Daring Home Colors

wWarner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-022Given our location in the Southwest, it’s easy to stick with earth tones for our homes. But don’t be narrow in your view of possibilities. Instead, consider adding some color to the outside of your home.

This blue option is the Evergreen Elm model at Warner Groves in Morrison Ranch. Notice that it still captures the best of the Southwest. It has stone trim on the front columns, adding a rustic look. In addition the front porch does a good job of creating shade as needed to cool the front of the house while adding a welcoming area.

But the blue is definitely daring. Contrasting darker blue trim highlights the more unusual approach to a Southwestern home. You could carry the blue into the interior or pull in other colors. It might be nice to have a blue element just as you walk in the door to make the connection. The house below shows another color option available in Warner Groves, with the Cottonwood model.

Warner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-045wThis canary yellow with dark gold trim also takes a chance with color. The architectural details echo a farmhouse style. Notice that this home has brick trim anchoring the front porch area.

Are you willing to take a chance with color? How about visiting these models in person to see how the brighter hues lift the homes into another category with reminders of Midwest or East Coast color options.

Versatile Game Room

wModern-Game-room-Evergreen-Elm-Warner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-006A game room like this one, in the Evergreen Elm model in Warner Groves at Morrison Ranch, offers the opportunity for versatility in your home. Let’s take a look at how this room adds to the convenience and functionality of your home’s living space.

An alternative for dining: If you are planning a small two-couple dinner party, this round table for four creates a more intimate dining experience. By moving the party away from the kitchen and into this more private room, you can make the dinner feel special. Consider having appetizers at the kitchen island, then moving the meal into the game room where you have the table set and ready for your guests.

As homework central: If your children don’t want to be too separated from the rest of the family while doing homework, this room may be your best solution. The table is large enough to spread out papers and books. And the space is separated from the rest of the living area, yet the interior windows eliminate any feeling of isolation. A parent’s help is one call away. And as a parent, you can easily monitor the action to make sure procrastination is not playing a part in why tonight’s homework is taking so long to finish!

For ongoing projects: Has your child entered in the school science fair? Do you have some crafts or sewing you want to focus on for holiday or birthday gifts? Maybe you need to gather information together for this year’s taxes. As an extra room and table, you can take it over for a week or two without interfering with the rest of the living space. And if you decide to leave it another day before tidying up, why not?

For playing games: Of course, it is a game room after all. Whether it’s an evening of bridge with friends, a rousing Monopoly tournament with your kids, or ongoing games of Settlers of Catan, this room and table is ready to take on all comers. And if you need to stop in the middle because bedtime has come around before you expected it, the game will be ready for everyone tomorrow evening. What could be better?