Four Feng Shui Decor Ideas for the Bedroom

Is it time to refresh your bedroom design? If so, you might want to consider implementing Feng Shui design principles. With the weather breaking, now is the perfect time to improve the overall appearance and comfort of your bedroom. Whether you are simply seeking a better night’s rest, looking to nurture existing relationships, or bring a sense of balance into the room, you can achieve that with some of these Feng Shui decor ideas. Let’s take a look!

Select the Right Place to Put Your Bed

Troubled sleep and romantic relationships are often correlated to the placement of the bed according to Feng Shui principles. Experts recommend anchoring the bed against a wall or a headboard as opposed to the window. A floating bed that is installed in the middle of the room has no stability, which makes the room feel groundless. As a result, sleep becomes challenging. Additionally, avoid placing the bed in a corner. While this is ideal for a kid’s bedroom, this is not the case for an adult’s room. There should be enough space for each person to get in and out of bed.

Symmetry is Key

Go for a symmetrical look when designing your bedroom with Feng Shui principles in mind. When using furniture around the bed, be sure to create balance by thinking in pairs. That means the bedside tables, lamps, and other accessories should all be of the same size and equal quality.

Inspiring Artwork

When looking for artwork to hang on your bedroom walls, choose something that inspires positive emotions. In Feng Shui, sha is an element that can evoke negative feelings. Artwork can be a sha if it inspires a feeling of sadness, anger, or pain. If you want your bedroom to feel like a comfortable, safe haven, it is encouraged that you definitely invest in furniture that moves your emotion in a positive way.

If you share your bedroom with a significant other, you should exercise caution when selecting a couple of pictures to showcase. Be sure to have at least one picture that depicts a happy moment with your loved one.

Cut the Clutter and Electronics

When creating a space that is truly calm and serene, you will definitely need to cut the clutter and remove the electronics. According to Feng Shui, a messy area can symbolize unfinished business which in turn can make you feel anxious; therefore, throw away things you do not need and find new places to store odds and ends.

Do you use any of these practices currently in your bedroom design? If so, we would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

Helpful Tips for First-Time Dorm Students

Wow, summer flew by, and you have three or four weeks before you enter college as a freshman! We know this can be a daunting task and one that can make you unsure, especially if you never lived away from home. We are here to help make the transition easier and give you some valuable tips for moving into a dorm.

You are about to enter the next phase of your life. These days will be some of the best in your life. Enjoy, go with the flow, try not to be shy and make sure to go to class! Below, you will find ideas about what to buy, styles, and decor choices with organizational options for your dorm. Let’s take a look!

Accent Color

Your dorm room will be freshly painted a neutral color like white, cream, or light beige. Most likely the woodwork and doors will also be painted the same color of the walls in a gloss or semi-gloss paint for easy cleanup. If you have a roommate or not, we recommend choosing an accent color and sticking with that one color. Regarding the psychology of color, think about using blues, greens, or soft yellows as your accent color. These three colors are calming, happy, remind us of nature, and put us in a great mood!

Area Rug

If you have been paying attention to design style for the last couple of years, you have noticed that many dormers have chosen faux fur and shag area rugs. These types of area rugs have a really cool look but are challenging to clean and are not as durable as other types of rugs. We recommend purchasing a braided rug or a traditional woven rug in a neutral color. If the rug is a neutral color, the room will look larger and will not show dirt like a light or darker colored area rug.

Utilize Wall Space

Do not forget that your wall space is not the entire room, your roommate has half of the space. Usually, the ceiling height is taller than the standard height of an average bedroom. Think about purchasing a lightweight cotton/rayon tapestry that is made with stunning colors and designs. These tapestries come in various sizes and are often inexpensive, but do the job of covering an ample empty space on the wall. Here is where you can bring pops of color in the space with your chosen accent color. Also, with all the new organizational trends, there are many different ways to organize your busy life like putting up a bulletin board that tracks and reminds you of important dates, to-dos, birthdates of family and friends, library notices, etc.

We wish you the best of luck on your new adventure! May the next four years be filled with good friends and great memories.

Tips for Decorating a Teen’s Bedroom

Do you remember your childhood bedroom? Perhaps the design scheme consisted of pop star posters taped all over the walls and lots of funky colors. No matter how crazy your room looked, the best part about it was that it was your sanctuary. No doubt, as a parent, you want your teen to have that same feeling. How can you create a bedroom that your child will love? Well, no need to wonder because we have you covered with the following tips and tricks:

Select a Color Scheme

Of course, the first step in designing any space is deciding what color scheme you want. For personalization, use your teen’s favorite color. For instance, if red is their favorite color, be sure to use this hue in your design. You can also use a neutral color with bold palettes to help balance out the design.

Pick Furniture

No room is complete without the proper furnishing; however, the most important piece of furniture in your teen’s room is nothing other than their bed. You can add some interest in the room by selecting a lovely headboard and well-designed bedding. Be sure to incorporate other furniture in the room, such as a desk and chair so that they can have a place to complete their homework. Avoid crowding out the room with lots of furniture because as we all know, teenagers do not need any additional help creating clutter.


Accessories or little things to complement the room is crucial for creating a room that your teen will love. Selecting the appropriate accessories will depend on your child’s personal likes. For example, if your teenage daughter is an ‘upcoming beauty guru,” you may want to incorporate an oversized mirror with lighting around it. Beanbag seats and Christmas tree lights are also some trendy accents you can use to add spice to a teen’s bedroom.


Many people tend to overlook lighting, but this aspect is essential to the entire design of the room. In addition to overhead lighting, you may want to include task lighting in your teen’s room so that they can perhaps browse a magazine or read a book at bedtime.


Self-expression is everything to teenagers; therefore, you will want to allow them to express their own unique interests and desire through their room’s design. Let their creativity go wild and help them to gather their ideas into a gorgeous concept.

For more expert tips and tricks, be sure to visit our blog hub at Fulton Homes. Thanks for reading!

Picking the Perfect Headboard

A headboard can say a lot about a bedroom. It will make a bold statement and becomes the focal point of most bedrooms. Different styles of headboards can turn your boring, mundane bedroom into a tranquil oasis. But if you do not know where to begin, it can be a challenging process to decide. If you need guidance on how to select the perfect headboard for your space, be sure to keep on reading!

Floor to Ceiling

Try a floor to ceiling headboard as a luxurious addition to your room. This do-it-yourself hack can help exaggerate the height of your wall while adding a stylish decor to your room. Decorative wallpaper or painted-on stencils can also help complete this desirable look.

Tufted Fabric

Tufted fabric is an elegant look that adds class to your bedroom. You will want to pick a material that expresses you and incorporates style within the space. Nothing ties together a sophisticated room quite like a tufted headboard. You may have seen this style incorporated in hotels or spas. This is a great way to enrich your space and add flair to your room.

Bamboo Forest

If you are looking for a more natural appeal, bamboo is the way to go. Adding natural colors and hues can have your room feeling organic and energetic. Try incorporating woods, corks, and plants to your bedroom to transform a dull room and bring nature back indoors.

Smart Style Storage

Make your headboard out of functional storage compartments and shelves to free up space in your room and help hide clutter. This clever hack would not take up any floor space and can also be used to display vases, art, and plants.


Are you looking for a creative way to use your unused, already read books? You can utilize your favorite reads by incorporating them into your bedroom design. This unique take on headboards can help add a creative twist to your space and let your dreams flow.


Sometimes your room is not set up to have a headboard, but you can use a window. Do not shy away from the idea. Use curtains and shelving to complement your window and make it the focal point of the room. Embrace the window and use the view to make your headboard a living glass wall!

Headboards can complete your bedroom design. You can use your headboard for style or functionality. Let it express your needs and add your personal flair to the room.

Tips for Organizing a Kid’s Bedroom

Are you tired of always getting on your kid to clean up their room? A child’s room can quickly become cluttered with clothes, crafts, and toys. If this is an issue that you are currently experiencing, it may be time to start implementing some new organization strategies. A well-organized room will allow kids to locate their favorite toys faster as well as help keep things neat. Here are some tips to help organize your child’s room:

No Longer in Use

If you are still storing those clothes that your child can no longer fit, it is time to find them a new home. Ask your child to help you separate items that they no longer use or can fit, so you can both donate them to other children in need. Children are more likely to part with the toys that they no longer play with when they find out that they will be helping another child in need.

Cute and Practical

Your storage solutions should be fun while being ideal for the needs of your kid. You can try using colorful storage bins with wheels that enable them to be easily moved. In addition, if you are feeling artsy, you can make it a crafts project with the kids to create fun storage options for their toys.

Get Kids Involved

Have your children help you organize their room. Be sure to make it fun by turning it into a game–this will help them develop a more upbeat attitude towards tidying up their room thus motivating them to do so on their own.

Separate “Like” Items

Try storing “like” items together. Help them sort through their clothes and toys so that you can see exactly what they have. Use storage bins, shelves, or crates to place items so that you will be able to keep track of what they have.

Accessibility is Key

When organizing your kid’s room, it is essential that you make everything easily accessible for your child that way, they will be able to find and put away items. If you have small children, consider placing nooks at a convenient height. In addition, you can lower rods in the closet so that they will be able to hang up their own clothes.

How do you stay organized? We would love to hear your personal tips and tricks below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

How Many Pillows Should I Have on My Bed?

How many pillows are currently on your bed? When it comes to decking the bed out in pillows, there are usually two types of individuals. Some enjoy filling the headboard with an abundance of pillows, and others who use one decorative pillow or none at all. The truth is that not all pillows are just for comfort. In fact, many choose to implement decorative pillows on their bed. After all, we spend as much 3,000 hours annually in our bedrooms. Therefore, you will want to love the space that you are spending so much time. But how many pillows do you actually need on your bed?

Sleeping Pillow

No matter what your style is, one pillow that every bed should have are the sleeping pillows. They are essential for a great night’s sleep. Most of us have at least two sleeping pillows, and if you are a couple, you may have four. Typically sleeping pillows are manufactured in three standard sizes: standard, queen and king. Additionally, you can use pillow protectors to increase the lifespan of your pillows. Sleeping pillows tend to get stained with natural body oils, dust mites, drool, and makeup, so it is important to keep them protected.

Decorative Pillows

Beds in decor magazines tend to look nice because they use decorative pillows. Euro pillows which are generally much longer than sleeping pillows are popular decorative pillows. Euro pillows are both functional and decorative. They support your back when sitting up in bed, and they also protect the headboard. Euro pillows are also ideal if you do not have a headboard. These large sized pillows add a sense of height, depth and draw the eye around the room. One Euro pillow is recommended for a twin size bed, and two for a double or queen bed and three for a king-sized bed.

Accent Pillow

The accent pillows are all about injecting some personality into your bedroom. You can use them as an accessory. If you have bed dressing features a neutral palette, you can use accent pillows to add color and flair to your bedding.

To answer the question previously asked, the amount of pillows you use is based on your style and personality. There is no right or wrong answer for homeowners. It is all about finding what adds to your design while making you comfortable.

Discovering the Perfect Bed Sheets

There are twenty-four hours in the day, and we are recommended to have eight hours of sleep a night. This means we spend almost 1/3 of our lives in our beds. Sleep is vital to ensure good health, proactive days, and positive energy. While mattresses are significant in creating the comfort of your room, they do little to enhance the design. The area where your bed truly balances between comfort and aesthetics is your bedroom sheet set and comforters. Investing in a fancy, colorful comforter may not be the best for your sleep but looks beautiful. Consider adding some of these options to your bed to create a better texture to the bedroom while also enhances your comfort.


Switching your sheets to silk can be more beneficial than that sleek finish and chill feeling when you slip into bed. Silk sheets have a hypoallergenic property which can help resist dust, mold, and fungus. Silk is safe on the skin and can also help reduce wrinkling. Switching to silk sheets and pillowcases does not necessarily mean cool all night long. Silk sheets are very tightly woven and can trap heat very well throughout the nighttime.


Another excellent alternative textile to consider is wool. This natural solution is also hypoallergenic and extremely durable. Wool comes from sheep which is used to regulate their body temperature. Wool does a superior job at keeping in the heat at night while you sleep. Unlike down bedding, wool will not shift. This will mean you will have no open spots or less soft points in your comforter.

Bamboo Sheets

Another highly comfortable option is bamboo bedding. This bedding is more breathable, allowing air to pass through it with ease. This can be great for warmer areas or homes that are kept hot. If you overheat at night, consider investing in such bamboo sheets. This hypoallergenic and antibacterial solution is very durable. These make perfect summertime sheets for any home.

Your bedding matters. Decide which bedding is best tailored to your needs. Perhaps, you mix and match pillowcases, sheets, and comforter for a decorative design, or you can change them seasonally or invest in ones you think are best annually. You spend to much time sleeping to not invest in the comfort and looks of your bed.

Tips and Tricks for Creating a Guest Bedroom Getaway

It is always rewarding to host guests. Creating an atmosphere which is inviting and welcoming is key to being a good host. If you plan on allowing your guest to stay overnight, you will need to prepare a guest room. Plus, having the perfect guest room does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. You should, however, treat your guest how you would want to be treated. There are several elements which can make your company’s stay a better experience. Here are our top guest room essentials to ensure your visitors have an impeccable stay:

A Place to Rest Their Head

A comfy bed can make or break your company’s stay. Make sure your guests are provided with clean sheets and extra pillows/blankets. You do not want them to be too warm or too cold; therefore, provide them with a complete set of sheets and additional items to make their stay welcoming. They can feel awkward asking for more items, so make sure you provide above and beyond what they are expecting.

A Place to Unpack

Depending on your company’s stay, they may have clothes they need to be unpacked. Providing an adequate amount of storage whether in a dresser or closet space is a must. You may also want to give a hook on the back of the door for them to hang their jackets, purses, or hats. Do not be shy about giving them enough hangers because again, you want to provide extra and beyond their needs.

A Place to Recharge

Do not forget to provide the room with basic amenities. Remember to have a clock and provide enough outlets for your guest to be able to charge their electronics. You may even want to provide some phone chargers in the room as well. You can also make the room more enjoyable by adding a television, radio, and even Bluetooth speaker. Your guests will love the extra thought you put into the space and enjoy their getaway a little more.

Being a good host is satisfying, and creating the perfect guest room is a fun challenge. Do not overcrowd the room with décor, but remember that less is more. We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks. For more expert ideas, visit us at Fulton Homes.

The Ultimate Bedroom Cleaning List

Bedrooms should be cleaned often because of the amount of dust, dirt, and allergens that can become easily trapped in your space. Try to clean your home’s bedrooms once a week to help remove any unwanted dirt and dust. Before you begin, open the room’s windows to give the room fresh air and a nice air flow.


Take all your dirty clothes to the laundry room and place all clean clothes in their proper place.

  • Every season, you should move the current season’s clothing to the front of the closet then move last season’s clothes to the back of the closet. For example, it is currently February; therefore, you would move your winter clothing to the back of the closet and bring your spring clothing to the front of the closet.


Vacuum your bedroom floors to collect any dust and dirt that may have been tracked into the room. If you have hardwood floors, you should mop your floors with a basic floor cleaner.

  • You can make your own floor cleaner by mixing together 2 cups of hot water with 2 cups of white vinegar in a bucket. This floor cleaner will dry on its own; there is no need to rinse.


Undress your mattress and put all the linens into the washing machine. While your bed is undressed, lightly sprinkle baking soda on top of the mattress and let it sit. After your linens are washed and dried, vacuum the mattress to remove any excess baking soda.


Now, redress your bed with your clean bedding and linens.


Take window cleaner and clean your windows off in a circular motion. If you have window ledges, remember to remove any dust that may be on the ledge. Every six months, take your curtains and put them into the washing machine. Dust can build up on your curtains, and it is essential to make sure that they are cleaned.


Take a feather duster and go over your ceiling fan, blinds, picture frames, furniture, etc.


Close your windows then light your favorite candle to freshen up the bedroom as a final finishing touch.

With a fresh and clean bedroom, you can relax and enjoy your clean oasis. We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks! For more advice, be sure to subscribe.

Pillow Talk: How to Design Your Bed | Part Two

When designing your space, functionality should always come first.  Finding areas in your home that are extremely important to our well-being is a great place to start in the house.  Sleep is vital for proper brain function, our moods, and energy levels.  What investments have you made for your trip to dreamland? With the right pillows, your slumber kingdom is about to get a whole lot comfier. 


Many common sleeping positions can put our spines in bad positions, creating back, spine, and joint pain. A supportive pillow can help prevent neck pains, posture, and even headaches.? Neck pillows are primarily filled with microbeads for sturdy support. The design is targeted to keep your neck and spine in a neutral position while you sleep to prevent cramps and irritations. 


Another excellent support pillow is a body pillow. Cuddling with these pillows can keep your legs and arms from being in an uncomfortable position while you sleep.? Try investing in these is you sleep on your side or if you are pregnant. 


Your spine is extremely important to keep in a neutral position during your sleep.  Poor sleep habits on unsupported weak areas of the spine can lead to problems.  Avoid lower back pain and invest in a lumbar pillow.  Keeping your spine supported while you sleep is a great way to get rid posterior and anterior pelvic tilts.? Get a lumbar pillow to keep your spine in the optimal position during your slumber. 


A multifunction tool of comfort that you can add to your bed is a wedge pillow.? These triangular pillows are very supportive.? Use it to prop yourself up while you are reading, increase blood flow to your legs, and pinch between your knees while you sleep.? Adding this support pillow to your bed can have many beneficial uses. 

Stop waking up sore with a poor nights rest.  Invest in pillows that can help keep your joints healthy and provide you with a good night’s sleep.  Experiment and find what is best suited for your comfort.