How to Preserve Your Wood Furniture

Whether it is your beloved dining room table that you paid some serious bucks for or an antique rocking chair that has been passed down in your family, no doubt you want your wood furniture for several years to come. While wood furniture can last for a long time, proper care and maintenance can ensure that it looks good throughout the years. Here is how you can protect your favorite wood pieces:

Things to Avoid:

  • Sunlight: Believe it or not, the sun pouring in from a nearby window can damage your wood furniture over time. Therefore, you will want to avoid placing your favorite pieces near exposed windows where direct sunlight can alter the color of the wood stain. If you have to put a piece of wood furniture near a window, consider adding blackout shades or curtain to help prevent sunlight from affecting the furniture.
  • Water: Try your best to not expose your wood furniture to water even during cleaning. Drinking glasses can leave behind sweat rings that are nearly impossible to remove once they are ingrained in the wood surface.
  • Heating Vents: You probably never thought your heating vents could pose a danger to your wood furniture, but it actually can. Avoid putting pieces near or over a heating vent. Heat can also damage the finish of wood finish and completely dry out the material. Instead, try placing the furniture in the center of the room.
  • Humidity: Heating is not the only natural force that can erode wood finishes, but changes in humidity levels could ruin a beautiful piece of wood furniture. If you can, try to keep humidity levels at 40-60%. Anything above those levels can make a wood piece warp causing the finishing to crack and chip.

How to Protect Wood Furniture

  • Tablecloths: Wood tabletops often take a beating. The best way to protect such a surface is to use a tablecloth because it will protect against stains and marks.
  • Polishing: Depending on the finish of the wood, you should only require polishing 1-2 times a year.
  • Dusting: Dust can easily mix in with the humidity lingering in the air. When it settles onto your wood furniture, it can potentially damage the surface. To prevent this, make sure you dust as often as you can.

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Creative Upcycling Inspirations and Ideas

We love getting new things and while it can be hard getting rid of our old stuff as well, perhaps with some clever tricks, you can repurpose your old stuff and create new innovative ways to incorporate them into your home. Upcycling is a great way to reuse old material and create a higher quality purpose for it. So, stop throwing away old containers and wired hangers and start converting the old to create something unique and useful. Here are our top five creative ways to upcycle your waste and repurpose it for something beautiful:


Have an old favorite sweater with a hole in it or one that you have and do not fit anymore? Maybe you love the pattern on it, or perhaps you like the way it feels. You do not have to get rid of it though, just upcycle it into a different article of clothing. You can easily make some cozy slipper socks for your home. Take the sock size you would like to replicate, and cut out the shape twice and sow it together to create a sock! You can go a step further and take an old pair of slippers or water shoes and remove the rubber bottoms from them and attach them to your socks. You now have a comfortable pair of slippers you can wear around the house.


Have old mason jars in your home? These can serve hundreds of purposes, but we think they work great for storing foods. You can create hanging mason jars in your cabinets or pantry. Place the lid against the bottom of a shelf or cabinet. Drill a screw into the lid to hold it in place. You can now twist your mason jar to allow it to hang. Fill these with pasta noodles, spices, seeds, or anything you would like. These are great for creating more space while making a more organized pantry.


Ever blow out a tire and have a worn tire removed from a rim? Some shops will charge you to dispose of the tire. Instead, ask for the old tire back. You can repurpose the old tire into a planter for flower bushes or small trees. You can make a creative pattern and cut it into onside of the tire. After, turn the tire inside out, and you are ready to go. You can paint it to add some color as well. Just fill it with the dirt and seeds then enjoy!

Upcycling hacks are brilliant ways to repurpose your old goods. If you have never considered upcycling before, these are perfect beginner projects. You can deep dive into more upcycling ideas and be even more creative. For more repurposing tricks and hacks, make sure to subscribe!

Five Things That Make Your House Look Messy When It Is Clean

The dishes have been washed, the floors are mopped, and all the kid’s toys have been put away in their proper place, but it seems like no matter how much you tidy up, your home it still looks chaotic. You would be surprised by how small clutter, technology, and a host of other factors can make your house look messy even when you have undergone a deep cleaning. To help, here are some ordinary things that can be affecting the overall aesthetics of your home’s interior:

Tangled Wires

The fifty-inch television in the living room that is probably your pride and joy could be the very thing that is making your house look untidy. Get creative and find a way to mask tangled wires and plugs. Free your walls of HDMI cords as well as cords from the DVD player. Keeping such wires exposed can look tacky and takes away from the room’s decor.

Left-Over Laundry

Are you still trying to find time to fold and put away last week’s laundry? Try to find a place other than the corner of your bedroom or the living room to store clean laundry. There is no doubt that it takes away from the interior. All you have to do is find some time to put things away in their proper place.

Cluttered Countertops

Do you own enough beauty products in the bathroom to stock aisles? Find a way to remove as many products from your counters, and try finding other areas in the home where you can store some products. You can even find new creative ways to create additional under the sink storage. This same method should also be applied when it comes to clearing your kitchen countertops. Getting rid the clutter on your countertops will result in a crisp, clean and streamlined look.

Unmade Bed

We have been told since childhood to make sure the bed was made. Somehow that concept goes out the window on those rushed mornings. Making your bed every day will instantly make things look neat, but it also creates the perfect opportunity to show off your stylish bedding.

Messy Entryway

Is your entryway littered with coats and shoes blocking the doorway? Use storage bins to make space for your bookbags, shoes, and jackets. You can even install additional hooks to hang your belongings and remove them from the floors.

When you begin to see clutter overtaking your home, it can be the perfect chance to tidy up and make your place look brand new. We recommend focusing on these five areas to help make your place sparkling. For more expert tips and tricks, be sure to visit us weekly at Fulton Homes. Thanks for reading!

How to Successfully Organize Your Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are commonly overlooked when it comes to organizing the household. Since laundry rooms are not seen that often, homeowners wonder if they are really that important. Simply put, yes. Like we always say “an organized home is a happy home.” While you may decide to focus on other rooms, every room of your house has the potential to be fully functional. Whether it is small or large, we have five tips for maximizing your laundry room’s use. Let’s take a look!

Tip 1: Money, Money, Money

Have you ever been washing your pants and find a bunch of random stuff in the pockets? We sure have! That is why we suggest putting out a mason jar for all the coins and miscellaneous items you may find in your pants. This will keep your pockets clean and washing machine happy.

Tip 2: We’re Hooked

Do you need a place to store your ironing board? Drill two coat hooks into your wall, and you instantly have a new holder! Plus, you can get creative and find two decorative, antique hooks from a thrift store to add style and function.

Tip 3: Southern Charm

If you are an iced tea lover, you may have an extra iced tea dispenser around your home. Use the extra dispenser to store your detergent. This will avoid the need for bulky bottles and accidental spillage.

Tip 4: If You Got It, Use It

If you do not stack your washer and dryer, you can use their tops for sorting clothes and storage. Just add a wood block to the top of the machines, and you have instantly created a countertop!

Tip 5: (Re)Attracted

Some laundry rooms are not big enough for a clothing rod, but a retractable clothing line may do just the trick. Attach the clothing line from one side of the wall to the other wall. This will give you space to hang your clothing when you are in a pinch.

We hope you enjoyed these five simple tips! Be sure to check back weekly for more expert advice.

Peanut Butter Hacks for Your Home

Peanut Butter is not only a delicious spread, but it serves several functions you may have not realized. Next time you are in a predicament just pull out your Peanut Butter. Let us take a look at the different ways Peanut Butter can help:

Gets out Gum

If you have been lucky enough and have not experienced getting gum in your hair then count your blessings. Getting gum stuck in your hair can be one of the most terrifying experiences especially for small children, but Peanut Butter is here to save the day! Take some Peanut Butter and an ice cube and slowly work the gum out of the person’s hair. They will definitely need to take a shower afterward, but it is far better than having to chop off all of their hair. 

Removes Stickers

Another sticky substance that Peanut Butter helps to remove are stickers. You can use Peanut Butter to remove stubborn sticker labels that are placed on bottles. Simply grab a washcloth and your Peanut Butter and start scrubbing the sticker area. You will be surprised how well Peanut Butter works. You can also try this trick on stickers that your little ones may have placed around the house.

Odor Repellant

Peanut Butter helps to eliminate odors found in the kitchen after cooking. In order to eliminate the strong scents, place 2 tablespoons of Peanut Butter into the cookware that you used. Let the Peanut Butter sit before washing. 

Pet Pills

A quick trick — cover a pet pill in peanut butter to help your furry friend eat their medicine. Peanut Butter hides the tablet in delicious creamy goodness and encourages your pet to eat it.


It may quite possibly be the oily found in Peanut Butter because it is great for getting scratches out of items. You can use it on scratched CD’s, leather couches, and wood furniture. Take a dry cloth with a dab of Peanut Butter to remove the scratches. Let the peanut butter sit in the wood furniture for approximately one hour before whipping it off of the surface.


The oils in Peanut Butter can be great for your skin and hair. Use on your hair in the shower before you shampoo your locks. Also, Peanut Butter can be substituted for shaving cream. If you are a fan of chunky peanut butter, you can use it as an exfoliator in the shower. 

Peanut Butter is an extremely versatile item to have in your household. When in doubt, consider using your Peanut Butter! 

How to Convert Your Spare Room into a Home Gym

Your New Year’s Resolution was to start going to the gym this year, but there is one problem: it is February, and you have yet to begin.  You cannot find the time or the energy to put in a workout after a long day of work.  When you get home, you just want to relax and unwind a little before you go out to the gym.  Before you know it, you now have successfully relaxed, and it does not make sense to leave anymore.  But remember, nothing changes if nothing changes.  So, maybe it is best to bring the gym to you.  You can convert that spare bedroom into your new and improved home gym and here is how:

Discover Your Training Style 

The worst thing you can do is invest in equipment you will never use.  Decide what training style is best suited for your goals.  You do not want to invest in a total body home gym if you plan on following a bodyweight fitness instructional video.  Likewise, do not buy a Pilates Reformer Machine if you want to use free weights and dumbbells solely.  Whatever your personal goals are, they should be reflected in your equipment.  Gym equipment can be expensive, so make sure you are investing in the correct places. 

Design Your Space 

A room’s atmosphere and design are essential.  You do not want to dread going into your home gym every time.  Create a fun, energetic environment by making sure there is an adequate amount of lighting, mirrors, and colors that will attract you back into the atmosphere.  Even as a home gym, this space should still incorporate a sense of design.  Make sure the room is never too dreary or uninviting, but be cognitive of creating to comfy of a room because you may not accomplish what you set out to achieve. 

Create Time and Build a Habit 

Once you create your space, you have to develop the habit. Decide a time, either before or after work.  Make sure you spend a minimum of fifteen minutes in the space.  The goal is to create a habit.  Results will follow.  You can up your time as the habit develops.  Do not get distraught if you miss a day.  The important factor is to make sure you return to your workouts the next day.  One day will not ruin your results, but do not let it ruin your habits. 

Creating your gym is the first step in conquering your goals.  Stay focused and do not let the task feel daunting.  Balance the workouts with proper nutrition, and be ready to set forth on a journey to chasing your new body.

Help! My Big, Blank Wall!

Different elements come into play when designing your home.  You choose a theme or a color palette you would like in a room; then you master the furniture, the décor, and the lighting.  Yet for some reason, your walls still look blank.  The immediate fix is to hang a picture to help close the gap; however, a blank wall can present many more opportunities.  Here are our top four solutions to apply to your big blank wall:

Projector Screen

Before you go a throw a poster up on your wall, consider creating a projector wall.  Paint the size of the screen you want to achieve in bright white.  You can frame it in with wood trim and paint around the perimeter as well.  Either mount a projector or use a projector cart in which you can roll in and out of the room for movie nights.  You can quickly make a blank wall the hottest spot in your home with this trick.

Gallery Wall

If you are still considering putting up a picture, perhaps you should do a gallery wall.  It can be more expressive and allow you to decorate the wall with more pieces of art.  Adding pictures, paintings, and other décor pieces helps to create a fun wall in your atmosphere.


Add a bookshelf or a display mantle to your wall.  It can dampen sounds from the surrounding rooms, hold décor, and be a beautiful home addition.  A bookshelf can hold much more than just books.  Try adding baskets, picture frames, boxes and more for intriguing decorations.  You can even layer your bookshelf to stop it from feeling one-dimensional.  Try scaling different objects to create variance in the aesthetics.  Even contrasting a complementary décor has a place to shine.

Focal Wall

Lastly, do not stress about the one wall being bare.  Instead, embrace the fact and paint it a different color.  You can make this blank wall a focal wall in your room.  Add a contrasting color, stripes, or texture, shiplap, or brick to create this unique wall and help it stand out amongst the rest.

However you chose to finish this wall, let it be express.  Decide what is best tailored to your own design and needs.  Remember that functionality is key, so if your room lacks something, consider the addition.  For more tricks and tips, subscribe to our email!



Investments to Help You Relax and Unwind at Home

Your home is your refuge; your opportunity to get away from the everyday demands of the world. A place where you can have the chance to relax and unwind. However, you find that your relaxation time at home has been cut in half. Luckily, experts believe that designating a room or a certain area to relax and unwind can help you regain your “you” time. To help, we put some of our favorite home relaxation investments you should try adding to your space. Let’s take a look!


While electronics like television and computers are great to help you unwind at the end of a long day, they are not necessarily the best forms of relaxations.  Try investing in a massage chair or a hydro bed for your relaxation time.  During your session, eliminate all distractions even your phone and the television.  Designating a time and place to relax is vital to allow yourself to unwind and recover from the busyness of your day.


There is also aromatherapy which you can use to help calm your mind.  Scents like lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and peppermint can all help you relax.   Different aromas can be used to stimulate the mind and put it at ease.  If you are new to the concept, you can purchase a diffuser or even receive benefits through burning candles with the previously mentioned scents. Aromatherapy is an easy yet effective way to relieve any stress you encounter throughout the day.


All colors can psychologically influence the mind.   Using cool tones like blue or violet can help make your environment feel more tranquil and relaxing.   Try to use these cool tones in areas of your home you want to make more relaxing. You can apply them as an accent color to not make the colors feel overwhelming in your space, or you can go bold and color the entire room with them. The options are endless, and you can help curate your design based off of your preferences.

Fire & Water

Both fire and water are powerful elements that can be very influential to an atmosphere.  While a wildfire can be very destructive, a fireplace or fire pit can be quite therapeutic.  You can also see the same with water.  Simply taking a bath or listening to the sound of running water can ease the mind and spirit.  Even investing in a Jacuzzi is a phenomenal relaxation tool.  These elements can be significant features to incorporate in during your relaxation time.

Designating a small segment of your day to relax and unwind is very beneficial.  As little as ten to twenty minute of unwind time or time just to meditate can significantly improve your well-being.  Try creating a time or a spot in your own home to relax, and you can use whatever method suits you best.

Thanks for reading!


Strange Hacks that Actually Work

Are you looking for natural ways to solve your common household problems? Well, look no further. With just a dryer sheet and tablespoon of baking soda, you can make these problems disappear.

Dryer Sheets:

1. Dried Paint on Brush:

We all have a tough time removing dried-on paint from our brushes, but you do not need to worry anymore with this easy hack! All you need to do is place a dryer sheet at the bottom of bucket and fill the bucket with warm water. Place your paint brushes inside of the bucket and let them sit for about thirty minutes. After thirty minutes, they will be completely clean!

2. Fingerprints on Stainless Steel:

Sometimes it is frustrating to own stainless steel appliances because fingerprints love them as much as we do. You do not need to worry about finding ways to clear off fingerprints anymore because all you need is a dryer sheet. That is right, simply wipe a dryer sheet across your appliance, and the prints will be removed.

3. Pet Hair:

Owning pets is amazing, but you do not necessarily want to display their hair on you everywhere you go. The solution: run a dryer sheet over your clothing and car seats to remove pet hair. Bonus: it will leave you smelling amazing.

4. Stinky Shoes:

Get rid of smelly odors in your shoes by placing a dryer sheet in your shoes while you are at away from home.

5. Dusty Decorations:

If you do not have a duster, that is no problem because dryer sheets once again save the day. Run your dryer sheets over all your decorations for a quick, easy clean.

Baking Soda:

1. Smelly Areas:

If you love to cook, you understand that sometimes certain foods make your hands smell. To remove that icky scent, create a paste of baking soda and warm water. Rub your hands together for about one minute and you will notice a difference. Afterwards, make sure to wash your hands off with warm soap and water.

2. Meat Tenderizer:

If you are looking to tenderize your meat naturally, cover it in baking soda by patting it into the product. Put it in your refrigerator to set for about four hours then rinse off the baking soda before you begin cooking.

3. Cleaner Produce:

We do not want dirt and pesticides on our produce; therefore, baking soda is a simple solution. Take one tablespoon of baking soda and mix it together with a cup of warm water. With a bristle, dip into your paste and begin gently scrubbing away any residue left on the produce. Make sure to rinse away all baking soda with water before you begin cooking.

4. Gross Sponges:

Instead of purchasing new sponges, get rid of stains and odors by placing your sponges in your sink basin with 1/2 cup of baking soda and two quarts of warm water. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes.

We hope you enjoyed these strange hacks that actually work. Do you have any tips for other readers? We would love to hear from you below in the comment section.