Designed for Entertaining – Living Space

Corsica Model at Ironwood Crossing 007If you enjoy entertaining friends and family in your home, why not consider including a space made for entertaining? This room, from the Fulton Homes Corsica model at Ironwood Crossing, is ready for any gathering.

Whether it’s just you and your daughter after dinner or a troop of teenagers visiting on a weekend afternoon, a pool table adds personality and entertainment to any group. The sleek lines of this table combine with a maroon cover to fit perfectly in this grey-toned room. People of all ages enjoy playing pool, and this table creates an inviting mood in this room.

The table in the corner is bar-height, making it easy to watch the game while enjoying a drink and snacks. This is also a great spot for some appetizers or snacks to make the party more fun. The sleek shelves on the wall bring more personality into the room while using no floor space.

Take a look at the flooring. With the look of hardwood, this rectangular mimics the classic approach while providing the convenience and ease of maintenance of tile. The whitewashed tone fits perfectly into the grey, black and maroon colors of this room.

Notice also the different style of ceiling fan. The retro stainless fans gain a modern look when built into a ceiling fan this way. All of the design elements in this room combine to make a space that shows a unique sense of style – and a confidence that allows the designer to take chances.

Transitional Design – Bedrooms

Corsica Model at Ironwood Crossing 028If you love contemporary design but still want a bedroom that is as warm and inviting as a traditional one, consider a transitional look. This combines the clean lines and colors of modern taste along with some traditional elements to maintain a warmer feel throughout your home. Let’s take a look at this transitional bedroom, from the Fulton Homes Corsica model at Ironwood Crossing.

First, the cool colors in the bedding reflect a contemporary sensibility. Black, grey and purple combine to make a bed that challenges standard color choices. Notice the rich selection of textures to add interest, with the velvet square pillows, wool bed headboard and cotton twill bedspread.

The shape of the headboard emulates traditional wing chair corners, but squared off to modernize the look. This headboard with its padding also makes the bed into a comfy spot for reading.

Matching lamps and nightstands demonstrates a classic traditional look, but the sleek lamp design and pure cylindrical shades provide the modern perspective.  The art is minimal and contemporary in flavor, but still follows the traditional symmetrical approach experienced with the nightstands and lamps.

With minimal accessories and simple window treatments in a contemporary fabric, this bedroom combines the best of traditional and modern to create a transitional space that is clean and still inviting.

Does the transitional style appeal to you? Then you may want to visit our Corsica model to see more ideas for designing and decorating the home of your dreams.

Area Rugs Pull Rooms Together

Family Room DSC_0323 area rug 3Do you find that some of your rooms feel a bit unfinished? If you’re satisfied with your furniture placement, art on your walls and accessory choices, look a little lower and see if a rug will provide the final touch.

Most interior decorators will encourage you to start with the flooring, including area rugs, but if you are already through with much of your decorating, the vast selection of colors and styles means that it’s never too late to add an area rug.

Start by taking a good look at your space. Would a darker or lighter rug fit better? What about colors? Finally, what style would fit your home’s décor the best? Could a contemporary pattern add flash to your traditional furniture selections or would a more classic choice connect everything together?

Next, go online to start visualizing some of your options. The Fulton Design Center carries Feizy area rugs – a company that has a long tradition of quality and style. They have choices in a wide range of colors and materials to fit every budget.

Be sure to bring a few photos of your room when reviewing rugs in person. It will help you understand the proportions of the design and color choices. Notice in this room from the Fulton Homes Cascade model, the rug pulls out the accent colors rather than the primary ones. This brings a rich note to the room through expanding the dark tones with just a few hints connecting to the lighter sofas.

An area rug is a worthwhile investment – one that can add to the mood and charm of your home in any room.

Don’t be afraid of color

Loft DSC_0312 don't be afraid of colorWhen it comes to larger furniture investments, many people are hesitant to choose color, preferring instead to stick with neutrals. But color creates its own magic, as you can see with these two rooms from the Fulton Homes Cascade model.

You can bring color into a room with less committed options such as paint and pillows, but take a look at how appealing this loft room is thanks to the inviting blue on the sofas and the fun stripe on the coordinating chairs.

Color makes a space interesting. Too many neutrals and you can have a home that looks more like commercial space. Why not show off your color preferences? In this room the soft light-brown carpeting and gold walls provide the neutral tones and then the blue becomes a strong focal point rather than the television.

A red-orange ottoman pulls the pillow and throw colors into the room while the slipper chairs with their stripe play a nice supporting role. Patterns and solid fabrics play well together, creating the feel of a family-only space appealing to kids and adults alike.

Master bedroom DSC_0317 - don't be afraid of colorNot quite ready for prime-time color? How about dipping your toe into the pool with a focus wall such as the one in the photo to the right? The contrast between the light blue and the brown and rust colors from the bedding and curtains works well to keep color front-and-center in this master bedroom.

Blue and brown work well together, creating a sophisticated color palette. If you want to get started with color, you might enjoy visiting a shop that carries upholstery-weight fabric. Choose a colorful print that appeals to you and build your room around it. You may find yourself saying yes to color in your home in ways you would never have imagined.

Fulton Homes Design Online – Area Rugs

Qing in roomArea rugs create an island of interest in an open-concept home, bring in color, warmth and softness, absorb sound, and give a finished look to a room’s décor.

How about a visit to Fulton Homes Design Online to take a look at the rich variety of area rugs available for your new Fulton home? Whether you’re looking for an abstract floral sasha alonewith an Asian flair such as this hand-knotted example from Feizy Rug’s Qing collection, or a more traditional classic Oriental style such as the choice shown to the right from the Sasha collection, you will find your favorites displayed through Fulton Homes Design – either online or at the Design Center.

Feizy Rug® was selected by Fulton Homes as the supplier of choice for area rugs thanks to their over 40 years in the rug business, and their focus on quality and value. Feizy is committed to uniting its heritage of distinction with worldwide resources, revealing inspired methods that mirror ancient visions. Feizy Rug owners can be sure they will receive consistently excellent quality and cutting–edge design.contour collection

If you plan on hardwood or tile floors, area rugs add personality and charm while connecting each living area’s furniture into one integrated whole. And the selection of options is varied in color and style. Want a more contemporary look? Consider the Contour collection – a variegated soft stripe that can connect furniture colors.

Channels in roomOr if you’re looking for a more neutral look, the Channels Collection – in aqua, beige or ivory – uses texture to stay interesting while maintaining color consistency.

If you dream of the lush look of hardwood or tile floors combined with just the right area rugs, take a few minutes to visit Fulton Homes Design Online and travel through your choice of styles, colors and sizes offered to you as a new Fulton Home owner.

A special thanks to Feizy’s website for these great photos.

Fulton Homes Design Online – Wood Flooring

walnutWood flooring has been a preferred choice for many people for generations, and the popularity of wood floors is again increasing.

It’s no wonder; with its elegance and reflective glow, hardwood floors make every home look classically beautiful.

Fulton Homes Design Online allows you to preview your hardwood choices. This photo shows walnut hardwood. The dark tone and tonal variation provides a rich complement to the lighter glazed. Mixing woods creates a space that is more informal and eclectic.

birchPerhaps you prefer a lighter wood. Take a look at this birch wood flooring. It has a gentle honey tone that provides a flexible base for any combination of colors. Some people like to put lighter woods in bedrooms and upper halls as even bright colorful children’s rooms work well with it.

Hardwoods vary in terms of hardness, variation, color and tone. Each type has its own unique grain. You also have to choose between engineered floors or solid wood floors. The best option for you depends upon your expectations and goals from the perspective of maintenance and durability as well as style factors.

bambooA surface that is growing in popularity is bamboo. Although it is one of the most sustainable natural surfaces, growth and processing steps ensure that bamboo is a sturdy option. Notice that it has a stranded look, which is typical for this choice.


You may want to start your exploring with Fulton Homes Design Online. Be sure to watch the two videos provided on Hardwood floors. The first explains the difference between engineered and solid floors and outlines other product characteristics. The second, the Hardwood Disclosure Video, helps explain how to maintain wood flooring.

It’s worth the time to review these before your Design Center appointment, because these videos can answer some of your questions. Then once you sit down for your appointment at the Fulton Homes Design Center, your designer can help you make your final decisions. And the end result? A beautiful floor designed to last.


Fulton Homes Design Online – Stone Flooring

stone flooring genericAre you drawn to the natural look and feel of stone? Cool under your feet on the hottest of summer days, stone such as this travertine flooring enhances any style home.

Fulton Homes Design Online shows examples of stone for your home’s flooring. Check out a quick overview of your choices below.dark granite

Granite is one of the hardest and densest of all natural stone. Next to the diamond it is the hardest of the natural stones. Color and pattern vary, adding to the stone’s interest and beauty.

marbleMarble is crystallized limestone that comes in many different color variations and usually displays a veining pattern that adds to its uniqueness. It is a timeless addition to any home, bearing the signs and marks of history from thousands of years. Marble is more porous than granite, making it more susceptible to staining which makes it more suitable for foyers, bathrooms, fireplaces, studies or libraries rather than kitchens or other rooms liable to food or drink spills.limestone

Limestone has a subtle look and has what is often offered in a “honed” or matte finish. It will require preventative maintenance over time, as it is very porous.

travertineUnique looking due to the “fill process”. In its original form, Travertine has thousands of holes running through it. These holes are filled and then the stone is polished or honed. When polished, the stone takes on a high sheen with the filled areas remaining dull creating a beautiful floor. When honed, the travertine will take on a more natural matte finish look. Like Limestone, this stone will require preventative maintenance over time, due to its porosity. The polished look will require more maintenance than the honed and spills such as juice will etch (dull the finish) the floor. This etching can be repaired with professional maintenance.

slateSlate: This rustic-looking stone has become increasing popular over the years. It comes in various colors and shades ranging from quite light to very dark and, depending on the type, can offer many hues including red and green. This stone has the most variation from one piece to another. It can also be used in outdoor installations.

tumbled stoneTumbled Stone: has an antique look. It comes in many sizes and is often used in borders or decorative strips.

If you want flooring that combines rustic and rich, how about featuring stone in one or more rooms? For more extensive information, visit Fulton Homes Design Online.

Fulton Homes Design Online – Tile Flooring

Ceramic Tile in Design Center- Rachel's KitchenWhere would you like tile in your home? Most people would choose it for bathrooms, many for kitchens, and some people want it throughout much of their living space.

Tile is extremely low-maintenance and lasts for the life of your home – two good reasons to choose it. The exciting thing about tile comes from the incredible variety of looks, sizes and shapes available.

Take a look at the tile above – Interceramic Royal Windsor 10 inch by 20 inch brick pattern staggered. You can take an in-person look at this tile at the Fulton Homes Design Center. But you might want to start your search earlier with Fulton Homes Design Online.

In addition to ceramic, porcelain tile is available for your Fulton Home. Porcelain is harder than ceramic, and more complex to install. Many people are drawn to its stone-like appearance.

Ceramic Tile in Design Center - Bobby's KitchenYour tile flooring can also change dramatically with your choice of installation options. For example, the flooring to the right is set at the diagonal. This can make a room feel larger, and draw people through an open-concept space. Talk with your designer to learn more about installation choices.

Finally, don’t ignore the variety of grout choices. A neutral, light or dark grout can dramatically change the look of your floor. While you’re at it, be sure to have your grout sealed. Grout is the only part of a tile floor vulnerable to staining. Sealing your grout eliminates this situation.

Take the time to consider tile. In the right place with the right selection, it provides flooring to suit your taste and your maintenance goals, and it’s a dramatic option in your home.

Fulton Homes Design Online – Carpeting

cable carpetingIt’s hard to know where to start when it comes to flooring – there are so many wonderful choices. Today we’ll take a look at carpeting.

Fulton Homes offers  carpet that varies widely in texture as well as color. Some are particularly workable in high-traffic areas, while others have a softer plusher feel which makes them ideal for creating warmth in spaces such as bedrooms.

The carpeting above is in the cable category. Constructed of a thicker yarn that is typically longer than most carpet fibers, this is extremely comfortable and inviting for bare feet or floor-sitters, however it may crush in higher traffic areas. This makes it perfect for a bedroom. Select a thicker carpet pad, and your flooring will feel absolutely cushiony.

frieze carpetingFulton Homes offers classic Frieze and Saxony, as well as Cut & Loop and Looped or Berber options. Frieze carpeting like the sample on the right is a cut pile with a very tight twist level which makes it work well in high traffic areas. Differing pile heights add a stylish appearance and vary the look.

looped or berberThe selection to the left is a looped pile, often called Berber. A long-lasting choice due to its uncut loops of carpet yarn, it has an unusual design look. Berber handles family rooms and other high use areas very well. Take a look at the selection of tweed-like fleck options and the varying loop levels.

To select the right carpeting for you, start with the Fulton Homes Online Design Center, but be sure to get an in-person feel for your choices and talk with your Fulton Homes Design Center designer about your lifestyle and requirements to ensure that you select the right carpeting for you and your family.

A Beautiful Bath is all in the Details

Oasis at Freeman Farms 081Monday’s blog took a look at how finishing touches could dress up a kitchen. The same approach can turn a nice bath into an oasis in the middle of your home. Let’s check out the choices that are showcased in the master bath at the Fulton Homes Whitewater model in the Oasis at Freeman Farms community.

First, a double sink allows space for two to get ready for work in the morning. Many couples value their own sink, and both of these have plenty of counter space and storage.

Separating the two, a lower counter with a drawer provides the perfect place for styling –with a hair dryer and/or make-up. The comfy ottoman adds a splash of class with its simple cylindrical shape and luscious upholstery.

Oasis at Freeman Farms 082Warm tones enrich the look of this bath with gold/brown porcelain tile on the floor, different but still coordinated tile countertops, and inviting wallpaper carrying the gold tones up to the ceiling. Notice the backsplash behind the sinks. The small tiles set the space apart. The large mirror is framed to coordinate with the cabinetry – another option offered through Fulton Homes that creates a more finished look.

Oasis at Freeman Farms 083Oil-rubbed bronze faucets and lighting stay with the warm-toned theme. This finish has become a classic since its introduction and it works beautifully in both modern and more traditional homes. The light fixtures with their bronze bases and amber glass shades echo that warm feeling while their design stands out over the more standard bathroom fixtures.

These details separate this bathroom from a more basic look, and create a space that will serve as a particularly enjoyable spot to get ready in the morning and prepare for bed at night.