What to do when School’s Out

21383271_SIt’s almost time for summer break, and if you have school-age kids you’re probably already wondering how you’re going to get everyone through the next few months.

You don’t have to plan an exciting summer. The little things can make a child’s vacation memorable and special. Here are a few ideas.

Learning goals: Yes, it seems mean to talk about learning on summer break, but many children backslide on their understanding of concepts and skills over the summer. Consider options such as a summer reading list with rewards for completing books, math games and contests, and visits to local museums combined with studying up on some of the exhibits. The Fulton Summer Fun Pinterest board has samples of interesting and easy science experiments and other activities that combine learning with fun.

Set a schedule: Planning an outing every Wednesday or swimming every Tuesday and Thursday makes the weeks move faster. Children who know what they’re doing each day find it easier to manage days that aren’t as exciting. You can make changes in the schedule as time goes on if you find some days work better than others for various outings.

Plan special events: Birthday parties play dates or special short trips make summer more fun for everyone. If you will be taking a vacation get everyone involved in the process. If you stay home, make sure you include some visits up North so that you all can get away from the heat for a time. Movie nights, backyard or indoor camping, or other activities such as the pirate scavenger hunt mentioned on one of the Fulton Summer Fun Pinterest boards make summer move faster and minimize the cries of “I’m bored.”

Cause for paws

13703899_MLHave you ever walked barefoot on a sidewalk during an Arizona summer? Chances are you’re too smart to try it, but many people take their dogs for walks on the sidewalk or in the street in the sun’s heat, not realizing that a dog’s paws are as sensitive and at risk as a human’s bare feet.

Fulton Homes has partnered with 93.3 KDKB to help build awareness of how hot sidewalks and streets can damage dog paws, sometimes permanently.

Studies have shown that the skin on the bottom of a dog’s paw will redden and burn after just five minutes on a 120-degree surface. After one minute on a 140-degree surface paws will burn, leaving permanent damage. At 150 degrees, rapid burns and blistering occur, resulting in permanent nerve damage. In the searing Arizona summers, sidewalks and roadways can become hot enough to fry an egg. Now, imagine what a scorching surface can do to the bottom of a dog’s paw.

“This campaign is important because it will help educate people to the dangers our beloved pets face while walking outside during these brutally hot Arizona summers,” said Fulton Homes CEO Doug Fulton. “Dogs are members of the family and make are lives fuller and more joyful. Fulton Homes is dedicated to keeping our pets safe and healthy.”

93.3 KDKB will help promote the program on KDKB’s website, by its on-air talent, social media, e-mail blasts, and with their live radio remote broadcasts.  At Fulton Homes, we want to do what we can to support safety for everyone in your family, including your pets.