Inspiring Design Hacks to Transform Your Patio for Autumn

When it comes to home investments, you may not think of exterior modifications right away, and maybe, it is time to change your way of thinking. Autumn is the season to enjoy the outdoor weather and experience the beauty of change. Hosting outdoor festivities and gatherings is a great way to encapsulate this change through your home. Tailoring your patio for the seasons and adapting to different criteria can be a daunting task at first but the reward is well worth the time invested. As some of the Arizona trees begin to alter their leaves with a crimsons and golds spectacles and the nights grow longer, change is inevitable. We put together three simple fall patio changes worth your investments. Let’s take a look!

Fabulous Firepit

A great social modification to your patio is adding a firepit. Yes, even in Arizona. Plus, there are so many budget-friendly options as well as some very classy, elaborate setups for homeowners to select their favorite. Decide which investment best suits your house, design, and budget. Also, consider the number of people you plan on hosting. If you plan on entertaining large groups, you will want to add more seating to accommodate everyone. Lastly, make sure the firepit is well kept, and no trees are overhead that could catch fire.

Feature Fall Decor

Exterior decor can make a powerful statement outside your home. Adding hay barrels and pumpkins is an easy way to adapt your home for the fall season. Fall is harvest season and adding creative reflections of that around your outdoors can boost your home’s exterior value and fall pride. Try incorporating scarecrows and even decorating for Halloween to add flair. Plus, with Thanksgiving around the corner, it is also an excellent opportunity to add other festive pieces to your design.

Functional Furniture

Make sure you get the proper patio furniture. This is your chance to add your taste and design style outside. The exterior design option can be branched from bar seating to chairs or even stools. Designing your patio with the right seating and furniture is crucial for adapting your patio to become an outdoor hangout. Try buy autumn theme cushions or even a fun fall colored umbrella to help amplify your seasonal pride. Make sure you have different gathering spots and tailor your patio to accommodate the events you may host. You may also want to get a grill or set up an outdoor kitchen to make cooking and serving easier outdoors.

Investing in your patio this season is a great way to improve your home. It shows you care about your home and take pride in even the exterior.

Inspiring Ways to Add Bold Color Outdoors

So you have finally ventured outside your comfort zone and added color to your home’s neutral palette. Now it is time to focus on your home’s exterior. Injecting vibrant hues into the landscape is not as difficult as it may sound. Whether it is through furniture, plant pots or tiles, color can come from a variety of sources. Check out these six simple ways to make an impact with colors outside:

Colorful Patio Furniture

The sitting area is one of the focal points in the landscape. This is an ideal place to add color. Opt for a table or set of chairs that feature a bold color. If you are on a budget, you can consider swapping out the seat cushions for ones that have a refreshing hue. Adding a pattern or bold colored pillows is another inexpensive way to create interest without breaking the bank.

Accent Wall in an Eye-Catching Color

Accent walls are not just reserved for indoors. Consider painting a garden fence or exterior wall a lively color that is bound to capture one’s attention. All you need is a can of paint and a few spare hours to create the look. A color wheel can help you decide what hue you should choose. Opt for a color that will complement the patio furniture and plants that you have chosen.

Decorative Tiles

Make an impact with decorative tiles. You will find that tiles are produced in many different patterns, colors, and designs. You can make a mural with tiles on the exterior surfaces outside, or you can always opt for a unique tile flooring solution for the patio; however, you will want to make sure that you choose a tile that is appropriate for an outdoor environment.

Bold Decor

Use colorful and bold decor that adds interest to the landscape. Unique mosaic art, pottery, and colorful stepping stones are just a few bold decor ideas. Invest in garden art that can stand up to all kinds of weather conditions.

Outdoor Rug

Adding an outdoor area rug to the patio or deck is an opportunity to enhance the dining or seating area. In addition, opt for a rug with an interesting design and pleasing shades to add style and meaning.

Colorful Flower Pots

Love your garden? Well, you will love it more if you incorporate beautiful, colorful flower pots. Can you imagine just how beautiful your plants will look in bright, beautiful containers? It will create the perfect statement piece outdoors.

How do you add interest and creativity to your outdoor area? We would love to hear below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

Must-Know Professional Refrigerator Organization Hacks

Keeping an organized refrigerator can be a little tricky at times, especially when you have a diverse eating style and bring takeout boxes home. A clean fridge can say a lot though and help you easily find food when you are hungry. Also, it will help prevent old food from going unnoticed and starting to smell. Maintaining a clean refrigerator becomes easier after you set yourself up for success. Here are a couple of professional organization tricks you can use on your refrigerator or freezer today to begin making it more organized. Let’s take a look!

Print Labels

Labeling your drawers and shelves before loading them is vital to make sure everything is easy to locate. Make sure you choose the proper drawer sizes for what you will be putting in them. Do not designate a small drawer or shelf with food categories that will quickly outgrow the space after your next grocery store visit. You want to be cognitive of your refrigerator’s size and the items being used.

Eliminate Prepackaging

Putting prepackaged sodas or yogurts is a quick way to take up access space. Try eliminating all group pre-packing when loading your refrigerator. This is a great way to make grabbing your food and monitoring how much is left quick and easy. Plus, you can stack bottles and cans on their sides to save space.

Make a Kid-Zone

If you are not the only person going in and out of your refrigerator, you may want to designate a shelf for the kids. Put snacks and their favorite cravings in an easily accessible spot. This is an excellent way to make sure the rest of your refrigerator does not become a total mess after someone else visits it.


Meal prepping can be a great habit to start. You may want to invest in all uniformed Tupperware. This can easily give your many meals a more aesthetic look in the refrigerator. You can go a step further and label shelves by days in your fridge. Organized storage bins that can be easily stacked and are transparent are great to keep your space neat and well maintained. You may also want to install a drink dispenser and pour your favorite beverages into them.

A clean refrigerator will take maintenance. Try to dedicate a little time each week or thirty minutes at the end of each month to keep your refrigerator in check. Check expiration dates and fruit and vegetables often. Always keep up on your fridge to maintain a clean and inviting area every time you open it.

Home Hacks

Moving into a new home is an adventure and a great opportunity.  Having a clean slate to decorate and add your furnishings is a tremendous privilege; however, there are some super simple mistakes people make, time and time again, when moving into their new homes.  Sometimes, simple home hacks and lifestyle tricks can really showcase your home. We put together three quick techniques to showcase your pride in your new home and to help keep it looking clean and dapper. Let’s take a look!
Home Hacks:
  • Wire Tuck
So many people ignore the eyesore that wires can create.  Remember to tuck away all wires running to and from electronic devices. Prevent any tripping hazards by cognitively placing furniture over or around exposed wires to lamps.  If wires have been exposed running to a television, consider getting clips to consolidate the exposed wires.  You can even paint the wires to match the wall paint to help them blend better with the atmosphere. Making sure your wires are all properly hidden in your lamps, computers, and televisions is essential to showcase that you care about your home.
  • Make Your Bed
This cost you absolutely nothing but shows your proud to be in your space.  Making your bed not only is a great style habit to develop but always leaves your room looking clean and fresh.  A tidy room will also look bigger.  So, make your mom proud by making your bed this year and keeping a neat looking bedroom.
  • No More Clutter
Minimalism is a great habit to develop.  It can keep the functionality and aesthetics of your home always in check.  For example, do not keep clutter on your tabletops or shelves. A clean, minimalistic atmosphere is ideal for allowing your homes openness and architecture designs to take the spotlight.  Limit the decor to only the essentials needed to strengthen your environment and understand that less is more.
These simple but effective habits can help your home feeling clean and always welcoming.  Try incorporating these into your home in any stage, whether you have lived there a day or a year to help strengthen the space. For more home hacks, visit us at Fulton Homes.

Fabulous Fire Pit Ideas

Whether you are hosting your family or friends, a fire pit is an excellent addition to any patio or backyard oasis.   Fires are relaxing and captivating to sit back, relax, and enjoy.  The mix of tranquility and destruction has always had a psychological effect on the mind.  Adding a fire pit to your home is the perfect way to unwind at the end of your day and experience the outdoors.  We put together a couple of our favorite fire pit designs for you to add to your home to help transform your yard into a gorgeous, welcoming outdoor haven.
  • Classic Fire Pit
The classic design can be made from traditional fire pit stones which you can purchase at your local home and gardening shop.  This round design gives you the capability of building your fire pit to the size you want.  These stones can be loose-laid or sealed to provide a more permanent feel.  Classic round fire pits are great for hosting events because they give the most freedom of seating.
  • Gravel Fire Pit
If you put your fire pit in your yard, graveling the surrounding area designates the area.   You can make the space as large or as small as you desire.  Purchase seating you think helps enhance the look that you are going for in your yard. Whickered chairs, rustic logs, and modern stools are great accessories. The freedom is yours to amplify your yard.  Contain your fire with the classic design or use some loose boulders.
  • Earthed Fire Pit
Submerge your fiery design with an earthed fire pit.  Dig a hole to the desired depth to use for your fire.  You can put red stones or reflective fire glass of your color preference to help this look.  This is a great looking design which contains the fires width as well as height impeccably!
  • Modern Concrete Bowl
Modern designs have been flooding the market.  For this look, invest in a gas fire pit or concrete bowl design. These modern designs work great on any patio. You can choose even to use mosaic tiles to add to the patio’s fire pits design.  
All fire pit designs give you the freedom to express your style.  Adding a Rustic style fire pit or a Modern themed one is your personal preference.  Adapting your yard to how you seem fit is a fun and great way to get to love your home.  So, spend some time outside this autumn, find your place of solitude or host a social gathering with a beautiful fire pit. Believe us; your fire pit will be a home investment you will use for decades to come.

Tips for Cleaning Your House

We want to share some easy tips and tricks for cleaning your home so that you spend your free time doing the things that you love. As we all know, time is a very precious commodity and anything that we can do to save time is certainly valuable. We have listed a few tips below for cleaning the home quickly that you must try:
  • Start at The Top – Always start at the top and clean your way down the room. This way dirt and dust fall to the lower-level, uncleaned surface. For example, you will want to begin by dusting your ceiling fans first, then cleaning the furniture below it. This way you do not have to do double the work in the end. Once the dirt and debris fall from your ceiling, you can wipe them away while you clean your furniture. 
  • Kitchen – In the kitchen, you will want to begin by loading the dishwasher. Fill the sink with hot soapy water and a small amount of cleaner. If your stove has burner frames, remove and put in the sink’s soapy water. Next, you will want to dust off your ceiling fans, light fixtures, and windowsills then clear off all of countertops and tabletops. After they are cleared, dip a clean sponge into the soapy water and wipe down cabinets and counters from top to bottom. Be sure to rinse the sponge in hot water, and you will be amazed at how much dirt rinses out of it. Lastly, wipe down all kitchen appliances from top to bottom. By wiping down appliances, you will help to eliminate fingerprints and remove excess dirt. 
  • Bathrooms – Cleaning all bathrooms at one time is vital. Dust light fixtures and windowsills, clear and wipe down counters, and clean the bathtub and toilet bowl with cleaner. Allow the cleaner to sit while you go to the next bathroom to clear clutter and spray down the areas. Go back to the first bathroom clean and wipe down the mirrors. You can also wipe the bathroom’s baseboards and floors before you have clean the floors to help not add extra work for yourself. After you wipe the baseboards, you can take a broom and dust away any debris. Lastly, you will want to mop the space working your way out of the room. 
  • Living & Dining Room – Clear all clutter before you begin the living room and dining. Start dusting in one corner of the room and work clockwise. Clean ceiling fans, light fixtures, and dust windowsills and all furniture from top to bottom. Use your vacuum cleaner attachment on upholstered furniture for an extra good cleaning. 
  • Bedrooms – In your bedrooms, you will want to strip bed linens, wash the sheets, and remake bed. Clear all visible clutter by placing it into a basket or its designated area. Dust ceiling fans, light fixtures, window sills, and all furniture top to bottom with dusting spray and microfiber cloth. Afterward, you will want to use a vacuum or dustpan to remove any leftover dirt and debris from the floor.
  • Floors – We recommend cleaning all of your floors of the same type at the same time. For example, you would clean hardwood floors at one time and clean tile floors at one time and so on. When vacuuming carpeted floors, work your way backward out of the room and try not to overlap with a vacuum; this eliminates dust settling in the air.
  • Steam Mop– Steam mops make cleaning floors much faster than using a basic mop and bucket. Plus, you are using water to steam away dirt and germs, instead of cleaners. We recommend investing in a steam mop to help speed up your cleaning routine. 
Do you have any cleaning hacks that you cherish? We would love for you to share your tips and tricks with other readers below in the comment section. As always, thanks for reading, and be sure to check back weekly for more expert advice. 

Storage Opportunities

If you are seeking extra storage opportunities in your home, but do not know where exactly to begin looking, we have gathered five storage spaces you have probably been overlooking. Let’s take a look! 
1. Headboard
If you are running out of space in your bedroom, consider the headboard as a storage opportunity. Headboards are often a missed opportunity for most homeowners. Different headboard designs allow for multifunction storage compartments. Using these headboards can grant you the extra room you may need in your bedroom. Plus, you can even design and build your own with Do-It-Yourself tutorials available online.
2. Ceiling
Hanging storage compartments from your ceiling is another excellent way to free up space. Place items up there so that you do not need items laying around all the time or blocking valuable flooring space. You can store a wide variety of odds and ends up there and keep it low-profile, so it does not take up much of your valuable room space.
3. Under Your Washer and Dryer
Underneath your washer and dryer may be another opportunity, you have overlooked. You can raise your washer and dryer off the floor and put storage cabinets or drawers beneath them. This can be helpful for storing towels or clean clothes and have them conveniently right below the washing machine.
4. Behind Doors
If you have different doors in your home that primarily stay open, consider them as another opportunity for storage. Step ladders, brooms, and dustpans can be tucked away behind a mudrooms door and stored for later. This is a great spot to keep your quick-to-get-to house cleaning supplies and maintenance tools. Also, consider getting a door hanger with baskets to keep your cleaning supply in as well.
5. Behind Cabinet Doors
Your cabinet doors can also take doors hangers made for them. This is great for tucking away spices and canned food in your kitchen. These low-profile hangers are affordable and can help add more storage where needed. They even have some neat, handy ones with chalkboards for recipes and hooks for your measuring cups and spoons.
We hope you found these five storage ideas useful. Be sure to check back weekly for more expert tips and tricks. Thanks for reading!

Furniture Makeover

Sometimes you inherit old furniture or have pieces in your homes that do not currently go with your theme. Just because the color does not match or may feel too contemporary or too antique, we tend to put these useful pieces of furniture into storage. Well if you have an old coffee table or dresser in which you are underusing in your home, consider giving it a quick makeover. Here are some easy, cost-effective tricks to turning old furniture into new pieces that you will love:
Repaint and Re-Upholster
Furniture, which does not follow a room’s color scheme, can quickly become an eyesore in the room. Consider sanding and repainting furniture so that it can match your rooms color theme. If you have chairs in your room that are outdated, you can try re-upholstering them. Upholstery and paint are excellent because you can add them to multiple pieces of furniture and make your room feel uniformed. Consider applying a clear coat to furniture you paint as well to give it a gloss finish and a layer of protection.
New Handles
Take your outdated handles off and consider getting new ones. This can quickly transform an antique into a more modern piece of furniture. Also, if furniture does not have handles, consider adding some for a stylish twist. It not only makes opening it more convenient but can add a sleek design as well.
Apply Unique Additions
You can apply new additions to furniture or remove parts as well. Take outdated legs off to create a lower profile couch or add texture to the paint scheme when painting your furniture. Be creative and add vinyl designs to dressers or coffee tables to help amplify character. You can even help improve furniture aesthetics by what you place on them. Look into decorative floral or lamps to help tie your furniture theme back into your room.
Do not let old furniture be a downfall to your room décor. Always consider different options to modernize your furniture or help redesign it to fit your room theme. Creativity is vital when repurposing and making over furniture. Consider all these tips to see what can help take that old desk and make it look brand new.

Scents That Make Sense

You put time into how your home looks, how it feels, and the energy the atmosphere portrays, but how much time do you invest in making your home smell beautiful.  The fragrance of a home can be one of the quickest influences on changing how an environment is portrayed.  If you have animals, you may need to be overly cognitive of scents in your home that you may have grown accustomed to smelling.  We put together some tricks and tips on how to eliminate odor, some great smelling remedies, and natural methods to bring indoors.

N’odors (No Odors)

If your home has a bad scent, it can really hurt your overall atmosphere.  You can either mask a smell or try to eliminate it.  Try to locate the odors throughout your home.  Are they coming from your carpet, maybe the trash, or even your furniture?  You will want to tarnish the source, eliminate the smell, and prevent the return of unwanted odors.

  • If you have pet-damaged carpet, you will need to replace it to remove the smell.  If it soaked through to the subfloor, try putting baking soda down before installing a pad.  
  • If your trash is smelling bad but continues to smell after you take it out, you will need to deep clean the inside of your trash receptacle.  Take it outside or in the tub and wash it out.   Wipe down the inside with a disinfectant wipe and vinegar.  Make sure you dry it properly to prevent mold.  At the bottom of your receptacle, put some banking soda to absorb odors and place in a new trash bag.  
  • Furniture can be as simple as washing your sheets, but some furniture can trap bad odors.  You can try cutting an apple and sitting it face down on the odor to absorb it.  Also, baking soda can be applied and left overnight and vacuumed off in the morning.  Abolishing the odor at its source is key to making your home smell better.  Consider investing in an air purifier.  Air purifiers also can help clean out the old scent and leave your home with a fresher air aroma.

Scents You Need

Now, that the bad odors are gone, its time to create the scent you want in your home.  Candles are a great solution to apply to your space to have a great smelling area.  You can also get fragrance or sprays to put them in areas where you do not want to light candles.  This can keep the room feeling fresh throughout the night or while you are away.  Another great natural remedy is adding flowers, put eucalyptus leaves a vase or burn scented oils.  Adding the scents to your home will make it warmer and more inviting to your guest.

Make sure you eliminate bad smells before trying to create new ones.  Seasonal scents are great ways to keep festive but no matter what you do make sure it is not too overwhelming.  Fragrances in your home should tease a pleasantly scented atmosphere.  For more great tips and tricks, visit us at 

Landscaping in Arizona

Arizona has beautiful, colored scenery, unique plant life, and dazzling landscaping.  Yet, many homeowners get intimidated by customizing their landscape and adding plants because so many plants cannot survive in the desert heat; however, there are so many kinds of native, beautiful plants that can withstand these harsh climates and can have your landscape looking like a desert land dream oasis.  Consider these three principles in customizing your landscape into the curb appeal you desire: 

  • Irrigation System

You will need to make sure you have the proper irrigation system for your landscape.   Making sure that the drainage is adequate for your landscape is key to plant life. Ordinary landscapes can consist of gravel, concrete, rocks, or even some turf or grass.  Keep in mind that most of the native plants do not need to be watered as much but should have proper drainage, irrigation, and landscape care.

  • Pool or Firepit 

Add some personalization and class to your backyard by adding a fire pit or even a pool.  Add to your patio and make it a welcoming hangout for guest and family. You can customize your backyard into a focal feature for entertainment with some minor tweaks of seating and lighting.  A well-lit patio will keep the entertainment outside even after dusk, where you can enjoy your firepit.  A pool is another great addition to help compensate for Arizona’s intense heat.

  • Plants

Your curb appeal starts with your landscape.  There are many desert plants that you should consider including in your landscape to personalize it and make it feel stunning.   Cacti and shrubbery can be used as the foundation of your landscape, but beautiful palm trees, lemon trees, and orange trees can help add height and color to your yard.  Different flowers can also add to the value of your home and can be added around your property.  

Your landscape is your first way to express yourself and your style.  Adding the perfect balance of trees, shrubberies, gravel, and cacti can make your curb appeal spectacular.  Make sure to keep up and maintain your landscape, so it does not get out of control.  Your curb appeal is just as important to your home and expressing yourself as the inside; therefore, you do not want to neglect it.