A Relaxing Master Bath

DSC_0153 (2)At the end of a long hard day, can you imagine sinking into a nice warm bath, maybe soothed by a generous helping of bubble bath in your favorite scent? The wide edging around the tub provides enough space to light a few candles and prop up a favorite paperback to read while soaking. This relaxing master bath is ready for you.

Or if you prefer showers, how about washing off the stress of the day in this oversized shower, complete with a bench to relax on?

No matter how you use your master bath, just walking into a room like this one can help reduce your stress. The vanity has plenty of storage space, making it easier to keep the counters tidy. The two tones of rectangular tile set the scene for a spa feeling.

Do you dream of a relaxing master bath like this one from Legacy? One with plenty of room, and designed to match your specific taste?

DSC_0098If instead you want one that has a more traditional style while kicking up the glamour, how about the master bath to the right? The gold pendant lights set the stage for luxury. Notice how the filigree creates an inviting pattern on the walls while the lower counter on the vanity provides a space to sit to fix your makeup.

This master bath also has a comfy tub in place, made for soaking. And if you peek in the mirror, you can see the reflection of a generous walk-in closet.

What would your ideal relaxing master bath look like? To get some great ideas, why not visit the models at our Legacy community? We think you will be enchanted by what you find there.


Bridging Generations: Together in One Home

8929512_SIn years past, it was common for three or more generations to share a home. For many years that idea seemed old fashioned, but recently it’s come back. Some aging parents can’t stay in their homes alone anymore, and many adult children need a landing pad after graduating from college, losing a job or experiencing a divorce. Today’s homes need to reflect these new demands.

Fulton Homes has many choices for multi-generational living. From simple shifts such as more bathrooms in a home to garages prepared to handle adult and teen vehicles, you want to find a home that works for you now and in the future as your family’s lives change. Here are some things to consider as you choose a home that will meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs:

Multiple-use rooms: Today’s bedroom can be tomorrow’s home office. A formal dining space could change into a TV room. Look for larger rooms in versatile arrangements. Bonus rooms can change roles as your family’s needs change.

Storage space: When people move in, they bring their stuff. Walk-in closets, built-in cabinetry in the house or garage, and plenty of shelf space can help absorb mementos and other favorite items.

Multiple living spaces: With a living room and a family room, different members of the family can entertain their guests at the same time.

Luxurious master suites: When dealing with three or more generations living in one home, it’s important for you to have an escape. Treat your master bedroom and bath as your private resource for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Today’s empty-nester could be tomorrow’s care-giver or helper for an un or under-employed child. Make sure your home is ready for the challenge!