Well-Loved Arizona Attractions and Facts

The United States is the third largest country in the world, hence its diverse geographic landscape it has to offer.  From broad flatlands to volcanic mountains, glacier filled waters to a hot desert, or even extensive rivers to Great Lakes, our country has so much to offer.  One state that is to be recognized with its abundance of visual natural wonders is Arizona.  Arizona is a beautiful state with nearly three-hundred of the days of the year having blue skies and sunny!  With three national parks, desert and mountainous landscape, and incredible cities, Arizona is packed with activities and attractions. This state has so much to offer, so if you are living there or just visiting, here are the top interesting facts. 

Grand Canyon

Kickstarting the list is one of Arizona’s most renowned National Parks, the Grand Canyon.  This spectacular canyon is a geographic phenomenon decorated with colorful eroded rocks, rivers, and truly immense in size.  No picture can truly justify just how breathtaking this canyon is in person. 

Largest Rose Bush 

In Tombstone, Arizona, back in 1885, The Lady Banksia Rosebush was planted.  Today this single bush’s canopy is over 9,000 square feet of white-blossomed roses.  It is planted behind a former hotel and boarding house but is now a large attraction pulling in tourist into the town. 

Apache Trout  

Native to only Arizona is the Apache trout and because of this, it is Arizona’s State Fish.  This species was close to going extinct due to non-indigenous being introduced into the ecosystem.  However, these fish are making a slow and steady comeback and should be here for a long time now. 

Four Corners Monument 

Ever want to be two places at once?  How about four?  Four Corners Monument is where Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico all meet.  While this is something you can achieve in any of these other states, it is still worthy of being mentioned for Arizona. 

Make sure you check out many of the national parks or other areas while in Arizona.  It is said to be believed that you can travel anyway in Arizona and within twenty miles you will arrive in a city, monumental area, landmark, or park.  Where is your favorite spot in Arizona?  Let us know below in the comment section. 

How to Organize a Kid’s Room Like a Pro

Let’s be honest; a child’s bedroom and playroom are not the most organized room in the house. They tend to get messy, fast. But fear not, there are ways to avoid the messiness and focus on maximizing the room’s organizational potential. For tips on how to organize your kid’s bedroom like a professional, keep on reading! 

How to Organize a Kid’s Room Like a Professional:

Tip #1: Hide-and-Seek.

Hide-and-Seek is not only a kid’s game, but it can come in handy when organizing your child’s bedroom. You want to “hide” the toys and only “seek” them when it is playtime. A great way to hide the toys is by putting them in plain sight. Fun animal-themed baskets and decked out treasure chests will do just the trick. If you are blessed with a closet in the bedroom, you can replace the closet door with a curtain. The curtain will provide a little more leeway for extra room. You can also place a dresser inside of the closet and use it for extra storage. For your kid’s more attractive toys, like toy firetrucks or dolls, you can place them on a shelf to be displayed. By utilizing toys for decor, you keep them off the floor while adding to the overall design. 

Tip #2: Get Hooked.

Wall hooks are a fantastic storage technique. They provide a place for winter jackets or dress-up costumes. Whatever your use may be, consider using hooks in your child’s bedroom for storage. Plus, you can buy wall hooks to fit the style of your kid’s bedroom and help add to the overall design. 

Tip #3: Labeled.

Label your child’s items to help them during the cleaning process. Bins and drawers can have small, clear labels placed on them for reference. By doing this, you can help your child take responsibility of their room.

Tip #4: Where Monsters Go.

The space underneath your child’s bed is the perfect place to store items you do not use frequently. Out-of-season clothing or underused toys can be placed underneath the bed. Be sure to buy roll-out bins for easy access.

Tip #5: Double-Duty.

Wherever you can add extra storage, do it. You can purchase cubed chairs that are hollow on the inside of them, and use this empty space to store your kid’s reading books and coloring items. Plus, they can use the cube chairs for tea parties or storytime. It is dual-purpose and twice the fun. 

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks. If you are looking for more expert advice, please check out our blog hug. Thanks for reading! 

How to Repurpose Your Old Candle Jars

Candles are great, but would not they be better if we could reuse the jars? Actually, candle jars are an item that can be easily repurposed. The best part is that you do not have to be a craft wizard to master it. Once the candles are repurposed, they become fantastic containers for extra storage. You can place the jars on your countertops to hold q-tips, cotton swabs, floss, etc. Plus, you are not paying any extra money for a cute, stylish container. If you are eager to learn how to repurpose your candle jars, you came to the right place! 

The Supplies Needed:

  • 1 Candle Jar (Size May Vary)
  • Goo Gone
  • Boiled Water
  • An Old Butter Knife

1. Know When to Repurpose Your Candle.

Wait to repurpose your candle until your candle has fully lived its life. There will be a small amount of wax at the bottom of your candle that is unable to burn. Once your candle has hit this point, you can begin the process.

2. Make Gentle Cuts into The Wax.

Do not apply too much pressure on the glass, because it can break or get damaged. Make small incisions throughout the wax until it begins to break into pieces. Continue this process until all the wax has been broken up then throw away the excess wax.

3. Add Your Boiling Water.

Gently pour your boiling water about 1/4 of the way up the jar. Let the water sit in the container until the metal wicks loosen. You will also notice that excess wax will begin to release from the bottom of the jar. Remove the metal wicks with a pair of kitchen tongs or your butter knife. Be cautious since you poured boiling water into the glass jar. 

4. Remove The Label.

Now it is time to remove candle’s label. Removing the label is pretty simple, you will just need to peel it off. Unfortunately, it leaves behind residue, so this is where your Goo Gone will come in handy. If you have leftover residue, run the jar under hot water.

5. Fill The Jar.

Finally, you have a clear container to store all your items. Now when you are complimented on your cute jars, you can tell all your friends that you repurposed them all by yourself.

Why spend money on buying storage containers when you create your own from items you already have around the house? 

We hope you enjoyed this simple DIY guide. Be sure to check out our other posts here.

Must-Have DIY Exterior Doormat

Doormats can be the first thing people see when entering your home. Stores tend to sell generic doormats, but would not it be fun if you could make your own? Plus, personalizing a doormat is even easier than it seems with these simple steps:

Plain Coco Coir Doormat
Painter’s Tape
Adhesive Stencil Paper
X-Acto Knife
Cutting Mat
Foam Paintbrush
Exterior Paint

Step One. Download a template from online. The template will serve as your “greeting” on the doormat. You can choose words or an image. Print out the template and lay it where you would like it to sit on the doormat.

Step Two. Take your adhesive stencil paper and place it over top of your template. You want the sticky-side of the stencil paper to be facing downwards.

Note: You can find adhesive stencil paper at any local craft store.

Step Three. Using painter’s tape, fasten the adhesive paper on top of the printed template.

Step Four. Take an X-Acto knife and cut around each letter.

Note: You may want to place a cutting mat underneath your printed template to avoid damage to your table.

Step Five. After you have cut around the letters, peel the adhesive backing off of the stencil paper. You will then place the sticky part on top of the doormat where you think it looks best.

Step Six. Secure the adhesive paper by pressing it down into place.

Step Seven. Take your stencil from before and line it up with your recently pressed down adhesive part.

Step Eight. Grab your foam paintbrush, and in a light bouncing motion, you will begin to paint over the adhesive.

Note: For the best results, move in up and down directions for neat lines.

Step Nine. Allow the doormat to dry for 24 hours.

Step Ten. Place the doormat in front of a door, and voila, you have your own custom doormat.

Custom doormats are the perfect gift for newly-weds or new homeowners. The next time you are looking for the perfect gift, try making a personalized doormat! You may be pleasantly surprised with the results. Thanks for reading!

Last-Minute Halloween Decorations

Decorating for Halloween can be a fun and creative way to spruce up your house for fall. You can probably already find Halloween decor in almost every store imaginable. But sometimes during your search for cute decor, you end up not finding what you wanted. If you are struggling to decorate your home, we have five last-minute Halloween decorations that you can make yourself. So put on your DIY pants and let us get started:

1. Ghost Lanterns.

For this project, you will want to save your finished milk jugs. Once you have accumulated three to four milk jugs, you can begin this craft with your kids. Give everyone a milk jug and a permanent marker. Instruct the kids to draw a ghost’s face on the container. After everyone is done, take ghost milk jugs outside and place holiday lights inside of them. The “ghost lanterns” can light up your porch for Halloween night. 

2. Chalkboard Pumpkin.

All you will need for this project is a spray can of chalkboard paint and a pumpkin. Afterward, you will want to write a “spooky” message on the pumpkins with chalk. You can place your chalkboard pumpkins outside on your front porch for a Halloween greeting.

3. Candy Corn Decorated Bottles.

You will want to save your empty glass bottles for this Halloween hack. Once you have your containers cleaned and dried, spray paint them in the colors white, orange, and yellow. This is a simple project for homeowners who love candy corn! Once you finish your candy corn themed bottles, you can use them as decor on your coffee table or dining room. It is simple but adds a little bit of festivity to your home’s decor. 

4. Mummy Door.

Gather white streamers and wrap them around your front door. Secure them to the door by using clear tape. Make sure you have the streamers overlapping for a mummy effect. After the door is covered, you can make eyes by cutting out large circles from white construction paper and smaller circles from black construction paper. Place them on the door and secure them with clear tape. 

5. Haunted House.

Finish your front porch off with this timeless decor idea. You will need a couple yards of cheesecloth, black tea bags, a staple gun, scissors, and poplar strips. First, you will cut cheesecloth into different heights then soak them in black tea overnight. The next morning, you will want to take them out of the black tea water and lay them out to dry. Once they are dry, you can take your staple gun and begin stapling them to the poplar strips. Lastly, you will staple the completed poplar strip to your porch’s overhang. Voila, you have a haunted house for Halloween night. 

We hope you enjoyed these last-minute Halloween decorations! Let us know your favorite last-minute decor idea below in the comment section. 

Fun & Creative Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Halloween is loved by small and big kids alike. Now is the perfect time to decorate your front entrance in preparation for that spooky night. When you visit a store selling pumpkins, make sure you let the family pick out their favorite pumpkin for their own Halloween project. It gives everyone a special role in decorating and creates a fun family activity. To help you create pumpkin masterpieces, we have listed some cute and easy ideas below for making Halloween a special holiday for you and your family. Let’s take a look!

  • Candy Corn Owl Pumpkin: Spray paint the base of your pumpkin brown or beige to represent an owl’s feathers then look for a basic owl picture and cut it out of craft felt paper. You will want to make the large owl eyes in three different colors: white, brown and black. Take your handy glue gun and glue on the felt paper eyes. Afterward, you can fill in or merely outline the felt eyes with candy corn to create a festive Halloween look. We love this particular project because you will find that your children will enjoy participating in it.
  • Stacked Pumpkins: Look for a large, medium and small pumpkin that will stack comfortably on top of each other. Removing the stalk may help with piling the pumpkins. You can traditionally carve each one, spray paint or hand paint the pumpkins according to your theme and liking. Cut a lid for the pumpkins and clean the inside if you wish to place a candle tea light inside. Make sure that the pumpkins will nest on top of each other for stackability. In no time, you will have a decoration tall enough to be seen from the street and add fall charm to your home’s exterior.
  • Spider Pumpkin: Spraypaint your pumpkin black and hand-paint or glue felt for the eyes, nose, and mouth of the spider. Add red eyes or red fangs for a dramatic, scary effect. You can even take pipe cleaners and glue them to the pumpkin for arms and legs. What fun for you and the kids!
  • Pumpkin Holes: Clean out the pumpkin and leave natural or spray paint your desired color. Take the drill and start at the top of the pumpkin and drill vertical holes evenly spaced from top to bottom. Do this over the entire pumpkin and place your tea light inside. You will be surprised at how cool and beautiful this looks when lit. Add a little glitter with glue for a sparkly spooky look.

Which pumpkin idea is your favorite? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.

Project: Perfect Party Plans

In today’s society, we are fast pace and all about having entertainment right now.  Your home should be your escape from the chaotic world but should also be worthy of hosting and entertaining guest.  You want your guest to feel comfortable in your home, but you also want to fill their time with entertainment.  If you are having multiple people over, you want different types of entertainment, so even when you are not catering to them, they still feel comfortable and having fun.  Here are four home entertainment ideas to add to your space to make it fun for everyone: 

  • Entertainment System

You should have a public entertainment system.  Do not have your best television tucked away in your bedroom but put it in a place where you will host your guests.  Whether you put it in a living room or make a home theater, make sure your system is set up for success.  Have multiple forms of entertainment like streaming services, gaming devices, and sports channels.  You want your guest to be able to feel like they are at home with a large variety of entertainment options available to them on a single television.

  • Bar

A bar is another great entertainment option to include in your home.  It is a great way to host guests and have them feel relaxed and welcomed in your home.  Have different options available for them to choose from having. Plus, you do not have to have a vast selection, but make sure that you accommodate people who do not drink and children as well.  This is a great way to keep your entertainment going throughout the night.

  • Indoor Games

Indoor games can be as cost effective as a board game or as elaborate as indoor basketball.  Billiard tables are a great option for people to play to stay entertained.  Using your entertainment system, you can set up video games as well.  Make sure you invest in more than just one player games though.   Air hockey and shuffleboard are other entertainment tables you can invest in owning.   If you go the board game route, try including cards options for adults and kid to enjoy the games to your collection.

  • Outdoor Activities

If the party goes outside, you want there to be areas for people to sit as provide an area that they can have fun.  Putting up different sports around your yard like soccer, volleyball, or cornhole are all effective ways to keep people entertained.  You can even get a basketball hoop for the driveway or goes as far as installing a pool.  

Adapting your house for entertainment is a great way to make sure you are an exceptional host.  Try to make entertainment diverse for all age groups or tailored towards the guest you will be hosting the most.  Do not forget to have more than one form of entertainment as well, in case some people are not interested in specific activities.

Things to do in Tempe, Arizona

The Grand Canyon State of Arizona is a gorgeous assortment with miles of impeccable sand dunes, red painted gullies, breathtaking mountains, and immaculate craters.  With this incredible oasis, it is no surprise that it has been exponentially populating over the last decade as people retreat to this desert paradise.  Tempe, Arizona is located in a suburb just out of Phoenix and the East Valley.  With so much to offer in Tempe, this has become a destination spot for many tourist visiting Arizona.  Whether visiting or living in Tempe, here are five entertainment ideas you have to try during your time in Arizona. 

1. Desert Botanical Garden

This is a must-see while in Tempe!  This beautiful desert botanical garden offers different trails, allowing unique experiences for everyone.  The Desert Botanical Garden also has fun events like Electric Desert, Flashlight Tours, and Dining in the Desert.  If you love all the plant life Arizona has to offer, this is perfect for you!

2. Phoenix Zoo

Just outside of Tempe is the Phoenix Zoo.  Zoos are perfect for people of all ages keeping the children and adults entertained for hours.  With fun activities and adventures, the Phoenix zoo has so much to offer.  This zoo offers over 3,000 animals and 30 endangered species.  This easily makes the list of places you must experience near Tempe.

3. Hall of Flame – Museum of Firefighting

The world’s largest firefighting museum commemorating fallen heroes is a fantastic and memorable experience.  With five grand exhibit displays with firefighting equipment used throughout the years, you will not be disappointed with your visit.  The museum was originally in Wisconsin in 1961 but was moved to Arizona in 1974.  Check out these artifacts when you get the chance in Arizona.

4. Hole in the Rock

Being quite the tourist attraction, people love to see the Hole in the Rock.  Arizona’s landscape has so much to offer but this one is worth noting.  Check out the Hole in the Rock and admire the beauty this State has to offer. 

5. Tempe Marketplace

The Tempe Marketplace is more than just a mall.  With over 1.3 million square feet of retail space, Tempe Marketplace is an interactive shopping experience you will not forget.  This high-energy outside marketplace is a spectacle you cannot get anywhere else.  You must experience the Tempe Marketplace when in Tempe. 

Tempe has so much more to offer. You will fall in love with the city and Fulton Homes. Be sure to check out our site at http://www.fultonhomes.com. 

The Summer Entertainer

Summer is the season for entertaining. From backyard barbecues to poolside parties, your summer can be jammed packed with activities. Make your summer parties the best in the neighborhood with these six easy tips for becoming an amazing summer entertainer. 

How to become The Summer Entertainer

  1. Plan a Mental Layout. Close your eyes and imagine your summer bash. Who are you planning on inviting? Where will it take place? Now open your eyes. You will want to make sure that your backyard can accommodate everyone you want to invite and that you have enough seats available to your guests. Plan a mental layout of what your backyard will look like that day to help you in the decision process.
  2. Make It Happen. Put all of your dreams for the party into a reality by creating a list of the things you will need. Write down how many tables and chairs you will need, how much food and what kind of food you will be serving, what activities you will have, and where they will take place. Once you have a game plan, it is time to go to the store! 
  3. Shop Like It’s Your Job. When planning a get-together, you want to make sure that you are being frugal. Dollar stores have a lot of items that are cute yet affordable. You can get inexpensive mason jars for decorative pieces and paper plates at an inexpensive price. 
  4. Dec’ It Out. You do not need to purchase new decor for your party because you can use your decor from the inside of your home. Take vases, candles and small decorative pieces outside to decorate your tables. You will be surprised by how little you will need to buy for the party if you use this trick. 
  5. Let There Be Light(s). Do not be the host that forgets to light up the night. Make sure that your guests can see well into the night. You can hang string lights outdoors to add a charming, rustic look. If you are looking to save money, use your white Christmas lights in the backyard. 
  6. Think Like a Kid. Make sure you are the hostess with the “mostess” by having a kid-friendly party. If you do decide to invite children, think of fun activities for the kiddos. Having occupied kids can help the adults have more fun then everyone wins. Try to make little stations for the kids to do various activities throughout the night and have a movie ready for when it gets dark. 

 How do you plan to entertain guests this summer? Let us know in the comment section! 

Ways to Create a Family-Friendly Home

Family is important; therefore, you may be interested in learning a few ways that you can make your home more family-friendly. Let’s take a look!


Ways to Create a Family-Friendly Home:

Island Retreat.
First, let us talk about your kitchen. Placing an island inside of your kitchen can completely transform your life. Not only are islands fantastic for cooking, but it is perfect for creating family time. While you prepare dinner, your kids can sit at the island doing their homework, or your guests can sit and chat with you. An island is an overall game changer in a kitchen, and we highly recommend it.


Getting Cozy.
If you are like us, your home’s coziness is vital to you. After a long day for you and your family, you want to come home to a relaxing environment. By adding comfortable seating, pillows, blankets, and rugs, you can transform your home into a serene oasis.


Know Your Squad.
To create a space for you and your family, you want to be aware of the people inside of your home. If you live with small children, your priorities may be a little different than a family with teenagers. Once you gathered your preferences for your space, you can begin to recognize the things you need in your home.


R E S P E C T.
Do not hold off on buying beautiful things just because you have children. Homeowners tend to furnish their home with old hand-me-downs and used furniture with the fear that their children will ruin anything nice. But in fact, many homeowners found that when they worked with their children to respect the furniture, there were fewer problems. Now we are not saying to buy the most expensive, most beautiful couch on the market with a toddler in your house. But if you are looking for a newer, cleaner sofa, don’t hesitate to buy it.

Heavy-Duty Materials.
We encourage homeowners to buy heavy-duty materials. Inevitably, spills and accidents will happen—there is no way around it. By purchasing materials that can withstand the hardships, you will be setting you and your family up for success.

All Charged Up.
With electronics being ever-so-popular, we recommend adding a few more outlets throughout your home. This way everyone can have a space to plug in their electronics without any extra hassle.

Embrace Patterns.
Some homeowners love patterned fabric only because they hide spills and accidents. Parents of young children embrace patterns because it can camouflage unfortunate mistakes.