. If they do start to droop just trim the bottom of the stems off again.

Choose The Perfect Vase

Next, you will want to head into the kitchen and start looking for a suitable vase like mason ars or anything decorative that can hold water and the flowers. If you have that beautiful crystal vase or that amazing hand-made piece of pottery, these can be beautiful options for your flowers’ home.

Clean Vase

This step is so important for your flowers to last. Before using a vase wash it in detergent, hot water with a little white vinegar to kill any and all bacteria. If you don’t do this your flowers won’t last hardly anytime. You need to empty, rewash and refill with clean water at the first sign of murky water. 

Where to Place?

Experts recommend keeping fresh flowers out of direct sunlight and away from extreme heat. Heat will cause your flowers to crumple up and fade quickly. Also, keep in mind that fruit emits a gas called ethylene which will cause your flowers to live a shorter life cycle; therefore, keep fruits away from fresh cut flowers.

Fill in with New Flowers

When some flowers start to fade simply go to the market and buy a new bouquet for under $ 10. Remove the faded flowers and fill in with new ones. Now is the perfect time to add a little extra greenery from the new bouquet. Also, we recommend washing the vase out with detergent and vinegar to kill any bacteria. 

What are your favorite indoor flowers? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.

Peanut Butter Hacks for Your Home

Peanut Butter is not only a delicious spread, but it serves several functions you may have not realized. Next time you are in a predicament just pull out your Peanut Butter. Let us take a look at the different ways Peanut Butter can help:

Gets out Gum

If you have been lucky enough and have not experienced getting gum in your hair then count your blessings. Getting gum stuck in your hair can be one of the most terrifying experiences especially for small children, but Peanut Butter is here to save the day! Take some Peanut Butter and an ice cube and slowly work the gum out of the person’s hair. They will definitely need to take a shower afterward, but it is far better than having to chop off all of their hair. 

Removes Stickers

Another sticky substance that Peanut Butter helps to remove are stickers. You can use Peanut Butter to remove stubborn sticker labels that are placed on bottles. Simply grab a washcloth and your Peanut Butter and start scrubbing the sticker area. You will be surprised how well Peanut Butter works. You can also try this trick on stickers that your little ones may have placed around the house.

Odor Repellant

Peanut Butter helps to eliminate odors found in the kitchen after cooking. In order to eliminate the strong scents, place 2 tablespoons of Peanut Butter into the cookware that you used. Let the Peanut Butter sit before washing. 

Pet Pills

A quick trick — cover a pet pill in peanut butter to help your furry friend eat their medicine. Peanut Butter hides the tablet in delicious creamy goodness and encourages your pet to eat it.


It may quite possibly be the oily found in Peanut Butter because it is great for getting scratches out of items. You can use it on scratched CD’s, leather couches, and wood furniture. Take a dry cloth with a dab of Peanut Butter to remove the scratches. Let the peanut butter sit in the wood furniture for approximately one hour before whipping it off of the surface.


The oils in Peanut Butter can be great for your skin and hair. Use on your hair in the shower before you shampoo your locks. Also, Peanut Butter can be substituted for shaving cream. If you are a fan of chunky peanut butter, you can use it as an exfoliator in the shower. 

Peanut Butter is an extremely versatile item to have in your household. When in doubt, consider using your Peanut Butter! 

Well-Loved Arizona Attractions and Facts

The United States is the third largest country in the world, hence its diverse geographic landscape it has to offer.  From broad flatlands to volcanic mountains, glacier filled waters to a hot desert, or even extensive rivers to Great Lakes, our country has so much to offer.  One state that is to be recognized with its abundance of visual natural wonders is Arizona.  Arizona is a beautiful state with nearly three-hundred of the days of the year having blue skies and sunny!  With three national parks, desert and mountainous landscape, and incredible cities, Arizona is packed with activities and attractions. This state has so much to offer, so if you are living there or just visiting, here are the top interesting facts. 

Grand Canyon

Kickstarting the list is one of Arizona’s most renowned National Parks, the Grand Canyon.  This spectacular canyon is a geographic phenomenon decorated with colorful eroded rocks, rivers, and truly immense in size.  No picture can truly justify just how breathtaking this canyon is in person. 

Largest Rose Bush 

In Tombstone, Arizona, back in 1885, The Lady Banksia Rosebush was planted.  Today this single bush’s canopy is over 9,000 square feet of white-blossomed roses.  It is planted behind a former hotel and boarding house but is now a large attraction pulling in tourist into the town. 

Apache Trout  

Native to only Arizona is the Apache trout and because of this, it is Arizona’s State Fish.  This species was close to going extinct due to non-indigenous being introduced into the ecosystem.  However, these fish are making a slow and steady comeback and should be here for a long time now. 

Four Corners Monument 

Ever want to be two places at once?  How about four?  Four Corners Monument is where Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico all meet.  While this is something you can achieve in any of these other states, it is still worthy of being mentioned for Arizona. 

Make sure you check out many of the national parks or other areas while in Arizona.  It is said to be believed that you can travel anyway in Arizona and within twenty miles you will arrive in a city, monumental area, landmark, or park.  Where is your favorite spot in Arizona?  Let us know below in the comment section. 

Understanding How Texture is Used Throughout Design

When it comes to designing an interior, considering “texture” is often an afterthought. Texture is an element of design that can be defined as “the sensations that are evoked by the external surface that one can feel through touch.” In fact, think about how it feels to sink your feet through a plush carpet, or the feeling of a leather couch beneath you. Texture can be perceived as either tactile or visual. Tactile is the actual feeling of an object such as smooth or rough. Visual texture is what one thinks an object may feel like, and visual texture assumptions are made based on the material of the object. So, you may be wondering what the importance of texture in interior design is? We are here to tell you in two brief points; let’s take a look! 

Texture Adds Visual Weight 

Texture adds visual weight to a space. Rougher surfaces can make a space feel intimidating while softer texture can give off a luxurious feel. When a designer mixes the two textures together in a space, it is often to create balance. Since rougher surfaces can feel heavier, we recommend implementing a distance/space between the two pieces to help harmonize the design. 

Texture Can Create Balance 

Of course, when using texture in your design, be sure to keep in mind balance. While contrast is essential to create emphasis, you do not want to go crazy by using too many textures. Utilize no more than three textures in one space because using too many makes the design scheme feel overwhelming. Be sure to only use textures to highlight the most important areas in the room. You can easily implement texturized decor in your home through architectural elements, furnishings and decor items such as rugs and textiles.

What are your thoughts on texture? Do you find yourself using it a lot in your design or not often enough? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.

The Ultimate Bedroom Cleaning List

Bedrooms should be cleaned often because of the amount of dust, dirt, and allergens that can become easily trapped in your space. Try to clean your home’s bedrooms once a week to help remove any unwanted dirt and dust. Before you begin, open the room’s windows to give the room fresh air and a nice air flow.


Take all your dirty clothes to the laundry room and place all clean clothes in their proper place.

  • Every season, you should move the current season’s clothing to the front of the closet then move last season’s clothes to the back of the closet. For example, it is currently February; therefore, you would move your winter clothing to the back of the closet and bring your spring clothing to the front of the closet.


Vacuum your bedroom floors to collect any dust and dirt that may have been tracked into the room. If you have hardwood floors, you should mop your floors with a basic floor cleaner.

  • You can make your own floor cleaner by mixing together 2 cups of hot water with 2 cups of white vinegar in a bucket. This floor cleaner will dry on its own; there is no need to rinse.


Undress your mattress and put all the linens into the washing machine. While your bed is undressed, lightly sprinkle baking soda on top of the mattress and let it sit. After your linens are washed and dried, vacuum the mattress to remove any excess baking soda.


Now, redress your bed with your clean bedding and linens.


Take window cleaner and clean your windows off in a circular motion. If you have window ledges, remember to remove any dust that may be on the ledge. Every six months, take your curtains and put them into the washing machine. Dust can build up on your curtains, and it is essential to make sure that they are cleaned.


Take a feather duster and go over your ceiling fan, blinds, picture frames, furniture, etc.


Close your windows then light your favorite candle to freshen up the bedroom as a final finishing touch.

With a fresh and clean bedroom, you can relax and enjoy your clean oasis. We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks! For more advice, be sure to subscribe.

How to Convert Your Spare Room into a Home Gym

Your New Year’s Resolution was to start going to the gym this year, but there is one problem: it is February, and you have yet to begin.  You cannot find the time or the energy to put in a workout after a long day of work.  When you get home, you just want to relax and unwind a little before you go out to the gym.  Before you know it, you now have successfully relaxed, and it does not make sense to leave anymore.  But remember, nothing changes if nothing changes.  So, maybe it is best to bring the gym to you.  You can convert that spare bedroom into your new and improved home gym and here is how:

Discover Your Training Style 

The worst thing you can do is invest in equipment you will never use.  Decide what training style is best suited for your goals.  You do not want to invest in a total body home gym if you plan on following a bodyweight fitness instructional video.  Likewise, do not buy a Pilates Reformer Machine if you want to use free weights and dumbbells solely.  Whatever your personal goals are, they should be reflected in your equipment.  Gym equipment can be expensive, so make sure you are investing in the correct places. 

Design Your Space 

A room’s atmosphere and design are essential.  You do not want to dread going into your home gym every time.  Create a fun, energetic environment by making sure there is an adequate amount of lighting, mirrors, and colors that will attract you back into the atmosphere.  Even as a home gym, this space should still incorporate a sense of design.  Make sure the room is never too dreary or uninviting, but be cognitive of creating to comfy of a room because you may not accomplish what you set out to achieve. 

Create Time and Build a Habit 

Once you create your space, you have to develop the habit. Decide a time, either before or after work.  Make sure you spend a minimum of fifteen minutes in the space.  The goal is to create a habit.  Results will follow.  You can up your time as the habit develops.  Do not get distraught if you miss a day.  The important factor is to make sure you return to your workouts the next day.  One day will not ruin your results, but do not let it ruin your habits. 

Creating your gym is the first step in conquering your goals.  Stay focused and do not let the task feel daunting.  Balance the workouts with proper nutrition, and be ready to set forth on a journey to chasing your new body.

Tips for Preparing for a Casual Dinner Party

Are you planning a small, casual dinner party at your home? If so, we believe that having your close friends over for a homecooked meal and great conversation is the perfect idea of a good time. While some people find inviting guests over to be nerve-wracking, we believe with the right tips and tricks you can become host/hostess of the year. Let’s take a look!

Preparing Your Home 

Of course, the first thing you will want to do is prepare your home for guests.  You can easily impress visitors by having a home that is sparkling clean. While you do not have to launch a full out spring cleaning project, you should make sure the main areas are free of clutter and smudges. Here are some tips for effectively cleaning for your dinner party:

  •  Make sure the windows are clean and bright to allow natural light to flood your space
  • Tidy up the entryway for guests to store their shoes and coats
  • Deep clean the guest bathroom and stock up on extra toiletries for guests to access
  • You will also want to clean the kitchen area because let’s be honest; no one wants to eat food prepared in a dirty kitchen 
  • Lastly, you should tackle any areas that the guests may hang out or see (i.e., the living room, home office, dining room, etc.)

Food Preparation

First, you should inquire about food allergies ahead of time. Before you decide on what you are going to cook, it is in good taste to ask your guests if there are any allergies you should know. There is nothing worse than getting ready to serve your infamous pecan pie and find out that a guest has a severe nut allergy. Remember that the menu should include a variety of foods that everyone can enjoy. 

Secondly, cook dishes that you have successfully made at least twice. Preparing meals that you have yet to “master” may not go over too well with your guests. If you are set on wowing your friends with a new recipe, try making the dish at least a few weeks beforehand.

Lastly, keep it simple. When throwing a casual dinner party, you should cook smart by avoiding cooking foods that require constant stirring and flipping. Try a simple buffet style meal or a one-pot meal accompanied with a couple of simple side dishes for an easy but delicious meal.

What are your best dinner party tips? We would love for you to share your thoughts with other readers in the comment section. Thanks for reading!