How to Organize Your Garage

You may store your cars, boxes, tools, or miscellaneous items in your garage and that is absolutely okay. But we want to help you take your unorganized garage and transform it into a fully functional space. Here are six ideas to organize your garage:

Metal Chain Organizer: Attach a hook to your garage wall then hang one end of a metal chain onto it. Tightly wrap up your garden hose and secure it on the metal chain. Attach the other side of the metal chain to your hook and voila, no more tangled garden hoses. It is just that easy.

Window Planter Storage: If you find yourself with a lot of little, miscellaneous items, try using a window planter for storage. You can store things like car wash supplies, spray cans, and gardening tools.

Old Lockers Transformed: Lockers are not just meant for books and backpacks, but they are perfect for storing all garage-worthy items. Touch them up with a nice coat of spray paint, and they will look brand new.

Rethink Old Golf Bags: Before you toss out your old golf bag, use it for storing larger items like racks and shovels. You can even utilize the smaller pockets for things like gardening tools and gloves.

Tipped-Over Filing Cabinet: Transform your old filing cabinet into a storage bin by turning it over on its side. Have the drawers facing up then remove the physical drawers from the cabinet. You will be left with four open basins to fill with all your garage supplies like racks, shovels, and mops. If you are looking for a more aesthetically appealing organizer, try to spray paint it a fun summer color to bring beauty into your garage.

Mason Jars: Store all your tiny screws and nails in one place with mason jars. You can even purchase them in a variety of sizes for different projects. You will never lose track of your nails again with this quick fix.

We hope you enjoyed these garage organizing tips and tricks. How do you keep your garage organized? We would love to hear from you in the comment section.

Office Organization Tips for Your Home or Workplace

Your home or work office may not be living up to its full potential. Maybe you have not had time to buy a filing system, or your junk drawer is getting more significant as the days go on, but we are here to help. No matter which office you are trying to organize, you can take these four tips to maximize its functionality and usability. Let’s get started:

How to Organize Your Office (Home or Work):

Tip No. One: Separate Your Supplies.

Designate a specific area in your office for everything. Spend time organizing your office supplies and separating them into specific groups. Have your papers (sticky-notes, notepads, reams of paper), writing utensils (pens, pencils, markers, highlighters), and other materials in groups of a kind.  Once you have separated the items, place them into drawers that maximize your movement. Put the office supplies that you frequently use within an arm’s reach. This will help you to be more productive at work.

Tip No. Two: Remove Excess Paper from Your Desktop.

Only allow yourself to keep the bare minimum on your desktop. Remove all expired sticky-notes and space wasters. Try to limit yourself to the essentials (pens, paper, calendar, telephone, computer, etc.) The less you have on your desktop; the less stress you will have when you are trying to find something.

Tip No. Three: Install a Shelving System.

Think about all the wasted space on your walls that you could have used for storage. Make sure it is okay with your company before you drill into the walls, but try and incorporate a storage system. You can place binders, books, and reams of paper on the shelves and free up space on your desktop.

Tip No. Four: Use Your Technology.

Instead of owning a thousand papers and filing them in your actual office, make a digital copy on your computer. We only recommend doing this for paperwork that is not extremely important. You can create folders on your computer to store all of your paperwork. Just simply scan them onto your desktop.

We hope you enjoyed these quick and easy tips for organizing your office! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Tips for Organizing Your Home’s Closets

Luckily, spring cleaning is not the only time for you to clean out your closets and get a fresh start on everything home-related. Winter can be an excellent time to rearrange your belongings and sort through your unwanted items to create a clean and organized space. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and take on this task, you will definitely want to keep on reading!

Tips for Organizing Your Closet:

Remove Everything.
Before you begin the organizational process, you will want to take everything out of the closet (literally, everything). While you are taking everything out, you can begin to divide your closet items into piles.

The piles include: keep, donate, and trash.

Pro-Tip: Professional organizers recommend asking yourself “would I repurchase this?” By asking yourself this question, you can determine its usefulness in your closet. If the answer is no, look at its condition and decide if you can donate it.

Incorporate Organizational Systems.
If you have the money, you may want to consider purchasing some form of an organizational system. Items like cubbies, multiple clothing bars, and extra drawers and shelves can be a lifesaver!

Consistency is Key.
We recommend using the same hangers throughout your newly organized closet. This can keep it looking tidy and neat.

Labeled Dividers.
If you are a fan of dividing your clothing, you may be interested in purchasing labeled dividers. The dividers are placed in front of each clothing section to denote what clothing is behind it. This is perfect for busy homeowners who would appreciate extra guidance on laundry day.

Place Bins on Your Shelves.
Do not let the shelving above your clothing bar go unused. Take advantage of this remarkable space by placing stylish bins to store your out-of-season clothing.

Add Extra Lighting.
If you find yourself struggling to see your clothing options in the morning, you may want to consider adding extra lighting near or inside of your closet. This will help you see all of your options and maybe encourage you to wear some of your underused items.

Finishing Touch.
No closet is complete without a mirror. Be sure to add a mirror near or inside of your closet to complete your look.

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks! Let us know what you think below in the comment section.

Tips for Doing Laundry

Laundry is a bit like a Monday morning. No one really looks forward to it, but every week it must be done. Laundry is frustrating because it contains a ton of steps: washing, drying, folding, hanging, ironing, and then putting away each item. We want to help make doing your laundry a little bit easier with these simple tips:

Make a Plan. One of the most challenging parts about doing laundry is the fact that you do not know when you will have time to do it. Stick to a consistent schedule to ensure that you will always have clean clothes for your family. Making a plan can be beneficial in other ways; the longer you wait to do laundry, the longer stains, wrinkles, and unwanted smells can stay in the clothing. Make a plan and stick to it.

Stacks on Stacks. Laundry needs to be sorted in order to wash each load properly. Make sure you have enough baskets to sort your laundry. Sometimes when we lay laundry on the floor, it gets in the way of doing other activities. Not to mention, kids or pets can run across the clothing creating more of a mess. Depending on the size of your home, invest in some baskets to organize your laundry. Bins can be stacked and put away if you do not have a laundry room to store them.

Do Not Let Them Stick Around. Stains must be dealt with as soon as possible. Sometimes it is easier to pass over stains if your laundry room has poor lighting. Go to a room that has good lighting to recognize any stains on your clothing. When sorting through your laundry, focus on first washing clothing that has stains on it. Buy a stain remover to ensure the removal of your stains and always wash it out as soon as possible.

Hang in There. Installing a clothing rod for your laundry room will be extremely beneficial for your laundry routine. Clean clothes can go on the clothing rod to be put away or to be steamed/ironed. The clothing rod will help keep your laundry room in tiptop shape.

High There. Take advantage of the space high up in your laundry for products that contain chemicals. Being safe includes being smart, store your hazardous items high up so that small children and pets cannot get into them.

We hope all your socks find their matching pair and that doing your laundry feels like a Friday.

Creating a Clean House in Under an Hour

Cleaning your house does not need to take an unnecessarily long time. Set a time limit that you want to spend on each room and get it done faster and more effectively. We have compiled the perfect “Clean House List,” and we want to share it with you. This list is excellent if you are having unexpected company over and do not have time to do your usual full clean. The best part of the list is that it can all be accomplished within 45 minutes! Let’s take a look!

Room One: The Front Entrance. Time Limit: 5 minutes.

  • Straighten up all shoes and jackets.
  • Sweep or vacuum the front entrance’s flooring.

Room Two: The Living Room. Time Limit: 15 minutes.

  • Gather any items that are laying around and place them in their correct home.
  • Fold blankets and rearrange pillows.
  • Take a microfiber cloth and run it across your hard surfaces (tables and television).
  • If possible, open your window to welcome in a fresh air flow.
  • Remove all pet fur from the couches with a lint roller.

Room Three: The Kitchen. Time Limit: 15 minutes.

  • Take everything off the counters and wipe them off with a disinfectant wipe.
  • Clean up your sink area and remove any food residue.
  • Replace the old dishtowels and hang new ones.
  • Take out the trash and put a fresh bag inside the trashcan.
  • Kitchens may have an odor; light some candles to freshen the air before guest arrive.

Room Four: The Main Bathroom. Time Limit: 20 minutes.

  • Pour toilet bowl cleaner into the toilet bowl and let it sit for approximately five minutes.
  • Remove all dirty clothes and towels from the bathroom and place them into a laundry basket. Store the basket in either your bathroom closet or in your laundry room.
  • Take everything off of the countertop and begin to wipe them down with a disinfecting spray.
  • Using a sponge, scrub the inside of the sink and then use water to rinse away leftover disinfectant spray.
  • Grab some glass cleaner and spray your mirrors to remove all fingerprints and dirt.
  • Go back to your toilet and scrub out the bowl. Flush the remaining solution.
  • Take a disinfectant wipe and wipe down the toilet seat before your guests arrive.
  • Straighten the bathroom rugs and close the shower curtain.
  • Take out the trash and replace the bag.

Voila! You are done and ready to enjoy the company of your guests.

How to Hang Mason Jars

Have you ever desired to have more storage in your kitchen, but do not necessarily have the room to add more cabinets? Your solution is here: hanging mason jars underneath your cabinets adds style and function to any space. Plus, it is super simple to do! Let’s see how.

Mason Jar
Piece of Wood
Screw Driver

Depending on the amount of space you have available under your cabinets, you can choose the number of mason jars you will use for this project.

*You will need one screw and one nail per one mason jar you use.

Want to Add Color? You can even paint the mason jars if you would like to add a pop of color. Remember to paint your mason jar before attaching them to your cabinets. If you want a distressed mason jar look, decorate the mason jar with color chalkboard paint. After it is finished drying, you can run sandpaper over the areas you want to look distressed.

How to Hang Mason Jars:

Step One. Take the lid off of your mason jar.

Note: Mason jar lids have two parts associated with them. You will have the physical “rim” and “the flat top.”

Step Two. Grab your piece of wood and set your lid onto of it. Have the lid facing up in a bowl-like resemblance.

Step Three. Take your hammer and nail and create one small hole in your lid.

Step Four. Remove the nail and lid from the piece of wood.

Step Five. Take your lid over to the cabinet that you wish to hang it underneath.

Step Six. Place your screw inside the hole you just created. Screw it into the bottom of your cabinet.

Note: It is essential that you make sure your lid is on tight because your jar will be hanging from it.

Was not that easy? It is a quick and simple way to add style and function to your kitchen or any room in your house. Try this hack anywhere in your home to add extra storage to your space. Just remember to always make sure your lid is screwed into your cabinet tight!

Seven Genius Ways to Reduce Clutter

Are you looking for ways to reduce clutter in your home? Look no further! We have gathered a list of seven ways you can eliminate unwanted clutter in your home. Let’s take a look!

Seven Ways to Reduce Clutter:

Switch to Glass Containers. Often times, our pantries are filled with plastic and cardboard containers from the store. To eliminate clutter, switch your items over to a glass jar and recycle the cardboard boxes. By eliminating boxes, you can create a clean, sleek look while providing more room.

Sort Through Shoes. Do you ever pass over certain shoes thinking that there “may” be a time that you “might” wear them? Honestly, there may never be a time because you will get better, new shoes in the future. Donate old shoes that you never wear, and free up some closet space.

Donate Old Toys. The older your children get, the more they do not want to play with certain toys. Go through the toy bin with your children to determine what toys they still use and which ones you can give to charity.

Missing Sock Pairs. We have all heard the saying that the washing machine ate my socks. Sometimes socks just disappear. Whether you left one at the gym or it is behind your dresser, you can completely start over. Get rid of all socks that you have not found the pair for in over two months. This is a good cleanse, because who does not love brand new socks?

Expired Medication. Sometimes our medicine closets hold expired medication, and we do not even realize it. Sort through all your medications to make sure they have not reached their expiration date. If they have, make sure to dispose of them safely so that pets and small children cannot get to them.

Holiday Cards. Do not get us wrong, holiday cards are very meaningful and sweet, but after the holiday season is over, you should probably recycle them. This will help free up space in your home and eliminate paper clutter. Be sure to write down any addresses in your address book before you recycle the envelopes.

Receipts. If you like to keep all your receipts, try digitizing them. Just scan them onto your computer and store them in a folder labeled “receipts.” This way they are not taking up space in your home.

Getting rid of stuff is difficult, but it is vital to happy living. You will feel a lot better once you cleanse your home.

For more expert tips and tricks, be sure to visit us at Fulton Homes. Thanks for reading!

Saving Money on a Move

You are moving into a new place. Whether you are moving into soon or in the future, moving costs are probably consuming your mind. A lot of money can go into moving into a new home from boxes to transportation. You already spent enough money on your new place, and now you have to spend more money just to get there? We understand your frustration, and we want to help you cut costs during your move to help save you money. Here are our tips for saving money on a move:

Get Rid of Stuff Beforehand. Do not bother moving stuff that you are going to sell, throw out, or get rid of eventually. Take some time to set aside items that do not need packed and donate them or throw them out.

Get Multiple Quotes from Professional Movers. Moving companies all have different prices and packages. Shop around before you set your mind on one mover. It is better to be aware of several companies’ rates before you agree on one company and make your decision.

Ask for Recommendations. Movers are moving some of your most valuable possessions; therefore, you want to make sure that they are a good company. Ask friends, family or neighbors for their moving company recommendations.

Try to Pack with What You Already Own. Think inside the box. What box-like things do you own that can hold other materials during the move? For example, if you own luggage, fill the suitcases with clothing during your move. This simple hack will save you from purchasing more boxes.

Ask The Moving Company Questions. If you decide on a moving company, ask them questions about their costs for heavy items, repacking, stairs, and their wait time. Sometimes moving companies like to hide these fees from customers. It is best for you to have an overall view of costs before you begin.

Use Portable Storage and Delivery Companies. Portable containers are perfect if you are willing to pack up the container yourself then the company will deliver it to your new place for you.

Rent a Moving Truck. If you are not interested in a moving company, rent a truck for the day and do it yourself. Ask your family or friends to help you with the moving process in exchange for a pizza dinner. Be sure to read the moving truck company’s fine print for mileage allowances and fuel surcharges before you sign your name.

Purchase Moving Insurance. Things happen, stuff breaks. If you are worried about your belongings, purchase moving insurance for more significant items.

Moving Expenses are Tax Deductibles. If you are moving at least 50 miles away, save all of your receipts from the move. The cost of packing, transporting, or storing your things can be deducted from next year’s tax return.

We hope that these tips will help save you money during your move, and we are so excited that you choose Fulton Homes as your forever home. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

How to Clean Your Couch

Couches are magnets to unwanted dirt, hair, and lint. Cleaning them can become an overwhelming task for homeowners. If you are curious about how to properly clean your sofa, we have the perfect guide for you! The best part is you can do this all on your own before resorting to a professional cleaning crew and here is how:

How to Clean Your Couch:

Pro-Tip: Before we begin, if you are planning on using any cleaner or solution on your sofa, it is a smart idea to apply it on a small section of your couch to see how it reacts. Try using it in an unseen place and let it sit before continuing to use it on the rest of your couch.

1. Food crumbs and dirt can be hidden underneath your couch cushions. Remove the cushions and start to vacuum up any leftovers.

2. Fabric couches are more prone to lint and hair; therefore, you want to make sure you remove all of it. Try using a dryer sheet to remove hair and grab a lint roller to get leftover lint. Bonus: the dryer sheet will leave your couch smelly fresh and delightful.

3. Each couch needs to use a particular solution type for the most successful results. You can find your couch’s cleaning needs on its fabric tag. You will notice that a letter is associated with the couch. Here is the cleaning codebook to help you find the right cleaning solution for your furniture:

S: Dry cleaned or cleaned with a water-free detergent.

O: Washed in cold water.

W: Cleaned with water-based detergent.

WS: Water-based detergent or dry cleaned.

X: Only should be cleaned by a professional.

4. Steaming your couch can help loosen up dirt and particles for a more efficient clean. Turn your iron on “steam” mode and rub it back and forth on the dirty areas. You will find it easier to clean after doing this.

5. Remember to always blot and never rub when you are trying to remove a stain. If you are looking for a stain remover, make sure to test a small area first and that it matches with your couch’s cleaning code.

We hope you enjoyed these tips for cleaning your sofa! Be sure to check back next week for more expert advice. Thanks for reading! 

Trendy Ideas for Wall Decor

Do your walls feel bare and ultimately make the room feel uninviting? It is totally okay! We have all been there. In order to master your room’s potential, you need to take advantage of that bare wall space, and we have six trendy ideas for you! Let’s take a look.

Trendy Ideas for Wall Decor:

1. Up in The Air.

If you are looking for a wall decor idea that is as functional as it is stylish, floating shelves can be the perfect choice for you. They provide additional store and the ability to display unique decor pieces on them. Plus, if you are looking for the most recent floating shelf trend, we recommend letting your shelves expand from wall to wall. This brilliant idea creates clean lines and provides an excessive amount of storage. It looks great in dining rooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.

2. Galleria.

Upon the classics, a gallery wall never goes out of style. Each year, we learn new ways to make it up more updated and trendy. This year, we recommend using the same type of frame for all of the photos. This helps to create a clean, consistent look that is absolutely breathtaking. That being said, the size can differ in each frame. 

3. Framed.

Frames are not just for pictures nowadays, but you can include things like fabric, wallpaper, graphic prints, or postcards inside of them.

4. Sketch.

Wall stencils can be a great way to add stylish detail to your walls. Plus, they are easy to do! With a paint of can and a stencil, you can completely reimagine your bare walls.

5. Jetsetter

Maps are not just for gathering directions. You can use a map as a piece of decor that displays all of the fun, unique places that you have traveled. We recommend adding colorful pins to mark the destinations that you have been. You can even add photos of you in that location near or on the place. This helps to add a personal touch to the art.

6. Found Treasures.

Antique shops are a great place to find unique treasures that can make your home a little more special. You can incorporate rustic keys in a gallery wall or hang old artwork to spice up your walls.

Do you have a trendy idea for wall decor that you would like to share with other readers? We would love to hear below in the comment section!