Classic Dining Room

Well, most of us do not have a dining room that will support a dinner party with 14 guests the way this one does, but the things that make this room work can be used in a dining room serving eight or even four people. Let’s look at the consistent features that every classic dining room should contain.

Space: Make sure every guest has two to two-and-a-half feet of linear space at the table. This oval table provides an additional advantage – it gives the people at either end extra leg space. Also plan on at least two feet of area rug beyond the edges of the table so that people don’t end up bumping off the edge every time they push their chairs back. Did you notice the padded chairs? Just like our contemporary dining room in Monday’s blog, the comfort of your guests is important if you want people to linger to chat after meals during your dinner parties.

Lighting: A chandelier’s height should be about 30 inches above the dining table’s surface, but you may hang it higher to make sure it lights the whole table. With a table this long, two chandeliers would also work, but the wall sconces and mirrors will help keep the room well-lit. Notice the medallion on the ceiling. This makes the light hold a stronger place in the room and works well with the rich display of crown molding on the edges. A medallion is a simple, inexpensive and effective way to emphasize your chandelier or any light fixture.

Tablescape: The crystal in the center of this table echoes the items in the cabinets along the wall as well as the mirrors and windows, keeping everything integrated. Be sure to keep anything in the center area of your table low enough for people to talk across.

Your dining room may not have the size and majesty of this one, but following the same rules for good dining allow you to make dinner parties at your home just as enjoyable.

Special Bedroom: Luxurious

In home decorating, often our bedrooms get short shrift. Since they’re only for family or personal use, your focus may be on comfort rather than looks.

With the arrival of chilly nights, this is a good time to snuggle into our bedrooms and make them special spaces just for us. This week, we’re looking at three rooms and ideas you can use to take your bedroom an extra step forward.

It’s the combination of browns and creams that help make this bedroom feel luxurious. Think of it as milk, dark and white chocolate and you’ll understand the appeal. The maroon tones of the floor add just the right richness.

Notice the position of the rug. It’s far enough up to provide a soft place for your feet to land, but by putting it under the bed it doesn’t take over the room. The table and chairs would work nicely for morning coffee and reading the paper. The bench at the foot of the bed would be handy for dressing.

Want to make your bedroom feel more luxurious? Look for opportunities to layer color and texture. The cream rectangle behind the bed up against the dark brown wall, for example, and the brown and cream art over the bed, as well as the ceiling contrasts and the drapes, all provide layers of light and dark.

Layers of textures include the throw tossed on the bench, the rug on the wood floor, and the tray on the bed. Add softness with layers of draperies and throw pillows. With a minor investment in linens and accessories, you can make your bedroom a more inviting and luxurious place to spend your nights.

Highlight your Fireplace

Now that the weather is cooling, those fireplaces that are only so much decoration all summer may see some use. With the attention your fireplace may start getting, it might be time to update its look. Here are a few suggestions for updating your fireplace.

Think proportion: A large piece of art is a nice touch over your fireplace. Make sure it’s sized smaller than the mantel and set low enough to connect to the fireplace below. If you’re concerned about getting the right shape and size, consider using proportions similar to the fireplace itself.

Consider a mirror: Mirrors often flatter a fireplace. However, do check to see what the mirror will reflect before hanging one. That reflection will be visible every time someone looks at your fireplace so you want it to be attractive.

Have your accessories connect the mantel and its art: The candlesticks on this mantel – a classic choice – frame the mirror and take advantage of the larger mantel. Both the clock and the plant reach into the frame and the mirror. These elements make the entire space feel like a cohesive whole.

Integrate the fireplace with the rest of the room: Notice how the candlesticks and candles coordinate with the wall sconces? This connection helps make the fireplace integrate with its location. The area rug also mimics the soft tones of the fireplace surround and the richer tones of the wall.

If you’ve left your mantel alone lately it’s time to take a second look. Shop your own home to find some new pieces to spark up your fireplace before the colder weather encourages your family to pay it more attention.

Brighten up a Room with Splashes of Color

We’re lucky here in Arizona to get so much sunshine. Grey days are the exception here. But it’s easy to let our homes go grey or beige inside because of the fear of committing to colors. If you have neutral walls, sofas, flooring and chairs, you can still add bold color to your home. Here are some ideas for brightening up any room.

Rugs: No matter what your flooring choice, a rug can add color, warmth and focus. Look for color that you love that will work with your furnishings. Since rugs are not permanently attached to your home, take the opportunity to be more daring with colors.

Art: A large painting or print in vivid tones can light up a wall. You can find options at one of the art shows around town, or in a shop that sells posters and prints. If you love good photography, visit the National Geographic website and you can select a photo to enlarge among their rich collection that is ready to purchase. Or maybe you’re a good photographer yourself. Warehouse stores will enlarge any print you have and even create a version on canvas for very reasonable prices.

Throw Pillows: This simple update can connect other color splashes in your home with your furniture. They’re also easy to change out if you get tired of them. If you’re still nervous about color, buying a bright throw pillow is a great non-threatening start.

Accessories: A red glass vase or blue pottery bowl can add a colorful element to any room. Consider textiles such as a table runner or placemats in your dining room. Pick things you like but watch your tendency to go with more neutrals. Neutral accessories in a neutral room will disappear into your space.

So take a chance with color. Start with one piece, then two, and before you know it your home may be colorful as well as inviting!

Choose the Right Area Rug

With flooring such as wood or tile, area rugs help soften key areas and create a design focus in a room. Even carpeting can benefit from a rug to highlight a conversation area.

The Fulton Homes Design Center offers a generous selection of area rugs from Feizy, a company with 35 years in the business. Feizy Rugs is renowned for producing the highest quality hand knotted, hand tufted and power loomed rugs in the marketplace today.

This area rug section provides photos of full rugs plus samples that allow you to view the colors and experience the rich feel of these choices.

If you would like to add an area rug to your home, select your permanent flooring first, bringing a sample with you to determine the right rug choice. Rugs range from Oriental style, more traditional patterns and contemporary options.

For a dining room rug, be sure to select one that extends at least two feet past the edges of your dining room table on all sides. This allows your guests to push their chairs back without ending up off the carpet.

Living room rugs can sit inside the sofa and chairs or you can select one large enough to contain all of the living room furniture on it. This way it becomes an island in the space. Be careful to avoid a rug that leaves some furniture half-on and half-off, creating a makeshift look.

If your home is open-concept, area rugs can define specific areas in your space, and add a splash of color or pattern that finishes your home’s design. Take the time to consider an area rug or two to add interest and style to your living space.

Area Rugs Define Spaces

An area rug can serve as artwork for your floor. On top of wood or tile floors or even carpeting, area rugs define conversation spaces and pull colors together while adding texture.

This birds-eye view provides some insight into how an area rug can enhance a room’s look. The rug is primarily rust and brown, and it has tones ranging from light to very dark. This variation captures and connects every other element in the room.

The lightest tones in the rug are reflected in the maple coffee table and the fireplace surround. That light wood wouldn’t work as well if placed directly on the warm mid-range wood flooring, but the rug allows it to serve as a dramatic contrast.

The black of the fireplace opening and tools connect with the dark outlines of some of the leaves in this rug. Two different shades of rust making up the sofa and chair hang together well thanks to the choices of color in the rug itself. Finally, the rug clearly defines the living space in this part of the home, providing a frame for the furniture.

The photo to the right demonstrates another way an area rug defines space. This corner is created by focusing on the space left where the rug’s border ends. A comfortable reading chair under a window becomes a special private nook, with a couple of tables for a cup of tea or a pair of reading glasses.

When you use area rugs to highlight specific design features in your home, the extra layer adds charm to your décor.  Contact us or come to Browse Night and take a look at our new line of beautiful and well-constructed Feizy area rugs or just to get more insight into how area rugs can complement your design plans.