A Fresh Start on Organizing your Home: The Laundry Room

From the Fulton Homes La Quinta model

From the Fulton Homes La Quinta model

We use the laundry room a lot, but it is often the most thrown together and ignored room in the house. How about taking an afternoon to really turn this space into a functional and valued place in your home?

Start by thinking about what you would like to use your laundry room for besides laundry. With this Fulton Homes laundry room, you have many more cupboards than you need to store laundry supplies. Here are a few suggestions.

Store household staples. Light bulbs, paper towels, tools, sewing essentials, and office supplies all fit well in a laundry room. Assign cabinets for each category. If you want to keep things in place, you may want to label the shelves.

Store extra supplies. If you are a warehouse shopper, you may be buying dishwasher detergent and toilet paper in bulk. The laundry room provides a handy go-to place for those extras.

Store your craft supplies. If you enjoy scrapbooking, beading or other craft activities, this is a great space to devote to your craft hobbies. It’s easy to reach and yet out-of-the way when other things beckon.

Store projects for your children. These cabinets can hold various games, coloring books or other supplies you can pull out when your children complain that they’re bored. Shop sales at hobby and discount stores for little surprises you can use to entertain little ones on road trips or for sick days.

Use for gifts. If you are a year-round shopper for the holidays, these cabinets can store presents until it’s time to wrap them. It’s even a fairly safe space to hide your children’s presents since they spend very little time in this room.

Of course, you will also want to store detergent and stain-fighting sprays and anything else you use to keep your clothes looking nice. But with a bit of imagination, your laundry room can hold so much more.

Laundry Room Provides More than Clean Clothes

As homebuilders, we at Fulton  understand the needs of women and families and have turned the simple laundry room in some of our models into a full-service space for supporting a number of home needs.

This room from the Tehama model in the Victoria Estates community is a great example.

First, the room provides a deep sink for hand washing and pre-rinsing clothes. It’s large enough to soak the chlorine out of a couple of swimsuits or bleach a soccer uniform that had lots of contact with grass and dirt. Having the sink right next to the washer helps minimize drips on the nice tile floor.

The laundry cupboard space can be used for sewing supplies, extra school or office supplies, or holiday storage. With this many cabinets, special serving dishes for entertaining could also find plenty of room here.

With all the counter space, there’s room for individual laundry baskets for every family member. Dirty clothes would be placed in the assigned hampers and delivered to the laundry room on a specific day and the clean clothes would be replaced in the containers, ready for a trip back to each room. This may be a pipe dream, but it’s worth a shot!

The counter  space complete with electrical outlets creates the perfect opportunity for setting up a common place for specialized technology tools such as a color laser printer or copy/scan/fax machine. With Wi-Fi easily installed in a home, everyone can send their printing requests to the one printer and then walk over to the laundry room to pick up their papers.

And while they’re there, maybe they’ll take the time to bring their clean clothes back to their rooms. Parents can always dream.