Fulton Homes a National Leader in Indoor airPLUS

iap_leader_banner2Fulton Homes has a sincere commitment to building homes that are safe for its customers, and indoor air quality is an important part of that goal. That’s why Fulton Homes is proud to announce that it has received the Indoor airPLUS Leader Award for its dedication to offering safer and healthier homes through participating in the EPA’s Indoor airPLUS Program.

Fulton Homes is the only homebuilder in the U.S. to win both the Indoor airPLUS Leader award and Energy Star’s Partner of the Year award over the past two years. Homes was recognized for the second year in a row as an Indoor airPLUS Leader for their strong commitment to building homes with improved indoor air quality.

The Indoor airPLUS program improves the quality of indoor air in new homes by requiring construction practices and product specifications that minimize exposure to airborne pollutants and contaminants. The EPA created Indoor airPLUS to help builders meet the growing consumer preference for homes with improved indoor air quality. Construction specifications include the selection and installation of:

  • moisture control systems
  • heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems
  • combustion-venting systems
  • radon resistant construction

“Receiving the EPA’s Indoor airPLUS award for the second year in a row proves that Fulton Homes remains steadfast in building the most energy-efficient homes for our customers,” said Fulton Homes CEO Doug Fulton. “It is acknowledgments like this that uniquely set us apart from other homebuilders not just here in Arizona, but across the U.S. as well.”

Fulton Homes is committed to building 100% of their homes to Indoor airPLUS. Fulton Homes is one of only a handful of homebuilders around the country to be recognized as an Indoor airPLUS leader, and to be recognized two years in a row highlights the depth of their commitment. At Fulton Homes, we’re proud of this commitment to building homes that are safe for our customers and their families.



Your New Indoor airPLUS Home

Inventory-Home-130-webOne advantage to a Fulton Home that you don’t see immediately comes from your home’s construction. We design and build all of our homes to be both Indoor airPLUS and ENERGY STAR Certified for improved indoor air quality as well as energy efficiency.

If you have concerns about mold, radon, carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals in your home, you can trust that we share your concerns and build our homes with these issues in mind. Poor indoor air quality can cause serious problems for you and your family, including eye irritation, headaches, allergies, respiratory problems such as asthma and other serious health issues.

Indoor airPLUS construction specifications are designed to help improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in new homes compared with homes built to minimum code. However, these features alone cannot prevent all IAQ problems. Occupant behavior is also important for IAQ. For example, products used in the home after occupancy and smoking inside the home may both negatively impact the home’s IAQ and the performance of the specified Indoor airPLUS features.

Indoor airPLUS home features include:

  • Mold and Moisture Control
  • Radon Control
  • Combustion Pollutant Control
  • Pest Barriers
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Building Materials

At Fulton Homes we are committed to creating better environments both inside and out. We are proud to offer new homes that have earned both the Indoor airPLUS and ENERGY STAR Certified Home labels because it means your home has been designed and built to standards well above most other homes on the market today.