Make your Garage Something Special

design center 7It’s easy to end up with a garage that’s a catch-all. When you first move in you may find that extra boxes and other items you don’t know what to do with end up in the garage. Then add in the kids sports equipment, yard supplies and tools, and then other odds and ends. Before you know it, the whole space is a mess.

If you find yourself cringing every time you open your garage door, think about choosing some of these garage options when you design your new Fulton Home. Just a few organizing elements could make a big difference in the look and functionality of your new garage. Let’s take a look at some of these choices.

Cabinetry: Garage cabinetry has a heavy-duty structure designed to hold up to power tools, yard equipment and other larger items. This is perfect storage for the home handyman, and it keeps everything under control. The countertop area is great for small assembly projects or organizing outdoor plantings.

Storage racks: Everything is so much more under control if it stays off the floor. With coordinated storage racks designed to hold yard tools and sports supplies you can easily put your hands on whatever you need whenever you need it. And when you are finished you have just the place for it to go back. And when not in use everything stays in place, out of the way and clean until the next time.

A garage can be a messy catch-all or it can be a great resource for storing things that fit well in that space, well beyond a place to keep your cars. Take advantage of options such as these to make it into a functional addition to your new Fulton Home.

Transforming your Garage

5214697_SDoes your garage look something like this? A recent U.S. poll showed that less than 60 percent of respondents use their garage to park their car.

If you tend to use your garage as the largest walk-in-closet in your home, the Fulton Homes garage options can change all that.

Let’s take a look at some of the choices available to you.

garage floor coatingGarage Floor Coating: This epoxy painted flooring keeps your garage floor looking fresh, and its durability can withstand years of parking your car on it. The easy-clean surface turns your garage into a functional and attractive space. Please note, however, that the motorcycle does not come with…

Rubbermaid Garage Storage: Professional organizers say one key to making a space attractive and organized is to keep everything off the floor. Rubbermaid’s flexible unique FastTrack® rail-mounted system does that, and can be customized using modular storage units to meet the needs of your household

tip-get-it-off-the-floor-largeRubbermaid Garage Cabinets: If you dream of having a workshop in your garage, or even some enclosed storage, take a look at the Garage Cabinet options that Fulton Homes offers. From a single cabinet to a wall full, Fulton Homes and Rubbermaid can meet your needs.

For more insights into how to make your garage more than a hiding place for clutter, visit the Fulton Homes Online Design Center. Who knows; you could end up proud enough to leave thegarage door open for the neighbors to see!