Decorating on a Budget

Do you have big dreams but you are working with a small budget? While we would all love to have access to extra cash for designing the home of our dreams, sometimes it is just not possible at the moment. If you are in this situation, know that you can still improve the look of your place without having to drain your bank account. In fact, you can make lots of small changes without launching a major remodeling project. We are going to show you how you can update your space with the things that you already have.

Decorating on a Budget (Designing with What You Already Have):

1. Less is More.
You do not have to be a minimalist to appreciate the fact that sometimes “less is more.” Sometimes what a room really needs is more space. That means it may be time to remove clutter by clearing out excess furniture and finding a better place to store things like extra clothes and books. It is always good to have somewhere in the room where the eyes can rest even if it is for a moment. If a room’s decor is in need of a refresher, you should consider moving a piece of furniture or accessory that has been in the same spot for awhile. Try looking around a room with fresh eyes to determine what items you can do without and put in storage.
2. Get Creative.
You may be surprised at how the items lying around your house can be used to create a unique style in your home’s decor. For example, you can showcase a nice greeting card as a piece of artwork by encasing it in a nice inexpensive frame. You can even use a special greeting carding that holds sentimental value or purchase one that grabs your attention.
Also, you can create artwork out of anything, whether it is your favorite album or book cover. They can be displayed as standalone pieces or part of a tabletop vignette.
3. Change the Scenery.
The bedside tables that you are so used to seeing in your bedroom can be brought into the living room for a new look. Reconceptualizing furnishing in a space breathes a whole new look into the piece. You can also score all kinds of pieces through thrifting. Introducing something visually unexpected into a room is a great way to add interest.
4. Switch out The Lampshades.
Is your space lacking color? Consider replacing the lamp shades throughout your home with ones featuring a vibrant hue. Lamp shades are inexpensive and they can be purchased at any home goods store.
5. Reupholstering Furniture.
Another way to add style with your current items is by reupholstering the sofa or other pieces of furniture yourself. Reupholstering a piece of furniture will completely transform it. Start with a simple frame and use minimal fabric to create a chic, timeless look. 
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Let There Be Light – Adding Light to A Dark Room

Who does not love waking up to a room beaming in sunlight? Unfortunately, there is always that one room in the house that feels uninviting due to the lack of light. Yes, getting some light into that dark room is necessary to help it look more visually appealing and the light will provide just the right amount of warmth you need to feel comfortable and cozy.

Not everyone has the option of making structural changes to add or bring natural light into a room. Rest assured, that you can achieve the desired effect without having to launch an expensive renovation project by adding in additional windows. You can brighten up a dark room by using a variety of techniques.

Make The Most Out of Natural Light

Start off by making the most out of the natural lighting that the room does get. You can do this by adding mirrors throughout the room. Mirrors can help make a room appear bigger and it can also reflect light all around the space. Try installing a large mirror or mirrored tiles directly across the windows in the room. The mirror will reflect the light from the window and cast it all about the room.

You can also maximize natural light by opting for sheer curtains as opposed to dark curtains and heavy drapes. Such window treatments can eat up sunlight. Sheer curtains allow the sun to stream right through the room without any barriers.

Layering Artificial Lighting

Of course, adding in artificial lighting seems like the most logical solution to brightening a dark room. While you may already have a central or overhead lighting fixture, you should try to add additional lighting to the space. Use accent lighting such as strip LED lights in the dark corners and towards the back of the room if you are working with a large space. Also, do not forget task lighting and be sure to switch out dull bulbs and opt for the highest recommended wattage. Steer clear from frosted and dark lampshades because they can engulf artificial lighting.

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Tips for Starting a Design Plan

Have you been creating a vision board in your free time? Are you bored with your home’s style? Do you desire to change your home’s current design? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have the perfect design guide for you! With our top nine design tips, you can begin to create the home of your dreams. Let’s take a look! 

Tips for Starting a Design Plan

Tip No. One: Gain Inspiration

Before you begin planning your design, you should take a look at other homeowners and designer’s ideas. You can look through magazines, watch television shows, and browse the internet to learn new trends and see their unique updates.

Tip No. Two: Read Reviews.

If you have heard the saying “buyer beware,” you may be familiar with this tip. We recommend reading reviews before you make your final decision. These can be anywhere from online reviews to personal recommendations. Try to make sure that you are getting the greatest value for the product and the best service available. 

Tip No. Three: Work with Whatcha Got

Take a look at your current place and see if there is anything you can repaint, repurpose or reuse. You may be surprised by what hidden treasures you have around your home. An old dresser may just need some new hardware and a new coat of paint to look brand new. 

Tip No. Four: Sketch a Sample

If you are envisioning your future design, you may as well sketch it out on paper. This will help you better visualize the room and make sure that everything fits well in the space. To make sure that the dimensions are correct, you can take measurements of the room and furniture pieces and sketch them onto the paper. 

Tip No. Five: Determine Use.

What will your room be used for? Once you determine the use, you can get a better idea of the room’s overall design. Sometimes, you will want a more functional design whereas other times, you may want more of a display-only type of design. 

Tip No. Six: Begin a Budget

There is no money to be spent if there is no budget in place. You will want to begin budgeting for your future redesign while saving for unforeseen circumstances and new additions that you may not have concerned. 

Tip No. Seven: Browse before Buying.

It is easy to say “yes” to the first thing you find, but we recommend browsing the market before you buy. This will help ensure you get the item that you truly desire. 

Tip No. Eight: Interview + Hire

Before you hire contractors, be sure to do a proper interview. By interviewing, you can ensure that you have gathered all of the candidates’ credentials and make a proper decision. 

Tip No. Nine: Create a Schedule

Lastly, you will want to create a schedule for the design process. When do you want everything finished? Just be sure to add some wiggle room in case something happens during the design process. 

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5 Reasons Why Porcelain Wood Tile is Everything

Love the look of hardwood floors? Hardwood is a classic flooring choice because of it’s timeless beauty which is why it’s a common choice amongst homeowners. However, for many hardwood floors just isn’t in the budget. Before you count out other wood alternatives here are five reasons porcelain wood tile is a great substitute.

1.Porcelain Wood Tiles Can Go Virtually Everywhere
Unlike hardwood floors porcelain wood tiles can be installed in any area of the home. Hardwood isn’t durable in places that are exposed to repeated moisture such as the bathroom, basement or even the kitchen area. You’ll be able to get the luxurious look of wood in your bathroom and finished basement with porcelain wood because it’s not affected by drips and best of all it stays mildew free.

  1. Design Flexibility
    Want the look of cherry or oak floors? Porcelain wood tiles are manufactured to mimic any wood grain. There are literally hundreds of wood tile patterns and colors on the market that you can select from. You can purchase porcelain wood tiles that accent the hues used within the space. They are also versatile because you can install them on the floor or walls.

If you desire the look of white, gray or blond wood washes than your best bet is to lean towards porcelain wood tiles. Such wood washes are rare and difficult to find since it isn’t often cultivated.

  1. Durability
    Although, hardwood can last for decades it does require refinishing every so often to retain its beauty. Porcelain wood tiles can be durable. Unlike hardwood, porcelain tile is virtually scratch proof which makes it ideal for homes with small children and pets. Since tiles are impermeable you won’t have to worry about water damage in minor weather conditions.

  2. Easy Maintenance
    You can’t just use any cleaning product on hardwood floors because it’s susceptible to damage. Fortunately, porcelain doesn’t require any specialized cleaning product to retain its beauty. When spills occur it won’t stain the material and it can easy be wiped clean with a soap and water mixture. Inexpensive floor cleaners can be used on porcelain tiles.

Creating The Perfect Bed Set Up

We all live for collapsing in our bed at the end of a busy day. What if there was a way that you can make your bed even more comfortable? Yes, the perfect bed setup will make you feel like you’re spending the night in your favorite hotel. The layered mattress with the well-folded sheets, coverlets and the abundance of pillows will steal your heart away.

If you’re ready to stop sleeping on a sloppily made bed, then here are some tips to help create the perfect bed setup.

  1. Make sure you have all your linens together.

First off, you’ll want to gather all your linens. The quality and style of your bedding are all up to you, but we suggest selecting something of quality that matches your room interior but is also comfy. The bedding should include:

  • Elastic mattress pad
  • Fitted sheet
  • Flat sheet
  • Pillows and pillow covers
  • Comforter
  • Bed skirt

Crisp Sheets Are the Best Sheets

As much as you hate ironing there is nothing better than wrinkle free and crisp sheets.
Ironing large sheets on a standard small ironing board may be difficult. Therefore, you should try covering a table and use the surface to iron out your bedding.

Straighten Out the Bed skirt
There’s nothing that throws off the look than a crooked bed skirt. Be sure to straighten out the bed skirt so that it hangs even on all sides. This may require the help of another set of hands to get perfect.

  1. Smooth Mattress Pad
    Sometimes the elastic corners can cause the mattress pad to bunch up at the center which makes your sleeping uncomfortable. To prevent this from happening you can secure the elastic edges with a safety pin or corner fasteners.

  2. Applying the fitted sheet
    The fitted should fight tight. Pull it until it’s taut and secure it by tucking the edges underneath the mattress.

  3. Don’t forget the topper
    After properly making your bed make sure you add a cozy comforter to spread over the center. The comforter adds an extra layer of comfortable and depending on the climate you’ll need either a heavy or lightweight topper.

Sweet Dreams!

Creating a Focal Point with an Accent Wall

Looking for a way to add character to your home without doing a complete overhaul? Try decorating an accent wall. It is a simple solution for creating a focal point in the room you are working with and there are many ways to approach this idea. From traditional methods to more unique materials, the point of creating a feature wall is to have a section of the room that catches the eye, expresses your style and maintains functionality all at the same time. Read on for some great ideas for accent walls.

The simplest method and usually the first one that comes to mind is a painted wall. If you want to keep things minimalistic, a solid color that is more on the bold side can do the trick. If you want to add something with a little more detail, try a patina paint to bring out a metallic look or you can stick with the solid scheme and incorporate alternating stripes or a sponging technique.

If you want to skip the paint, there are endless possibilities with wallpaper. Smooth, textured, simple, intricate-there will most definitely be something to suit your tastes. It is especially helpful if you enjoy a certain design but do not want to have to go through the hassle of stenciling each section individually.

Another way to add texture to the space is to simply use a different material. A few tried and true choices you can count on for a fabulous look are reclaimed wood panels, stacked stone and faux brick. Any of these choices will add a more earthy, warm feeling to your home.

If you are looking for a more modern vibe for your living space, try installing 3D panels or stacked upholstered wall panels. The 3D look will be an eye catcher and conversation starter no matter what color you choose. Like art, it will jump right out and command the attention of those in the room. Upholstered wall panels are a great way to achieve a symmetrical look that pops out at you as well. The extra dimension will add some softness to the room and won’t make the space look too busy.

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of our suggestions for feature wall designs! Try something new today!

Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom is an essential part of the home. Unfortunately, it is an area that tends to get overlooked. If you plan on putting your home on the market or if you simply want to make your house more desirable, updating the bathroom can drastically increase the value of your home. How can you add value to your bathroom without launching an expensive remodeling project?

Twin Sinks
Twin sinks in the master bedroom bathroom is a smart move this especially ideal if you are sharing the bathroom. Remember, as a rule of thumb you’ll need at least sixty inches to comfortably accommodate an additional sink.

New Lighting Scheme
Updated lighting will improve the look of any space even the bathroom. Remove your traditional contractor lighting system and opt for something with style. Create a layered lighting effect, by installing an overhead lighting, task lighting near the vanity and you can even make use a light dimmer to create an spa like ambience in your bathroom. Use lighting fixtures with chic hardware.

Neutral Palette
Using bold paint colors on the bathroom walls have become trendy but it can be a challenge to pull off the look. For small bathroom spaces, stick to a neutral palette. For a fresh and clean look be sure to use light hues like grey and soft whites. Apply a coat of paint to a dated bathroom to refresh it.

Dress Up the Tub
Transform your bathtub into something dreamy by styling it with some of your favorite products and accessories. Line the tub with a couple scented candles and fluffy towels. Keep colorful bath salts and soaps nearby.

Whether it’s on the floor, a border around the shower stall installing new tile can give your bathroom a whole new look. Make sure you take time to pick out a tile design that you really like because it’s not an easy to replace. Large tiles can visually expand a small bathroom while diagonally installed tiles will make a narrow space appear wider.

Five Ways You Can Bring the Outoors Inside

Decorating with natural elements by bringing a hint of the outdoors into your home can create a nature feel inside. If you are nature-starved, here are some easy ways you can implement nature into your home’s décor.

Faux Fireplace
Love looking at a campfire? Well, you can get the same look anytime you desire by purchasing a faux fireplace. Faux indoor fireplaces look so realistic and they even sound similar to the flapping sound of a campfire.

  1. Decorate with “greenery”
    Of course, the most obvious way to bring nature indoors is to bring in some plants. Plants can brighten any space. When incorporating greenery into your design scheme look for ways to steer clear of the traditional flower in the vase thing. Mix it up by using a variety of pots in your plant area. You can even opt out of using flower pots and instead of hanging them on the wall using plant hangers.

  2. Natural Wood Furnishing
    Decorating with natural wood furnishing is a great way to create a rustic feel. Wood furniture is super durable and with great craftsmanship, it can be formed into all kinds of beautiful designs. You can add wood furniture sparingly. Perhaps a wood finished rocking chair in the living room or a wooden coffee table. A rustic, wood finished headboard adds a bit of outdoors to your bedroom.

  3. Buy a natural fiber rug
    You can easily purchase an area rug woven of durable seagrass or sisal from popular furniture companies. It can serve as a focal point for your living room or the man cave. Seagrass and sisal can withstand a lot of foot traffic and are known for their beautiful texture, look and long-lasting durability. They are available in a variety of sizes.

  4. Constellation Projection Lamp
    Enjoy staring up at the stars at night? Well, you can do so right from the comfort of your bed. A constellation projector lamp allows you to easily project the beautiful heavens on your walls and ceilings.

Be imaginative when searching for ways you can make your home reflect your love for nature. Use different colors, textures, and patterns that are inspired by nature to energize a space.

Home Staging – Affordable Ideas

Preparing your home for the real estate market will require an investment. While some homeowners choose to hire a professional home staging company, for many it’s just not in the budget. But do you really have to seek the help of a staging service to achieve optimal results? Don’t fret, getting help from a staging service isn’t the only way to get a Sold sign slapped on your property.

Below are some affordable ways you can get professional level staging results without investing thousands of dollars.

  1. Don’t Forget the Welcome Mat
    Something as simple as Welcome Mat at the entryway makes a difference when selling your home. Prospective buyers will usually linger at the front door for a few minutes before they enter the house, so you’ll want to make sure that the entrance of the home is appealing. A quality welcome mat will run you less than $20. To make the entryway even more enticing you can add some hooks to the wall where the coats will go and a fresh plant or two.

  2. Give Some Attention to The Bathroom
    You’ll want to give your bathroom that fresh and spa like feel. First, you have to remove the toiletries from around the sink, get rid of the tacky shower curtain and novelty bath towels. Easily freshen up your washroom by staging the area with all white towels, bath mats and neutral color shower curtain. Top things off by adding in a fresh flower or a scented candle.

  3. Make the Necessary Repairs
    It’s easy to neglect things that need to be fixed around the house. Before you know it you’ll have a long list of things that need to be repaired. Don’t invite potential buyers into the house unless you’ve fixed what need to be fixed. Be sure to freshen up the paints on the walls and fix any cracks in the flooring. Even minor things can turn would be buyers away.

  4. Remove Personal Pictures from The Walls
    While removing the personal pictures that you’ve curated over the years sounds a bit harsh, it’s necessary. The purpose of staging a home is so that buyers can envision themselves living in the house. That’s impossible if there are pictures of your family everywhere you turn. Instead, you can purchase inexpensive yet quality pieces of artwork to hang on the walls.

How To Style A Coffee Table

The coffee table just may be the most neglected piece of furniture in the living room. It’s much more than just a place to sit the remote and hold magazines. In fact, all the swoon worthy living rooms that you see in home decor magazines and on social media have one thing in common; a chic coffee table. Yes, with the right accessories you can make your living room coffee table the focal point of the room.

Statement Coffee Table
It’s always great to have a coffee table that makes a statement all on its own. From intricately shaped legs to bold hues with patterns there are so many different coffee tables on the market. If you want to add some interest to your living room choose a statement table.

Chic Basket
Baskets and coffee tables mesh well together. Not only are baskets super functional because they corral your tabletop items to create a sense of organization but you can use them to create chic vignettes. Start off, by picking out an eye catching basket, organize a few objects within the catch all and top things off by adding a scented candle and small bouquet of flowers.

Style With Books
Believe it or not books are more than just reading material. Did you know that they are interior designers “go to” accessory? Coffee table books specifically can add dimensions to the flat surface of a table. Whether it’s just one book or a stack of them they add style to the tabletop especially when you add in a few accessories like tray or basket. For a easy and clean look stack books within the same color scheme. You can also go bold and mix books with different palettes together.

Accent With A Game
One unique way to dress up your coffee table is to accent with a game board like an collector’s chess set, oversized dominoes or tic tac toe set.

The Space Underneath
Don’t forget about the space underneath the coffee table. You can stylishly stash throw pillows or accent with chic stools tuck underneath.

There are numerous ways you can dress up your coffee table. Get creative!