Fulton Homes a 2016 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year

energy-star-2016Fulton Homes is proud to receive a 2016 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – New Home Builder Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Fulton Homes received this award for its continuing outstanding efforts to build energy-efficient homes.

This is the second consecutive year that Fulton Homes has received this recognition, and our accomplishment will be recognized, along with all other ENERGY STAR Partners, on April 13th in Washington D.C.

This award comes in recognition of Fulton Homes:

  • Building more than 300 ENERGY STAR certified homes, with a total of over 3,000 since joining the program in 2009.
  • Launching an educational Energy Center in one of our model homes in a 600 home-site community. Visitors can learn about ENERGY STAR and EPA’s Indoor airPlus programs.
  • Offering training for all employees through the Fulton Homes Learning Center with courses covering more than 30 construction topics, with four sections focused on ENERGY STAR.
  • Leveraging social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and producing a 60-second radio spot featuring ENERGY STAR that was heard on all major radio stations in Phoenix.
  • Committing to building all homes as EPA Indoor airPlus qualified homes, and providing additional comprehensive health protections to homeowners while emphasizing quality control, field reviews, and interest in ENERGY STAR certified products.

“Demonstrating a strong commitment to building energy-efficient homes, Fulton Homes has reaffirmed its reputation as a company that saves the American homebuyer energy and money,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. “This award recognizes Fulton Homes as a leader in building ENERGY STAR certified homes while reducing our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.”

A Welcoming Way Into Your Home

Warner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-webHave you ever stopped and just taken a look toward your front door from the back of your house? Most of us walk in the garage and then keep going, focusing on what we’re trying to accomplish rather than taking the time to really look around our homes.

Well, it’s worthwhile to take a break and look around as though you are a visitor in your own home. Here are the key areas you should check out – those places you rarely see but guests see all the time.

From your front door: Since most of us enter our homes through the garage, it’s rare that we actually walk in our own front doors. Start by standing just outside the front door and see how everything looks. Does your home give a nice first impression? Make any changes you need to make sure that it does.

Facing your kitchen: You probably tend to stand in your kitchen and face out. Take a look at how your kitchen looks from the other side. Too cluttered? Too dull? What can you change to make the most of that view?

From the back of your home facing front: This is the view you see in the photo above. What you see in this Fulton Model in Warner Groves at Morrison Ranch is there are lots of interesting things to the left and less going on to the right. But in this case artwork, built-in cabinetry and details such as the arched doorways along with the white trim against the darker walls keep things equally interesting on the right side.

As you plan your new Fulton Home, be sure to think about how it will look from all angles – those you will be seeing and those visible for your guests.

Let the Sunshine In

Cooley Station 102Arizona is all about sunshine, and sometimes it seems like we don’t take enough advantage of it out here. Yes, it is easy to become too used to having almost every day be a sunny day. But for those people who grew up in other parts of the country, it’s important not to take our sunshine for granted.

One terrific way to appreciate our sunny climate is with plenty of generous windows. It’s important to look for opportunities to bring light inside and brighten our homes. This window at Fulton’s Surfliner model at Cooley Station does that beautifully. Take a look at the way it brings light into this room.

First, it is set at just the right height to comfortably fit a sofa along the bottom. This gives you a strong design option to choose among a sofa, sectional or two easy chairs at this location. With any of these choices, you have plenty of light for reading.

With the view into the yard, this window also gives a pleasant perspective. The right landscaping choices help make the interaction of indoor and outdoor space inviting and workable. A window this large helps strengthen that connection.

Finally, the Fulton Design Center team can help you make the best decisions for window coverings to show off this and every other window in your new home. This allows you to make the most of our sunshine and the natural lighting available to you here in Arizona. For a closer look at this and other models at Cooley Station, visit our website at: http://www.fultonhomes.com/our-communities/cooley-station


Granite Adds Color to Kitchen

If you’re drawn to painted cabinets in a kitchen but worry that there won’t be enough color with your choice, take a look at this option, from the Surfliner model at Cooley Station. The cabinets are white, the appliances stainless, but this kitchen is anything but bland thanks to the dramatic granite countertop.

With every Fulton Home, granite countertops are standard in your kitchen. This choice is perfect with white cabinets. First, there is enough light color in the stone to connect the countertop with the cabinetry, yet there is still enough contrast to be effective. The natural brown and gold elements warm up the space, filling in the tones normally provided by stained wood cabinets.

Notice how the tile work stays light, but adds a rustic charm to the space with its beveled edges and trim. The dark mosaic tile elements over the stove and along the middle section of the island add an interesting dark contrast.

The dark flooring brings out the darkest brown visible in the countertop, connecting everything in the kitchen together. A few touches of black – the sink, the burners on the stove, and some accessories – pull in some additional strong dark tones.

This kitchen doesn’t really need a lot of additional color. A bit of maroon from the bar stool cushions and coffee cups are all that it takes to finish off the look.

Is this the kitchen of your dreams? Come take a look at this choice and more at our model homes at Cooley Station. Visit FultonHomes.com to learn more.


View from a Kitchen

view-from-kitchenwIf you are someone who wants to eat healthfully, and your family to eat healthfully, unless you can afford a personal chef chances are you spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Whether you are one of those well-organized cooks who plan ahead and spend the weekend cooking and freezing meals for easy warming up during the week or if you’re inclined to throw together a salad at the end of a long day, your kitchen often becomes the place where you spend much of your family time.

So when you choose your next home, be sure to consider what you will be seeing when you spend time in your kitchen. First, is the kitchen itself appealing? Will the cabinets make you smile when you open them? Will the countertop you chose feel nice under your hands when you set out your ingredients? Do you like your faucet handle? Will your refrigerator and freezer be large enough to hold what you need it to? What extra features such as under-cabinet lighting would make your work go smoother?

Next, stand in that future kitchen and look out. How do you like the view? We think this view is pretty nice. You may see your kids doing homework at the dinner table or your spouse reading the paper, or even better helping with the dishes. You may be alone in your home and just find enjoying the view out your back doors, or appreciating how your furniture suits your new dining and family room.

When you’re choosing your next home, take a few minutes when walking through our models like this one at Cooley Station to savor the views from various locations, because they will be a big part of your life once you move into your new Fulton Home.

Fly the Flag and help Wounded Warriors

fulton-flag-photo-webFulton Homes has partnered with KSLX, 100.7 for its third annual “Fly the Flag for Veteran’s Day” campaign. From now until Veteran’s Day – November 11 – any visitor to a Fulton Homes’ community who tours one of the new model homes has the opportunity to buy a full-size American flag kit for only $10.  Fulton Homes will match any $10 donation offered up a maximum of $25,000, with 100 percent of these donations going to the Wounded Warriors Project. Fulton Homes wants to encourage everyone to display a flag on Veteran’s Day and make a difference in the lives of veterans too.

“Fulton Homes honors all of our military personnel who defend our country and protect our freedoms,” Doug Fulton, Fulton Homes CEO, explained. “Displaying our flag on Veteran’s Day is a way we can honor and support our troops and show our gratitude, and the donations collected will support those who have been wounded while in service. We are indebted to our veterans and their families for the sacrifices they make to keep us safer.”

The Wounded Warrior Project provides programs and services to meet the needs of injured service men and women and works to provide more awareness of the needs of those veterans injured in service to our country. It focuses on honoring and empowering wounded warriors, encouraging them to help each other. For more information, visit their website at: http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/.

We invite you to visit one of our communities to pick up your flag and donate to this good cause.

Fulton Homes Offers Custom Homesites in Prescott

fulton-preserve-at-the-ranch-webAfter a summer like this one, have you been considering heading up North to beat the heat? Maybe just for the summer, or maybe permanently; either way, it is worth your time to check out the new Fulton Home community of custom homesites in the Williamson Valley area of Prescott, Arizona.

This new gated custom home community provides a unique opportunity to join a small select group of homeowners. This Prescott-based enclave consists of only 38 estate-sized homesites, ranging from four to seven acres each, within a parcel of over 250 acres of unspoiled forest. Each site offers incredible views of Granite Mountain and the surrounding area.

Within the community, each home will be positioned to maximize view corridors and protect privacy with completely underground utilities to eliminate the distractions of wires and poles. All the streets in this community are paved and private.

talking-ranch-plan-webAs an additional advantage to joining this exclusive community of custom Fulton Home property buyers, each owner receives a social club membership to the exclusive Talking Rock Ranch Club located close by.  Talking Rock offers golf clubhouse and locker facilities, a fitness center, full-service dining, bar and patio areas, a post office and coffee shop. The buildings are connected with breezeways, porches and patios. These, combined with indoor and outdoor fireplaces, work together to create a lovely area for socializing and enjoying life.

If this sounds like the right opportunity for you, we invite you to contact us soon. Almost half of the properties have been sold so far. For information on those properties still available, we welcome you to contact our on-site friendly and informative agent, Richard Hanna at Prescott Realty: 928-889-2899 or prescottrealty@gmail.com.

Exploring Fulton Homes: The Fulton Design Center

design-center-carpeting-webOne of the best aspects of buying a new Fulton Home is the opportunity to use the Fulton Design Center to create a home made just for you. You have the opportunity to select everything from your flooring to lighting and paint colors. And with our technology department you can create the perfect home theater and build the best security system for your needs.

Once you’ve visited a number of communities and models, it pays to visit the Fulton Design Center on one of our open browse nights. Scheduled the first and third Thursday evenings of every month from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, you have the opportunity to see all of the options available for customizing your home to your style and taste.

Fulton designers are available to answer your questions and show you around. You may be surprised at the variety of choices waiting for you. In this low-key environment you can enjoy various appetizers and drinks while wandering through the space. It also pays to get a sense of what sort of options you can select.

With over 13,000 square feet of space, there are kitchen and bathroom vignettes in a number of styles to give you ideas about your own home. The Design Center is frequently updated so that the products and examples are current in style and capability. Kitchens include a variety of cabinets and appliances so that you can try out the feel of them and determine those options that appeal to you.

Once you buy your Fulton Home, you will be visiting the Fulton Design Center to select your home’s options with the help of one of our trained designers. Exploring your choices ahead of time will make this process both easier and more fun.

With the Fulton Design Center, you can end up with a home that matches your taste and décor preferences as well as working with your family’s functional needs.

Exploring Fulton Homes: Visiting a Community

Queen-Creek-Station-saleswebWhen you’re ready to visit a Fulton Home’s community, plan for more than a cursory look. To do justice to each model, anticipate spending about a half-hour at a minimum in each. Here are some suggestions to improve your understanding of how each model would work for your family.

Walk into every room: This includes bathrooms and walk-in closets. When you live in a home you won’t be merely peering in from the door. See how the laundry room feels as a work room. Experience the master and other bathrooms from an inside perspective. You might even want to step into the walk-in shower to get a sense of the space.

Go outside. Open the doors and wander out to the back yard. Take a look at how the house looks and feels from the back. If there are any side yards or courtyards available, check them out also. Do you like the access from the house itself to the outside? What would you change if you could? How would it work for you when entertaining outside?

Sit down: If there are stools pulled up to the kitchen island, sit down and see how the open style space works for you. Take a few minutes to sit at the dining room table and the table in the eat-in kitchen. While you’re seated, check out window locations and lighting. Before you leave a particular model, sit in the family room and discuss what you like about it and what you would want to change. Remember, each model has variations that may be able to bring you much closer to the goals you have for your home.

Take a final look: Before you leave, sit down in the family or living room and discuss the model. Is this home a possibility for you? What features do you particularly like and what would need to change to meet your needs. You may even want to take notes and/or photos so you will remember each one individually.

There’s one more stop that’s worth making when planning to buy a Fulton Home: the Fulton Design Center.

Exploring Fulton Homes: Models and Floor Plans

elevationwebEvery Fulton Home community offers a nice mix of home styles and floor plans. It pays to investigate your options on our website before visiting the models.

Our homes range from Easy-maintenance courtyard homes to spacious luxury homes and everything in between. What kind of Fulton Home would best fit your family, lifestyle and price range?

Start by considering some basics. How many bedrooms do you want? Remember to factor in the potential growth of your family as well as changes such as older family members moving in with you temporarily or permanently. Also consider whether you need a home office and how much outdoor space you want for your lifestyle. Do your plans include a pool? A larger property would make more sense then.

Another issue that would affect your design choices might be the age of your children. If they’re relatively young you may prefer to have the master bedroom on the same side of the house as your children’s rooms so you are easily available if they need you during the night. On the other hand, you may want a guest room on the other side of your home to give your family and your guests more privacy.

Older children would prefer their own bathrooms. Fulton Homes offers the option in some models for putting in additional bathrooms to accommodate teens or adults sharing a home. Families with more than two drivers and car owners may also benefit from larger multiple-car garages. Check out each possible home in your preferred communities to see which ones might work best for you.

Next: Make the most of your community visit.