Step Up to Autumn: Décor

autumn-decor-morguewebWe’re moving into autumn, but here in Arizona it still feels like summer. You can change your home’s mood to reflect the season even if outside we’re still dealing with temperatures in the 90’s. Here are some tips to give your home that fall flavor.

Wreaths: Start your autumn mood with a wreath on your front door. Many hobby shops and florists have options available for purchase, or make your own with dried flowers, leaves and seed pods. You can add multi-colored ears of corn and even small pumpkins to make it even more interesting.

Fabrics: Change out throw pillows and add lap quilts across the tops of sofas and chairs. Although you have no need for their warmth at this time of year, they still set the mood. There are lots of choices available in fall colors in almost any store. Consider some of the discount stores for a bevy of fall tones on a budget.

Accessories: Why not select one or two surfaces in your home to host a fall display? Start with an interesting branch from outside to integrate everything, add a few pumpkins – fabrics such as burlap help create the mood. Although out leaves aren’t turning here, you can pick up a few fall leaf branches or garlands at your nearest hobby shop to add the sense of autumn. Finish up with some acorns or nuts in their shells.

With a few strategic décor decisions, you can create an autumn mood in Arizona even if it still feels like summer.

Decorate your Entryway for Fall

19586378_SDo you find that less is more when decorating your front entryway for the fall holidays? If you’re satisfied with one pumpkin – uncarved –sitting on your front stoop then this blog is not for you.

If, on the other hand, you enjoy making the most of the autumn season both inside and outside your home, consider some of these fun options.

Wreaths: Start with a grapevine frame and weave in some silk leaf sprays from a hobby store. Or you could make life easy and grab a fall-leaf garland and wrap it around your grapevine. Voila, you have a gorgeous wreath, generally for less than$20. If you want, pick up a few yards of wide fall ribbon and add a bow. The wreath in the photo has the added fun of a few pumpkins and a pinecone or two.

5823969_SPumpkins: Yes of course you want one on your porch. You might as well go home if you don’t have at least one. But how about going for broke? The photo below shows three jack-o-lanterns hogging the stairway daring you to ignore their grinning faces.  A couple of gourds add an additional spark of fall gaudiness.

3750054_SMums: Your local warehouse store has huge mum plants ready to pop into bloom in every fall color. Notice how nice the orange and white mums look at this entrance. They send a message that the adults in this home like autumn too.

Finally, you can go all out and display all of these at the same time. Consider adding a scarecrow such as the one in this final photo, or find the autumn figure of your choice. Maybe you’d rather have a few bats or an owl or two. Florists, discount stores and hobby stores have a rich selection of choices to appeal to any taste.

Let your visitors know you’re up for autumn before they even walk in the door. Make your opinions of the joys of fall loud and clear for the neighbors to hear!