Dorm Room Decor Ideas

Starting college can be stressful and intimidating at first. Since your dorm room is where you will be spending a good sum of your time, you can ease into the transition of college by making your dorm room feel more like home. College probably means you do not have a large budget, so designing your dorm room can be a bit challenging. If you are going to spend money, make sure you put it in the right places. Here are three ideas worth investing in to upgrade your dorm room:


Pictures can express yourself and give meaning to your room. Most dorm rooms will come in a very neutral color palleted walls and flooring. You probably cannot paint your walls, but you can add pictures! Add life with colorful and meaningful images. You can make a gallery wall above your bed or invest in one impactful photo. You can even have some of your favorite photos of your friends and family printed out onto canvases and hung in your dorm. Pictures are a great way to transform a boring space and tailor it to you. 


Add warmth and comfort to your space by investing in a rug. You do not need to spend an arm and leg on a nice area rug. Find one that can help add comfort to your space. Remember, rugs can stain, so you will want to be cognitive on what you and your roommate do in your room after the investment (i.e., eating on the rug).


Your dorm is probably shared with a roommate. You both are perhaps putting elements into your space to make it more welcoming. Your bed is your personal space. Investing in a comforter that expresses you can make your dorm feel more personal. While you both may hang pictures or put décor around the atmosphere, your bed is directly and personally tied to you. Make a statement with some fun sheets, pillows, and comforter. 

These three investments are simple ways to help make your dorm room feel like home. Do not wait to personalize your room; find areas you want to improve and add a splash of you. You will not regret it.

Timeless Decorating Tips

When it comes to style, some of us can have short attention spans. Current trends in design easily catch our eye, and we cannot wait to mimic them; however, we understand that trends come and go. The key is finding the right balance by creating a timeless design with decor. Timeless decor never goes out of style, and best of all, it provides a classic look that will still look beautiful years from now! 

The great thing about curating a timeless design is that it serves as the perfect background, allowing you to implement other types of styles. Here are some few tips to help you achieve a timeless look while throwing in some trendier pieces:

Stylish Yet Functional

Large furniture pieces like your sofa, you no doubt plan on having it for many, many years to come. Therefore, you will want to select well-constructed, quality pieces. Since you will have this furniture for a while, you also want to make sure it is super comfortable. Additionally, be sure that the style of the furniture is not too trendy but also not dull. Search for items that are classically beautiful but will provide that timeless look that will transcend time.  

Keep the Colors Neutral 

Neutral color tones are the epitome of timelessness. In fact, neutral shades can work with just about any color or style. Such color palettes will give off a fresh feel that looks up-to-date no matter what is currently in style. Off-whites, beiges, and grays are some neutral colors that have stayed powerful. Trendy colors can be used in spurts as a featured piece. In fact, they look great against traditional neutral shades.  

Steer Clear

Since a timeless design is also classic, you will want to avoid over-decorating. Do not invest in pieces with busy patterns, shapes, and that are too oversized. If you are set on spicing things up, you can incorporate such bold colors and patterns in accent pieces and accessories.  

Mix Things up 

Timeless does not mean boring. Try mixing up the elements in your home. Combine decor items from different eras to keep things interesting.  

Creating a timeless look in your decor does not have to be complicated. Remember, to keep your furnishing functional, utilize neutral colors with clean lines, and add trendy colors as accents. In the end, it is all about personality and what you love best.

Simple Decorating Tips to Transform a Room

Now that you have purchased a home from Fulton Homes, we have several tips listed below for decorating your new home! The process for decorating your home can be overwhelming, and we are going to share a few tips to give your home that new look without breaking the bank. The key is to think outside of the box without spending a massive amount of money. Here is how:

Decorate One Wall Inexpensively

An inexpensive way to decorate one entire wall is to purchase frames that are white and insert black and white photographs inside of them. This design tip is timeless and will look like a professional crafted your gallery wall. If you are looking for a little more color or personalization, you can swap out photos that you took of flowers or other outdoor inspiration. It can be perfect for embracing summertime in your home decor.

Hanging a Shelf

If you have a narrow room, hang a long shelf or mantel to display a collection or various accessories and decor pieces. It helps utilize the wall space while adding a pop to color to your design.

Hanging a Mirror

Mirrors will instantly change the look of a room by making it look larger. This trick will reflect natural and artificial light, including patterns and color, and brings the outdoors into the room.

Add a Rug to the Room

This step will add an instant change to your room. All you need to do is add an area rug to the living space. If you want a clean feeling rug, add a natural fiber area rug to the space. For a more dramatic exotic feel, add an animal rug like a zebra, cow or lion print.

Add Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows

Pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to change the entire look of a room. By adding pillows to your sofa and accent chairs, you can create a cozy and chic environment. Believe us; this easy and quick fix will change the look of any sofa, chair, or bed alike.

Paint a Closet

This is an easy fix if you have leftover paint that you would like to use. Paint the interior of a closet, so you have a pleasant surprise when you open the door!

Paint an Accent Wall

Paint an accent wall in bold strips horizontally, diagonally or vertically for a designer’s dream. This is an easy update that will add WOW to any room!

We would love to hear how decorating your new home goes, so please let us know below in the comment section.

Design Inspiration – Colors

Color provides a terrific design inspiration for a room’s décor, and there is no room that can take advantage of color better than a child’s room.

In our second installment on using various inspirations to start your design plans, we’re taking a look at a seven-year-old’s bedroom. She and her mother visited a contemporary accessory store and she chose the colors you see here for her room. Her mother snapped a photo of their choices and shared it with the designer.

If you look at the final room below, you’ll notice that the colors aren’t a perfect match. In order to create a space that would grow with her, the designer added warm brown furniture and the softening influence of light blue. She also turned to a yellower green for accents.

However, in terms of mood and message, the colors in the photo are present in this space. Once again, don’t think of an inspiration as an exact reproduction in a design. Instead, it’s a starting point.

The final room also picks up the floral elements from the original photo without going overboard. The diagonal blue-washed wood flooring is an interesting variation on the whitewashed wood floor in the photo.

With a sophisticated color palette such as this one, a change of paint and bedding can help this bedroom grow as the child does, making it work well into her teenage years.

Are you drawn to certain colors and color combinations? How about visiting a favorite furniture, fabric or accessory store to experiment with new color combinations for your home? If you like the way they look in a small format, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy them when moved up to room size!

Enrich Your Dining Room with Built-in Buffet

If you would like a buffet or china cabinet in your dining room but don’t want to sacrifice the space, a built-in might be the right solution for you.

If you choose to go in this direction, take a look at this successful installation from Fulton Home’s Tehama model in the Victoria Estates community. Here are a few design tips to help create a successful built-in buffet in your home.

Stay consistent: If your built-in will be stained wood, make sure it has the same basic tone as any other wood in the room. Notice that the table and chairs complement the buffet, while a touch of glaze on the cabinetry separates it from the other wood in the room.

Keep the furniture look: The height and depth variation in the buffet along with the floor molding help this piece read like furniture in the dining room rather than a traditional built-in. The inset is also a different height from the ceiling, wrapping itself around the piece as though the alcove was made for the buffet rather than the other way around.

Manage your flooring: Using tile or stone flooring to help contrast these beautiful wood cabinets, dining table, and chairs  will look better than wood flooring. Also, while it might be tempting to add an area rug, the location of the rug’s edge could affect people’s ability to walk comfortably next to the buffet.

Stay coordinated but not matchy-matchy: The rich rust on the walls, the soft taupe curtains, the artwork, and accessories pull all of the room’s elements together. Using a granite countertop for the buffet, the antique rattan chairs at the head and foot of the table also create an individualized look for both elements in the dining room.

By adding this built-in, the homeowner gained a generous amount of storage, a great solution for entertaining family and guests, and an additional sense of drama for the room itself. Consider built-ins when you make design plans. You may find them to be just the right solution for your home.