Fulton Homes: Proud of our Sustainable Approach to Building

tree-webFulton Homes is committed to doing its part to use trees wisely in two ways:

Most homebuilders provide their customers with over 200 pages of paperwork, but that is not what Fulton Homes does. Instead, we give you a password to your personal MyFultonHome account. You can use this to log in securely and access all contract documents, community CC & R’s, Landscape Guidelines, Bylaws and the Public Report. Your account also provides access to your selected options with warranty information. You can also register all of your options online using your MyFultonHome account, saving you time as well as file-cabinet space.

This paperless approach to your home’s paperwork has saved over 3 million pieces of paper since we started this process, and that’s a lot of trees.

The second way we save trees is with our onsite lumber waste recycling program. We work with Waste Knot Recycling Company to help recycle lumber that would otherwise be wasted and added to land fills. Waste Knot takes all of the framing lumber waste from our homebuilding sites and uses those lumber pieces to manufacture “finger-jointed-studs.” Our framing contractors use those studs to build panelized wall systems to frame our homes.

This approach saves money and provides stronger and better-built frames as well as a significant savings in time and labor. Waste Knot Recycling estimates that this recycling of lumber waste saves over 2,000 trees a month, and we’re proud to be a part of that process.

Visit our “Fulton Cares” pages to learn more about how Fulton Homes focuses on helping the environment by saving energy and resources.

Fulton Cares

fulton caresFulton Homes believes in giving back to the community, and an important part of that is our commitment to build homes that are safe and energy efficient so that we help our homeowners and help the environment at the same time.

Our energy efficient building processes allow us to build homes today that are far more efficient than those of just three to four years ago A third-party testing group checks all of our east valley homes, giving them Power Wise certification. All of our new homes have 14 SEER AC units, higher insulation, and vinyl Low-E windows.  In addition, most of our appliances are Energy Star certified. This makes today’s homes far more efficient and less expensive to operate than yesterday’s homes.

For example, at Fulton Homes, we build well-insulated homes, demonstrating a commitment that has qualified us to be among a select few builders certified as SRP PowerWise Homebuilders. Our assurance of proper insulation includes switching from blown fiberglass to the more environmentally-friendly cellulose insulation, improving insulation around doors and windows as well as silicone-sealed transitions and openings– protecting vulnerable areas where heated or cooled air may escape a home, leading to higher energy costs. We also use Low-E Windows in many of our models, further reducing energy loss.

And if you choose, Fulton offers many insulation upgrades that can provide even more energy efficiency to your home. We believe that our commitment to you and the environment is just one example of the many ways that Fulton cares about you, your family, and our community.

Ironwood Crossing

ic_masterplanFulton Homes takes pride in its planned communities with amenities selected to suit the home buyers. They are also set in locations close to shopping and good schools. Ironwood Crossing demonstrates that commitment to neighborhoods you will be proud to live in, with an Aquatic Center, Community Clubhouse, parks and other shared benefits that make a group of homes into a special community.

Located at Ironwood and Ocotillo in Queen Creek, twenty parks, approximately one for every 100 families, offer every homeowner a selection of ramadas, barbeques, basketball courts and shade structures. The Aquatic center has a splash pad set off from the main pool area so that small children can play in safety. The 7000 square foot pool is half covered to shade swimmers from the sun. It also includes separate restrooms and a
clubhouse with a kitchen – perfect for neighborhood or family parties.

ic_aquatics_center1The community is part of an excellent school district – the J.O. Combs Unified School District – and the Legacy Charter School offers education from grade Kindergarten to sixth grade right within Ironwood Crossing itself.

Outside amenities are also easily accessible, with a new Banner Hospital only two miles south and over one million feet of retail to provide shopping, services and dining. Ironwood Crossing was designed for affordable family living, with everything homebuyers need to make a good home for their families.

It’s no wonder that Ironwood Crossing was named the best-selling master planned community in Arizona. We invite you to visit our sales office and see the possibilities for yourself.

Do You want a Fulton Home Right Now?

Inventory_home_montage-webMaybe you’ve just moved to our area and have fallen love with Fulton Homes. Or maybe you’re just ready to move into a new home before summer’s heat hits us. If for whatever reason you want to move into a brand new Fulton Home without a delay, why not check out our inventory of almost-finished homes?

Here at Fulton Homes, we know that there are customers who find it difficult to wait through the entire construction process to move into their new home. We have a selection of inventory homes waiting for you to explore. With a variety of layouts and finish choices, you may find the home that would be perfect for your family. These homes are almost move-in ready, making it easy for us to help you into your home with minimal delays.

If you want to see the choices available, we invite you to call or visit our sales offices for the community you’re considering. A member of our sales team can help you discover the homes available so that you can determine which one will be perfect for your new home.

This home, located in our Ironwood Crossing community, is just one of our inventory homes. With its completed kitchen, front-yard landscaping, and lighting, it will be perfect for some home buyer. Our design team makes the finish decisions, ensuring that every inventory home has an inviting and unique look.

We look forward to showing you our selection of homes – built with you in mind.

What’s Stopping You from Buying a New Fulton Home?

Inventory-Home-143webIn our last blog we talked about some of the concerns that may keep you from thinking you can buy a Fulton Home. Let’s take a look at some other issues you may be facing or questions you may have.

If you are upside down on your mortgage, you may still have an option to buy:

Our Guaranteed Lease Program allows you to lease your existing home and buy a new Fulton home with that income. If you’re not sure how to handle renting out your property, this program lets you get a guaranteed three-year lease on your current home. Any of our salespeople can provide details on this choice.

If you think that renting is cheaper than buying:

Think again. Buying a new home is still a better choice in most situations. Our large selection of homes is designed to fit a number of budgets and lifestyles. Visit one or more of our communities and compare your current rent to the monthly payment using our mortgage calculator. With the tax benefits you may be surprised at the affordability of buying.

If you’re worried that new homes are too far away from the center of things:

We build many beautiful communities in established areas of the Valley such as Chandler and Gilbert. You’ll find they are close to shopping, restaurants and jobs. On-site amenities such as aquatic centers, parks and trail systems, tot-lots and green spaces help make your home community a great place to spend your leisure time. And our communities are known to stand the test of time.

If you’re not sure that single family homes are right for you:

You might want to check out our homes designed for the “lock and leave” lifestyle. Homes at The Reserve at Fulton Ranch and Cooley Station are not your traditional single family homes. And you still get the benefit of lush common areas, community pools and other amenities you normally see at resorts.

If you have other concerns, talk to us. Contact us online or visit one of our sales offices and give us a chance to help – odds are we can, no matter what your issues are!

What’s Stopping You From Buying a Home?


If you love our Fulton Homes but you aren’t sure you can make the purchase at this point, let us help you explore your options. We have some great solutions – solutions that may surprise you.

If your credit is less than perfect:

With three preferred lenders, we can offer access to a variety of mortgage products that provide flexibility and affordability. Our lenders will work with you if your credit is not perfect, and can help you understand what you need to do to repair your credit so that you will be able to buy a Fulton Home. Over 20,000 people have been successful and we can help you too. But you’ll never move forward if you don’t get started.

If you experienced a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy recently:

Most people have heard that they won’t be able to buy another home for anywhere from three to as many as seven years. The good news is that mortgage programs and lending standards are lightening up, and you may be surprised at your eligibility. One of our preferred lenders can help you determine what will work for your situation.

If you’re concerned that you may not have enough cash for a down payment:

Some of our mortgage programs require only 3% or 5% down, or possibly even zero down! And with some of the changes in government mortgage insurance (PMI) programs, you can still end up with a low monthly payment.

If you have an existing home that needs repairs or updates:

The Fulton Homes Trade-In Program™ some of the top resale agents and brokers in Arizona can provide advice on everything from home renovations to staging. They’ll help you get the most from your current home.

If you’re upside down or have no equity in your current home:

Are you sure about that? Home prices are going up again in this area. Our Trade-In Program™ helps you understand your home’s value and maximize your resale price, all with reduced commissions.

Kitchen Island Lighting Choices

Legacy Models 030You can take several approaches to lighting your kitchen island. The simplest and least noticeable is a collection of ceiling lights, distributed to provide even light for working. But with that choice you lose an opportunity to create a special style moment when people walk toward your kitchen.

Design Center pendant lightsPendant lights are one option that has grown in appeal over the years, with the opportunity to add a touch of style and color to your kitchen’s lighting. The photo to the right shows a number of pendants for your kitchen available through the Fulton Design Center.

The light in the photo above at Legacy takes a different approach from the more standard pendants to offer a shaded piece that provides even lighting on the surface of the island. This intriguing transitional piece suits this kitchen with the shade complementing the tile on the wall and island.

Models 086More unusual, these large long hanging glass pendants in the photo to the right, shown at Legacy, are lit inside by Edison bulbs which provide a unique yet classic touch. This island is large enough to support three of these pendant lights.

The clear glass allows you to connect immediately with the entire kitchen, yet the dramatic style brings these pendants to the forefront of your vision. This is quite a daring choice for island lighting.

What kind of lighting do you want over your kitchen island? We invite you to visit the model homes at Legacy and the Fulton Design Center to see a rich variety of choices in person.


Outdoor Entertaining in Winter

DSC_0038Although winter in the Southwest is nicer than in many other parts of the country, there are still plenty of chilly days and evenings. When you want to plan an outdoor party, there are things you can do to keep your guests warm and happy even when the weather is a bit nippy. Here are a few suggestions.

Set up a windbreak. Often the cold is worse when there is a strong breeze. Most of us don’t have an indoor courtyard like this one in Fulton Home’s Basha model at Legacy, but you can use fencing, foliage or even canvas to help protect your guests from the brunt of the wind.

Build a fire: If you have an outdoor fireplace you can just add wood or turn on the gas. But even if you don’t have this option, consider building or purchasing a fire pit. The flames add immediate warmth and provide a cozy place for people to gather. To take full advantage, offer the makings for s’mores along with some toasting forks for marshmallows. People will be much less likely to mind the cold.

Serve hot beverages or soup. When people are warm inside they will feel toastier outside. Plan your menu and any appetizers accordingly. Soup or chili makes an inviting cold weather entrée and hot cocoa, tea, cider or coffee helps keep the warm feeling even after the meal is over.

Make indoors an option. Some people have a hard time dealing with cold weather. Be sure to include some indoor seating and choices for those who simply can’t get comfortable outside.

With a little planning, you don’t have to let colder weather keep everyone indoors. Take advantage of an opportunity to throw a chilly but fun party.


Energy Star Home Contest

Have you been thinking of visiting one of the Fulton Homes communities lately? Perhaps you’d like to see the new Legacy community with its lovely home models filled with the newest options in flooring, lighting and appliances. If so, SRP is offering you an extra incentive to visit soon.

If you visit any of Fulton Homes communities, take a selfie inside a new SRP ENERGY STAR Homes model using the frame available in the model and post your photo on Instagram, Twitter or Salt River Project’s Facebook page with #HomeWithSRP between now and February 8th. You’ll be automatically entered to win a large-screen LED TV or an iPad mini.


And while you’re there, take a few minutes to explore the advantages of owning an Energy Star Home. These homes are designed to save energy through their design and construction approaches as well as energy-saving heating and cooling options without compromising on style or functionality.


Fulton Homes is proud to build only Energy Star Certified homes. These homes save you money every month as well as helping to protect our environment for us today and tomorrow. Tour models of these energy-efficient homes built for Arizona’s climate at any Fulton community. To find the community nearest you, visit: http://www.fultonhomes.com/our-communities. You’ll definitely want to move in!


Go to srpenergystarhomes.com for complete contest rules.


Decorating the Exterior of your Home for the Holidays

Models 070With the expansive exteriors of Fulton Home’s new Legacy community, the traditional wreath on the door may get lost. Here are a few suggestions to create a festive exterior for your new Legacy home.

Start decorating before you get to the door. You could place wreaths on the front of the matching columns to start setting the mood right away. The symmetrical arrangement supports carrying a doubled theme from the front pillars right to the front door.

Models 090Go big. Look for oversized wreaths and decorations. Before you shop, measure your front door and decide what size range would work best.

Go for multiples. One option is to purchase a number of large poinsettias from Costco or a similar retailer and place two on either side of each stair. You would create a sea of red holiday charm all the way to your door. If you would rather use smaller plants, you could line the walls with them or even place them in the planters shown in the top photo.

Consider luminaria. For a spark of charm consider lining your walkway and walls with many luminarias – a common holiday decorating choice in the Southwest. These simple decorations – just brown paper bags partially filled with sand with a lighted candle inside – could be used to outline the dramatic arrangement of the landscape and walls surrounding the front of your Legacy home.

No matter what decorating choice you make, your home will be lovely and ready to entertain family and friends this holiday season. For more on the Fulton Homes Legacy community, visit us online at: http://www.fultonhomes.com/our-communities/freeman-farms/legacy.