Color Ideas for Your Home

Are you interested in exploring the color realm, but you are not exactly sure where to start? Look no further! With our top color ideas, you can master the color wheel in your space. Let’s get started! 


Color Hacks for Your Home:

  1. Trending

Each year Pantone releases a color of the year, this can be a great way for you to keep up to date on current color styles and trends. If you have the budget, you can incorporate the color of the year into your home’s design. Typically, we recommend using items that can be easily swapped out the next year. This simple hack will make sure that your home is always on trend. 

  1. Go Bold or Go Home

If you are using color in your home, you may as well go bold with it. We suggest trying to add at least bold choice to each room. This could be as simple as a bright green decor piece or as daring as a black wall. 

  1. Balanced Out

With colors, it is important to always balance out everything. Adding neutrals can help create symmetry and a more balanced room. If you are new to designing, it may be easier to start off with a neutral base and build from there. 

  1. Embrace a Monochromatic Scheme

All one color? You may already be hesitant. But, monochromatic color schemes are actually quite visually-appealing. With monochromatic color schemes, your design really speaks for itself. Plus, keep in mind that you use a plethora of different shades and values to create this monochromatic masterpiece. The different values and shades help to add definition to your space. 

  1. More Than the Walls

Color is so much more than just your walls. Color can be found anywhere in a room. From the crown-molding to your dresser handles, there is an opportunity for color in each nook and cranny. While exploring colors, try and embrace the room in its entirety. Explore all the different areas of your room that can incorporate color. 

  1. Experience Neutrals

When you think of a neutral wall, your mind probably goes straight towards a tan or beige wall. A lot of homeowners do not realize that neutrals go far beyond the color tan. In fact, your apprehensions towards neutral tones may arise from the fact that they are considered boring, bland, and dull. But, neutrals can carry a lot of attitude in one color. Before you kick them to the side, acquire a few samples of unique neutrals. This could help get the ball rolling and spark ideas that you did not know you had. 

  1. Time for Change

You may be comfortable with your current design, but that does not mean it is not the time for a change. If you ever curious about redesigning your room, we encourage you to take the leap! 

Incorporating Neutrals into Your Design

Working solely with neutral colors is easier than you may think. A lot of homeowners will opt for this timeless trend because it creates a clean and well-put-together look. The only issue with having a neutral color palette is that you have the possibility for a “boring” space. To help you get the best look for your buck, we have created a simple guide on how to incorporate neutrals into your design. Let’s take a look! 


How to Incorporate Neutrals into Your Design

  1. Understand The Undertone

A neutral color can be characterized as a color that has equal parts of the three primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) with each primary color being at an extremely low saturation. This low saturation can make for a beautiful, soft color that will compliment all other colors in your design. Next, you will notice that there are two types of neutral undertones: warm and cool toned. 

    • Undertone Examples
      • Warm-Toned Colors: Red, Peach, Orange, Copper, Rust, Amber, Gold,  Yellow, Violet-Red, Burgundy, Tan, Beige, Cream, Brown, etc. 
      • Cool-Toned Colors: Blue, Navy, Blue-Green, Sea-foam Green, Emerald, Plum, Purple, Pink, Gray, Charcoal, Black, etc. 
  1. Backdrop

Since neutrals are versatile and compliment everything, they make for the perfect backdrop. When working specifically with neutrals, you can get creative with textures and materials. Backsplashes help to add interest and design into your space without taking away from the overall look. 

  1. Keep it in The Family

After discussing the difference between undertones, we want to encourage you to choose either a cool-toned or warm-toned design for your room. All cool-tone neutrals will work well with one another and vice versa for warm-toned neutrals. The base of these neutrals are the same and they will help to create a seamless design. 

  1. Texturize

Our best advice to you while decorating with neutrals is to add texture. This texture will help spice up your space. From an exotic wallpaper to a detailed rug, you can have a beautifully textured piece that does not distract from the rest of the room’s design. 

  1. Light to Dark

Lastly, you want to be sure that you are incorporating an array of different shades of neutrals throughout your room. Designers recommend beginning the room with 30%-50% in the lightest color then building from there. The rest of your room can be matched with medium and deep shades to compliment the different values. 


It’s Time to Think BIG in Home Decor

Do you want to make a statement with your home’s decor? Then you’ll love this year design trend which includes decking your house in oversized pieces. Yes, thinking “big” when it comes to design can even make a small living space seem larger than life. How can you take advantage of this trend? Here are some simple ways to use big pieces in your home without overwhelming the space.

Go Big with Prints and Patterns
Using bold and unique prints and patterns are always encouraged when decorating your home. Such visuals take on a whole new life when they are super-sized. Whether it’s big pillows lining your sofa, or a large mural painted on the accent wall in your living room, you’re guaranteed to make a statement. When patterns contain significant proportions, the results are eye-catching.


Supersized Artwork
Gallery display artwork pieces are classic, but such an arrangement can be bland. Instead, invest in a single piece of oversized art. Supersized artwork allows the eye to focus on one focal point in the work instead of multiple images in a montage. When selecting oversized artwork to dress your walls be sure to choose something that you love.


Large Scaled Mirrors
You may know that mirrors are great for visually expanding spaces. But an added benefit is that triple sizing your mirrors will make a loud statement. A huge mirror with a thick, solid frame will to further expand sightlines. Opt for a round mirror as opposed to a rectangular shaped mirror for a modern or contemporary style room.


Oversized Light Fixtures
You don’t necessarily need glitzy crystals to create drama with a lighting scheme. Oversized pendant style fixtures are becoming increasingly popular. Whether it’s over the dining room table, the kitchen island or suspended over the end tables, large-scale pendants will capture the eye.


Big Style Furniture
In small homes or condos compact, multi-functional furniture is always encouraged by design experts. But this isn’t a rule. By choosing a few but an oversized chair or a single large sofa that provides adequate seating you can make your space feel big while getting the most out of selected pieces.

Ideas for Your Spare Room

You are blessed with an extra room in your house. What do you want to do with it? Maybe you will make it a guest bedroom or even a home gym? If you are unsure, we are here to help! Here are our ideas for that spare room of yours.

Ideas for Your Spare Room:

  • Guest Bedroom 
  • Office/Study/Library/Meeting Room
  • Media Room/Movie Room
  • Game Suite
  • Home Gym
  • Kid’s Hangout/Play Area
  • Crafting Center
  • Art Studio
  • Multipurpose Room

Tips for Making The Best of The Space:

Combine Ideas.
If you have the room to combine ideas, go for it! You may be pleasantly surprised by how accommodating a dual-purpose spare could be. Just take a look at the two room types that interest you most and go from there!

Dual-Purpose Furniture.
While combining ideas is a great idea, you may also want to use furniture pieces that can do double duty. Dual-purpose furniture can save space in your room that would be taken up by two pieces of furniture. For example, a sofa-bed is an excellent solution for a guest bedroom/media room.

Consider The Lighting.
In some rooms, you may want a lot of light (office), and in others, you may prefer very little light (media room). If you are combining two rooms that fluctuate in lighting, be sure to install a dimmer inside of your room. This will let you set the mood at a moment’s notice.

Personalize It.
With extra space, it is a chance to add your creativity and design to a new height Try and brainstorm unique ideas for your area that will let your creative juices get flowing.

No matter what spare room idea you choose, let your imagination help!

4 Ways to Get Your Porch Ready for Spring

Goodbye winter and hello spring! With spring right around the corner, we can soon expect to see the flowers blooming, butterflies and warmer weather. Of course, with the shift in seasons, you’ll likely want to spend more time outside enjoying the sun. That’s why it’s essential to make your porch comfortable and inviting. Here are a few easy ways you can get your porch spring ready.

Invest in Outdoor Summer
If you haven’t already, it’s time to invest in comfortable outdoor furniture, so you will be able to take advantage of the beautiful weather. Best of all you can do so within a small budget. When purchasing furniture for your porch, you can bring in repurposed or vintage furniture.

If your porch isn’t large enough to accommodate large pieces of furniture, try a collection of rocking chairs instead. Can you imagine sitting down and enjoying the scenery while sipping a cold beverage? You don’t have to worry about finding rocking chairs that match; you can invest in ones that feature different styles and scale.

Creating a Lighting Scheme
Sufficient lighting is critical but often overlooked. Light is an essential element, especially while you enjoy sitting on your porch during the evening, reading and for safety reasons. From a few well-placed simple LED light posts or scones installed in the wall to a dramatic chandelier hanging from the porch ceilings there are many different lighting options.

Find the Perfect Outdoor Rug
You can make a room feel more structured by adding a patterned rug to bring your design scheme together. Choose a rug that is made for outdoor use.

Create Layers of Decor
If you want to make your porch feel like a comfortable sitting area, create layers of decor. You can use various accessories such as pillows, lamps, plants and side tables. Make sure to incorporate enough table space for your cold drinks!

We hope you will find a greater joy in using your outdoor space this season!

Spruce Up Your Backyard

Even though we are stuck in the middle of winter, there is no better time to start planning your outdoor projects. With spring just a couple of months away, you can begin to get a head-start in your backyard with our top nine tips. Let’s get started! 


Ways to Spruce up Your Backyard on a Budget

Hang in There.

Whether you love plants or decorative pieces, hanging decor/plants are the perfect addition to your backyard. They add style and interest to your space without breaking the bank. Plus, you can bring them indoors when it begins to get cold outside. 

Eyes on The Prize.

For a stunning backyard, be sure to create a “focal point.” This point of interest should be a piece that you are proud of and a piece that you want to be recognized. Items like a fireplace, outdoor patio set, pergola, trellises, or arbor can be great additions. 

Nature’s Finest.

With your backyard being in the outdoors, you want to embrace nature’s beauty by adding plants and flowers around your yard. Adding a garden, potted flowers, and hanging plants can make your backyard beautifully finished. 

Pull up a Chair.

Seating is one of the essential parts of backyard living. Be sure to provide cozy seating for all of your guests and family. 

Color me Bold.

Spice up your outdoor space with colorful decor and finishes. Items like blankets, pillows, and decor can embrace bold colors for a stylish twist on backyard decor. 

A Tranquil Retreat.

Create a relaxing retreat with a tranquil fountain and/or cozy hammock. Little touches of zen can transform your backyard into a relaxing paradise. 

Hot in Here.

If you have money in your budget, try and install an outdoor fireplace. If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative, creating a table fire pit is easy and low-cost. Outdoor fires are great for company and unwinding from a stressful day after the sun has set. 

From The Inside Out. 

Your home’s interior can be great design inspiration for your backyard and patio. Pull pieces that you use throughout your home and incorporate them into your outdoor area. Items like artwork, pillows, and candles can transform your back patio into a dreamy oasis. 


With these ideas, your backyard has never looked so good. To take your backyard to the next level, talk to one of our expert sales associates about installing porcelain tile. Porcelain tile is weather-proof which means it is perfect for your outdoors. Contact us today for more information and pricing. 

Tips for Eliminating Clutter in the Bedroom

A master bedroom can be a homeowner’s oasis from the busyness of everyday life. What you bring into the bedroom can reflect on your mood and behavior; therefore, a clean, clutter-free bedroom means a stress-free environment. To help you maximize your bedroom’s stress-free potential, we have created six tips for eliminating clutter in your bedroom. We hope you enjoy. 


Tips for Eliminating Clutter in The Bedroom:

Tip No. One: Limited. 

Space can be extremely limited on your nightstands; therefore, you want to only keep a few essential items on there. If you are currently reading a book, you can keep your new read as a piece of decor. Try to limit to your nightstand to three to five items including your light fixture. This will help keep you organized and your room looking clean and pristine.

Tip No. Two: Gathered. 

If you need to store multiple items on your nightstand, you can use a vintage bowl or basket to hold the smaller items. This way you can have easy access to your things without creating a bulky, heavy look. 

Tip No. Three: Hidden. 

Electronics and electrical cords can be quite the eyesore for a master bedroom. To help reduce the clutter caused by electronics, we recommend storing them in an easily accessible basket or bin. For your electrical cords, you can try and work them behind your furniture to reduce their bulky appearance. 

    • Pro-Tip: If you have a lot of excess cords, try using a zip tie to keep all of your cords tidy.  

Tip No. Four: Organized. 

If your nightstand has drawers, you are in for an extra treat. Try buying drawer organizers to get your space in tip-top shape. The organizers will help you stay organized and reduce the clutter you accumulate in your drawers. 

Tip No. Five: Stored.

We recommend that you move your heavy, bulky items underneath your bed. Items like extra pillows and blankets can be stored in an under-bed container for later use. 

Tip No. Six: Personalized.

Even though we recommend having out the essentials, there is still room for fun decorative pieces. Be sure to add things that make you feel good throughout your room. Maybe you love candles or artwork, whatever your personal taste be sure to include it in your design. 


We hope you enjoyed these six quick tips for eliminating clutter in your bedroom. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Ways to Restyle Your Home with Items You Already Own

Decorating, furnishing, designing, and styling a home can get expensive, quick. From the floors to the walls, your home needs it all. With homeowners worried about the expenses of decorating, we have created six ways to help you. With these tips, homeowners can transform their home with items that they already own. We hope you enjoy! 


Ways to Restyle Your Home with Items You Already Own

  1. Embody Artistry

A lot of people hold the capability to be an artist and do not even realize it. Whether you are gifted at photography, painting, building, or creating, your home can be personalized with your work. From pictures you posted online to doodles you drew, you have the capability to create something wonderful. Begin decorating your home with your personalized work and build from there. 

  1. Reimagine

Do not let the “intended purpose” of a piece of furniture hold you back from using it differently in your space. Furniture can be used in all different ways rather than its specific purpose. You can use a wooden stool as a end table or a dresser as a bedside table; the possibilities are endless. Just remember, before you get rid of your old furniture, try and reimagine it. 

  1. The Layout. 

If you are getting bored of your current layout, you can reconfigure your room to make it feel fresh. Play around with your furniture and try placing it in different areas throughout the room. 

  1. Nature’s Inspiration. 

When you are running out of decor ideas, pull items from your backyard. Try using plants and flowers throughout your space to add some visual appeal. Plus, this idea is timeless and free! 

  1. Lovely Lights.

Holiday lights are not just seasonal anymore. You can use the string lighting to add a beautiful ambience to your space without spending money. Try hanging the lights in your bedroom or living room to create a relaxing oasis. 

  1. Pull from Other Spaces. 

To help mix things up, you can take decor pieces from your other rooms and mix and match them in different areas. This will help if you are getting bored with your current decor and do not want to spend more money. 


For more tips and tricks, be sure to visit our blog page. We post content to help inspire your design dreams.

A Red Living Room?

Red is a bold color that when used appropriately can inject loads of warmth and make a living room feel well put together. If you’re interested in using such a powerful hue in this space than know that the design options are numerous. There are many different shades of red that can best complement your living room’s design. Here are a few design ideas you might want to try.



Using Hints of Red

Red doesn’t have to be the dominant color in the living room to make an impact on the design of the space. In fact, small doses of red used throughout the space are guaranteed to catch the eye. For instance, a lacquered red coffee table, paired with red patterned pillows on the sofa and dark red vases on the sides tables is a seamless design.


Statement Sofa

If you’re looking to really make a statement than liven things up by opting for a bold red sofa. Whether it’s orange-red, burgundy-red or just plain red such a sofa featuring this hue will definitely add a pop to your living room. Add pillows with bold prints to further enhance the look. Accent with gold accessories for a luxurious look.


Bold Red Rug

Tie the entire living room around a bold red rug with a chic pattern.  Arrange the sofas around the rug so that your space feels much more intimate. You can tie in other hues like yellow and orange to really bring the design together. For example, you might opt for orange drapes and couch pillows with specks of golden yellow.


You can also keep the rest of the room neutral so that the area rug becomes the focal point. Then add small doses of red all around the room for cohesiveness.



A pattern goes a long way when you’re using red. A red and cream geometric pattern when paired with solid red creates a look of harmony. Using brick red in geometric patterns will create a sense of warmth and togetherness in a big living room.



Mixing red in different patterns and prints also work since you’re sticking with a hue that’s in the same color family.


If you have put a little more statement into a room, be sure to post pictures here!



Living Room Decorating Lessons

Transforming your living room doesn’t require a  big budget or huge chunks of your time. By implementing a few simple strategies you can turn your living room into drab to fab. Designing a room is much like preparing a meal. To get the best results you’ll need to follow a good recipe. We’re going to show you living room design methods that every homeowner should know!


Trendy or Timeless

Perhaps the biggest challenge of decorating your living room is furnishing it with pieces that you love and that you plan on having for a while. So should you go with furniture that is trendy or timeless? Since trends and style change just as fast as the season do then it’s best to invest in quality furniture that is classic and that you can envision being in your home for many years to come. Yes, a timeless sofa or chair can be accessorized with almost any trend you wish to use in your design.

Use pillows, area rugs, and different fabrics to inject interest. These elements can be rotated or swapped out for something different whenever you are ready.


Using Patterns

The pattern is a design element that adds both texture and visual interest to the living room. From traditional stripes to modern geometrics you can mix almost any type of pattern within one space. However, there are a few rules:

  • Vary the scale of the patterns used in the space – Mix large, medium and small patterns together so they don’t overwhelm each other.
  • Opt for patterns that will complement your living room color scheme 

Functional Furniture

Remember when shopping for furniture think about the functions that you will need the piece to perform. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. You can select furniture with modern sleek silhouettes but still purchase pieces that double as additional storage.


Window Treatments

Of course, every living room needs at least two layers of window treatments whether it’s for light control, privacy or for its thermal properties. Curtains and drapes can add style to a bland living room. Just make sure that you hang them right.