Daring Home Colors

wWarner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-022Given our location in the Southwest, it’s easy to stick with earth tones for our homes. But don’t be narrow in your view of possibilities. Instead, consider adding some color to the outside of your home.

This blue option is the Evergreen Elm model at Warner Groves in Morrison Ranch. Notice that it still captures the best of the Southwest. It has stone trim on the front columns, adding a rustic look. In addition the front porch does a good job of creating shade as needed to cool the front of the house while adding a welcoming area.

But the blue is definitely daring. Contrasting darker blue trim highlights the more unusual approach to a Southwestern home. You could carry the blue into the interior or pull in other colors. It might be nice to have a blue element just as you walk in the door to make the connection. The house below shows another color option available in Warner Groves, with the Cottonwood model.

Warner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-045wThis canary yellow with dark gold trim also takes a chance with color. The architectural details echo a farmhouse style. Notice that this home has brick trim anchoring the front porch area.

Are you willing to take a chance with color? How about visiting these models in person to see how the brighter hues lift the homes into another category with reminders of Midwest or East Coast color options.

Farmhouse Style

Warner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-045wIf you’re looking for a home with a farmhouse feel, consider this model at Warner Groves in Morrison Ranch. The Cottonwood showcases all the elements that help this new home echo the style and appeal of a timeless place in the country. Let’s take a look at the design decisions that give this model its farmhouse appeal.

Color: The strong gold in two tones provides a country flavor. Rather than the traditional earth tones we tend to expect in the Southwest, this home takes a page from an older book, to give a long-ago feel to this home.

Barn-style garage doors: As a major element in the front of this house, choosing a style reminiscent of barn doors continues a country theme. The planking and wrought iron handles turn a standard door into something special.

Front porch: A home isn’t a country home without a front porch. This half-porch is a common style in country farmhouses. The walkway and the wall extension makes this space useful as well as decorative. You have plenty of room for outdoor furniture, adding to the charm of the front entrance.

Shutters and Trim: Nothing says country like shutters on front windows, and the extra trim carries on with the look. The brown color choice works well with the two shades of gold.

Plank-style siding: Adding elements featuring a country-style siding adds a touch of country personality.

If you crave that farmhouse look, you can find it right here in Arizona. Just check out the Cottonwood model to get in a country mood.


Eating Out

wBackyard-Evergreen-Elm-Warner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-021No, we’re not talking about going to a fancy restaurant. Instead take just a few steps and eat outside. This lovely back patio from the Fulton Homes Evergreen Elm model at Morrison Grove at Warner Ranch provides you with the perfect spot to eat out. Outside, that is.

Extra-large french-style sliding glass doors give you a generous opening to help make the inside and outside of your home feel integrated. And it’s just a step from the kitchen to this outdoor table. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to make eating outside easier and more inviting.

Keep the table close to your doorway: It seems silly, but the further you have to walk to sit down and eat, the less likely you are to bother. When you can see the table just a step away from the door, eating outside is more appealing.

Have cleaning cloths easily accessible to clean off the table. Rather than run through a bunch of paper towels, just dampen a cleaning cloth and follow up with a dry one to make your outdoor table ready in a minute.

Keep your outdoor table ready for a meal. It may be tempting to use that table as a catch-all for outdoor toys or tools. Instead locate a potting bench or other type of table or storage unit outside for those items. If you have to clear off the table every time you want to eat outside, it just won’t happen.

Don’t limit your outdoor meals to dinner. Eating breakfast out makes for a great start to your day. Birds are more likely to be speaking their minds, and the fresh air will help sweep away sleep’s cobwebs. Try breakfast outside soon.

Have fun with your outdoor table and enjoy your backyard. With a spot like this you can eat out with all the comforts of home!

The Pleasure of an Open Floorplan

wModern-Family-Room-Evergreen-Elm-Warner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-011If you haven’t lived in a home where the living space is set in an open floor plan, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Open floor plans, like this one from Fulton Home’s Evergreen Elm model in Warner Groves at Morrison Ranch, change your approach to everyday living.

With an open floorplan, someone working in the kitchen can be part of the rest of the family’s activity. The bar stools at the kitchen island let families gather and talk during food preparation. Those people who are not involved in the kitchen efforts can sit, out of the way, and still interact easily with the cooks.

It’s also easy to cook and watch television, keep an eye on the kids, or chat with guests. As you can see from the photo, you’re just a step away from the action in the rest of the space.

Getting meals on the table is easy too. With a few short steps, you can move from the kitchen to the dining area. Grabbing extra silverware or condiments from the fridge is easy and fast. And dirty dishes have a short hop to get into the sink after a meal.

Open floorplans also work well for parties. The kitchen island is perfect for an appetizer buffet, and mingling is easier with fewer walls. As the host, you can see in a moment if any individuals or groups need a little extra attention.

Finally, an open floorplan makes everything feel larger. With no interior walls, the sightlines give you more of a vista. Instead of three little rooms, you have one generously-sized space. You also have some flexibility on where one living area ends and the next starts.

Once you experience an open floorplan, you may find you love it, for these and other reasons you won’t discover until you’re there. Why not check it out in person by visiting Evergreen Elm today?

Versatile Game Room

wModern-Game-room-Evergreen-Elm-Warner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-006A game room like this one, in the Evergreen Elm model in Warner Groves at Morrison Ranch, offers the opportunity for versatility in your home. Let’s take a look at how this room adds to the convenience and functionality of your home’s living space.

An alternative for dining: If you are planning a small two-couple dinner party, this round table for four creates a more intimate dining experience. By moving the party away from the kitchen and into this more private room, you can make the dinner feel special. Consider having appetizers at the kitchen island, then moving the meal into the game room where you have the table set and ready for your guests.

As homework central: If your children don’t want to be too separated from the rest of the family while doing homework, this room may be your best solution. The table is large enough to spread out papers and books. And the space is separated from the rest of the living area, yet the interior windows eliminate any feeling of isolation. A parent’s help is one call away. And as a parent, you can easily monitor the action to make sure procrastination is not playing a part in why tonight’s homework is taking so long to finish!

For ongoing projects: Has your child entered in the school science fair? Do you have some crafts or sewing you want to focus on for holiday or birthday gifts? Maybe you need to gather information together for this year’s taxes. As an extra room and table, you can take it over for a week or two without interfering with the rest of the living space. And if you decide to leave it another day before tidying up, why not?

For playing games: Of course, it is a game room after all. Whether it’s an evening of bridge with friends, a rousing Monopoly tournament with your kids, or ongoing games of Settlers of Catan, this room and table is ready to take on all comers. And if you need to stop in the middle because bedtime has come around before you expected it, the game will be ready for everyone tomorrow evening. What could be better?

Create a Handy Gift-Wrap Center

Warner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranchwrap-room-webAre you wondering what to do with that extra wall in your laundry room, garage or den? Here’s a great idea that is as useful as it is decorative: create a gift-wrap center. Start by installing several large peg boards. This display, visible at the Fulton Home models in Warner Groves at Morrison Ranch, used some nice wood to frame them, making the boards look finished. You can prime and paint the peg boards to match the colors in the room.

To hang the wrapping paper, you can use closet or curtain rods, set at the right width. These rods are mounted on the wood frames, making them as easy to hang as they would be on any wall. In this room, they chose to hang three rods, but you could easily fit six or even seven rods, giving you a nice choice of wrapping paper. Hooks set into the peg board on either side of the paper hold ribbon and bags.

You could put your scissors and tape in a container on the counter and store tissue paper and other package materials in drawers or baskets under the counter. This is also a great room for storing note paper, greeting cards and address lists.

When special holidays roll around, simply change out the every occasion paper for suitable gift wrap and you have your wrapping station ready. Tune your radio or iPad to holiday carols to put you in the mood and you’re all set!

A Welcoming Way Into Your Home

Warner-Groves-at-Morrison-Ranch-webHave you ever stopped and just taken a look toward your front door from the back of your house? Most of us walk in the garage and then keep going, focusing on what we’re trying to accomplish rather than taking the time to really look around our homes.

Well, it’s worthwhile to take a break and look around as though you are a visitor in your own home. Here are the key areas you should check out – those places you rarely see but guests see all the time.

From your front door: Since most of us enter our homes through the garage, it’s rare that we actually walk in our own front doors. Start by standing just outside the front door and see how everything looks. Does your home give a nice first impression? Make any changes you need to make sure that it does.

Facing your kitchen: You probably tend to stand in your kitchen and face out. Take a look at how your kitchen looks from the other side. Too cluttered? Too dull? What can you change to make the most of that view?

From the back of your home facing front: This is the view you see in the photo above. What you see in this Fulton Model in Warner Groves at Morrison Ranch is there are lots of interesting things to the left and less going on to the right. But in this case artwork, built-in cabinetry and details such as the arched doorways along with the white trim against the darker walls keep things equally interesting on the right side.

As you plan your new Fulton Home, be sure to think about how it will look from all angles – those you will be seeing and those visible for your guests.