Area Rugs 101

Believe it or not, but rugs can actually invite conversation into a space. The way you set up your rug in a room can make or break the design and the flow of conversation. When choosing a rug, there are four main ideas you will want to keep in mind: the colors, the use, the size and the placement. For your convenience, we broke it down for you. Let’s take a look! 

Area Rugs 101:

  1. The Colors. When choosing an area rug, you are choosing a piece of decor for your room; therefore, you want it to tie in well with your theme. Pulling colors from your room’s design is essential. All of the colors in the rug do not necessarily need to be found in your room. You will just want a few of the colors to have been pulled from your rug’s design. Also, you want to make sure that your area rug is not too distracting. The rug should tie into your overall design, not take away from it. Try to select a subtle pattern or design rather than a bold, overwhelming design for your area rug. 
  2. The Use. Before you choose your rug, you will want to take into consideration the use of it. What room will you be buying a rug for in your space? If it is in a room that is only used for decorative purposes, you can buy a less durable and more expensive rug. If you are placing the rug inside a constantly-used living room, you will want to choose a more durable rug. Also, you will want to consider the amount of foot-traffic in the room. The more dirt that will be tracked into the room, the darker the rug should be. 
  3. The Size. You want to make sure that you do not choose a rug that is too big or too small for your space. For guidance on selecting the appropriate size, you will want to consult a sales representative at your chosen flooring store. Give them dimensions of the room and your general design plan to help them make an accurate suggestion for you. 
  4. The Placement. The way you place your rug should invite conversation. There are two main ways that you can set up your rug to encourage discussion: 
    1. The furniture should be placed in an “H” shape with the rug in the center. 
    2. The furniture should be placed in a “U” shape with the rug in the center.

      While placing your furniture on your new rug, you will want to  follow these rules: 

      1. All of the furniture’s legs on the rug. 

      2. The front furniture’s legs on the rug. 

      3. None of the furniture’s legs on the rug. 

We hope that you found these tips helpful. For more expert advice, be sure to visit our blog hub. Thanks for reading!

Furniture Makeover

Sometimes you inherit old furniture or have pieces in your homes that do not currently go with your theme. Just because the color does not match or may feel too contemporary or too antique, we tend to put these useful pieces of furniture into storage. Well if you have an old coffee table or dresser in which you are underusing in your home, consider giving it a quick makeover. Here are some easy, cost-effective tricks to turning old furniture into new pieces that you will love:
Repaint and Re-Upholster
Furniture, which does not follow a room’s color scheme, can quickly become an eyesore in the room. Consider sanding and repainting furniture so that it can match your rooms color theme. If you have chairs in your room that are outdated, you can try re-upholstering them. Upholstery and paint are excellent because you can add them to multiple pieces of furniture and make your room feel uniformed. Consider applying a clear coat to furniture you paint as well to give it a gloss finish and a layer of protection.
New Handles
Take your outdated handles off and consider getting new ones. This can quickly transform an antique into a more modern piece of furniture. Also, if furniture does not have handles, consider adding some for a stylish twist. It not only makes opening it more convenient but can add a sleek design as well.
Apply Unique Additions
You can apply new additions to furniture or remove parts as well. Take outdated legs off to create a lower profile couch or add texture to the paint scheme when painting your furniture. Be creative and add vinyl designs to dressers or coffee tables to help amplify character. You can even help improve furniture aesthetics by what you place on them. Look into decorative floral or lamps to help tie your furniture theme back into your room.
Do not let old furniture be a downfall to your room décor. Always consider different options to modernize your furniture or help redesign it to fit your room theme. Creativity is vital when repurposing and making over furniture. Consider all these tips to see what can help take that old desk and make it look brand new.

Decorating Tips for any Skill Level

Decorating can be considered a form of art. It is, after all, expressing one’s creativity through design. If you find yourself struggling for inspiration, we have seven decorating tips that can be used by a person of any skill level. Let’s take a look. 

Decorating Tips for any Skill Level: 

1. A Splash of Color. 

Determining the color palette for a room can be a bit of a challenge. While there are literally thousands of colors out there, homeowners have the challenge of selecting just a few and making them all successful work in the design. To help beginners and even experts, we recommend building from a base color. The base color typically is a neutral, although if you feel quite confident in your designing abilities, it could be any color. Once you have chosen your primary color, you will want to elaborate off of that shade with other colors that pair well. If you find it difficult to find your base color, you can gain inspiration from the color wheel. What colors pop for you? 

2. The Magnificence of Mirrors. 

Mirrors are quite honestly, the best piece of decor. No matter what your skill level, you can probably agree that a mirror brings a lot to a space. Mirrors reflect natural light which in essence, brightens the area and opens up the room. When in doubt, add a mirror to the room. You may be pleasantly surprised by its effect. 

3. Accessorize. 

Accessories are an excellent asset to room decor. They tend to be the finishing piece of decor, but they serve a great purpose. Accessories help to build off of the current design while adding interest and sometimes, purpose. The accessories can help create a cohesive environment that projects “homey” vibes. 

4. Bring The Outdoors, In

Any design expert will tell you that plants have a lot to offer. Their green features help to add life and freshness to the space. While plants can add a special touch, be sure not to go overboard with incorporating them. It can be easy to get carried away with adding greenery, but you still want it all to flow. Try adding a plant or two in each space then build from there. 

5. Flaunt It. 

If you are blessed enough to have an ample amount of natural light, you should flaunt it. Incorporate sheer curtains and leave the windows open during the day to create a beautiful look. 

6. Senses.  

The five senses can play a huge role in your home’s decor. When people enter your space,  you want to captivate their senses. Whether it is music humming in the background, a warm vanilla candle filling the air, or a cozy rug to rest your feet, senses can take your space to the next level.

7.   Clear Clutter

Clutter can completely kill a design. Be sure to have your counters clear and clutter free. This way guests will be able to see the design in its entirety.  

We hope you enjoyed these seven decorating tips. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments with us in the provided section. 

Tips for Getting Scale Right in Your Decor

When decorating a room in your home, having a good understanding of scale can be important because it can make or break the room’s design. If you do not already know, scale is the visual representation of space and how it relates to the size of the room, and it’s objects. Just think. The size of a couch in the living room is relative to the size of the end table that sits beside it. If the sofa is complementary to the other furniture used in the room, it can throw the entire design off balance. If setting visual harmony is vital to you, here is how you can use scale appropriately:
When Bigger is Better
In the design world, experts push the fact that bigger is better. However, bigger is only better when the walls are long or large. Often, when working with such generous space, you may be tempted to fill it with furniture or create a gallery with pictures and artwork on the walls. This is not always the best idea. When working with expansive walls, a single statement piece of artwork can be ideal for the amount of visual space that you seek to occupy.
Does It Overpower The Space
Whether you are picking out artwork or furniture, you should analyze whether the element really works with the colors used in the room and how it relates to the other accessories and furniture. For example, a large beautiful piece of artwork may look great on your walls, but its boisterous scale could compete with the furnishing used in the room or overwhelm the smaller objects in front of it.
Selecting The Right Size Seating
Just because the room is small does not mean the furniture has to be the little as well. Even a sectional sofa can look great in a smaller room, depending on how you use the space. When determining the right scale of seating, you will need to think about the complementary pieces in the room such as the coffee table, side table, and lamps.
For larger seating options like a big sofa or a sectional, you can scale it by opting for smaller, less busy accent chairs. On the other hand, if you have a loveseat-sized sofa, then you should consider scaling it up by choosing broader accent pieces.
We hope you learned a little something about scale and its role in room design. For more expert tips and tricks, be sure to check back weekly. Thanks for reading!

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Project: Perfect Party Plans

In today’s society, we are fast pace and all about having entertainment right now.  Your home should be your escape from the chaotic world but should also be worthy of hosting and entertaining guest.  You want your guest to feel comfortable in your home, but you also want to fill their time with entertainment.  If you are having multiple people over, you want different types of entertainment, so even when you are not catering to them, they still feel comfortable and having fun.  Here are four home entertainment ideas to add to your space to make it fun for everyone: 

  • Entertainment System

You should have a public entertainment system.  Do not have your best television tucked away in your bedroom but put it in a place where you will host your guests.  Whether you put it in a living room or make a home theater, make sure your system is set up for success.  Have multiple forms of entertainment like streaming services, gaming devices, and sports channels.  You want your guest to be able to feel like they are at home with a large variety of entertainment options available to them on a single television.

  • Bar

A bar is another great entertainment option to include in your home.  It is a great way to host guests and have them feel relaxed and welcomed in your home.  Have different options available for them to choose from having. Plus, you do not have to have a vast selection, but make sure that you accommodate people who do not drink and children as well.  This is a great way to keep your entertainment going throughout the night.

  • Indoor Games

Indoor games can be as cost effective as a board game or as elaborate as indoor basketball.  Billiard tables are a great option for people to play to stay entertained.  Using your entertainment system, you can set up video games as well.  Make sure you invest in more than just one player games though.   Air hockey and shuffleboard are other entertainment tables you can invest in owning.   If you go the board game route, try including cards options for adults and kid to enjoy the games to your collection.

  • Outdoor Activities

If the party goes outside, you want there to be areas for people to sit as provide an area that they can have fun.  Putting up different sports around your yard like soccer, volleyball, or cornhole are all effective ways to keep people entertained.  You can even get a basketball hoop for the driveway or goes as far as installing a pool.  

Adapting your house for entertainment is a great way to make sure you are an exceptional host.  Try to make entertainment diverse for all age groups or tailored towards the guest you will be hosting the most.  Do not forget to have more than one form of entertainment as well, in case some people are not interested in specific activities.

Scents That Make Sense

You put time into how your home looks, how it feels, and the energy the atmosphere portrays, but how much time do you invest in making your home smell beautiful.  The fragrance of a home can be one of the quickest influences on changing how an environment is portrayed.  If you have animals, you may need to be overly cognitive of scents in your home that you may have grown accustomed to smelling.  We put together some tricks and tips on how to eliminate odor, some great smelling remedies, and natural methods to bring indoors.

N’odors (No Odors)

If your home has a bad scent, it can really hurt your overall atmosphere.  You can either mask a smell or try to eliminate it.  Try to locate the odors throughout your home.  Are they coming from your carpet, maybe the trash, or even your furniture?  You will want to tarnish the source, eliminate the smell, and prevent the return of unwanted odors.

  • If you have pet-damaged carpet, you will need to replace it to remove the smell.  If it soaked through to the subfloor, try putting baking soda down before installing a pad.  
  • If your trash is smelling bad but continues to smell after you take it out, you will need to deep clean the inside of your trash receptacle.  Take it outside or in the tub and wash it out.   Wipe down the inside with a disinfectant wipe and vinegar.  Make sure you dry it properly to prevent mold.  At the bottom of your receptacle, put some banking soda to absorb odors and place in a new trash bag.  
  • Furniture can be as simple as washing your sheets, but some furniture can trap bad odors.  You can try cutting an apple and sitting it face down on the odor to absorb it.  Also, baking soda can be applied and left overnight and vacuumed off in the morning.  Abolishing the odor at its source is key to making your home smell better.  Consider investing in an air purifier.  Air purifiers also can help clean out the old scent and leave your home with a fresher air aroma.

Scents You Need

Now, that the bad odors are gone, its time to create the scent you want in your home.  Candles are a great solution to apply to your space to have a great smelling area.  You can also get fragrance or sprays to put them in areas where you do not want to light candles.  This can keep the room feeling fresh throughout the night or while you are away.  Another great natural remedy is adding flowers, put eucalyptus leaves a vase or burn scented oils.  Adding the scents to your home will make it warmer and more inviting to your guest.

Make sure you eliminate bad smells before trying to create new ones.  Seasonal scents are great ways to keep festive but no matter what you do make sure it is not too overwhelming.  Fragrances in your home should tease a pleasantly scented atmosphere.  For more great tips and tricks, visit us at 

Landscaping in Arizona

Arizona has beautiful, colored scenery, unique plant life, and dazzling landscaping.  Yet, many homeowners get intimidated by customizing their landscape and adding plants because so many plants cannot survive in the desert heat; however, there are so many kinds of native, beautiful plants that can withstand these harsh climates and can have your landscape looking like a desert land dream oasis.  Consider these three principles in customizing your landscape into the curb appeal you desire: 

  • Irrigation System

You will need to make sure you have the proper irrigation system for your landscape.   Making sure that the drainage is adequate for your landscape is key to plant life. Ordinary landscapes can consist of gravel, concrete, rocks, or even some turf or grass.  Keep in mind that most of the native plants do not need to be watered as much but should have proper drainage, irrigation, and landscape care.

  • Pool or Firepit 

Add some personalization and class to your backyard by adding a fire pit or even a pool.  Add to your patio and make it a welcoming hangout for guest and family. You can customize your backyard into a focal feature for entertainment with some minor tweaks of seating and lighting.  A well-lit patio will keep the entertainment outside even after dusk, where you can enjoy your firepit.  A pool is another great addition to help compensate for Arizona’s intense heat.

  • Plants

Your curb appeal starts with your landscape.  There are many desert plants that you should consider including in your landscape to personalize it and make it feel stunning.   Cacti and shrubbery can be used as the foundation of your landscape, but beautiful palm trees, lemon trees, and orange trees can help add height and color to your yard.  Different flowers can also add to the value of your home and can be added around your property.  

Your landscape is your first way to express yourself and your style.  Adding the perfect balance of trees, shrubberies, gravel, and cacti can make your curb appeal spectacular.  Make sure to keep up and maintain your landscape, so it does not get out of control.  Your curb appeal is just as important to your home and expressing yourself as the inside; therefore, you do not want to neglect it. 

How to Bring Your Walls to Life

Wall décor can make a big difference to the overall aesthetic of your space. Every designer knows how valuable wall décor is to complete a room. Not only can wall décor give you the opportunity to express yourself but it also enhances the design of your space. From shelves to pictures, here are six wall decors you need to consider adding to your space to balance out those bare walls:
1. Pictures.
Pictures are usually the first wall décor piece considered. Photos can be anything from a poster, canvas, or framed artwork. Framed art can express highly desirable character and add balance to your room by merely matching the frame with other woodwork and accents pieces found within the room. Get a big picture to make a statement or stack multiple smaller pictures to add charisma to the room. Be creative, images can be stack vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or even sporadically. Two long pictures can be placed in a room next to each other to amplify the height value of a room. Likewise, a long horizontal painting will visually add to the length of the room. You can even frame wallpaper to put a splash of color into the room without wallpapering every wall.
2. Shelves
Perhaps, the most functional wall décor to contemplate installing is shelving. Add floating shelves to store books and showcase houseplants. Do not be timid to stagger sizes of shelves on a wall. Corbel shelf can be a great solution to hold candles or other display pieces. You can even install wall-to-wall shelving to serve as a headboard with functional storage or underneath a television to amplify your entertainment system’s appearance. Consider standalone shelving to be placed against the wall to add balance and symmetry.
3. Tapestry
Wall tapestry is another sophisticated option to add an elegant look to your walls. Textile art is a great way to decorate your walls while adding warmth to the atmosphere of the room. Hanging tapestry can be done in a variety of ways other than just hung flat against the wall. You can hang tapestry around curve walls which is an excellent option for rounded rooms where pictures cannot hang. Try hanging the textile art pieces to create a canopy look above a bed or couch or even using a rod. With so many designs and styles to choose, wall tapestry is perfect for giving a room your personal touch.
4. Wall Art
Contemporary, rustic, abstract, you name it; there are thousands of different varieties of wall arts to incorporate into your place. Adding sculptures to your walls will give that desirable three-dimensional flare your home needs. Copper coverings, brass panels, abstract murals, even mosaic backsplashes are great to turn a boring wall into a grand marvel. Try putting decorative keyholders with chalkboards, taxidermy mountings, and clocks in rooms to add to your room’s theme and ambiance. Incorporating wall art that best expresses you and the room’s theme will revolutionize your dramatically.
5. Mirrors
Mirrors are imperative to consider because they can transform a visually confined space into a much larger spectacle. Large mirrors are perfect for big walls, especially in areas where you may want to see yourself before exiting the room: bathrooms, entryways, foyers. Smaller mirrors can be framed or bought in sets to add above couches or as a backsplash behind a dining room table. Mirrors will also help spread light throughout a dark room and help boost the energy.
6. Lighting
Correspondingly, a great way to amplify your room’s appearance is installing more lighting. Light rails hung on walls will not only add to the energy in the room but can also be used to spotlight focal points in your space. Hang rail lights above a picture or a couch to create a livelier environment. Wall lights can come in a large variety of shapes on styles. Adding Edison bulbs to an antique copper sconce can give a room a rustic look whereas, contemporary wall lights can be fun to arrange throughout your room giving a more modern edge. Finding the perfect light will rejuvenate a lifeless room into a lively sanctuary. Contemplate, whether you want dimmable lights as well. Dimming lights are great additions that can change the ambiance with ease.
With so many options to contemplate, you can understand why interior designers see so much value in wall décor. It can recreate the environment with lightings or add value to the atmosphere with pictures. Having a better idea of these options to consider will aid you in your quest for creating your perfect home.

Tips for Adding Vibrancy to a Kid’s Bedroom

When designing a kid’s room, you may be tempted to drench the walls in a bold and vibrant hue to give the room some personality. After all, a kid’s room is supposed to be fun and energetic. But before you begin adding color here and there, experts say you can still create a vibrant look while keeping the walls as a neutral-based color. Here’s how:
Determine Your Accent Color.
Accent colors are one of the many ways you can add a sense of playfulness to your child’s room. When picking out accent colors to implement in the design scheme, you can use your kid’s favorite color as inspiration. Here are a few ways you can add bold and vibrant colors without changing the wall colors:
  • Removable Wallpaper.
Stick and peel wallpaper is available in a variety of colors, textures, and designs. It is even manufactured in designs such as camouflage, animal prints and other types of patterns that help dress up a wall. Removable wallpaper effortlessly adds a fun nature to the room, but it also looks mature enough to stay on the walls as your child gets older. 
  • Furniture and Accessories.
Make a big statement with the furnishing and accessories that you pick out for your child’s room. For instance, a floral bed set or a bright red headboard will add a lot of style to the room. You can even use colorful picture frames on the walls for extra style. Try doing some creative like painting the dresser their favorite color or let the child put their own personal touch on it by putting their handprint on it. Bold colored accessories will stand out against the neutral-toned walls.
  • Wall Decals.
Create a custom design on the wall with wall stickers or decals that can be easily removed. Wall decals can feature your kid’s favorite cartoon character, shapes, or confetti-inspired designs are also trendy. You can let your child decorate the walls as they desire with the wall stickers and you will not have to worry about fixing it later since they remove easily. 
  • Accent Rug.
Add a hint of color with an accent area rug. Whether it is pink or a bold pattern, an accent rug can add some vibrancy and texture to the room while pulling together the whole design scheme. 
For more expert design tips, be sure to check back weekly. Thanks for reading!