Interesting Lighting Livens Space

web-lighting-interesting-blogWhen you’re planning your home’s appearance, take the time to consider all the elements. Flooring has a dramatic impact, and wall color creates a finished look. Window coverings add warmth and help manage light. But it’s easy to ignore your home’s light fixtures, and that can lead to missing an opportunity.

Lighting creates a mood, both in how an area is illuminated and how the lights themselves set a style. Let’s take a look at this open floor plan as an example. Four different choices of lighting make a real difference in this space.

Old-style ceiling fan: With the dual fan arrangement, this steel fan reflects a look that reflects the mood of hard-boiled detective fiction. You can imagine Humphrey Bogart in a room with a fan like this one, a steel file-cabinet in the background and his feet crossed on top of a battered wooden desk in the center of the office. A fan like this one says you’re not afraid to hark back to another era.

The pendant lights over the kitchen island also recollect another time. They mimic a classic schoolhouse style with their interesting shape. But the clear glass and Edison light bulbs bring them into the present. This combination of past and present blend to make a daring combination. Are you willing to take the design risk? The result is a room that steps out of the ordinary.

Ceiling lights provide the third light choice. These can be bright when needed for cooking or projects, or dimmed to set the right tone for evening events. Brushing along cabinets and walls, these lights are the quiet workhorses in your home. You really don’t want to do without them.

Finally, a simple chandelier sits over the dining table. Turned on for meals and off at other times, it’s functional yet creates an aura of warmth to match the meals served there. This light says hospitality.

Your home’s light fixtures are more important than you may realize. Take time to make the right lighting decisions for you and your family.

Lighting that shows Style as well as Function

masterAs you plan your new Fulton home, don’t underestimate the design impact of the right lighting. A good lighting plan provides two benefits: the appeal of the lighting elements’ style in the home and the way the lights create the ambience you want.

Legacy Models 041More and more, chandeliers are moving out of dining rooms and appearing in master bedrooms, bathrooms and even walk-in closets. Any space that would benefit from the charm of an interesting hanging light works with the right choice of chandelier.

Take a look at the chandelier in this master bedroom from the Fulton model home at Legacy. The traditional candle style is modified into a transitional piece by the geometric cage surrounding it, creating a piece of interest and charm. Additional ceiling lighting combines with matching table lamps to make a space that is sophisticated and still inviting.

DSC_0091Adding to the mood, two smaller examples of the same style light up the seating area, helping to make it a special niche all its own.

Plenty of natural lighting also contributes to the mood of this room. Using shutters allows homeowners to adjust the light according to the time of day, bringing in the outdoors while shading away any glare.

Have you spent any time thinking about a lighting plan for your home? Combining style, mood and ambience, your home’s lighting can make the difference between a nice place and a well-designed space. For more ideas, visit the Fulton Design Center or the model homes at Legacy.


Design Center: Lighting

Lighting at the Fulton Design Center

Lighting at the Fulton Design Center

Most people pay particular attention to the light over their dining room table. Yes, that’s important, but you don’t want to ignore the power of lighting in every room.

With our hot summers, ceiling fans have a place throughout the house. From a cooling breeze over the family room sofa to a breath of fresh air in the kitchen dining area, fans reduce energy bills over the summer by allowing you to feel comfortable at a higher ambient temperature. Bedrooms also benefit from ceiling fans making the nights feel cooler than they really are.

Some lighting options at the Fulton Design Center

Some lighting options at the Fulton Design Center

Above your kitchen island, pendant lights provide both additional task lighting and an opportunity to showcase your style. The Fulton Design Center provides an inviting collection of styles and colors, including traditional looks that complement your dining chandelier. The photo on the right demonstrates how your chandelier can reflect your island pendants. This approach – having the pendant light mirror the dining chandelier but turned upside down – suits the function of each light while maintaining style consistency.

Perhaps you prefer a delightful contemporary glass shade? Fulton offers those at the Design Center in an inviting range of colors and shapes. Whether you would enjoy a vivid pop of red over your island or soft clear amber – these choices and more can be yours. Check the top photo toward the right for a few of your options.

While you’re exploring your kitchen’s lighting, remember to add ceiling spotlights to provide additional ambient light as well as under-counter task lighting to ease meal preparation.

Lighting has an important and often underrated impact on the look and feel of your home. Enjoy the many options available to you at the Fulton Design Center- helping to create a home that is totally yours and completely lovely.

Brighten Your Home with the Right Lighting

Design Center 038Lighting provides a powerful design statement in a home. Do you like traditional styles, or would you rather have contemporary lighting? Do you want lighting to be front-and-center or subtle?

After you choose your cabinets and countertops, your flooring and doors, make sure you take the time to select lighting that blends well with the design image you’re creating for your home.

Start with the dining room chandelier. This gives the strongest message of any light in your house. Hanging over your dining table, it becomes the focal point for the space and will serve as a beacon for all of your family meals. That selection will help you throughout the house.

Design Center 054Next, consider accent lighting. Notice the selection of pendant lights to the right in the photo below. The Fulton Design Center has a generous selection of pendants, ranging from graceful interpretations of the chandeliers to whimsical colorful modern pendants in a range of colors and shapes.

Remember to take a look at your options in additional lighting such as sconces and recessed lighting. A generous number of spots in your kitchen can make meal preparation easier and more pleasant.

With your lighting selections throughout your home, remember to consider task lighting and ambient lighting as well as standard fixtures. Parties, work and other events are easier to create and decorate for when you build flexibility into the light choices in your home.

Finally, take a minute to look at your exterior lighting. Will you want an extra outdoor spotlight where you plan to put your grill? Would you like a motion-activated light on the path to your front door?

Take the time to make the right decisions now so that you can eliminate the frustrations of not having lights where you need and want them later. And you will find yourself appreciating your efforts every time you flip a switch!