Tips for Cleaning & Organizing Your Garage

A garage is a great, functional space that can serve many purposes. It is a place to keep your car, store outdoor gear and unused furniture, and keep an extra refrigerator or freezer. Keeping a garage clean is challenging yet vital. Things can get messy quick, and if a lot of stuff is stored there or it is used as a workshop, it can be a bit challenging to keep it clean and organized. To help, we provided a few tips for keeping your garage clean and organized. Let’s take a look. 
The first step in cleaning a garage is emptying it of basically everything. Once it is clear, you can begin the task of cleaning. As you clear out the garage, it is also an opportunity to start the organization process. You can stack the items according to what you want to store together once the garage is clean.
After the garage is cleared, it is time to start cleaning. It is wise to start from the top and to work your way down. Spiders and creepy crawly bugs are known to live in garages, and the ceiling corners are a favorite spot for spiders and their cobwebs that come along with them. Many people use a broom to reach those high corners, and clear them of cobwebs and any other unwanted thing that has found a home in that space. You can also brush light fixtures and check the garage door hardware for build-up or mechanical defects. 
After you have done a thorough cleaning and checked the ceiling and items that are high, it is time to pay attention to the walls. You can use a large sponge to wash the walls and windows. The next area of focus would be the floors. With a good mop and warm, soapy water, you can mop the garage floor. There will probably be some hard to remove stains, and a wire brush can sometimes work for scrubbing stains. If not, there is always the option of buying a commercial oil stain remover.
The final step is organizing the garage. Some favorite items used for storage in a garage are mounted ceiling hooks, wall shelves, and stacking containers. An effective way to organize is to group items by how frequently they are used. Three categories you might consider are long-term storage items, seasonal items, and items that are regularly used throughout the year. Once you have categorized your items, you can store the long-term storage items at the back of the storage space, and seasonal or often used items towards the front of the storage space making them easily accessible.
It is incredible how much difference a clean and well-organized garage makes. These are just a few ideas to help with the process. 
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10 Packing & Moving Tips

Congratulations on your brand new Fulton Home! This is an exciting moment. Owning a new home rewards homeowners with exciting change and unique opportunities for design. But for some, moving can seem like an overwhelming project. To help comfort you on moving day, we want to share our top ten packing and moving tips so you can have ease of mind. Let’s take a look! 

10 Packing and Moving Tips

1. Get The Packing Supplies + Moving Accommodations

Before you begin packing, you want to prepare for the move by gathering all of your supplies and finishing your moving accommodations. Accommodations can include a moving day schedule, the truck rental, moving route, etc. Once you have everything organized, you can begin packing. 

2. Load The Moving Truck in Order

If you decide to rent a moving truck and load it yourself, you will want to follow a distinct order when loading the truck. All heavy items will go in first. You want your boxes to cap off at around 50 pounds (any bigger may cause tearing in the box or an issue with lifting). After your truck is almost full, you want to load your essential items in last. These items can include cell phone chargers, toothbrushes, etc. 

3. Add a Protective Barrier

Sometimes, you can use the budget-friendly alternative of bubblewrap by utilizing extra socks, pillowcases, and linens to fill out the box. These items will help to add a protective layer without costing an extra dime! 

4. Write an Inventory List

You may find it valuable to write an inventory list before you move. The list will say what each box contains inside of it.

5. Leave Dressers as Is

Instead of purchasing extra boxes and taking up room in the moving truck, you will want to leave your contents inside of your dressers and tape up the outside of it. This allows you to unpack easier once you get to your new place. 

6. Have Important Documents on Hand

There is no better person to trust than yourself with essential records and documents. Do not rely on movers or family members to hold onto your important papers. Take them with you in your hands during the move to ensure their safety. 

7. Buy Heavy-Duty Trash Bags.

The last thing you want on moving day is a torn or ripped trash bag. Be sure to invest in heavy-duty bags for moving day to ensure everything gets there safely. 

8. Organize Items by Room

Your boxes should be organized by room. This will help make unpacking more manageable and ensure that everything is kept in place. 

9. Ask for Help.

Moving can be overwhelming and stressful. There is nothing wrong with asking for a little help from family and friends. Promise them something like a pizza dinner if they help you with the move. The odds are that they will pitch in and be willing to help! 

10. Keep Tools Nearby

Lastly, you are going to have to reassemble furniture once you get to the new place. Be sure to keep your toolbox nearby and ready for use by keeping it with you during moving day. 

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Everything You Need in Your Guest Room

While most hotels have mastered the art of creating the perfect hosting retreat, have you ever stayed at a hotel which did not accommodate your needs? There are a couple of amenities that are essential in order to keep you comfortable during your stay. Guestrooms are like hotel rooms, and they can be designed like them. Here is everything you need to consider when creating your guest room.
Everything You Need in Your Guest Room:
  • Bed
Hotels invest in your comfort and it is important to do the same for your guests. Comfy throw blankets and pillows are necessary for creating a dream escape. We do not recommend adding blankets that you never use in your guest bedroom because how someone sleeps will be key to how they see their entire stay. Make sure you keep your guest sheets clean and provide extra pillows and blankets when needed. Everyone has different comfort zones with temperature; therefore, providing extra blankets is never a bad idea.
  • Nightstands and a Place for Clothes
You are going to want to have nightstands on either side of the bed, if possible. Nightstands are perfect for your guest to set their cell phones and other belongings on before bed. Also, having an empty dresser or closet can be important. Depending on how long your guest is staying; they are going to want to unpack their clothes. Be sure to provide hangers and a place to hang their jackets or purses when they enter the room. 
  • Outlets and Electronics
Consider where all outlets are located prior to setting up the room. Try to allow lamps to sit on the nightstands so that your company can read at night. You also need to make outlets easily accessible to plug in cell phone chargers and other electronics that your guest may have. A clock is a must for your guestroom. You may want to get an alarm clock for guest to be able to set for their convenience. 
  • Tissues and Wastebin
Tissues should be easy to find and access in your guestroom. You will want to make sure you keep them stocked before your guest arrives. Also, have an easy to find wastebin in the room so your guest can throw away their tissues or any other waste they may have.
  • Toiletries and Towels
Depending on your home’s layout, you may have a bathroom for them to use. Once they arrive, show them where they can find the bathroom. Also, you may want to provide fresh towels and all needed toiletries. Make sure you have toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, and soap for your guest. You should also provide a face towel and even a blow dryer if possible. Lastly, we recommend having a full-size mirror in your guest room for them to check themselves before they leave. 
Creating your guest room can be a fun task. Keep in mind everything you use daily and how your guest room accommodates for this. Provide clean sheets, towels, and empty waste bins before your guest arrives. Providing a comfortable stay for your friends and family is a key element to hosting and will keep your guest happy.

Easy Tricks for Bedroom Organization

Has your bedroom’s organization gotten out-of-hand lately? Are you struggling to find a place for everything? Do not worry! With our top five tips, you can reclaim your space and have it looking great. Let’s take a look! 

Easy Tricks for Bedroom Organization

1. Start off The Day Right

There is nothing better than coming home to a freshly made bed. Make your mother proud by setting aside time in the morning to make your bed. Not only will it help you to keep the rest of the room organized, but it will also feel great to lay down in a made bed each night. 

2. Declutter Your Life

You cannot begin the organization process until you have removed excess clutter from your bedroom. A good rule of thumb is to remove anything that you do not need or use. Whether it is old clothing or shoes you never wear, put it in a box to donate. Not only will someone benefit from your donation, but you will have far fewer items to organize once you remove unwanted/unused items. 

3. Every Square Inch.

There is a lot of extra space to be utilized for storage purposes. The space, underneath your bed and over your doorway, can be taken advantage of for extra storage. We even recommend adding shelving and hooks on your walls for the maximum amount of storage. If you currently do not have space under your bed, you can purchase a bed riser to accomplish this elevation. 

4. Out with The Old

Once you have decluttered your room, it is time to organize your closet. You want to only have items inside of your bedroom closet that actually belong in there. This will help the closet to stay organized and efficient. Afterward, we recommend buying a couple of closet organizers and even a shoe rack to tame the mess. You can even store last season’s clothing items in a box underneath your bed for extra room inside of your closet. 

5. Bedside Dreams

Your nightstand’s organization should be taken into consideration when you are purchasing it. If it only serves as a decorative piece, pass for now and move onto a more functional piece of furniture. Ideally, you will want a nightstand that has drawers for organization and storage. You can remove the clutter from the stand’s surface and store it inside of the nightstand. Items like tissues, notepads, books, and beauty essentials should be stored inside of the drawers for a more organized look and feel. 

We hope you enjoyed these five easy tricks for better bedroom organization. Check back weekly for more expert advice! 

Organizing Your Refrigerator

While whipping up a fast family dinner, your refrigerator can get messy and out of sorts. To help keep things looking crisp and clean, you can follow our five tips for maximum fridge organization. 

How to Organize Your Refrigerator

Tip No. One: Let’s Make it Clear.

An easy way to find the things that you are looking for is to put the items in clear bins. Your fridge probably already has a few clear drawers installed, but it is never too late to add more clear bins. They can help you organize and maintain your food system without breaking the bank. Add the bins on top of your shelves to help organize any clutter. 

Tip No. Two: Groupings.  

To navigate quickly throughout your refrigerator, you will want to organize items by category. Place fruits in one bin/drawer and dairy items in a different bin/drawer. Make sure your family is clear on the system and encourage them to put things in the correct spot. 

Tip No. Three: The No-No Zone.

Dairy should not be placed in your refrigerator’s door, because the air and temperatures fluctuate a little too often for comfort. To keep your dairy products safe, make sure you have a place on the shelves for them.

Tip No. Four: The Safe Zone.

Meats can contaminate your other food products if they come into contact. A good way to prevent any dripping or contamination is to place your meat products on the lowest shelf possible. 

Tip No. Five: Labeled. 

Keep track of eggs, milk, and meat expiration dates by writing them on the product. You will only need to write on one egg and it will be the last egg you use. For example: if you buy a dozen eggs and they expire on August 17, you will write “August 17” on one of the dozen eggs. Throughout the week, you will use every egg except for the “August 17” egg. You want that to be the last egg that you will use. This will help you efficiently keep track of your egg’s expiration dates. Your other products you can simply use duck tape and a permanent marker to write down their expiration dates on their packaging. 

Have you found any personal organization tips that work for you and your family? We would love to hear about them in the comment section! 

Bedroom Hacks for a Better Night’s Rest

A good night’s rest is essential for a happy and healthy lifestyle, but is your bedroom affecting the quality of your sleep? If so, here are seven hacks to help you have a better night’s rest. 

Bedroom Hacks for a Better Night’s Rest

1. Embrace a Calming Color Palette

Believe it or not, but color can truly impact the way we feel and the amount of energy we have. By selecting the right shades for your room, you can completely transform the way it makes you feel. Expert designers recommend choosing relaxing hues like earthy tones, light blues, and subtle greens to help create a more calming oasis. 

2. Escape The Disruptions

Unfortunately, there are a lot of things inside of a bedroom that can disrupt your quality of sleep. Things like electronics, bright lights, and loud noises. To avoid these disruptive characteristics, we recommend following these simple tips: 

    1. Try to remove all electronics from your bedroom. We understand that this can be difficult and in some cases, unfeasible. But if you have the chance, try to remove as many electronics as you can. You may be surprised by the restful night of sleep you have after you do. 
    2. Loud noises can be another disruptive characteristic in bedrooms. If you are looking to drown out unwanted sounds, you can invest in a white noise machine or even utilize a fan. 
    3. Lastly, having too much lighting in a room can really affect the quality of your sleep. To help ensure that you are not bothered by the heavy lighting, we recommend getting an eye mask or even blackout curtains. These two items will help reduce the amount of light in your eyes while you try and fall asleep. 

3. Clear Clutter

A cluttered life can lead to a cluttered mind. After a long, stressful day of work, the last thing you want to do is clean your bedroom before you go to sleep. To help reduce the stress after work, we recommend keeping your surfaces clear of clutter. A good rule of thumb to follow is that you can only have three items on each surface at a time. For example, your bedside table may hold your phone, glass of water, and a light fixture. By following this simple tip, you will be able to unwind and clear your mind from a long, hard day.  

4. Discover The Right Temperature

Your bedroom’s temperature can truly affect your quality of sleep. In fact, recommends homeowners to keep their thermostat between 60 and 67 degrees at night. This cool temperature can help your body transition into the sleep cycle. 

5. Find The Perfect Pillow.  

Have you ever slept somewhere that did not have the best pillows? It probably affected the quality of sleep you had for the night. Be sure to buy pillows that are best suited for yourself and always replace them when it is time. 

6. Smell Relaxation

Breathing scents of relaxation can help put your mind and body at ease. To help encourage relaxation, we recommend trying to incorporate scents like vanilla or lavender. You can purchase these scents in lotions, linen sprays, fabric softeners, candles, and diffusers to help you become more relaxed. 

7. Unwind.

You want to be sure that you give yourself some time to unwind each night. Whether it is taking a warm bath, reading a good book, or writing your thoughts in a journal, decompressing can be an essential part of a good night’s rest. 

We hope you enjoyed these hacks and have a good night’s rest! 

First Home Decorating Tips

Congratulations! This is a monumental moment for you. You are officially a first-time homeowner. With owning a home, you will learn that there will be a lot of up’s and down’s (hopefully, mostly up’s). This is finally your chance to make your home unique and personalize it to fit your unique style. While you have always dreamt of the day, it has finally come for you to make your mark on your place. We are here to help you make your mark without breaking the bank. That is why we have created a guide with four tips for decorating your first home. Let’s take a look! 

First-Home Decorating Tips:

1. First Things, First.

Typically, the bedroom is where homeowners spend a majority of their time. Also, it is the least expensive room for you to redecorate. Depending on your budget, you have several options for decor ideas. If you are tight on a budget, we recommend starting with the bed. The coziness of your bed is definitely a top priority. You want your bed to be an escape from everyday life. We recommend starting with your comforter and working your way down to the sheets. If you have leftover cash, you can begin working on the room’s overall decor. Pieces like the curtains, rugs, and decorative finishes can turn your bedroom into a wonderful retreat. 

2. Pace Yourself.

It is exciting to own a new place and we are sure that you have a lot of dreams in place. But before you get too excited, you will want to budget yourself. It can be a great idea to create a check-list of your needs and wants. Before you make any purchases, you want to make sure that you are checking off your “need” list before your “want” list. 

3. Do Not Go Matchy, Matchy.

Design experts recommend steering clear of all matching furniture. Having a completely matching set of furniture can look nice, but it tends to make your home look dull and even staged. Whenever you have the chance, try to incorporate different pieces to spice up the place. 

4. Replace vs. Repurpose.

If you are trying to budget yourself, you will want to focus on making temporary adjustments to your home. By repurposing items, you can save a lot more money than replacing the item completely. For example, if you do not have the budget to replace all of your cabinetry, try repainting it and replacing the hardware until you can afford for a complete update. This is a simple hack to save you more money for a greater investment.

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Different Ways to Use Baskets for Home Organization

For most of us, when it is time to organize things around the house, we go to our nearest outlet and purchase several storage containers. What if I told you there was an inexpensive yet chic way that you can organize everything from your bathroom toiletries to the stack of papers on the kitchen table? Baskets are a fantastic yet inexpensive way to organize every last room in the house. Here are some great ways it can be put to use: 
  • The Bathroom. 
If your bathroom lacks adequate storage, you may want to opt for medium to large size baskets to store your extra towels and washcloths. Having a place to store clean bathroom linens is a must. For a sophisticated feel, you can roll up your towels like they do in hotels and align them around a wicker basket. You can also use a smaller basket to store bathroom toiletries. With a small basket on the sink countertop, you can place your hand soap, tissue, and any other necessities inside of a neat, concise place. Lastly, we recommend using extra baskets for the underneath of your bathroom counter. It will provide a clean and functional organizational system that is also stylish.
  • The Living Room.
How can you use baskets for organization in the living room? Well, during the cold winter months, you will need a place to tuck away your throw pillows and extra blankets that you cozy up with on the couch. Keep these accessories close by for those nights when you decided to stay in and watch a movie. If you have a reading nook, a wire basket is great for storing some good reads that you are currently enjoying. So if you cannot invest in a bookshelf, you can save money with a basket. 
  • Fire Wood Holder.
Firewood storage is not inexpensive. That is when the handy-dandy wire basket comes into play. You can purchase a big basket to hold all of your firewood. It also keeps the firewood neat, and you will not have to worry about lugging wood from outside.
  • Kitchen Cabinet.
If you find that storage is becoming limited in your kitchen cabinets, consider using baskets to create additional storage room for your dishes and other items.
  • Home Office. 
Smaller, flatter baskets can be used to organized paperwork and mail found inside of your home office. You can place the baskets on top of your desk for easy accessibility and organization.
We hope you enjoyed these fun ways that you can use baskets inside of your home. 

The Greatest Bedroom Organization System

You have had a long day of work and you are just plain tired. The last thing you want to think about is the mess that you have slowly created over the week in your bedroom. You push it off in your mind saying you will get to it when you get to it but you know that you never follow through with that plan. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend a maximum of five minutes on cleaning and your bedroom would look spotless? Wishful thinking, you are probably saying. Well before you write off the thought, we want to help you organize your room to save you time in the future. That is right, the original organization of your space will take longer than our five-minute dream but once everything is in order, you will not have to spend endless hours cleaning your bedroom because you have a system. 

The Greatest Bedroom Organization System: 

  • Stash it: If you are like the average person, you have a lot of items that need a place to call home in your bedroom. Storing items can become one of the most difficult tasks for people who have small bedrooms. When you are thinking about storage, instead of buying more bulky furniture think of other areas of your room: 
    • Store last season’s clothes in bins underneath your bed. 
    • Place your book collection on a shelf you have attached to the wall to save space on your desktop. 
    • Buy furniture that has optimal storage inside of it. For example, get a chair that has hidden compartments for storing all your little treasures or a mirror that opens up to storage for your accessories. 
    • Incorporate stylish baskets and bins that look like decor, but hide your belongings. 
  • Make your mother proud: Each morning, you need to force yourself to make your bed. This step is extremely important but it emphasizes that you are determined to keep a clean room. If your bed is made, it will make it more difficult to throw clothes on the floor. 
  • Learn the word “NO”: When you are out shopping, you may think that you need that item for your bedroom but do you? Do you really NEED that item? Probably not… Just say no. Walk away and if in three days you are still dreaming about that specific item, you can go back and buy it. Our bedrooms can become extremely cluttered if we just buy everything from that cute store.
  • Stick to a routine: When you come home from work or the gym, do not just leave your clothes wherever. Force yourself to either hang it up or put it in the dirty pile. Especially when you are getting ready, it is easy to just throw clothes around your room. Try to maintain a clean, organized room.

Do you have any tips that you use to keep your room organized? We would love to hear your advice in the comment section. 

Quick Organization Tips for Your Garage

The organization system in garages can be easily forgotten. A lot of homeowners use their garage as a place to store miscellaneous items that do not have a proper home. Do not let your garage get out of hand by placing item after item inside of it. Summertime is the perfect time for you to tackle your garage’s mess. To help you get started, we have created quick and easy tips for easy organization. Let’s take a look! 

Tips for organizing your garage: 

Make it mobile.

The place where you store your tools should be mobile to help with the ease of completing projects. 

    • Utilize any glass jars for storing your smaller items like screws and nails. You can use old baby food jars or mini mason jars to accomplish a vintage look. Be sure to remove all stickers from the containers before using them as decor. 

Work it out.

Create a workspace for yourself that combines storage with functionality. Also, you will want to have a proper workbench for your space. Experts recommend buying a workbench that is at least six to eight inches long.  

AP in Appliances.

A lot of homeowners decide to store extra appliances in their garage. Keep the space clear in front of refrigerators and freezers for easy access. If you are not utilizing some of your small appliances, store them on higher shelves to keep the lower spaces available for frequently used items.

    • Keep appliances free of dust by storing them in plastic bags. 

Get it covered.

Garages tend to have a lot of heavy dirt and residue from cars. Homeowners may choose to cover their garage flooring with a heavy duty coating. The coating helps to protect the garage floor from oil, salt, and grease and is easy to clean. 

Succeed in storage. Cabinets can be extremely helpful for storing important items in your garage. Pet and cleaning supplies can be easily accessed in your garage. Plus, cabinets give a nice, clean look to the space without having to leave things on the countertops. 

    • If you are on a budget, plastic storage bins can replace cabinets in your garage. Be sure to label each box with the items that are inside. 

Start summer off right with a clean, organized garage. Once you organize your garage, you will feel a breath of relief. It will feel amazing to step into your garage and find whatever you are looking for right away.