Landscaping in Arizona

If you are new to the desert or just looking to improve your landscaping, you came to the right place. Arizona landscaping and curb appeal can be very different from other typical climates in the United States. While grass lawns can still work in some parts of Arizona, they can be very high maintenance. While the desert creates some dilemmas, it also opens a new world of possibilities and beautiful features to consider adding to your home. Your landscape encapsulates all the visible features and outdoor aesthetics your home has to offer. Creating your landscape is an art and making this masterpiece will call for a couple of key elements:


Where green may be the primary color theme through of other landscapes of the United States, it comes a little less frequently here. Grass may not be the best choice for this climate, but that does not mean you need a blank, dirt yard. Colored gravel with warm burnt tones can really give your yard a pop of color. You can even create beautiful rock beds and patterns/designs with different colored rocks. You may also want to include sand, pebbles, and concrete for their durability and lack of dependence on water.


This arid region makes most plant life hard to maintain, but also has many dynamic landscaping opportunities to explore. Adding a splash of color can really spruce up your dry yard. Cacti are very common plant life that many Arizonians add to increase curb appeal. Try including other drought-tolerant plants like red yuccas, roses, or honey mesquite trees. These plants are tolerable to some of the dust, soil, and heat of the desert. You can also add some great fruit trees like lemons, grapefruits, oranges, and more in this climate. Palm trees can add height to your lawn or adding large cacti as well. Just be sure to create a diverse landscape with a mix plant life of all sizes, shapes, and colors while allowing them to complement one another, not work against each other.

Focal Point

Add an element to your curb appeal to help make your home “pop.” Water is scarce out here, but some fountains are beautiful and can be real eye-catchers. If you want something more subtle, try making a tree or a cactus your homes focal point. You can add a rock path to a bench or side patio or even add a half wall in front of your home for other focal points. Just try finding elements that complement your home and work with the land.

Arizona is very different than other landscaping in the United States. Discovering and exploring different avenues to decorate your yard can be fun. Try to add some color and a variation of different plant height. Not all of Arizona has the same climate. What may work for a town an hour away may not work where you live. Explore the neighborhood and gather ideas. They say that copying is the greatest form of flattery. Just remember to add some of your own original touches to tailor it to you and your style.

Curb Appeal Boosting Tips & Tricks

Imagine: you are driving through a neighborhood, and you begin to pick out the homes that you like. Maybe, you even imagine houses that you have seen in real life. Most likely, those homes have some feature of curb appeal that draws you towards them. Is it a gorgeous landscape? Maybe a beautiful front door? Whatever it may be, there is something special about this home. To help you captivate this look of the house, we have created a list of three curb appeal boosting items that can help you win over the neighborhood. Who knows, by the end of this, maybe your home’s curb appeal will be on someone else’s mind.

Curb Appeal Boosting Tips & Tricks:

  1. A Nice Trimming. If your plant life is overgrown, it can take away from the beauty of our home’s exterior. In order to boost your curb appeal with fresh new flowers, you will need to begin by removing any dead/diseased plants, trimming brushes/hedges/shrubs, and begin to mulch the area. Your home’s garden can play a crucial role in how it is perceived. Luckily, you can spend a weekend getting it back into shape.
  2. Establish a Focal Point. Just like with the interior, you will want to establish a focal point on the exterior of your home. Traditionally speaking, a focal point is what you want to catch the most attention. It can really be any element of your yard if done correctly. In fact, it can be as simple as a bright blue front door. Whatever you decide to be your focal point, go in with full dedication. Do not hold back.
  3. Be Different. In styling your home, it is easy to follow trends and go with the most popular ideas but being different is what helps your home to stand out the most. Whether you try incorporating different plants or play with different colors, try to think outside of the box visually. Plus, you can even play with different leveling and heights of plants to help give a more intriguing look.

What is your favorite feature of a home’s exterior? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.