Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your BFF

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. It is a day where love is celebrated. Show your BFF how much she means to you. These gifts can be given to your mom or favorite aunt as well. Remember this holiday may not be the same for a single person or someone who has lost a love. Show the people who you love the most, how much you really care!

Give the gift of color. Buy your special person their favorite shade of lip gloss or lip stick. If unsure what their favorite is, give them Valentine’s Day inspired chap sticks. They can be found in any drug store.

A gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure or facial is appreciated by any woman. Most women love to be pampered. Being pampered on someone else’s dollar makes that treat so much more special! She can be worry free and truly enjoy a luxurious treatment if she is not spending her own money. A less expensive idea is to give her a favorite nail polish or a Valentine’s Day inspired nail polish. Tie some red, pink, or a combination of thin ribbon around the top of the nail polish.

Give the gift of sweet treats. Get a compartmentalized box and fill each box with different candies and treats. This is a gift that can be kept in her desk at work and accessed on stressful days. Each time your BFF reaches for the candy box, she will be reminded how much she is loved and appreciated by you!

Buy your BFF a small bottle of her favorite perfume! If she loves using one of your perfumes when she comes over, buy her a small bottle of her own. Little bottles of perfume are the perfect gift for a special friend in your life. If she doesn’t enjoy perfume give her a luxurious Valentines inspired bath balm. These two gifts can be enjoyed, because they are not something one typically buys themselves!

Celebrate Spirit of Valentine’s Day Year Round

23032783_SYes, Valentine’s Day is over for another year, but don’t let that stop you from letting the people you care about know how you value and appreciate them. Here are a few small ways to spread the spirit of Valentine’s Day all year long.

Little notes: In a lunchbox for your kids, in a suitcase for a traveling family member, or even snuck into a jacket pocket, send a little note of appreciation along with your loved ones.

It can be specific such as “I really appreciated you clearing the table last night without being asked. I can see that you’re growing up.” Or you could just generally say, “I’m happy to be in your life,” or simply “I love you.” If you feel shy about doing this, how about just drawing a heart?

Say it: If you’re happy to see someone who’s been gone, say so. If you’re going to miss someone, say so. If you appreciate someone taking out the garbage, say so. So many times we let those chances go by without remark, but there’s power and kindness in showing your appreciation and caring.

Do it: Maybe you know your spouse is going to be really tired after a long day at work, so you have dinner waiting along with a favorite dessert. There might be a tough test hitting today, so you make pancakes for breakfast to start your kid off feeling good. Saying you appreciate someone is wonderful, but showing it can be even better.

Give it: Does someone in your life love licorice? How about picking up a surprise box? Is red your daughter’s favorite color – would she like some hair ribbons or a red t-shirt? Does your son go through socks like crazy? How about buying 10 pair and dropping them on top of his chest of drawers? You don’t have to spend a fortune – just the fact that you’re thinking of someone can make them feel special.

If you take this approach year round – no one will be upset if you don’t go overboard on Valentine’s Day next year – although fresh flowers are always a crowd-pleaser!