Home Hacks

Moving into a new home is an adventure and a great opportunity.  Having a clean slate to decorate and add your furnishings is a tremendous privilege; however, there are some super simple mistakes people make, time and time again, when moving into their new homes.  Sometimes, simple home hacks and lifestyle tricks can really showcase your home. We put together three quick techniques to showcase your pride in your new home and to help keep it looking clean and dapper. Let’s take a look!
Home Hacks:
  • Wire Tuck
So many people ignore the eyesore that wires can create.  Remember to tuck away all wires running to and from electronic devices. Prevent any tripping hazards by cognitively placing furniture over or around exposed wires to lamps.  If wires have been exposed running to a television, consider getting clips to consolidate the exposed wires.  You can even paint the wires to match the wall paint to help them blend better with the atmosphere. Making sure your wires are all properly hidden in your lamps, computers, and televisions is essential to showcase that you care about your home.
  • Make Your Bed
This cost you absolutely nothing but shows your proud to be in your space.  Making your bed not only is a great style habit to develop but always leaves your room looking clean and fresh.  A tidy room will also look bigger.  So, make your mom proud by making your bed this year and keeping a neat looking bedroom.
  • No More Clutter
Minimalism is a great habit to develop.  It can keep the functionality and aesthetics of your home always in check.  For example, do not keep clutter on your tabletops or shelves. A clean, minimalistic atmosphere is ideal for allowing your homes openness and architecture designs to take the spotlight.  Limit the decor to only the essentials needed to strengthen your environment and understand that less is more.
These simple but effective habits can help your home feeling clean and always welcoming.  Try incorporating these into your home in any stage, whether you have lived there a day or a year to help strengthen the space. For more home hacks, visit us at Fulton Homes.

Fabulous Fire Pit Ideas

Whether you are hosting your family or friends, a fire pit is an excellent addition to any patio or backyard oasis.   Fires are relaxing and captivating to sit back, relax, and enjoy.  The mix of tranquility and destruction has always had a psychological effect on the mind.  Adding a fire pit to your home is the perfect way to unwind at the end of your day and experience the outdoors.  We put together a couple of our favorite fire pit designs for you to add to your home to help transform your yard into a gorgeous, welcoming outdoor haven.
  • Classic Fire Pit
The classic design can be made from traditional fire pit stones which you can purchase at your local home and gardening shop.  This round design gives you the capability of building your fire pit to the size you want.  These stones can be loose-laid or sealed to provide a more permanent feel.  Classic round fire pits are great for hosting events because they give the most freedom of seating.
  • Gravel Fire Pit
If you put your fire pit in your yard, graveling the surrounding area designates the area.   You can make the space as large or as small as you desire.  Purchase seating you think helps enhance the look that you are going for in your yard. Whickered chairs, rustic logs, and modern stools are great accessories. The freedom is yours to amplify your yard.  Contain your fire with the classic design or use some loose boulders.
  • Earthed Fire Pit
Submerge your fiery design with an earthed fire pit.  Dig a hole to the desired depth to use for your fire.  You can put red stones or reflective fire glass of your color preference to help this look.  This is a great looking design which contains the fires width as well as height impeccably!
  • Modern Concrete Bowl
Modern designs have been flooding the market.  For this look, invest in a gas fire pit or concrete bowl design. These modern designs work great on any patio. You can choose even to use mosaic tiles to add to the patio’s fire pits design.  
All fire pit designs give you the freedom to express your style.  Adding a Rustic style fire pit or a Modern themed one is your personal preference.  Adapting your yard to how you seem fit is a fun and great way to get to love your home.  So, spend some time outside this autumn, find your place of solitude or host a social gathering with a beautiful fire pit. Believe us; your fire pit will be a home investment you will use for decades to come.

Fun & Creative Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Halloween is loved by small and big kids alike. Now is the perfect time to decorate your front entrance in preparation for that spooky night. When you visit a store selling pumpkins, make sure you let the family pick out their favorite pumpkin for their own Halloween project. It gives everyone a special role in decorating and creates a fun family activity. To help you create pumpkin masterpieces, we have listed some cute and easy ideas below for making Halloween a special holiday for you and your family. Let’s take a look!

  • Candy Corn Owl Pumpkin: Spray paint the base of your pumpkin brown or beige to represent an owl’s feathers then look for a basic owl picture and cut it out of craft felt paper. You will want to make the large owl eyes in three different colors: white, brown and black. Take your handy glue gun and glue on the felt paper eyes. Afterward, you can fill in or merely outline the felt eyes with candy corn to create a festive Halloween look. We love this particular project because you will find that your children will enjoy participating in it.
  • Stacked Pumpkins: Look for a large, medium and small pumpkin that will stack comfortably on top of each other. Removing the stalk may help with piling the pumpkins. You can traditionally carve each one, spray paint or hand paint the pumpkins according to your theme and liking. Cut a lid for the pumpkins and clean the inside if you wish to place a candle tea light inside. Make sure that the pumpkins will nest on top of each other for stackability. In no time, you will have a decoration tall enough to be seen from the street and add fall charm to your home’s exterior.
  • Spider Pumpkin: Spraypaint your pumpkin black and hand-paint or glue felt for the eyes, nose, and mouth of the spider. Add red eyes or red fangs for a dramatic, scary effect. You can even take pipe cleaners and glue them to the pumpkin for arms and legs. What fun for you and the kids!
  • Pumpkin Holes: Clean out the pumpkin and leave natural or spray paint your desired color. Take the drill and start at the top of the pumpkin and drill vertical holes evenly spaced from top to bottom. Do this over the entire pumpkin and place your tea light inside. You will be surprised at how cool and beautiful this looks when lit. Add a little glitter with glue for a sparkly spooky look.

Which pumpkin idea is your favorite? We would love to hear your thoughts below in the comment section.

Creating an Amazing Bedroom

Bedrooms are your escape from everyday life. If done properly, they can become a tranquil oasis to relax and unwind from all of the day’s stressful, overwhelming tasks.  If you are interested in captivating a calming bedroom retreat and a better night’s rest, stay tuned for six must-know tips and tricks. Let’s take a look! 
  • Unique Headboard – You will want to start with a headboard that makes the statement “this is my style!” Is your style clean and simple, dramatic, modern, rustic, or maybe artsy? When choosing your headboard, you want to keep in mind the color, material, texture, and design. The headboard can become a staple piece of the room and often times, viewed as a focal point. 
  • Sensational Bedding – Comfortable bedding can make or break an entire design. You will want to capture a cozy, chic look that gives you something to look forward to each and every night. You can even take thread-count into effect for capturing coziness. Just be sure to add plenty of layers, textures, and pillows for the ultimate paradise. 
  • Decorative Pillows – The type and number of decorative pillows on your bed are not set in stone. If you are unsure, you can never go wrong with simple, neutral tones but do not fear change or being bold. Decorative pillows are another opportunity to bring in texture and color to your blissful bedroom. 
  • Focal Point Artwork – Now this is the perfect opportunity to make your bedroom explode with your personality and style. Over the headboard, you can choose framed artwork or unusual pieces like arranged pieces of China/platters, a wooden/iron scroll piece, or hand-woven baskets. Let your imagination take over for this part of the project. Remember, do not overdo it with the artwork; less is always considered more! 
  • Mood and Task Lighting – Wall sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps are an easy and creative way to bring in another design element to your bedroom. If you are a night reader, be sure to add a directional task light next to your bedside. 
  • A Fabulous Area Rug – Rugs are the perfect opportunity to bring in texture like faux fur, natural fibers, color and adding additional coordinating patterns and prints. Do not be afraid to add an area rug to your design; area rugs help to add texture and dimension to your space. 
Which feature in your bedroom design is your favorite aspect? Let us know below in the comment section. 

Tips for Cleaning Your House

We want to share some easy tips and tricks for cleaning your home so that you spend your free time doing the things that you love. As we all know, time is a very precious commodity and anything that we can do to save time is certainly valuable. We have listed a few tips below for cleaning the home quickly that you must try:
  • Start at The Top – Always start at the top and clean your way down the room. This way dirt and dust fall to the lower-level, uncleaned surface. For example, you will want to begin by dusting your ceiling fans first, then cleaning the furniture below it. This way you do not have to do double the work in the end. Once the dirt and debris fall from your ceiling, you can wipe them away while you clean your furniture. 
  • Kitchen – In the kitchen, you will want to begin by loading the dishwasher. Fill the sink with hot soapy water and a small amount of cleaner. If your stove has burner frames, remove and put in the sink’s soapy water. Next, you will want to dust off your ceiling fans, light fixtures, and windowsills then clear off all of countertops and tabletops. After they are cleared, dip a clean sponge into the soapy water and wipe down cabinets and counters from top to bottom. Be sure to rinse the sponge in hot water, and you will be amazed at how much dirt rinses out of it. Lastly, wipe down all kitchen appliances from top to bottom. By wiping down appliances, you will help to eliminate fingerprints and remove excess dirt. 
  • Bathrooms – Cleaning all bathrooms at one time is vital. Dust light fixtures and windowsills, clear and wipe down counters, and clean the bathtub and toilet bowl with cleaner. Allow the cleaner to sit while you go to the next bathroom to clear clutter and spray down the areas. Go back to the first bathroom clean and wipe down the mirrors. You can also wipe the bathroom’s baseboards and floors before you have clean the floors to help not add extra work for yourself. After you wipe the baseboards, you can take a broom and dust away any debris. Lastly, you will want to mop the space working your way out of the room. 
  • Living & Dining Room – Clear all clutter before you begin the living room and dining. Start dusting in one corner of the room and work clockwise. Clean ceiling fans, light fixtures, and dust windowsills and all furniture from top to bottom. Use your vacuum cleaner attachment on upholstered furniture for an extra good cleaning. 
  • Bedrooms – In your bedrooms, you will want to strip bed linens, wash the sheets, and remake bed. Clear all visible clutter by placing it into a basket or its designated area. Dust ceiling fans, light fixtures, window sills, and all furniture top to bottom with dusting spray and microfiber cloth. Afterward, you will want to use a vacuum or dustpan to remove any leftover dirt and debris from the floor.
  • Floors – We recommend cleaning all of your floors of the same type at the same time. For example, you would clean hardwood floors at one time and clean tile floors at one time and so on. When vacuuming carpeted floors, work your way backward out of the room and try not to overlap with a vacuum; this eliminates dust settling in the air.
  • Steam Mop– Steam mops make cleaning floors much faster than using a basic mop and bucket. Plus, you are using water to steam away dirt and germs, instead of cleaners. We recommend investing in a steam mop to help speed up your cleaning routine. 
Do you have any cleaning hacks that you cherish? We would love for you to share your tips and tricks with other readers below in the comment section. As always, thanks for reading, and be sure to check back weekly for more expert advice. 

Repurpose Pallets

Do it yourself projects can be a super fun way to be interactive with the design of your home. Repurposing old and used pallet boards is a great economical solution for adding style to your space. Nowadays, designers are always looking for ways to repurpose valuable wood and bring it into the design of a home. Plus, you do not even have to be an engineer or a designer to integrate these simple pallet tricks in your home. Here are four great ideas to use an old pallet board and incorporate it into your living space.
1. Coffee Table
Our first idea is to take a pallet and turn it into a coffee table. Adding wooden crates or bins to give the pallet height is great for adding storage beneath the coffee table. Finding a pallet with smaller gap spacing may be critical to this project so you can sit cups and coasters on the coffee table with ease. If not, you can also get a piece of plexiglass at your local hardware supplies store to create a surface on your coffee table.

2. Planter
Install a pallet against your wall with a decorative pallet board. You can make different tiers of the pallet into plant beds. You can even install herbs or flowers to make it personalized to your needs. This is a great way to bring distressed woods and vibrant, lively plants into your home decor. 

3. Headboard and Bedframe
A large pallet can place against the wall to make a headboard. Cut the boards to the shape you want if you want to get creative. Also, extra pallets are perfect to create your own bed frame. You can even loft yours by stacking pallets to acquire the height you are trying to obtain. Pallet boards work great for keeping your bed low profile or lofting it high to have additional storage.

4. Radiator Cover
Radiators can be such an eyesore in the room. Since they cannot be removed from your home, some homeowners have begun to get stylish covers. Use a pallet to cover your radiator by knocking the boards off the back of the pallet; you can also put décor on top and use it as additional shelving.
Using pallets is a cost-effective resolution for adding to the design of your home. Wood is a simple, timeless design staple that has always been incorporated into different room themes today. 
If you are working with a gnarled pallet, take the time to sand it and even stain it. The more time you put into prepping the pallet, the more professional the end project will appear. Pull any nails that are holding the pallet together; you can even mix and match pallets to create your own design. 
Be creative with your space and try adding these projects into your home. For more great tips and tricks, visit us at Fulton Homes

Tips for Filling out Your Shelves

Display shelving is a great way to add character and charm to your home design. With so many shelving designs available today, shelving can be an effective way to help enhance your room’s design. Not all shelving units are the same; however, there are some simple tricks to make sure that your display shelf looks professional and not chaotic. Try adding these simple elements to your display units to make a weak storage area of a room feel like a strong focal point. 
Tips for Filling out Display Shelves: 
  • Theme
A display shelf is a perfect spot for applying your design theme. Whether modern, classic, rustic, or even eclectic, this is your chance to add character and elements to the room; try to pick décor that matches your theme and helps amplify the space. Be cognitive that every feature added to the shelf does not feel out of place yet helps enhance the atmosphere and overall design. 
  • Color
Most rooms will have a color theme. The rule of thumb is an area’s color theme should be divided into 60-30-10. Sixty percent of your room should follow a primary color. This is your main color throughout the area. The secondary color will influence thirty percent of the space. This adds a nice contrast and can be reflected in the room’s theme. Lastly, you will use the last ten percent as the accent color. Try to keep this rule of thumb in mind when adding décor to your display shelf.
  • Variety
Diversity is vital to make a display shelf not feel monotonous and boring. Think of your display shelf as the perfect opportunity to add character to the room. By incorporating visual elements that are not only intricate but also complex, it will help build a relationship of a robust variety. Mix hues, lines, textures, and shapes to help add different levels of visual elements to reflect your design theme.
  • Balance
Your display shelf should have a sense of unity and balance. How you arrange your décor can make the display shelf feel cluttered and chaotic or can make it look well-planned and very visually pleasing. The rule of three is a powerful but effective interior decorating trick. The practice implies that objects arranged in odd numbers will always seem more visually appealing. Using this when placing objects near each other on the shelf is a great guideline to keep your shelving looking top notch.
Decorating your shelves is a fun way to put your personal touch in your home. Keep in mind these simple four tricks, and your shelves will be looking crisp and clean. For more great interior design tips, visit us at Fulton Homes.

Top Style Rugs to Add to Your Home

Top Style Rugs to Add to Your Home
Adding a rug to a room’s design is a great way to make a hard surface room feel cozier and homier. With so many options available on the market today, it can be tricky to know which rug you may want to add to your space. We gathered a list of our top four rug styles that you should consider incorporating in your design theme when you move into your new place. We chose to take a look at more unique styles and some less common rug choices that you may want to consider putting in your space: 
  • Wool Dhurrie Rug

Wool dhurrie rugs are flat-woven rugs that are most commonly affiliated with Indian flooring. These rugs hold the heat and while looking great. These rugs are knotted wool and wrapped around a thread and then cut to height. This design gives the carpet a unique feel and different texture than most pile woven rugs.
  • Vintage Design

Vintage rugs are great for giving your home a warm, antique feel. The elegant, rich patterns make a strong statement and look great in almost any room. Do not stress about fading in these handspun rugs. This adds great character, and generally, there can never be too much fading.

  • Animal Skin

No rug makes a stronger statement than the classic animal skin rug. Though this design is not for everyone, these fur rugs come in different beautiful patterns and sizes, and they are super warm and cozy, making them ideal for country home lovers.

  • Artisan

These durable, seagrass rugs are usually woven and extremely durable. This makes them the perfect solution for someone who wants a rug in a high traffic area. Not only are the durable but the textures and patterns are great for creating a traditional look in your home.

No matter what statement piece you decide, any of these styles will help personalize your home to your needs. Decide what rug best depicts your interior design style and what you want the atmosphere to represent. Each unique rug type can quickly strength the room’s general feel. 
For more tips and tricks, visit us at Fulton Homes.

Storage Opportunities

If you are seeking extra storage opportunities in your home, but do not know where exactly to begin looking, we have gathered five storage spaces you have probably been overlooking. Let’s take a look! 
1. Headboard
If you are running out of space in your bedroom, consider the headboard as a storage opportunity. Headboards are often a missed opportunity for most homeowners. Different headboard designs allow for multifunction storage compartments. Using these headboards can grant you the extra room you may need in your bedroom. Plus, you can even design and build your own with Do-It-Yourself tutorials available online.
2. Ceiling
Hanging storage compartments from your ceiling is another excellent way to free up space. Place items up there so that you do not need items laying around all the time or blocking valuable flooring space. You can store a wide variety of odds and ends up there and keep it low-profile, so it does not take up much of your valuable room space.
3. Under Your Washer and Dryer
Underneath your washer and dryer may be another opportunity, you have overlooked. You can raise your washer and dryer off the floor and put storage cabinets or drawers beneath them. This can be helpful for storing towels or clean clothes and have them conveniently right below the washing machine.
4. Behind Doors
If you have different doors in your home that primarily stay open, consider them as another opportunity for storage. Step ladders, brooms, and dustpans can be tucked away behind a mudrooms door and stored for later. This is a great spot to keep your quick-to-get-to house cleaning supplies and maintenance tools. Also, consider getting a door hanger with baskets to keep your cleaning supply in as well.
5. Behind Cabinet Doors
Your cabinet doors can also take doors hangers made for them. This is great for tucking away spices and canned food in your kitchen. These low-profile hangers are affordable and can help add more storage where needed. They even have some neat, handy ones with chalkboards for recipes and hooks for your measuring cups and spoons.
We hope you found these five storage ideas useful. Be sure to check back weekly for more expert tips and tricks. Thanks for reading!

5 Best Wood Species for Furniture

Wood furniture can be considered a prized possession in any home; it instantly adds texture, comfort, and style to your home’s decor. As a natural product, you can expect wood to have different in texture, color, and grain. Such variations are what make wood furniture pieces beautiful and unique. Have you ever wondered what wood species make for the best furnishing? Check out these five popular wood species that are commonly used in furniture: 

1. Beech

Beech is a type of wood that is heavy and strong. Beech usually has a tight grain with a smooth and even texture and has a natural light color. This type of wood is often used to make furniture that requires a bit of flexibility or bending like chairs. Beechwood furniture provides a natural, organic look and it has a solid density. Like most wood furniture, beech wood ages gracefully if it is maintained properly. 

2. Walnut

Formed by a beautiful, dark brown hue, walnut a very popular choice for furniture. With its distinctive grain, walnut is known for its hardness, durability and shock resistance. Authentic walnut furniture is generally more expensive than most types of wood furniture because walnut trees do not grow as often. Walnut is commonly found in furnishing that features dark stained finishes. As walnut furniture ages, you will see that it gets lighter and can turn into a rich honey hue.

3. Maple

Maple is another type of wood that is dense yet durable. This wood species is often used in cabinetry and furniture. Its straight-grain contributes to its uniform texture. Maple wood has different variations in color including reddish brown, white and lighter brown. Maple’s grain takes paint color well which is why it is used in painted wood furniture projects. 

4. Cherry

Natural cherry is pricey and a trendy choice for furniture and cabinetry. It is ultra-durable, and it has a distinct yet attractive grain. Cherry has medium brown color with pink undertones and can age into a reddish brown. 

5. Mahogany

Mahogany is a tropical wood species with medium hardness. The great thing about this grain is that it is resistant to moisture which means that it is less likely to warp or shrink. Mahogany has unique grain patterns that can take on swirls and other types of shapes. It is used to make more exceptional furniture pieces. This species has a light pinkish hue that quickly transforms into a reddish brown color.

Which wood species do you prefer in your home’s decor? We would love to hear your opinions below in the comment section. Thanks for reading!