Quick Organization Tips for Your Garage

The organization system in garages can be easily forgotten. A lot of homeowners use their garage as a place to store miscellaneous items that do not have a proper home. Do not let your garage get out of hand by placing item after item inside of it. Summertime is the perfect time for you to tackle your garage’s mess. To help you get started, we have created quick and easy tips for easy organization. Let’s take a look! 

Tips for organizing your garage: 

Make it mobile.

The place where you store your tools should be mobile to help with the ease of completing projects. 

    • Utilize any glass jars for storing your smaller items like screws and nails. You can use old baby food jars or mini mason jars to accomplish a vintage look. Be sure to remove all stickers from the containers before using them as decor. 

Work it out.

Create a workspace for yourself that combines storage with functionality. Also, you will want to have a proper workbench for your space. Experts recommend buying a workbench that is at least six to eight inches long.  

AP in Appliances.

A lot of homeowners decide to store extra appliances in their garage. Keep the space clear in front of refrigerators and freezers for easy access. If you are not utilizing some of your small appliances, store them on higher shelves to keep the lower spaces available for frequently used items.

    • Keep appliances free of dust by storing them in plastic bags. 

Get it covered.

Garages tend to have a lot of heavy dirt and residue from cars. Homeowners may choose to cover their garage flooring with a heavy duty coating. The coating helps to protect the garage floor from oil, salt, and grease and is easy to clean. 

Succeed in storage. Cabinets can be extremely helpful for storing important items in your garage. Pet and cleaning supplies can be easily accessed in your garage. Plus, cabinets give a nice, clean look to the space without having to leave things on the countertops. 

    • If you are on a budget, plastic storage bins can replace cabinets in your garage. Be sure to label each box with the items that are inside. 

Start summer off right with a clean, organized garage. Once you organize your garage, you will feel a breath of relief. It will feel amazing to step into your garage and find whatever you are looking for right away. 

Organizational Success

Are you tired of living in a clutter-filled, unorganized home? If you said “I have had enough,” then stayed tuned because we have five organization solutions for you.

The key to organizing is setting yourself up for organizational success. If you go in with the wrong mindset, you will not accomplish much and it will become more of a hassle than a fun project. Here are our five tips to help you have organizational success in your home:

Tip No. One: Set The Tone.

Cleaning and organizing is not everyone’s idea of a “fun night,” but you can make the most of it with the right music. Create a playlist before you get started! Have songs that you love to jam out to and the time will go by much faster than just sitting in silence. 

Tip No. Two: Set a Schedule. 

If you do not do it now, you will never do it. These words have never been so true. You need to actually set aside time to organize your home or else it will never happen. Take some time each weekend to get your life in order. 

Tip No. Three: One Step at a Time.

You will not complete your organization project in one day; therefore, you will have to do it one room at a time. Create a rule that you cannot move onto another room until you have finished the room you are currently organizing. 

Tip No. Four: Ask “Does This Go Here?”

While organizing, you may notice that some items just do not belong in this room. It is a good idea to take inventory of items that need to be moved and/or replaced. 

Tip No. Five: Sort by Use. 

As you are organizing, divide your items into different piles. Each pile will be a different category. You will have your: daily use, occasional use, and never use. It will be your decision whether or not you store your never used items or give them away to charity. After you have sorted your items, place occasionally used items into storage and items that are used daily in an easily accessible location. 

We hope that these tips help you have an organized home! Let us know what you think in the comment section. 


Let There Be Light – Adding Light to A Dark Room

Who does not love waking up to a room beaming in sunlight? Unfortunately, there is always that one room in the house that feels uninviting due to the lack of light. Yes, getting some light into that dark room is necessary to help it look more visually appealing and the light will provide just the right amount of warmth you need to feel comfortable and cozy.

Not everyone has the option of making structural changes to add or bring natural light into a room. Rest assured, that you can achieve the desired effect without having to launch an expensive renovation project by adding in additional windows. You can brighten up a dark room by using a variety of techniques.

Make The Most Out of Natural Light

Start off by making the most out of the natural lighting that the room does get. You can do this by adding mirrors throughout the room. Mirrors can help make a room appear bigger and it can also reflect light all around the space. Try installing a large mirror or mirrored tiles directly across the windows in the room. The mirror will reflect the light from the window and cast it all about the room.

You can also maximize natural light by opting for sheer curtains as opposed to dark curtains and heavy drapes. Such window treatments can eat up sunlight. Sheer curtains allow the sun to stream right through the room without any barriers.

Layering Artificial Lighting

Of course, adding in artificial lighting seems like the most logical solution to brightening a dark room. While you may already have a central or overhead lighting fixture, you should try to add additional lighting to the space. Use accent lighting such as strip LED lights in the dark corners and towards the back of the room if you are working with a large space. Also, do not forget task lighting and be sure to switch out dull bulbs and opt for the highest recommended wattage. Steer clear from frosted and dark lampshades because they can engulf artificial lighting.

For more tips and tricks, visit our blog hub at https://proudtobuild.fultonhomes.com. 

Upcycling – How to use and repurpose items found in your bathroom

Have you ever looked in your recycling bin and thought, despite the value of recycling, there might be an even better way? Enter upcycling – the repurposing of things to a new, sometimes even better use than was originally intended! Not only does it serve the environment quite well, it also taps into your creativity in new and fun ways. Try just a few of our ideas and we bet you’ll soon be dreaming up innovations of your own. For this blog post we are going to focus on things commonly found in your bathroom.

Prescription pill containers:
Before you put them to good use, clean them thoroughly. Medications typically leave a dusty residue so it’s important that it not get transferred to anything. The easiest method is to peel off as much of the label as possible, and then toss them in the utensil basket in your dishwasher. Once they’re clean you can use a bit of cooking oil or lemon essential oil to remove any remnants of the label. Swab with rubbing alcohol to remove residual oil. Then, use them to store these items: cotton swabs, bobby pins, safety pins, a couple of wet wipes, and travel size amounts of beauty products. You can even use them to store cash in a wet environment, such as at the beach or swimming pool!

Hair claw/jaw clips:
Perhaps you just made the change from long locks to a sassy short haircut. Don’t throw away those jaw clips! First, clean them with rubbing alcohol as there is likely residue from styling products such as hairspray. Then, use them to: secure a towel on your body or head after a bath, hold necklaces and scarves by closing them around a standard towel rack, or secure bagged coffee closed to keep it fresh!

Old perfume bottles:
A great deal of thought and design goes into the bottles used to contain fine fragrances. It seems such a shame to just discard them once they’re empty. Instead, remove the spritzer nozzle and clean them thoroughly using warm soapy water. Fill the bottle, shake the soapy water, and let it sit over night. Empty it and rinse with clean water, and then let it air dry. You now have a beautiful stem vase for fresh flowers. Display 3-5 of them with various buds, greenery, or flowers. Avoid matching or symmetry. The uniqueness of each one is what will make the display lovely!

What are some of your ideas?

Tips for “Non – Techie” Organizing & Managing Household Paperwork

We know how busy you are – at work and/or as a busy stay-at-home mom, often resulting in letting your personal responsibilities suffer. We’re talking about paying bills, insurance, etc., while maintaining a calendar for yourself, family members, doctor appointments, game days plus a plethora of other responsibilities. Let us help you get a grip on your household and have quality time leftover for yourself, family and friends!

We Love Binders

? Easy to Use – We love file folders for organizing, but actually binders are the best way to keep papers organized for current projects and for reference down the road.
? Portable – Whether I’m using the binder in the room or need to take with me on the go, they are so easy to grab off the shelf.
? Organizing & Storage – Binders are the perfect product for easy storage. Put them on shelves, in drawers, filing cabinets for easy access and quick use.
? Inexpensive – Purchase when they go on sale like two for one. Binders can be reused over and over and their identification labels on the front covers or on their spines can be easily upgraded to a new topic.
? Binder Uses – If you sit down and start to jot down what you need help with organizing household tasks, you instantly realize that this practice is a critical key to developing a quality work life balancing act! We use binders for recipes, home appliance/warranties/manuals, home maintenance information, various holiday planning guides, detailed medical files for each family member, pets and etc.

I know what you are thinking, I keep everything on my phone! Well, we know all too often how easy it is to misplace our phone or the battery will die. While you are busy looking for your phone the thought of adding something to your notes or calendar have vanished. Technology is a wonderful thing, but writing things down helps us to remember and we make a mental note about an upcoming task. Please give us feedback and share your organizational ideas. Enjoy getting your busy life organized and manageable!

Tips for a More Visually Appealing Room

Have you ever entered a space and got captivated by its beauty? It is no secret that every homeowner wants a visually-appealing space. If you are looking to master this art, you came to the right place. We have ten tips for creating a more visually-appealing room. Let’s get started! 


Tips for a More Visually Appealing Room

  1. It’s a Material World.

A visually appealing room indulgences the senses. Of course, sight could be considered the most important in a design, but an intriguing texture can also dominate the senses. With texturized materials, you can captivate both sight and touch. Just by incorporating a woven rug or stitched pillow, you can begin to create a more visually appealing room. The textures will play off of the room’s overall design and add a special touch to your space. 

  1. On The Down-Low

Large, bulky furniture can make a room feel cramped and unwelcoming. To help create a more free-flowing space, we recommend buying pieces that are closer to the ground. Low-furniture can make your room look bigger which in essence, is more visually appealing. 

  1. Simply Put.

While shopping for furniture, we recommend keeping it as simple as possible. Decor trends come and go so quickly that you cannot guarantee a piece will survive the passing of a fad. To keep your furniture in style longer, opt for classic colors and builds in your furniture. A good, cozy sofa may not be your trendy dream, but it could outlast your current place. 

  1. Your Reflection.

Mirrors dominate the design industry. The wonders that a small reflective piece of glass can do is unreal. Mirrors can help accentuate your room to make it look bigger and more open. With light reflecting properties, mirrors are the ultimate room “wing-man.” 

  1. Looking Outwards

Sometimes, homeowners will make the mistake of having their furniture face into the room. Instead, we recommend facing your couch towards the window. This gives a more appealing site for people using the couch as well as a more visually appealing set-up. 

  1. High Roller

If you are interested in creating a high-ceiling-illusion, you can install curtain rods about two inches above your window frame. This will help to make your room feel taller. 

  1. Sleek Shelving

Sleek shelves can create clean, sharp lines in your space. These sharp lines will help make your room more appealing to the eyes. 

  1. Cornered.

If you are looking for a cozy-feel, you can angle your furniture into your corners to help play off of the angles.  

  1. Let There Be Light(s)

Lighting is key when designing the ultimate room. In order to have the best room possible, you need to be able to see it. We recommend installing extra lighting wherever need and a dimmer to set the mood. 

  1. Cut Out the Stuff

A visually-appealing room starts and ends with clutter. If you have a jam-packed room, it can take away from the overall beauty of the space. Be sure to cut back on clutter and keep surfaces clear. This will help guests to take in the entire experience. 

Ways to Brighten up Your Space

Creating bright spaces has become more important to homeowners over the past few years. Design experts believe that bright rooms can impact your mood and create a welcoming environment. With the positives outweighing the negatives, you may be curious about how you can brighten up your current space. Well, there is no need to wonder, because we have eight ways you can brighten up your space. 


Ways to Brighten up Your Space

    • No Shade

      Instantly open up your space with sheer window curtains. Having sheer curtains can let the natural sunlight flow into your space and ultimately make your room look more open and welcoming. 

    • Lighten Up.

Choosing a light color scheme can make your room feel bright. Try using colors like white and/or pastels. These colors work well with natural light by bouncing it off of the walls, thus creating a more open space.  

      • Use this light color scheme for your wall color, furniture, and fabrics. 
    • Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors are one of the best decor pieces that you can use in a room. Not only are they decorative and stylish, but they brighten the space up by reflecting your light fixtures. 

      • Place a light fixture in front of the mirror to help encourage light reflection. 
    • Shine On

Try adding more light fixtures to your room to help brighten up your space. Also, you want to make sure that you use light colored lamp shades to help encourage brightness. 

    • Metal Touch.

Metallic pieces reflect the light; therefore, they are the perfect addition to help brighten up your space. 

    • Glass Finish

Try decorating with glass accessories and decor to increase the brightness of your room. The see-thoroughness of glass will create an open, welcoming space. 

    • Minimize.

The less clutter in your room, the less heavy it looks to the eyes. Try to reduce clutter and cut down on items. This will help your room to feel light and bright. 

    • Succulent Paradise. not heavy 

When in doubt, choose a succulent. They are the least “heavy-looking” plant option that you can choose for your room. Plus, they are light in shade to help match your room’s decor. 


What was your favorite brightening tip? Let us know in the comment section below. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Arrangement Ideas for Your Living Room

The way you arrange your living room is vital. We say this statement boldly because wherever you put your furniture will affect the way people have conversations in your space. To help you decide on your favorite arrangement, we have created a list of the top eight furniture setups for your living room. We hope you enjoy! 


Arrangement Ideas for Your Living Room:

Idea #1: Face-to-Face

An intriguing setup that most homeowners take the initiative on following is the “face-to-face” arrangement. This arrangement invites conversation and allows guests to feel welcomed and wanted. Not only do guests appreciate this setup, but your family will also love it. It works perfectly for game night or holidays where everyone needs to be seen and heard. 

Idea #2: Room Divider

Your living room furniture is not only for sitting, but you can actually use it as a room divider in an open floor plan. If you have a large couch or long table, you can position it so that it divides the room into two sections without the need for walls. 

Idea #3: Focal Point

A common arrangement for living rooms is having a focal point. Whether your focal point is the window, fireplace or television, your seating is framed around it. 

Idea #4: Four Chairs

Couches are not the only seating option for living rooms. A lot of homeowners thrive by just using four fabric chairs in their living room. To conquer this arrangement, you will place the chairs in a square all facing one another but equal difference away from each other. 

Idea #5: Rug Placement

Rugs are a blessing because they can pull together an entire room. Just place your rug in the center of the room and work from there with your furniture. Let your rug be the center of attention and your furniture work around it. 

Idea #6: Diagonal.

Another common arrangement is the “diagonal” setup. For this setup, you have your sofa and then diagonally across from it you have a chair. This is a more open look and it can be a great solution for homeowners with extra furniture. 

Idea #7: Symmetry

If you need everything to match, the symmetric arrangement will definitely be your favorite. With the symmetric setup, you will mentally split the room in half. Everything that is placed on one side of the room needs to be copied exactly to the other side of the room. 

Idea #8: L-Shape

L-shape couches are a popular choice for large families, but you do not need the couch to create the design. For this arrangement, you pull together two sofas in an “L-shape.” It is a great solution if you need your couches near one another.

New Year Resolution Decluttering Your Life

It is officially the new year and with the new year comes a lot of change. To start things off on a good note, your resolution may be to declutter your home. After the holidays, your home may be especially messy and overwhelming. To help you fight back against the clutter, we have created five tips for assisting you in your new year resolution. Let us take a look! 


New Year Resolution: Decluttering Your Life

Tip #1: Knock, Knock.

One of the most underused, but brilliant storage areas is behind your door. Over-the-door storage containers can be a life-saver when you are in a pinch for extra space. Plus, it leaves extra room on the floor and does not get in the way of your other items. 

Tip #2: Measure Up

A rookie mistake for first-time organizers is buying the container before measuring the space. If you plan to use containers, be sure to measure the area before you buy. This can save you a lot of room and money in the future. 

Tip #3: Inexpensive Finds

Organizing your home does not need to be expensive. For great inexpensive finds, be sure to check your local variety store. They typically have organizational items available at a reasonable price. 

Tip #4: Little Containers for Your Little Ones

Many homeowners struggle with organizing their child’s playroom. To help you get things in order, we recommend buying several different bins for their toys. This will help them find and put away their toys easier than having one large toy bin. To keep things organized and efficient, we recommend labeling the box with what is inside or placing a fun picture on the outside to represent the items. 

Tip #5: January’s Spring Cleaning. 

Cleaning out your closets is not only in the spring! Take advantage of the new year by going through your closets. Plus, with all of your new gifts, it may be a good idea to get rid of some old stuff to make room for the new items. 


What resolution have you made for the New Year? We would love to hear from you in the comment section!