Trendy Ideas for Wall Decor

Do your walls feel bare and ultimately make the room feel uninviting? It is totally okay! We have all been there. In order to master your room’s potential, you need to take advantage of that bare wall space, and we have six trendy ideas for you! Let’s take a look.

Trendy Ideas for Wall Decor:

1. Up in The Air.

If you are looking for a wall decor idea that is as functional as it is stylish, floating shelves can be the perfect choice for you. They provide additional store and the ability to display unique decor pieces on them. Plus, if you are looking for the most recent floating shelf trend, we recommend letting your shelves expand from wall to wall. This brilliant idea creates clean lines and provides an excessive amount of storage. It looks great in dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.

2. Galleria.

Upon the classics, a gallery wall never goes out of style. Each year, we learn new ways to make it up more updated and trendy. This year, we recommend using the same type of frame for all of the photos. This helps to create a clean, consistent look that is absolutely breathtaking. That being said, the size can differ in each frame. 

3. Framed.

Frames are not just for pictures nowadays, but you can include things like fabric, wallpaper, graphic prints, or postcards inside of them.

4. Sketch.

Wall stencils can be a great way to add stylish detail to your walls. Plus, they are easy to do! With a paint of can and a stencil, you can completely reimagine your bare walls.

5. Jetsetter

Maps are not just for gathering directions. You can use a map as a piece of decor that displays all of the fun, unique places that you have traveled. We recommend adding colorful pins to mark the destinations that you have been. You can even add photos of you in that location near or on the place. This helps to add a personal touch to the art.

6. Found Treasures.

Antique shops are a great place to find unique treasures that can make your home a little more special. You can incorporate rustic keys in a gallery wall or hang old artwork to spice up your walls.

Do you have a trendy idea for wall decor that you would like to share with other readers? We would love to hear below in the comment section!

Must-Have Home Accessories & Decor Pieces

A room can appear rather dull without accessories and decor pieces. What was once boring can be brought to life with a few key pieces. If you are searching for design inspiration, we have created a guide of seven must-have home accessories/decor pieces. Let’s take a look!

Must-Have Home Accessories/Decor Pieces:

1. A Natural Element.

Plants can create a beautiful feature piece within a space. From succulents to flowers, plants provide a delightful, refreshing twist to the classic decor pieces. Plus, with plants, you can bring in natural elements. The things that we all love about the outdoors are featured when you incorporate a plant in your decor. The plants will help to create an inviting, refreshing space that cannot be mastered by any other decor piece.

2. Window Treatments.

The stylish treatments that you use for your curtains can help elongate the space while incorporating a vast amount of natural lighting. Curtains can be a great accessory piece for all homes because whether you choose patterns or a pop of color, it can provide a flattering finish to your space.

3. Light The Way.

Lighting is essential for setting the mood and overall tone of the room. Not only can you incorporate stylish fixtures, but you can install light options that help create a sense of completeness. For example, you could install dimmers for the night time or track lighting in dark areas of your room. Lighting is all about your perspective and personal opinion.

4. Added Comfort.

There is something oh so comforting about a cozy area rug. Area rugs are great ways to add that homey look you desire without taking away from the current flooring. Plus, they can help dress up the space. They provide a much-needed backdrop to your furniture pieces while blending into the overall decor.

5. Wall Pieces.

Do not let your walls be bare this season. Walls are the perfect opportunity to add a little bit of flair and fun. From large mirrors to stunning artwork, your walls can express a fun, creative nature and add to the overall decor.

6. Make a Statement.

No matter what, we recommend finding a focal piece to make as the statement of the room. Whether it be dressing up the fireplace or framing the gorgeous bay window, find your focal point and run with it.

7. Play with Texture.

Texture can play an important in the overall design scheme. Most homeowners breeze past the thought, but it can help create a sense of comfort. Try adding pieces that incorporate unique textures into your space. It does not even have to be an area rug or blanket; you can add texture through artwork, light fixtures, etc. Get creative with it.

What accessory could you not live without having? We would love to hear your feedback in the comment section.

Inspiring Seasonal Colors that Work Year-Round

Fall is the perfect season to gain design inspiration for your home. During these breezy months, you can find beautiful, warm colors and hues that can work in your home’s design. For fall inspiration, stayed tuned because we have six fall colors that work year-round: 

  1. Espresso Brown. Inspired by the deep tones found in nature, espresso brown can make a subtle appearance in your space as an accent color or even a wall color. For a dramatic look, you can purchase furniture in this deep shade. This color looks almost black; therefore, it goes with nearly every color out there, and you do not have to worry about it clashing with anything.
  2. Burnt Orange. The autumn trees inspired us to love this particular color because of its warm and breezy hues. Burnt orange looks great as an accent color in patterns or as a statement piece. You can transform an entire room with this beautiful “orangey” hue.
  3. Sienna. We like to think of Sienna as a more natural color that does not stand out as much as burnt orange but helps tie together your browns, oranges, and reds. It works well as an accent piece to tie together other hues. 
  4. Mustard Yellow. If you are looking for a statement, mustard yellow is here to take charge. Using yellow in your decor is anything but subtle, and that is why we love it. You can try using this color in areas of your room that you want to draw attention. If you are feeling extra trendy, you can try to use it as your base color.
  5. Garnet Red. This is a beautiful, deep red that embodies elegance and power. We absolutely love this color for sofa chairs, decorations, or a wall color. Garnet Red needs a powerful place for its compelling look. 
  6. Plum. If you are looking for a deeper shade than garnet red, plum purple is the shade for you. This rich color is soothing to look at and provides a full body of drama in one shade. The deep plum may be too dark for a wall color but works well for decorations and accent pieces.

For more design and color inspiration, be sure to visit our blog hub. 

How to Organize a Kid’s Room Like a Pro

Let’s be honest; a child’s bedroom and playroom are not the most organized room in the house. They tend to get messy, fast. But fear not, there are ways to avoid the messiness and focus on maximizing the room’s organizational potential. For tips on how to organize your kid’s bedroom like a professional, keep on reading! 

How to Organize a Kid’s Room Like a Professional:

Tip #1: Hide-and-Seek.

Hide-and-Seek is not only a kid’s game, but it can come in handy when organizing your child’s bedroom. You want to “hide” the toys and only “seek” them when it is playtime. A great way to hide the toys is by putting them in plain sight. Fun animal-themed baskets and decked out treasure chests will do just the trick. If you are blessed with a closet in the bedroom, you can replace the closet door with a curtain. The curtain will provide a little more leeway for extra room. You can also place a dresser inside of the closet and use it for extra storage. For your kid’s more attractive toys, like toy firetrucks or dolls, you can place them on a shelf to be displayed. By utilizing toys for decor, you keep them off the floor while adding to the overall design. 

Tip #2: Get Hooked.

Wall hooks are a fantastic storage technique. They provide a place for winter jackets or dress-up costumes. Whatever your use may be, consider using hooks in your child’s bedroom for storage. Plus, you can buy wall hooks to fit the style of your kid’s bedroom and help add to the overall design. 

Tip #3: Labeled.

Label your child’s items to help them during the cleaning process. Bins and drawers can have small, clear labels placed on them for reference. By doing this, you can help your child take responsibility of their room.

Tip #4: Where Monsters Go.

The space underneath your child’s bed is the perfect place to store items you do not use frequently. Out-of-season clothing or underused toys can be placed underneath the bed. Be sure to buy roll-out bins for easy access.

Tip #5: Double-Duty.

Wherever you can add extra storage, do it. You can purchase cubed chairs that are hollow on the inside of them, and use this empty space to store your kid’s reading books and coloring items. Plus, they can use the cube chairs for tea parties or storytime. It is dual-purpose and twice the fun. 

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks. If you are looking for more expert advice, please check out our blog hug. Thanks for reading! 

Inspiring Design Hacks to Transform Your Patio for Autumn

When it comes to home investments, you may not think of exterior modifications right away, and maybe, it is time to change your way of thinking. Autumn is the season to enjoy the outdoor weather and experience the beauty of change. Hosting outdoor festivities and gatherings is a great way to encapsulate this change through your home. Tailoring your patio for the seasons and adapting to different criteria can be a daunting task at first but the reward is well worth the time invested. As some of the Arizona trees begin to alter their leaves with a crimsons and golds spectacles and the nights grow longer, change is inevitable. We put together three simple fall patio changes worth your investments. Let’s take a look!

Fabulous Firepit

A great social modification to your patio is adding a firepit. Yes, even in Arizona. Plus, there are so many budget-friendly options as well as some very classy, elaborate setups for homeowners to select their favorite. Decide which investment best suits your house, design, and budget. Also, consider the number of people you plan on hosting. If you plan on entertaining large groups, you will want to add more seating to accommodate everyone. Lastly, make sure the firepit is well kept, and no trees are overhead that could catch fire.

Feature Fall Decor

Exterior decor can make a powerful statement outside your home. Adding hay barrels and pumpkins is an easy way to adapt your home for the fall season. Fall is harvest season and adding creative reflections of that around your outdoors can boost your home’s exterior value and fall pride. Try incorporating scarecrows and even decorating for Halloween to add flair. Plus, with Thanksgiving around the corner, it is also an excellent opportunity to add other festive pieces to your design.

Functional Furniture

Make sure you get the proper patio furniture. This is your chance to add your taste and design style outside. The exterior design option can be branched from bar seating to chairs or even stools. Designing your patio with the right seating and furniture is crucial for adapting your patio to become an outdoor hangout. Try buy autumn theme cushions or even a fun fall colored umbrella to help amplify your seasonal pride. Make sure you have different gathering spots and tailor your patio to accommodate the events you may host. You may also want to get a grill or set up an outdoor kitchen to make cooking and serving easier outdoors.

Investing in your patio this season is a great way to improve your home. It shows you care about your home and take pride in even the exterior.

Decorating with Antiques: Mixing Old and New

Perhaps one of the biggest interior design myths is that you should not mix old pieces with new ones; however, there is no reason that your grandma’s “old” plates have to be confined to the attic. The easiest way to create a monotonous room is by sticking to pieces that reflect a single style period. In fact, the most stylish rooms are designed with different design elements that are both old and new. While you are shopping for edgy, modern items, you will want to consider how you can pair the new pieces with antique accessories.

If you live in a standard space that lacks unique architectural elements, adding vintage items in the midst of contemporary pieces will add character to your home. Antiques are great decorative pieces because they usually tell a story and the fact that they have stood the test of time is just amazing. It is essential to utilize a neutral color scheme to pull off this effortless look. Neutral colors will not distract from the design, instead contribute a beautiful canvas space for the pieces. Now, decorating with antiques does require some skill. While you do not want your home to be a recreation of a museum, it is also dull for your room to look like an exact replica of the furniture store’s showroom. To master the balance, here are some tips for mixing old items with the new pieces in your design:


Many antique collectors like to purchase vintage items and convert them into something more useful or display them in a way they were not created to use. For instance, a vintage dress can be cleaned and used as a hallway table, old Victorian chairs can be reupholstered entirely with a funky patterned design to look completely different, and a treasure trunk can be used as a coffee table.

Grouping Similar Items

If you have a few vintage items you want to showcase in a room, you can try grouping the “like” items in one area. You can give your antique dishware a home in the dining room armoire or build a shelf to hold your antique collections. This way, they are displayed in the same area and create a feature piece rather than a sporadic design.

Mixing Elements

The best way to make antique items stand out in a room is by combining them with contemporary pieces. Modern furniture enhanced with vintage accessories is a great way to start. A modern coffee table with an antique lamp makes for an eclectic design and beautiful balance. If you feel a little unsure, mix in old decor pieces slowly. You can build up the room over time to help your space remain balanced.

While mixing old with new sounds like a challenge, we hope our top three tips make you confident to tackle this project. For more expert advice, please visit us at Fulton Homes. Thanks for reading!

What to Keep an Eye Out for in an Antique Store

Antique stores can have many hidden treasures available to homeowners, but with so much to look through, we can begin to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes, the biggest challenge is to know what to keep an eye out for while you are shopping. Designing your home and having a general plan on what to buy is key when shopping. To help you, we have listed four items that interior designers search for in an antique shop. Let’s take a look! 
What to Keep an Eye Out for at an Antique Store: 
1. Persian Rugs
Persian rugs are a great find in an antique shop. These high-quality rugs have beautiful woven patterns and designs that add character to any room. Make sure to keep an eye out for these hidden treasures when you are in an antique shop because these stores are the perfect spot to get a superior rug at a great buy.

2. Antique Mirrors
Antique mirrors are another item you should be on the hunt for in the antique shop. These framed mirrors look great in all styles of rooms. Antique mirrors and mirror frames can have a charm to them you do not get in mirrors today. 

3. Quality Furniture
Look for furniture with high craftsmanship skills. Some antique furniture was built to last for years and years. Take advantage and find a piece that will be a great addition to your home. Look for solid wood pieces like coffee tables, and quality-made dressers. You will be surprised how long this furniture can last in your house.

4. Multipurpose Furniture
Keep an eye out for multipurpose furniture and furniture you know will serve a use in your home. There are so many unique items in an antique shop for you to add to your home’s decor. Make sure what you are looking for pieces that will serve a purpose in your home. Finding multiple-purpose items with extra storage on dual-purpose seating can be a hidden treasure in and of itself.
Next time you go into an antique shop consider an item to look for before starting your journey. This does not have to feel like a daunting task. Antique shops are fun and a great way to add character and charm to your home’s decor. For more tips and tricks, visit us at Fulton Homes

Creating an Amazing Bedroom

Bedrooms are your escape from everyday life. If done properly, they can become a tranquil oasis to relax and unwind from all of the day’s stressful, overwhelming tasks.  If you are interested in captivating a calming bedroom retreat and a better night’s rest, stay tuned for six must-know tips and tricks. Let’s take a look! 
  • Unique Headboard – You will want to start with a headboard that makes the statement “this is my style!” Is your style clean and simple, dramatic, modern, rustic, or maybe artsy? When choosing your headboard, you want to keep in mind the color, material, texture, and design. The headboard can become a staple piece of the room and often times, viewed as a focal point. 
  • Sensational Bedding – Comfortable bedding can make or break an entire design. You will want to capture a cozy, chic look that gives you something to look forward to each and every night. You can even take thread-count into effect for capturing coziness. Just be sure to add plenty of layers, textures, and pillows for the ultimate paradise. 
  • Decorative Pillows – The type and number of decorative pillows on your bed are not set in stone. If you are unsure, you can never go wrong with simple, neutral tones but do not fear change or being bold. Decorative pillows are another opportunity to bring in texture and color to your blissful bedroom. 
  • Focal Point Artwork – Now this is the perfect opportunity to make your bedroom explode with your personality and style. Over the headboard, you can choose framed artwork or unusual pieces like arranged pieces of China/platters, a wooden/iron scroll piece, or hand-woven baskets. Let your imagination take over for this part of the project. Remember, do not overdo it with the artwork; less is always considered more! 
  • Mood and Task Lighting – Wall sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps are an easy and creative way to bring in another design element to your bedroom. If you are a night reader, be sure to add a directional task light next to your bedside. 
  • A Fabulous Area Rug – Rugs are the perfect opportunity to bring in texture like faux fur, natural fibers, color and adding additional coordinating patterns and prints. Do not be afraid to add an area rug to your design; area rugs help to add texture and dimension to your space. 
Which feature in your bedroom design is your favorite aspect? Let us know below in the comment section. 

Repurpose Pallets

Do it yourself projects can be a super fun way to be interactive with the design of your home. Repurposing old and used pallet boards is a great economical solution for adding style to your space. Nowadays, designers are always looking for ways to repurpose valuable wood and bring it into the design of a home. Plus, you do not even have to be an engineer or a designer to integrate these simple pallet tricks in your home. Here are four great ideas to use an old pallet board and incorporate it into your living space.
1. Coffee Table
Our first idea is to take a pallet and turn it into a coffee table. Adding wooden crates or bins to give the pallet height is great for adding storage beneath the coffee table. Finding a pallet with smaller gap spacing may be critical to this project so you can sit cups and coasters on the coffee table with ease. If not, you can also get a piece of plexiglass at your local hardware supplies store to create a surface on your coffee table.

2. Planter
Install a pallet against your wall with a decorative pallet board. You can make different tiers of the pallet into plant beds. You can even install herbs or flowers to make it personalized to your needs. This is a great way to bring distressed woods and vibrant, lively plants into your home decor. 

3. Headboard and Bedframe
A large pallet can place against the wall to make a headboard. Cut the boards to the shape you want if you want to get creative. Also, extra pallets are perfect to create your own bed frame. You can even loft yours by stacking pallets to acquire the height you are trying to obtain. Pallet boards work great for keeping your bed low profile or lofting it high to have additional storage.

4. Radiator Cover
Radiators can be such an eyesore in the room. Since they cannot be removed from your home, some homeowners have begun to get stylish covers. Use a pallet to cover your radiator by knocking the boards off the back of the pallet; you can also put décor on top and use it as additional shelving.
Using pallets is a cost-effective resolution for adding to the design of your home. Wood is a simple, timeless design staple that has always been incorporated into different room themes today. 
If you are working with a gnarled pallet, take the time to sand it and even stain it. The more time you put into prepping the pallet, the more professional the end project will appear. Pull any nails that are holding the pallet together; you can even mix and match pallets to create your own design. 
Be creative with your space and try adding these projects into your home. For more great tips and tricks, visit us at Fulton Homes

Tips for Filling out Your Shelves

Display shelving is a great way to add character and charm to your home design. With so many shelving designs available today, shelving can be an effective way to help enhance your room’s design. Not all shelving units are the same; however, there are some simple tricks to make sure that your display shelf looks professional and not chaotic. Try adding these simple elements to your display units to make a weak storage area of a room feel like a strong focal point. 
Tips for Filling out Display Shelves: 
  • Theme
A display shelf is a perfect spot for applying your design theme. Whether modern, classic, rustic, or even eclectic, this is your chance to add character and elements to the room; try to pick décor that matches your theme and helps amplify the space. Be cognitive that every feature added to the shelf does not feel out of place yet helps enhance the atmosphere and overall design. 
  • Color
Most rooms will have a color theme. The rule of thumb is an area’s color theme should be divided into 60-30-10. Sixty percent of your room should follow a primary color. This is your main color throughout the area. The secondary color will influence thirty percent of the space. This adds a nice contrast and can be reflected in the room’s theme. Lastly, you will use the last ten percent as the accent color. Try to keep this rule of thumb in mind when adding décor to your display shelf.
  • Variety
Diversity is vital to make a display shelf not feel monotonous and boring. Think of your display shelf as the perfect opportunity to add character to the room. By incorporating visual elements that are not only intricate but also complex, it will help build a relationship of a robust variety. Mix hues, lines, textures, and shapes to help add different levels of visual elements to reflect your design theme.
  • Balance
Your display shelf should have a sense of unity and balance. How you arrange your décor can make the display shelf feel cluttered and chaotic or can make it look well-planned and very visually pleasing. The rule of three is a powerful but effective interior decorating trick. The practice implies that objects arranged in odd numbers will always seem more visually appealing. Using this when placing objects near each other on the shelf is a great guideline to keep your shelving looking top notch.
Decorating your shelves is a fun way to put your personal touch in your home. Keep in mind these simple four tricks, and your shelves will be looking crisp and clean. For more great interior design tips, visit us at Fulton Homes.