Tips for Choosing the Right Curtains

Any interior design expert will tell you that the right curtains can make a room. In fact, curtains are much more than just a window covering; they have the power to form the basis of a space, and they significantly contribute to the atmosphere of the room. Whether they are custom-made or store-bought, finding the perfect set of curtains for a space can be challenging. The plethora of fabrics, colors, and styles make curtain shopping, oftentimes, time-consuming. With so many options, here are some ways you can narrow down the possibilities:

Color and Fabric

When shopping for curtains, understand that fabric plays a significant role. The material dictates how the curtain will fall and if it will stand the test of time. According to experts, if the material is too heavy, it may not fold right when drawn. However, if the material is too light, it will not fall right. Do not be afraid to carefully examine the material before you make your purchase.

Remember, that sunlight will fade the vibrancy of the fabric over time. Keep this mind if you are set on using curtains that feature a bold color since they will most likely fade faster. If you plan on updating your curtains every so often, this is not a significant concern. We suggest picking curtains with neutral colors since they easily blend into your decor, and they are less likely to fade over time.

Materials like linen, silk, faux silk, and velvet make for the best materials for window treatments. Faux silk is super durable while suede, velvet, and tapestry help block out the sunlight and have insulating properties.

Hanging the Curtains

How high above the window do you plan on installing your curtains? Installing panels higher than the window will add a sense of depth and height. Try hanging curtains six inches above the frame, or you can go higher for a more dramatic look. For a traditional look, you can allow the material to touch the floor slightly.

Ready-Made or Custom

If you are working on a small budget and you are short on time, you may want to consider purchasing ready-made curtains. You can buy quality curtains from shops and showrooms. However, customized curtains allow you to tailor the material according to your window’s specific measurements, pattern, and color.

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Unique Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Design

Are you searching for an easy but dramatic way to add more style to your home? If so, try decorating with mirrors. In fact, using mirrors in a space has several aesthetic benefits. It visually expands the room, making it seem bigger, and it can also create special effects. Today, we are going to share some designer secrets for tastefully using mirrors in your home’s decor. Let’s take a look!

Be Creative

When decorating with mirrors, think of this accessory as a decorative window that you can strategically place in a room to reflect any view. Mirrors can create special effects when you place it on your favorite piece of artwork, and the light reflects and emphasizes the different colors found throughout the artwork. According to design experts, there are generally no rules when it comes to decorating with mirrors. That means you can place them anywhere you want in the room.

Create a Dramatic Effect

Use mirrors to create a dramatic effect in a room with little design elements. A large floor length mirror in smaller spaces can totally transform the room. For instance, a framed floor length mirror propped against the wall in your bedroom or even at the end of the hallway can be a great design asset.

Multiple Mirrors

You do not have to stick to just one mirror in the room. In fact, you can never have too many mirrors. Get creative and hang multiple mirrors on one wall. Whether big or small, they should all be proportionate to each other, and they should be scaled based on the size of the wall. For instance, if you are working with an expansive wall, you do not want to use small mirrors. Instead, you should opt for larger mirrors that flatter the size of the wall. Additionally, when installing multiple mirrors on a wall, be sure to group them like artwork so that they are more visually appealing.

Mirror Hotspots

Although you can use mirrors in any room of the house, there are certain areas that will especially benefit from a few well-placed mirrors. The entryway is a great place to place a mirror. Also, the dining area is another great place to use mirrors. When combined with chandelier lighting and candles, mirrors will create the perfect ambiance in any space.

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Are Floral Prints Back in Style?

Florals prints use to be considered very retro. This style can be affiliated with “grandma’s couch” or your “old aunt’s wallpaper.” However, this retro styling is coming back into eccentric design styles. We saw these prints slowly come back into style in fashion in the spring of 2018; however, this year, they did not slow down. The craze for floral print designs trickled right into interior design. So, the question is: “are they here to stay or just a fad?” Let’s take a look!

Floral Prints and Biophilia 

Floral prints usually are based on patterns. These patterns use repetition to help create a dramatic effect. Patterns are always an essential element to consider in design. Likewise, Biophilia is also a belief that makes floral prints more important. For centuries, many people affiliate that happiness in design is capture by incorporating elements of nature. Natural skylights, indoor plants, hardwood floors, and many other elements all help contribute to this belief. Likewise, floral prints are no exception and allow both plants and patterns to unify in the design to help enhance your space. 

Fashion and Design 

It can sometimes be overlooked how closely interior design and fashion replicate each other. This is the easiest way to notice trends and forecast where designs are going. Floral prints have made their way back into fashion and thus have made a significant impact on interior design. We have seen dramatic increases in curtains, throw pillows, and bedding all incorporating more floral patterns than ever.

What is Next? 

We see patterns go through different phases. Perhaps, stripes did not get enough attention in the prior years and are coming back into style. We notice slight increases in stripes in fashion, but does this mean floral is gone? Not quite. Floral may be a trend, but it also plays some crucial role in incorporating nature and patterns into interior design; therefore, we believe it is here to stay.

By adding floral patterns to your home, you can keep your home feeling relevant and trending. These powerful designs not only give homage to the classic retro styling but also feel very modern and fun. Try adding some creative floral patterns to your home this summer and enjoy the many benefits they have to offer to your home’s aesthetics. 

Must-Consider Décor Pieces for Your Home

What makes designing a room fun is the freedom to express yourself. If you gave ten people the same room to design, every space would come out differently. In fact, interior design has so much freedom that it becomes a fun and expressive art form in itself. 

While tailoring your space to your needs, you should also consider a few tried-and-true décor options. Some décor works well in every space and should never be overlooked. Whether you love Art Deco, Rustic, Modern, or Traditional designs, all these styles can thrive off of similar décor pieces. Here are three must consider décor pieces when creating your space:


Incorporating a mirror in your design serves much more of a purpose than merely being able to look at yourself. In fact, mirrors help play tricks on our eyes when looking at a room. They allow light to travel more freely, and they can allow rooms to look much larger. This can help scale the room and give the room different-feeling proportions. If you have a long room or oddly shaped room, mirrors are the perfect remedy to help fix the balance in the atmosphere very discretely. 

Area Rugs 

Often overlooked, area rugs are perfect for making your room feel more welcoming. They offer warmth to hard surface floorings and can also help with the room’s aesthetics. Area rugs are great for helping to add texture to your space, which is interacted with daily. While not every rug works with every design, nearly every design works with a certain type of area rug. Try to find one to help enhance your styling in your home! 


Natural elements have a direct correlation with how we perceive a space, and plants are no exception. They help improve air quality in our homes and make a space feel more alive. With a wide variety of plants to choose, you can get the perfect plants to help enhance your design. From succulents, flowers, trees, and herbs, you are sure to find a plant that works great with your design theme. 

So when you consider designing your home, make sure you think of these key elements.  They can help enhance your design without fluctuating your theme. They work great in every home and can help your design get to the next level. For more interior design tricks and tips, make sure to subscribe

How to Pick out the Right Lamp Shade

You have finally found the perfect lamp for your end tables or the bedside table. But you probably have not given much thought to the type of shade you are going to use on the lamp. What many people do not realize is that the right lampshade can completely transform an average base into something quite beautiful. 

Selecting the right lampshade is crucial because purchasing one that is not proportionate to the lamp or that does not match with the decor of the room can make even a beautiful antique lamp look terrible. To help, here are some tips you can use to choose the right lampshade:

Height and Width 

As a general rule of thumb, the height of the lampshade should be two thirds the height of the lamp base. This ensures that the lamp looks evenly proportioned and is not too bottom or top-heavy. Sticking to this proportion also guarantees that you do not see any of the lamp hardware such as the wireframe around the bulb, which can look tacky when exposed. You may need to measure the lamp so that you get a shade that matches it perfectly.  

The lampshade should be at least a half-inch wider than the base of the lamp on each side. It is acceptable for the shade to be wider than the lamp itself, but you do not want it to extend as wide as the table. Depending on the location of the lamp, you do not want a lampshade that is too wide because you do not want to bump into it constantly.  

Getting the Right Shape 

The shape of the lampshade should match the body of the lamp for visual synergy. If the base of the lamp is tall and cylindrical, you might want to look for a tall drum shade. On the other hand, if the lamp has a round body and square base, the lampshade should be round with some roundness at the top. With a basic lamp, you can play around with different shaped shades.  


From burlap, silk, and paper, lampshades are available in a variety of colors and textures. You can take the opportunity to accent a particular color used within the space by opting for a lampshade that features that specific hue. Softer colors and textures blend in well in traditional settings while smooth colors express contemporary elegance.  

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Timeless Decorating Tips

When it comes to style, some of us can have short attention spans. Current trends in design easily catch our eye, and we cannot wait to mimic them; however, we understand that trends come and go. The key is finding the right balance by creating a timeless design with decor. Timeless decor never goes out of style, and best of all, it provides a classic look that will still look beautiful years from now! 

The great thing about curating a timeless design is that it serves as the perfect background, allowing you to implement other types of styles. Here are some few tips to help you achieve a timeless look while throwing in some trendier pieces:

Stylish Yet Functional

Large furniture pieces like your sofa, you no doubt plan on having it for many, many years to come. Therefore, you will want to select well-constructed, quality pieces. Since you will have this furniture for a while, you also want to make sure it is super comfortable. Additionally, be sure that the style of the furniture is not too trendy but also not dull. Search for items that are classically beautiful but will provide that timeless look that will transcend time.  

Keep the Colors Neutral 

Neutral color tones are the epitome of timelessness. In fact, neutral shades can work with just about any color or style. Such color palettes will give off a fresh feel that looks up-to-date no matter what is currently in style. Off-whites, beiges, and grays are some neutral colors that have stayed powerful. Trendy colors can be used in spurts as a featured piece. In fact, they look great against traditional neutral shades.  

Steer Clear

Since a timeless design is also classic, you will want to avoid over-decorating. Do not invest in pieces with busy patterns, shapes, and that are too oversized. If you are set on spicing things up, you can incorporate such bold colors and patterns in accent pieces and accessories.  

Mix Things up 

Timeless does not mean boring. Try mixing up the elements in your home. Combine decor items from different eras to keep things interesting.  

Creating a timeless look in your decor does not have to be complicated. Remember, to keep your furnishing functional, utilize neutral colors with clean lines, and add trendy colors as accents. In the end, it is all about personality and what you love best.

Helpful Tips for First-Time Dorm Students

Wow, summer flew by, and you have three or four weeks before you enter college as a freshman! We know this can be a daunting task and one that can make you unsure, especially if you never lived away from home. We are here to help make the transition easier and give you some valuable tips for moving into a dorm.

You are about to enter the next phase of your life. These days will be some of the best in your life. Enjoy, go with the flow, try not to be shy and make sure to go to class! Below, you will find ideas about what to buy, styles, and decor choices with organizational options for your dorm. Let’s take a look!

Accent Color

Your dorm room will be freshly painted a neutral color like white, cream, or light beige. Most likely the woodwork and doors will also be painted the same color of the walls in a gloss or semi-gloss paint for easy cleanup. If you have a roommate or not, we recommend choosing an accent color and sticking with that one color. Regarding the psychology of color, think about using blues, greens, or soft yellows as your accent color. These three colors are calming, happy, remind us of nature, and put us in a great mood!

Area Rug

If you have been paying attention to design style for the last couple of years, you have noticed that many dormers have chosen faux fur and shag area rugs. These types of area rugs have a really cool look but are challenging to clean and are not as durable as other types of rugs. We recommend purchasing a braided rug or a traditional woven rug in a neutral color. If the rug is a neutral color, the room will look larger and will not show dirt like a light or darker colored area rug.

Utilize Wall Space

Do not forget that your wall space is not the entire room, your roommate has half of the space. Usually, the ceiling height is taller than the standard height of an average bedroom. Think about purchasing a lightweight cotton/rayon tapestry that is made with stunning colors and designs. These tapestries come in various sizes and are often inexpensive, but do the job of covering an ample empty space on the wall. Here is where you can bring pops of color in the space with your chosen accent color. Also, with all the new organizational trends, there are many different ways to organize your busy life like putting up a bulletin board that tracks and reminds you of important dates, to-dos, birthdates of family and friends, library notices, etc.

We wish you the best of luck on your new adventure! May the next four years be filled with good friends and great memories.

Warm Weather Home Transitions

As the Arizona temperatures outside begin to rise, it is important to transition your home for warmer weather. A lot of our homes are still filled with items that resemble cooler months. We have a list prepared for homeowners to transition into the warmer weather months. Let’s take a look!

Your Bed

You may have accumulated heavier blankets and bedding for the cooler months. Now that the weather is warming up, you will want to remove heavy winter-type bedding and try to leave more breathable sheets and bedding on your bed. Store your heavy bedding in a convenient, easy-to-find place for when the weather begins to get cool. For now, you can stick to just your sheets and a comforter/duvet on your bed.

Your Decor

Spring and summertime decor tend to be filled with uplighting, bright colors. Store your winter decorations and bring out your cheerful, bright colored decor to display! From pineapples to palm trees, you can play around with trendy summertime themed designs for your home. Try incorporating some summery pillows, figurines, candles, and pictures in your home.

Your Products

Winter and summer definitely have different scents in the fragrance world. Be sure to swap out your winter scents for fruity scents this summer.

Your Windows

Let the sun shine in this summer by removing bulky, heavy curtains and replacing them with lightweight, breezy curtains. Make sure to take the time to clean off your windows and windowsills from any dust and debris that may have accumulated over the cooler Arizona months.

Your Plants

Who does not love greenery? Adding potted plants can bring life and brighten up a space. Try incorporating some fresh flowers whenever your budget allows for a fresh smell and look.

Your Closets

Bring your summer clothing to the front of the closet and your winter clothing to the back of the closet. Store bulky winter items in boxes and stash them away for the season.

This is one of the best seasonal transitions to prepare for because you know it will be filled with sunshine, friends, and flowers. What is your favorite thing to do over the summertime? We would love to hear in the comment section.

Why You Cannot Go Wrong with Cotton Furniture

Textures like velvet and linen may be trendy, but you can never go wrong with plain, old-fashioned cotton. This is especially so when it is time to pick out furniture. If you are planning to purchase a new sofa or to reupholster an old one, you might be tempted to embrace popular textures like velvet or linen. However, if you are looking for something durable, easy to maintain, and worth your money, you might want to look towards cotton.  

Cotton Is Not a Boring Choice

Cotton does not have to be bland. Depending on the fabric, it can be pretty formal or modern chic. Cotton fabrics can take on many different patterns and looks based on the way it is woven. For instance, casual slipcovers are typically canvas-woven, whereas damask or velvet weave is reserved for more formal or elegant pieces.  

Choosing High Quality and Durable Cotton Furniture 

If you are searching for furniture that can last for several years to come, cotton is your best bet. For high-quality cotton, you will need to invest in cotton that is produced from long staples. Premium cotton produced from long staples provides a fabric that can feel just as smooth and luxurious as silk. Fabrics that use shorter fibers are less durable. You can typically tell the difference between long and short fiber pieces. When shopping for the perfect cotton furnishing, you will want to know if it was produced from long or short cotton fiber.  

The weave also determines durability. Muslin or percale woven cotton is thin and less durable than other cotton forms. You will find that heavier cotton fabric with densely woven threads are much more durable and lasts longer.  

Why Should You Choose Cotton Furniture? 

Cotton furniture will always be an excellent choice for upholstery. It is super breathable and does not trap in moisture or heat-this makes it comfortable to sit and rest on in Arizona. Also, cotton has good abrasion resistance, which means you can expect it to be long-lasting. If it is important to have a material that can be easily cleaned or that is washable, cotton is no doubt your best bet.  

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Using a Mirror in Your Decor

Mirrors serve a variety of purposes in the home. They can be used to reflect light, visually expand small spaces, and they are aesthetically pleasing when implemented the right way. Before you start hanging mirrors around the house, it is essential to follow a few guidelines. Here are some tips for designing with mirrors:

Large Mirrors in Small Rooms

Use an oversized mirror in a tiny space to instantly create the illusion of depth. However, you do want to give some consideration to where exactly you place this mirror. For instance, in a small dining room, you should put the large mirror above the dining room table. The mirror will reflect the chandelier making the room seem more significant than what it actually is.  

Be Careful When Installing Mirrors in the Kitchen and Bedroom

While mirrors are not necessary for the kitchen, often homeowners use this as backsplashes. Mirrored backsplashes would require a lot of maintenance due to the fact that they are easily marred with visible watermarks and other types of stains.  

Mirrors in the bedroom are often used as the decor of this area. If you are set on using mirrors in your bedroom decor, you should place it in a not-so-obvious area such as up behind your headboard. 

Use Mirrors to Accent the Focal Point 

What is the focal point of your room? You can use mirrors to emphasize the focal point further. Try placing a mirror above a fireplace or as a piece of artwork. If the room lacks a focal point, you can use mirrors to create interest. You can also use lighting fixtures to enhance mirrors further.  

Visually Expand Narrow Spaces

Mirrors also work in areas of the home that often get neglected, such as staircases and hallways. Small horizontal mirrors can expand narrow hallways and staircases.  

The Mirrored Furniture Trend 

Mirrored furniture is a great way to utilize mirrors in your home’s decor. A mirrored coffee table, dresser, and nightstand are some subtle ways to add mirrors into your design by creating a chic and modern look.  

How do you use mirrors in your home design? Let us know below in the comment section.